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A Study of Known German Baptists (Dunkards) compared to the 
"1883 List of Pensioners on the Roll"


List developed and typed by Judith Florian


UNKNOWN if any had been enlisted

Unknown if ANY served in ANY Wars  (DB = Died before 1883)

No. Name Born Died Post Office Address Marr. On Pen. List Cert. 
Cause for which pensioned Date of Original Allowance   Descendant Names
1 Lane, John Sr. abt. 1780 MD Dec. 24, 1844 West Bethlehem Twp after 1822 Jan. 5, 1805 No Died too early       Judith Florian, Linda Stanley
1 Lane, Catherine Baker  ? unk. MD? abt. 1822 ? Amwell Twp, , WCP ditto No Died too early        
1a Lane, John Jr. Mar. 1804 MD 1879 Indiana Ripley Co., Indiana abt. 1830   DB        
  Lane, Susannah McClure VA   Ripley Co., Indiana ditto            
1b Lane, Joseph     Carrolton, Carroll Co, Ohio abt. 1830 1876 DB        
  Lane, Anna Dager  WCP?   Carrolton, Carroll Co, Ohio ditto            
1c Lane, Daniel (Rev.) 1812  WCP?   S. Strabane Twp, WCP   No         Judith Florian, Linda Stanley
  Lane, Anna England         No         Judith Florian, Linda Stanley
2 Anthony, John about 1794 06 Oct 1875 West Bethlehem Twp   No DB -- --    
2 Anthony, Elizabeth Septer  unk. 12 Mar 1889 West Bethlehem Twp   No No -- --    
  Bail, Mary Anthony  abt.  1828       No          
2a Bail Abraham 
(m. about 1845)
2b Jacob Anthony was born  abt. 1829 PA He died in 1918 *This is wrong.     No          
  Anthony, Mary Pees (m. about 1850)         No          
2c Anthony,  Frederick abt. 1831 PA       No          
  Anthony, Nancy unknown (m. abt. 1855)         No          
2d Anthony,  Henry abt. 1833 PA       No          
2e Black, Margaret (Anthony)  m. abt 1849 abt. 1834 PA       DB          
  Black, Henry    died early     No          
2f Denman, Maria Anthony  (m. abt. ___?) abt. 1836 PA bef. 1907 [Depositions: Sam Anthony; Andrew J. Donley; Eliza (Anthony) Donley] West Bethlehem Twp   DB          
  Denman, Joshua Alpheus  See Andrew J. Donley   West Bethlehem Twp No. Applied after 1907         Judith A. Florian
2f Miller, Maria Anthony Denman (second marriage)   bef. 1907 [Depositions: Sam Anthony; Andrew J. Donley; Eliza (Anthony) Donley] West Bethlehem Twp              
  Miller, Jacob "Jake" (likely his second marriage)   bef. 1907  [Sam's deposition] West Bethlehem Twp              
2g Baile, Nancy Anthony 1837 WCP                  
  Baile, Abraham Baile about 1848                    
2h White, Elizabeth (Anthony)  about 1840  PA                  
  White?, _____                    
3 Pheaster / or Feaster,  Deliah (Anthony)  abt. 1841 PA                  
3 Pheaster / or Feaster, _____                    
  Donley, Eliza Jane (Anthony) ALIAS: Donley abt, 1842 in PA   near Akron, Ohio   Applied after 1907; rejected, husband never divorced Maria Anthony          
  Donley, Andrew J. * ALIAS.  AKA, Real Name: Joshua Alpheus Denman     near Akron, Ohio No Applied after 1907          
  Anthony, Samuel G. Feb 1841 Nov 1920 WCP


Manchester, Allegheny Co and Clokey [sic], WCP   yes 162,138        
  Anthony, Hannah E. Pees (m. 27 Nov 1866 in Pigeon Creek UP Church, WCP                    
  Flowers, Samuel                    
  Flowers, Mary A. (Lane) abt. 1818 WCP WCP - MAYBE sometime aft. Fri, Oct 18, 1895 Connellsville Courier, Connellsville PA, Deed entered for record during the week ending Sat., Oct. 12th: 
Mary A. Flowers and others to Henry Core, lot in Smithfield, March 5, 1895
  Flowers, John   abt. 1851   DB            
  Never married --- --- --- ---            
  McKnight or Knight or Kite, Lucy (Flowers)       NA            
  McKnight or Knight or Kite, unknown husband       ?            
  McKnight or Knight or Kite, unknown baby       NA            
  Flowers, Sarah Jane                    
  McKinley, Rebecca (Flowers)     East Washington, Washington Co., PA NA            
  McKinley, William     East Washington, Washington Co., PA              
  Zediker, Elizabeth (Flowers)     Zediker Station NA            
  Zediker, John     Zediker Station No            

List of Pensioners on the Roll, January 1, 1883, Giving the Name of each pensioner, the cause for which pension, the Post Office address, the Rate of pension per month, and the date of original allowance, as called for by Senate Resolution of December 8, 1882. Volume II, Washington: Government Printing Office, 1883. 

[2].Notes for Eliza Jane Anthony:General Notes:Eliza Jane ran off with the husband of her sister. He took the name of Andrew J. Donley.This information provided by Judy Florian, Girard Ohio.Generation 22.Jacob Anthony-2 (John-1) was born about 1829 in PA[2]. He died in 1918



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