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Page 4 of 1883 List of Pensioners on the Roll

Transcribed and typed by Judith Florian


No. of Certificate Name of Pensioner Post Office Address Cause for which pensioned Monthly Rate
Date of Original Allowance Descendant (Column added by Webmaster)
   43,826 Robinson, Nancy Pike Run widow    8.00 Mar.    1865  
   22,356 Freeman, Rebecca Pike Run widow    8.00 Oct.     1867  
   98,023 Connelly, Margaret Pike Run widow    8.00 May    1870  
 133,300 Minton, Mathias Prosperity dyspepsia    7.50 May    1875  
   42,650 French, John C. Prosperity (line of dots)  12.75 May    1865  
 176,447 Conklin, Stephen M. Prosperity g.s.w. hand    4.00 Oct.    1880  
 181,810 Throgmorton, Hannah Prosperity mother    8.00 Aug.    1878  
 193,708 Dille, Annie Prosperity mother    8.00 May    1882  
 138,149 Day, Elizabeth Prosperity widow   15.00 Jan.    1870  
 154,659 Wilson, Samuel Raccoon g.s.w. thigh     4.00 Aug.    1878  
 162,756 Knight, Catharine Scenery Hill mother     8.00 Oct.     1873  
 179,673 Meeks, Margaret Scenery Hill widow     8.00 Apr.    1870  
   26,704 Letherman, Christena Scenery Hill widow 1812     8.00 Sept.  1879  
   94,310 Miller, Thomas J. Shire Oak wd. r. hand     5.00 (line of dots)  
 178,908 Stickle, Stephen Simpson's Store g.s.w. shoul.     4.00 Nov.    1880  
 132,764 Garret, Orville L. Simpson's Store g.s.w. thigh     5.00 Apr.    1875  
   55,271 Boothe, Nelson Simpson's Store g.s.w. hip   12.00 Jan.    1866  
 162,726 Allum, Louisa J. Simpson's Store widow   12.00 Oct.     1873  
 140,440 Day, John M. Sparta chr. pleurisy     4.00 Aug.    1876  
 219,936 Day, Leroy W. Sparta chr. diarrh.     6.00 Oct.     1882  
 195,833 Mitchell, John R. Taylorstown injury to abdomen     4.00 Sept.  1881  
 129,552 Horn, William M. Taylorstown g.s.w. shoul.     4.00 Aug.    1874  
   33,892 Cunningham, Charles Ten Mile (line of dots)    18.00 Aug.    1866  
 153,797 McCullough, William Ten Mile g.s.w. thigh      4.00 June   1878  
   36,228 Lacock, Isaac Ten Mile g.s.w. thigh    14.00 June   1876  
 178,462 Bebount, William Ten Mile dis. of liver      4.00 Nov.    1880  
 169,222 Rees, Robert Ten Mile loss little finger      2.00 June   1880  
 220,511 Staub, Adam Ten Mile chr. diarrh.      6.00 Nov.    1882  
   74,480 Peden, Sarah J. Ten Mile widow      8.00 Aug.    1867  
   44,219 Braden, Nancy Ten Mile widow      8.00 May    1867  
   14,591 Hathaway, Nancy Ten Mile widow      8.00 July     1867  
     5,295 Miller, Joseph Ten Mile surv. 1812      8.00 Sept.  1871  
 141,135 Himmiger, James Thompsonville g.s. and shell wd. thigh      6.00 Aug.    1876  
 158,161 Keenan, George Thompsonville g.s.w. thigh      2.00 Mar.    1879  
   55,057 Gilkeson, John Thompsonville (line of dots)    18.00 Oct.     1866  
 181,546 Morrison, John Thompsonville father      8.00 July     1878  
 184,482 Taylor, James Toledo g.s.w. ankle      6.00 Mar.    1881  
   60,421 Mustard, John L. Van Buren g.s.w. hand     16.00 Mar.    1866  
 182,747 McVay, Demas L. Van Buren dis. liver & diarrh.      8.00 Feb.    1881  
 176,445 Cracraft, James K. Van Buren g.s.w. arm      6.00 Oct.     1880  
 215,815 Mannon, Andrew J. Van Buren dis. lungs      4.00 July     1882  
 169,122 Holbert, Sarah Van Buren mother      8.00 May    1875  
 165,900 Briggs, Thomas Vanceville varicose v. leg   12.00 Mar.    1880  
 139,960 Pangburn, John Vanceville chr. diarrh. & dis. of ab. vis.    10.00 (line of dots)  
 209,314 Milligan, Wm. Venetia shell wd. leg & head     4.00 May    1882  
   93,010 Burns, Catharine Venice mother      8.00 Apr.    1867  
 207,630 Marsh, Lewis M. Washington g.s.w. foot    10.00 Apr.    1882  
   48,042 Wise, Samuel Washington (line of dots)  5.33-1/3 Aug.    1865  
