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Page 3 of 1883 List of Pensioners on the Roll


No. of Certificate Name of Pensioner Post Office Address Cause for which pensioned Monthly Rate
Date of Original Allowance Descendant (Column added by Webmaster)
   71,101 Crispin, Silas M. Lone Pine wd. both feet      12.00 July      1876  
 158,885 Watson, Henry Lone Pine chr. rheum.        4.00 Apr.     1879  
   39,087 Martin, Daniel Lone Pine g.s.w. leg        6.00 Mar.    1870  
   84,798 Birch, Mary Lone Pine widow        8.00 Oct.     1866  
 188,490 Reese, David Mackney's [sic, later  corrected to Hackneys] chr. diarrh. & dis. heart      10.00 May     1881  
 217,933 Cunningham, John E. McDonald g.s.w. neck        2.00 Sept.   1882  
 182,936 Bower, Amos H. Midway dis. of heart        8.00 Feb.    1881  
 153,331 Harvey, Ejisha Midway father        8.00 Sept.   1871  
   20,118 Welles, Margaret Midway widow 1812        8.00 Mar.    1879  
 148,922 Hawthorn, Benjamin F. Millsborough g.s.w. r. shoul.        6.00 Oct.     1877  
 182,220 Montgomery, James E. Monongahela City g.s.w. hip        4.00 Feb.    1881  
 176,924 O'Donivan, Alex D. Monongahela City chr. diarrh.        7.50 Oct.     1880  
 158,131 Henning, George A. Monongahela City chr. rheum.        4.00 Mar.    1879  
   66,900 Hazzard, Joseph D. Monongahela City loss arm      24.00 Sept.   1874  
 214,201 Hammond, John D. Monongahela City g.s.w. face        6.00 June   1882  
 209,245 Neiderlander, Joseph Monongahela City inj. to abdomen        6.00 May    1882  
   47,837 DeWatt, William Monongahela City loss arm      24.00 June    1875  
 200,640 Behanna, Benj. Monongahela City g.s.w. forearm        4.00 Jan.     1882  
 191,523 Baird, Edwin G. Monongahela City g.s.w. back        2.00 June    1881  
 142,318 Allen, David Monongahela City g.s.w. foot        5.00 Nov.     1876  
 189,014 McFarland, Taylor M. Monongahela City inj. head & dis. of abdominal viscera        6.00 May     1881  
 121,198 McCain. Henry Monongahela City (line of dots)        6.00 Jan.     1873  
 123,561 McFeely, George W. Monongahela City g.s.w. arm        6.00 Dec.    1874  
 184,172 Gibbs, John M. Monongahela City g.s.w. thighs        4.00 Mar.     1881  
 123,477 Smith, William F. Monongahela City g.s.w. neck        4.00 Mar.     1878  
 158,023 Catlin, William Monongahela City g.s.w. ankle        2.00 Mar.     1879  
 153,613 Caldwell, William Monongahela City g.s. head        4.00 June    1878  
 190,591 Kistler, George B. Monongahela City g.s.w. foot        2.00 June    1881  
    78,085 Scarbourgh, James Monongahela City amp. arm      24.00 Nov.     1874  
    20,439 Sutton, John Monongahela City (line of dots)        4.00 Nov.     1863  
 149,857 Pollock, William H. Monongahela City g.s.w. thigh        2.00 Dec.    1877  
   94,515 Wolfe, Joseph W. Monongahela City (line of dots)        4.00 Dec.    1868  
 123,989 Woodward, William Monongahela City (line of dots)        8.00 July      1873  
   17,187 Spence, Thomas S. Monongahela City shell wd. r. heel        3.00 ......    (blank)  
 194,875 Burgan, Peter Monongahela City father        8.00 May     1873  
     9,219 Altman, Mary Monongahela City mother        8.00 Nov.     1863  
 141,600 Hindman, Hannah Monongahela City mother        8.00 Mar.     1876  
   61,229 Jordan, Annorah Monongahela City mother        8.00 Dec.    1865  
 194,049 Collins, Eliza A. Monongahela City mother        8.00 Oct.     1862  
 147,071 Fry, Catharine Monongahela City mother        8.00 Jan.     1871  
   44,140 Garretson, Eliza M. Monongahela City mother        8.00 Mar.    1865  
   91,562 Black, Belvidere S. Monongahela City mother        8.00 Mar.    1867  
   15,358 Linn, Elizabeth Monongahela City widow        8.00 Jan.     1879  
     6,578 Workman, Jane Monongahela City widow        8.00 Jan.     1868  
   51,898 Thompson, Jane Monongahela City widow        8.00 Dec.    1867  
