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Early Marriage Records & a few Death Notices from the Washington Reporter
Contributed by Paula Chodacki
Additional data from Christina Hunt, Janet Currie, Donna Opfer, Jennifer Morrow & Deborah Nagy.
New data is in blue | s/o = son of | d/o = daughter of

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1. Thursday, Jan. 18, 1810
William Howell & Miss Margaret Ashbaugh, dau. of Simon Ashbaugh.
By John McMullan Esq.

2. Jan. 18 1810
Peter Hammers to Miss Mary Philipps of Cumberland Twp., Greene Co., Pa.

3. Feb. 8, 1810
John Stockdil & Miss Margaret McComb.  By Rev. Mathew Brown.

4. Feb. 28, 1810
James Gordon & Miss Polly Officer, dau. of Thomas Officer.
By Rev. Matthew Brown of Washington.

5. Thursday, Mar. 7, 1810
Alexander McGinley & Esther Jones.
By Rev. Matthew Brown of Washington.

6. Mar. 7, 1810
Thomas Urie & Rebecca Crosby, dau. of John Crosby, Esq.
By Rev. John Anderson. West Middletown.

7. Mar. 15, 1810
Died----Margaret Anderson, wife of Robert Anderson, Esq.
Left four small children.

8. Thrusday May 17, 1810
Morgan Heaton and Elizabeth Weaver, dau. of Isaac Weaver of Green Co.
Margan was the son of Col. John Heaton.
By Rev. Moses Allen.

9. July 5, 1810
James Brownlee, Jr. to Mary Jolley.
By Rev. Matthew Brown.

10. July 18, 1810
William Wilson of Phila & Miss Margaret Wilson, dau. of John Wilson, Esq. of Washington.
By Rev. Matthew Brown.

11. Sept. 12, 1810
John Shearer of Chillicothe, Ohio to Miss Rosanna Wolfe, dau. of Jacob Wolfe, Esq. of Washington Co.
By Rev. Matthew Brown.

12. Sept. 6, 1810
Isaac Kenney to Jane Ashby.
By Rev. Boyd Mercer.

13. Sept. 24, 1810
Capt. Joseph Weaver of Bucks Co. to Hetty Spinner.

14. Oct. 17, 1810
John Sharp, son of George Sharp, to Miss Jane McCarrel, dau. of Mr. John McCarrel. Both of Buffalo.
By John Buchanan, Esq.

15. Oct. 22, 1810
Died----Sarah, wife of Arthur Chamberlain of this county.

16. Oct. 1810
William S. Graham, editor of Westmoreland and Indiana Register, to Jame Greet of Greensburg.
At Greensburg.

17. Nov. 29, 1810
Hugh Hazlett, merchant of Burgettstown to Mary Anne McFadden.
By Rev. Boyd Mercer.


18. Jan. 21, 1811
Died----wife of James Chambers.

19. Jan. 8, 1811
Patrick McCullough of Somerset Twp. died at the age of 76.

20. Jan. 27, 1811
Samuel anderson to Mary Berryhill of Short Creek, VA.
By Rev. James Hughe at West Liberty, VA.

21. Jan. 31, 1811
David Stille of Charlestown to Elizabeth Tarr, dau. of Henry Tarr of Washington.
By Rev. Matthew Luce.

22. Feb. 17, 1811
died----John Moore. Dep. Surveyer of Co. aged 73.

23. Feb. 17, 1811
Died----Esther, wife of Paul Morrow, aged 31.

24. Alexander Campbell, Minister of the Gospel to Miss Margaret Brown,
dau. of John Brown of Brooke Co., Va.
By Rev. James Hughes.

25. Feb 28. 1811
John Campbell to Miss Beall, dau. of Zephaniah Beall, Esq. of E. Bethlehem.

26. Tuesday, Mar. 26, 1811.
Samuel Cunningham to Maria Morris, dau. of David Morris of Washington.
By Rev. Matthew Brown.

