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Page 2 of 1883 List of Pensioners on the Roll

Transcribed and typed by Judith Florian


No. of Certificate Name of Pensioner Post Office Address Cause for which pensioned Monthly Rate
Date of Original Allowance Descendant (Column added by Webmaster)
  75,419 Ridgley, William F. Cardville (a line of dots)   4.00 Dec.    1866  
 176,440 Jones, Morgan V. Claysville Shell wd. l. foot   2.00 Oct.     1880  
 171,304 Bell, Hazlett M. Claysville g.s.w. thigh   4.00 July     1880  
 220,494 Helt, Wm. A. Claysville g.s.w. knee   4.00 Nov.    1882  
 166,188 Craig, Thomas B. Claysville dis. of wrist   6.00 Mar.    1880  
 105,661 Miller, Isaac Claysville g.s.w. thigh  12.00 Sept.   1870  
  90,494 Cooley, Hiram A. Claysville dis. of eyes  31.25 (line of dots)  
 155,599 Beatty, Ruth Claysville mother    8.00 June    1872  
 186,574 Lowery, Margaret Claysville mother    8.00 Jan.     1880  
 191,303 Bickey, Mary M. Claysville mother    8.00 Feb.    1881  
 123,241 Campsey, Margaret Claysville mother    8.00 July     1868  
   72,221 McMillen, Mary W. Claysville mother    8.00 Mar.    1868  
 185,025 Ramsay, George M. Clokey [sic] deafness  12.75 Mar.    1881  
 162,138 Anthony, Samuel  Clokey inj. spine & 3 fing.    6.00 Aug.    1879 Judith Florian
  82, 565 Berry, John M. Clokey g.s.w. neck    6.00 June    1867  
 180,102 Conley, Mary Clokey widow    8.00 Feb.    1878  
  94,902 Kinman, Rachael A. Clokey widow    8.00 June    1871  
  14,978 Pritchard, Thomas Coal Bluff amp. of r. arm  24.00 Nov.    1874  
 219,903 Plunkett, James Coal Bluff g.s.w. side    4.00 Oct.     1882  
(just dots) Fox, John A. Coal Bluff inj. spine    4.00 July     1869  
 112,661 Lorber, Charles Coal Bluff (line of dots)    4.00 Aug.    1871  
  42,398 Leech, Frank Coal Bluff (line of dots)   18.00 Oct.     1872  
  79,495 Dickson, Henry Coal Bluff wd. r. groin    10.00 (line of dots)  
  79,477 West, Rachel Coal Bluff mother     8.00 July     1866  
 183,982 Ferry, James (Addenda, pg. 919 orginal) Coal Bluff g.s.w. rt. lung     6.00 Mar.    1881  
  15,401 Patterson, Sarah J. Coon Island widow     8.00 Mar.    1864  
 198,400 Roberts, Robert G. Courtney dis. eyes & g.s.w. wd. thigh     8.00 Nov.    1881  
  88,892 Kemp, Jesse Cross Creek Village (line of dots)     8.00 Mar.    1873  
  94,779 Cooke, Silas Cross Creek Village (line of dots)     4.00 May     1868  
  10,363 Pry, Catharine Cross Creek Village widow     8.00 May     1867  
 197,134 Moffit, Hopkins East Bethlehem g.s.w. thigh     2.00 Oct.     1881  
 191,145 Parmer, Louisa East Bethlehem mother     8.00 Feb.    1881  
 187,603 Mechener, Priscilla R. East Bethlehem widow   19.00 Mar.    1880  
  73,305 Stollar, William East Finley g.s.w. thighs      4.00 Feb.    1879  
 101,104 Clingensmith, Henry Fallowfield g.s.w. forearm     12.00 Nov.    1869  
 117,788 Buck, Hannah Fallowfield widow      8.00 Aug.    1868  
 171,445 Cady, Eli Finleyville g.s.w. hand      8.00 July     1880  
 202,001 Beppard [sic], Franklin W. Finleyville frac. of leg      4.00 Jan.     1882  
 140,717 Patterson, Jane Finleyville mother      8.00 Mar.    1870  
  42,441 Heron, Margaret Finleyville widow      8.00 Nov.    1867  
 128,021 Seibert, Jacob Florence g.s.w. hand, cont. chest     18.00 May     1874  
 170,966 Jackson, William A. Florence chr. diarrh.       4.00 June    1880  
 147,959 McConkey, John P. Florence father      8.00 Feb.    1871  
 174,286 Culley, Martha A. Florence widow      8.00 July     1876  
 141,066 Potts, Nancy Florence widow      8.00 Mar.    1870  
  18,678 McConnell, Edith Florence widow 1812      8.00 Feb.    1879  
 213,960 Ralston, Samuel F. Ginger Hill g.s.w. head      2.00 June    1882  