   79,077 Hopper, Andrew G. Washington g.s.w. thigh     20.00 Feb.    1880  
 151,613 Hughes. James M. Washington g.s.w. leg       2.00 Mar.    1878  
   82,459 Hart, Dunning Washington (line of dots)       6.00 June   1867  
   77,196 Hall, Daniel Washington g.s.w. groin     12.00 Jan.    1878  
 212,959 Wendell, Charles Washington g.s.w. hip & back       8.00 June   1882  
   46,172 Welsh, Christopher C. Washington (line of dots)       2.00 July     1865  
   27,269 Waltz, Colin Washington ampt. arm     24.00 Feb.    1875  
 208,030 Billingsley, Jacob D. Washington scurvy      8.00 May    1882  
 195,430 Boon, Hugh C. Washington g.s.w. shoul. & neck     10.00 Sept.  1881  
 183,673 Thomas, William H. Washington dis. of spine       4.00 Mar.    1881  
 133,180 Swihart, Joseph Washington g.s.w. neck & shoul.       6.00 Apr.    1875  
   48,972 Daggs, James S. Washington g.s. side & chest       8.00 Jan.    1877  
 148,355 Young, Joseph Washington g.s.w. leg       4.00 Sept.  1877  
   76,223 Curran, Michael Washington g.s.w. breast       8.00 Sept.  1876  
 216,766 Claffey, Wm. Washington g.s.w. hand       2.00 Aug.    1882  
 186,029 Huggins, Simeon S. Washington inj. of arm       8.00 Mar.    1881  
 184,898 Parker, Albert G. Washington chr. diarr.       2.00 Mar.    1881  
   19,711 Armstrong, James Washington loss of arm     24.00 Dec.   1874  
 127,200 Underwood, Wm. H. Washington g.s.w. shoul.       8.00 Mar.   1878  
   22,199 Bickel, Henry Washington frac. leg       8.00 Dec.   1863  
 166,647 McCalister, Henry J. Washington injury to abdomen      4.00 Apr.    1880  
   56,985 McKeag, Moses Washington (line of dots)      4.00 Jan.    1866  
 203,528 Lacock, Albert G. Washington g.s.w. thigh & neck      8.00 Feb.    1882  
 180,997 Johnson, Thomas R. H. Washington asthma & varicose      8.00 Jan.    1881  
 168,622 Mounts, Enoch Washington g.s.w. arm      4.00 May    1880  
   52,367 Jenkins, Thomas B. Washington g.s.w. leg      6.00 Nov.    1865  
 135,013 Greer, William Washington (line of dots)      8.00 July     1875  
   26,779 Gilbert, Nehemiah R. Washington g.s.w. leg      6.00 Oct.     1876  
 169,414 Curry, William E. Washington varicose & legs      6.00 July     1880  
   24,614 Moore, Joseph Washington g.s.w. forearm      4.00 Mar.   1864  

List of Pensioners on the Roll, January 1, 1883, Giving the Name of each pensioner, the cause for which pension, the Post Office address, the Rate of pension per month, and the date of original allowance, as called for by Senate Resolution of December 8, 1882. Volume II, Washington: Government Printing Office, 1883. 

Two sets of the same data is available.  In the table below, on the left are links to the original files.  These use "" for entries, meaning "same as above".  The original data is only in order by town; it is not in order by name or lowest to highest certificate number. 

On the right are links to sortable tables in which I replaced all the "" entries with the town name and other data as appropriate.  This is done with a Java Script which must be turned on in your browser settings for it to work.  Click on a header to make the table sort.  The data contents will *not* return to the original order, though, because of how Java Script works.  To return to the original table, you will need to exit the page (use back button) and return again to the page (use the forward button) or use F5 to refresh the page.  Or, use the links to the original tables.


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For more information about the history of pensions, see Prologue Magazine. A Reasonable Degree of Promptitude":
Civil War Pension Application Processing, 18611885.  Spring 2010, Vol. 42, No. 1.  The National Archives, 2010. 

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