27. Apr. 17, 1811
Hamilton Brownlee to Miss Latitia McDowell of Buffalo.
By Rev. Matthew Brown.

28. Apr. 22, 1811
William Lippencott to Sarah Stout.

29. May 7, 1811
George Carroll to Miss Mary Good, dau. of Patrick Good of Washington.
By Rev. Matthew Brown.

30. May 7, 1811
Solomon Cooke to Easther Brice, dau. of James Brice of Washington.
By Rev. Thadeus Dodd at Amity.

31. May 15, 1811
William Findley to Miss Jane Leech.
By Rev. Matthew Brown

32. May 27, 1811
Col. Edward Martin to Sarah Fowler at Albany.

33. July 29, 1811
Thomas McKibben, merchant to Matilda Toucks. Both of Brownsville.

34. Aug. 25, 1811
Died----at the home of Samuel Lacock, Mr. Joseph Lacock, age 98.

35. June 10, 1811
Separation Notice----Elizabeth, wife of Levi Merit of Richill Twp., Greene Co. was Elizabeth Belford.
Married 15 months. Eloped 8 times.

36. Sep 3, 1811
Alexander McGREW of Williamsport and Acrelia HAYWOOD of Cincinnati, Ohio.
By Rev. Solomon LANGDON at Cincinnati.

37. Sep 12, 1811
Rees HEATON s/o Isaac HEATON to Sarah WEAVER, d/o of Isaac WEAVER of Greene Co.
By Rev. Benjamin STONE.

38. Oct 10, 1811
David WILKEY to Ann WILIE both of Cross Creek.
By Rev. Thomas MARQUIS.

39. Oct 23, 1811
Isaac HAZLETT, merchant to Miss. CALHOUN at Zanesville, Ohio.

40. Oct 23, 1811
George BAIRD, Esq. to Miss Jane WILSON, d/o John WILSON, Esq.
By Rev. Matthew BROWN.

41. Nov 13, 1811
Robert ANDERSON, Esq. late Sheriff to Mrs. Jemima SWERINGEN, widow of Joseph SWERINGEN.
By Rev. Matthew BROWN.

42. Nov 13, 1811
James WHITE to Miss Nancy FORCEY.
By Rev. Mr. RIDDLE. Both of Chartiers.

43. Dec. 2, 1811
Rev. John WALKER of Mercer Co. and Rachel SCROGG of Buffaloe

44. Dec 9, 1811
Rev. Mr. FRENCH of Buffalo Congregation and Miss Sarah McCLELLAND of Cambridge, New York.
By Rev. Mr. BALLION of Cambridge N.Y.

45. Dec. 25, 1811
William C. COLERICK, Editor of Western Palladuim <sic> of Brownsville to Maria BATAGH.
By Rev. Mr. O'BREIN.


46. Jan 26, 1812
James McMULLIN to Margaret Dixon BELL. Both of Buffalo.
By James GILMORE, Esq.

47. Saturday Feb 15, 1812
DIED -- Maria, wife of Samuel CUNNINGHAM. Left infant daughter 6 days old.

48. Feb 17, 1812
Maj. Arthur CHAMBERLAIN to Miss SLACK. Both of Ten Mile.
By Rev. Matthias LUCE.

49. Feb 24, 1812
DIED -- at Steubenville widow of late Rev. WAUGH of Cumberland Co., PA.

50. Feb 25, 1812
John WILSON, to Mary ORR.
By Rev. Matthew Brown.

51. Feb 25, 1812
Joseph LACOCK to Omey POOLE.
By Rev. Matthias LUCE.

52. Mar 11, 1812
John SAMPLE of Westmoreland Co. to Elizabeth WORKMAN, d/o Hugh WORKMAN of Washington.
By Rev. Matthew BROWN.