 196,011 McDaid, Jennetta Good Intent mother      8.00 June    1882  
 100,900 Hanlin, William Hanlin Station g.s.w. leg      2.00 Nov.    1879  
 221,865 McPeak, James M. Hickory g.s.w. arm      4.00 Dec.    1882  
 149,973 Alison, Mary Hickory mother      8.00 May     1871  
   79,576 Todd, Henrietta E. Hickory mother      8.00 July     1866  
   60,492 Thompson, Martha Hickory mother      8.00 Nov.    1865  
   12,566 Parkinson, Nancy Hickory widow 1812      8.00 Dec.    1878  
 221,439 Cherry, Wm. P. Houstonville g.s.w. breast     2.00 Nov.    1882  
 195,344 McDowell, Lizzie H. Houstonville widow   10.00 Apr.     1882  
   78,905? Webster, George W. Independence chr. diarrh. & fever      4.00 Nov.    1880  
 179,878 Dempster, Alexander Independence rheu. dis. heart      8.00 Dec.    1880  
 149,188 Needham, Hugh Independence g.s.w. arm      4.00 Nov.    1877  
 162,377 Fullum, Joseph Independence g.s.w. r. hand      4.00 Sept.   1870  
      6,083 Lee, Rachel Independence widow 1812      8.00 Apr.     1874  
 138,941 McDonald, Andrew Kammerer chr. diarrh.      6.00 Apr.     1876  
   92,621 Phelan, Matilda Kammerer widow      8.00 Apr.     1867  
  18,466 Clark, Julia A. Kammerer widow      8.00 June    1868  
  62,973 Byers, Jane Kammerer widow      8.00 Jan.     1867  
  86,182 McElhoes?, Irad Ker's [sic] Station (line of dots)      8.00 July     1867  
  33,596 Workman, Catharine Ker's [sic] Station widow      8.00 Nov.    1864  
 174,770 Wolf, Mary Ker's [sic] Station mother      8.00 Aug.    1876  
   79,307 Weant, Susannah Ker's [sic] Station widow      8.00 Nov.    1867  
 124,575 Dunn, Joseph Lindly's Mills g.s.w. thigh & arm      6.00 Sept.   1875  
 190,334 Shepard, Andrew Lindly's Mills g.s.w. chest     4.00 June    1881  
   87,778 James, John Lindly's Mills g.s.w. shoul. & neck     6.00 Sept.   1874  
   11,678 Foulks, John Lock No. 4 g.s.w. arm     6.00 June    1874  
 189,708 Stillwell, James Lock No. 4 g.s.w. leg     2.00 June    1881  
 205,777 Gillespie, Obadiah Lock No. 4 inj. of hip     4.00 Mar.    1882  
 195,277 Smiley, Sarah Lock No. 4 mother     8.00 Apr.     1882  
   29,854 Morgan, Julia Ann Locust Hill widow 1812     8.00 June    1880  
 100,337 Enoch, Abner Lone Pine dis. of heart   18.00 Nov.    1867  

List of Pensioners on the Roll, January 1, 1883, Giving the Name of each pensioner, the cause for which pension, the Post Office address, the Rate of pension per month, and the date of original allowance, as called for by Senate Resolution of December 8, 1882. Volume II, Washington: Government Printing Office, 1883. 

Two sets of the same data is available.  In the table below, on the left are links to the original files.  These use "" for entries, meaning "same as above".  The original data is only in order by town; it is not in order by name or lowest to highest certificate number. 

On the right are links to sortable tables in which I replaced all the "" entries with the town name and other data as appropriate.  This is done with a Java Script which must be turned on in your browser settings for it to work.  Click on a header to make the table sort.  The data contents will *not* return to the original order, though, because of how Java Script works.  To return to the original table, you will need to exit the page (use back button) and return again to the page (use the forward button) or use F5 to refresh the page.  Or, use the links to the original tables.


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For more information about the history of pensions, see Prologue Magazine. A Reasonable Degree of Promptitude":
Civil War Pension Application Processing, 18611885.  Spring 2010, Vol. 42, No. 1.  The National Archives, 2010. 


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