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Mon Valley Veterans of World War II. 

*Who belonged to the 

Roscoe American Legion. *

Please note that this does not include all Mon Valley Veterans.

Submitted by Patricia Wilson
Typed by webmaster and by Carole Clarke, Volunteer.


Roscoe American Legion WWII Vets 

These clippings were saved by the Roscoe American Legion.  
Taken from "The Roscoe Ledger," published in Roscoe, PA., only a few were marked with a date.  
  Searches should be made within the war years.

Note: On newspaper clippings, I added [Pa] after mentions of city.  
I used the 1940s commonly used newspaper abbreviation with cap+small letter,
 rather than today's capitalization of abbreviations for States, such as PA.  Surnames are typed in CAPS.



You can research MIA lists and KIA military personnel burials in one search engine!

When you are finished looking at the photos on this website, there are some more TEXT ONLY write ups on an outside website.  Visit "Mon Valley Military Records - Stockdale Residents in World War One Source: Monongahela Valley Towns in the World War - Website name: "Mid Monongahela Valley History and Genealogy" (web by Mike Donaldson)


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Note: It's hard to type the news about so many men who gave their young lives for our country.  Some are standing in front of their autos, proudly showing off their possession and their military uniform.  Between the crew cuts, the puffed out chests, and the old cars,  I kept thinking of my dad who would be now 75 years old (he died at age 42).  He looked much like these dark-haired boys, and had a 1948 Chevy up until 1970 when he died.  Born in 1931, my dad was too young for WWII but watched every war movie on TV.  He had entered the Navy with his brother, but was given a medical discharge after being knocked unconscious during a boxing match on the Navy's boxing team.  He never served again, but he always seemed like he regretted not having seen war.  It was something I never understood as a child, but I realize now how his unfilled mission was because he was so strongly patriotic.  Most of the young men on these pages, so full of hope for their future, never got to finish their lives.  


Elco PA, Roscoe PA, and Stockdale PA are tiny boroughs located
  between California PA and Fayette City PA in Fayette Co PA

Elco PA is located at 404′45″N, 7952′29″W (40.079185, -79.874754)

Roscoe PA is located at 404′43″N, 7951′55″W (40.078513, -79.865225).

Stockdale PA is located at 405′0″N, 7951′2″W (40.083348, -79.850456).

Allenport is located at 405′47″N, 7950′43″W (40.096260, -79.845278).  Allenport, near the Monongahela River, is just past Stockdale.

California PA is located at 403′55″N, 7953′50″W (40.065313, -79.897120)

California High School is in California, PA.

Fayette City PA is located at 406′2″N, 7950′20″W (40.100647, -79.838913) in Fayette Co PA

Note: These are all GR1 locations per Map sources/GeoHack on Wikimedia Tools.



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