53. Mar 5, 1812
John BRYAN to Sarah McALLISTER of Nottingham Twp.
By Samuel RALSTON.

54. Mar 16, 1812
Robert MORRISON of Nottingham Two. to Miss WILSON of Ohio.

55. May 11, 1812
Andrew McMASTERS to Nancy SARGENT. Both of W. Beth. Twp.
By Rev. Matthias LUCE.

56. May 11, 1812
Karey HULL, s/o Solomon HULL to Elizabeth RUSH both of Washington Co., PA

57. May 11, 1812
Jacob SMITH of Strabane to Miss ___ TOWN of Wheeling.

58. May 18, 1812
Thomas HAYS to Jane HAYS both of Cross Creek.
By Rev. Thomas HERSEY.

59. Jun 7, 1812
Jacob ROSS of Mercer Co. to Lydia MILLER of Amwell Twp.
By Rev. John BIRCH.

60. Jun 7, 1812
William BILBY to Miss Phoebe BACON. Both of Amwell Twp.
By Rev. John BIRCH.

61. Jul 5, 1812
George C. SAUNDERS of Fayette Co. to Violet SAMPLE of Westmoreland. Co.
By Rev. James ESTEP.

62. Jul 18, 1812
John BURGESS of Kentucky to Isabella BURK.
By John WILSON, Esq.

63. Oct 25, 1812
DIED -- Rev. David SUTTON of West Bethlehem Twp. Aged 82 years.
Died of Cancer.

64. Nov 19, 1812
David MATHERS to Agness ANDERSON of Buffalo Twp.
By Rev. Mr. FRENCH.


65. Jan 6, 1813
Samuel WORKMAN, painter to Nancy McCAMMANT. Both of Washtington.
By Rev. Matthew BROWN.

66. Feb 14, 1813
Demas McFARLAND to Margaret WARTHANE of Greene Co.
By Rev. Matthias LUCE.

67. Feb. 17, 1813
R. Lacock to Elizabeth Oliver. Both of Ten Mile.
By Rev. Matthias Luce.

68. Feb. 17, 1813
William Ferguson of Allegheny Co. to Wilhelmina Deye of Washington.
By Rev. Matthias Luce.

69. Mar. 31, 1813
George Lockhart to Nancy Brice.
By Rev. Matthew Brown. 

70. Mar. 31, 1813
James Bell of Virginia to Margaret Woodburn of W. Alexander.

71. Mar. 18, 1813
John Baker Jr. to Catherine Leatherman.

72. June 3, 1813
Thomas Patton to Mary Tayler, dau. of Gen. Tayler.
By Rev. Mr. Ramsey.

73. June 9, 1813
John Barrinton of Charlestown to Catherine H. Baker of Washington.
By Rev. Dr. Doddridge.

74. June 30, 1813
James Thompson to Polly Sweeney.
By Rev. Mr. Phillips.

75. Oct. 18, 1813
Mr. Reynolds to Miss Nichol

76. Oct. 18, 1813
Mr. Reynolds to Miss Nichol.  [Note: I believe this is a repeat of # 75]

77. Oct. 18, 1813
Mr. Hammond to Miss Leadwith.

78. Oct. 18, 1813
Mr. Harvery to Miss Scott.

79. Oct. 18, 1813
Mrs. Leadwith to Nancy Meetkirke.

80. Oct. 18, 1813
Mr. Lawrence to Miss Cooper.

81. Oct. 18, 1813
Dr. Wilson to Miss Birch.

82. Oct. 18, 1813,
Mr. Robb to Mary Meetkirke.

83. Oct. 18, 1813
Mr. Jolley to Miss Chambers.

84. Oct. 12, 1808
Joseph gillespie to Jane McBurney, dau. of James McBurney.
By Rev. Matthew Brown.

85. Dec. 7, 1808
Allen Lieper to Mary Bell, dau. of Robert Bell.
By Samuel England, Esq.

86. Dec 22, 1808
James BOALS to Elizabeth McKIBBEN.
By Rev. Mr. RAMSEY.

87. Dec. 29, 1808
Richard DAGG to Jane TAYLER

88. Jan 9, 1809
Alexander WORK to Jane TAGGART.
By Rev. John ANDERSON.

89. Mar 1, 1809