   55,647 Livemore, Eveline Monongahela City widow        8.00 July      1871  
   18,341 French, Catharine E. Monongahela City widow        8.00 Dec.    1867  
   66,111 Howe, Emeline Monongahela City widow      25.00 Mar.     1866  
   59,772 Butler, Harriet A. Monongahela City widow        8.00 Nov.     1865  
   95,769 Boyd, Emeline Monongahela City widow        8.00 June    1867  
   88,900 Cooper, Elizabeth Monongahela City widow      15.00 Sept.   1876  
   29,078 Sheplar, Mary Monongahela City widow 1812        8.00 Apr.     1880  
 193,702 White, William Monongahela City minors of      10.00 Nov.     1881  
 151,871 Booz, John L. Mount Airy g.s.w. l. thigh        4.00 Mar.     1878  
  62,884 James, Samuel Murdocksville g. s. wd. arm      18.00 Nov.     1868  
  97,977 Wherry, William Murdocksville g.s.w. forearm & head        8.00 Jan.     1878  
 169,788 Knight, William Odell chr. diarrh.        6.00 June    1880  
 185,794 Wheeler, James N. Odell g.s.w. hand        2.00 Mar.     1881  
 136,306 Day, Theodore Old Concord frac. arm        6.00 Oct.     1875  
 189,605 Lockhart, Silas D. Paris g.s.w. foot        2.00 June    1881  
 185,110 Butterfoss, Daniel J. Paris inj. spine        6.00 Mar.    1881  
 106,108 Riddle, Robert Paris (line of dots)        4.00 Oct.     1870  
 203,387 Adams, Emanuel M. Paris g.s.w. shoul.        2.00 Feb.    1882  
   72,719 Cook, Jeremiah Paris g.s.w. leg        4.00 Apr.     1869  
 197,280 Buchanan, Benj. B. Paris dis. heart        4.00 Nov.     1881  
 169,203 Crist, Francis T. Paris g.s.w. shoul.        4.00 June    1880  
    2,443 Henderson, Charlotte Paris widow        8.00 May     1863  
   12,380 Colwell, Margaret Paris widow 1812        8.00 Nov.     1878  
   19,057 McClurg, Nancy Paris widow 1812        8.00 Feb.    1879  
   73,215 Corbin, Joseph A. Patterson's Mills g.s.w. leg        4.00 Jan.     1877  
 112,070 Cowen, William H. Patterson's Mills (line of dots)        4.00 July      1871  
   32,763 Cole, Ann Patterson's Mills widow 1812        8.00 Dec.    1882  
   11,510 Walker, George R. Pike Run ampt. thigh        8.00 Oct.     1873  
   73,050 Sphar, John Pike Run (line of dots)        6.00 Aug.    1867  
   42,554 Qualk, Hiram Pike Run (line of dots)        4.00 May     1865  
 154,909 Simpson, Thomas J. Pike Run g.s.w. thigh        6.00 Aug.    1878  
 189,261 Whighman, Wm. Pike Run g.s.w. thigh & elbow        6.00 May     1881  

List of Pensioners on the Roll, January 1, 1883, Giving the Name of each pensioner, the cause for which pension, the Post Office address, the Rate of pension per month, and the date of original allowance, as called for by Senate Resolution of December 8, 1882. Volume II, Washington: Government Printing Office, 1883. 

Two sets of the same data is available.  In the table below, on the left are links to the original files.  These use "" for entries, meaning "same as above".  The original data is only in order by town; it is not in order by name or lowest to highest certificate number. 

On the right are links to sortable tables in which I replaced all the "" entries with the town name and other data as appropriate.  This is done with a Java Script which must be turned on in your browser settings for it to work.  Click on a header to make the table sort.  The data contents will *not* return to the original order, though, because of how Java Script works.  To return to the original table, you will need to exit the page (use back button) and return again to the page (use the forward button) or use F5 to refresh the page.  Or, use the links to the original tables.


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For more information about the history of pensions, see Prologue Magazine. A Reasonable Degree of Promptitude":
Civil War Pension Application Processing, 18611885.  Spring 2010, Vol. 42, No. 1.  The National Archives, 2010. 

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