William McCAMMONT, inn-keeper to Mrs. Elizabeth ARBUCKLE of Ginger Hill.
By Rev. Mr. RALSTON.

90. Mar 30, 1809
Dr. J. WISHART of Washington, Pa. to Mary TATE of Bedford Co.

91. May 11, 1809
Capt. Adam WYLIE to Sarah BYERS.
By Rev. John ANDERSON.

92. Jun 5, 1809
John KING of Erie Co. to Charlotte LITTLE, d/o Alex LITTLE of Washington.
By Rev. Thomas L. Birth.

93. Jun 1, 1809
William MORRISON to Jane WILKEY.
By Rev. John ANDERSON.

94. Jun 14, 1809
John INGHRAM to Catherine BURBRIDGE.

95. Jul 12, 1809
John CANNON to Margaret BRYSON.
By Rev. Matthew BROWN.

96. Jul 19, 1809
George MEASON to Sarah CHAMBERS.
By Rev. Matthew BROWN.

97. Jul 19, 1809
Samuel McKINLEY to Martha WELDON.
By Rev. Matthias LUCE.

98. Aug 24, 1809
Jacob Bowen HEATON, s/o Isaac HEATON to Rachel WEAVER, d/o Isaac WEAVER Jr.
By Rev. D. SUTTON.

99. Aug 30, 1809
Ephraim PENTLAND to Bethshebaline LACOCK, d/o General Abner LACOCK.
By Rev. Thomas JONES.

100. Sep 10. 1809
DIED -- Abegail, wife of Isaac WEAVER Jr. of Greene Co.

101. Nov 11, 1809
Moses JOLLEY to Jeane BELL, d/o Capt. Robert BELL.
By Rev. Thomas L. BIRCH.

102. Nov 30, 1809
Thomas H. BAIRD, attorney-at-law, to Nancy McCULLOUGH.
By Rev. Thomas CAMPBELL.

103. Dec. 28, 1813
Daniel Huston to Elizabeth Clark, dau. of David Clark, By
Rev. Jos. Stockton.

104. Dec. 30, 1813
Benjamin Howe to Hannah Hamson.
By Rev. Matthias Luce.


105. Jan. 26, 1814
Mr. Gray of Ohio to Margaret Henry.
By Eleazer Jenkins, Esq.

106. Jan. 11, 1814
John McMillan to Sarah Weaver.

107. Feb. 2, 1814
Henry McMurray to Elizabeth Wilson.
By Rev. Matthew Brown.

108. Feb. 1, 1814
David Carmack to Elizabeth Schwartz, dau. of Henry Schwartz.
By William Irwin, Esq.

109. Mar. 20, 1814
Mr. Isaac K. Russell to Hannah Drake.
By Rev. Mr. Reeder.

110. Feb. 28, 1814
Jacob Weaver of Fayette Co., to Mary Rodgers, dau. of Thomas Rodgers.
By. Rev. James Guthrie.

111. Mar. 28, 1814
Mr. Brown of Circleville, Ohio to Sarah Fitzwilliams.

112. Apr. 5, 1814
John Jones of Somersett Twp. to Rachel Frew of Pike Run.
By Rev. Mr. McCracken.

113. Apr. 13, 1814
Joseph Clark to Catherine Andrews, dau. of Daniel Andrews.
By Rev. Matthew Brown.

114. May 3, 1814
James W. McKemey to Martha Allison, dau. of Joseph Allison.
By Rev. Mr. Denney in Chambersburg.

115. May 18, 1814
Daniel L. Goble to Elizabeth Dille of Belmont Co.
By John Sowerhofer, Esq.

116. June 8, 1814
John White to Mary May.
By Rev. Mr. Ramsey.

117. July 1, 1814
Samuel Wilkins to Betty Norris.

118. July 17, 1814
Died----Mary, wife of John Chamberlain of Ten Mile. Aged 42 years.

119. Aug. 12, 1814
Died----Samuel Shannon, one of first inhabitants. Aged 63.

120. Nov. 6, 1814
James Harper, painter to Juliet Wilcox.
By A. Weaver, Esq. at Lancaster, Ohio

121. Nov 3, 1814
Samuel PORTERFIELD of Crawford Co. to Elizabeth McGUFFEY of Buffalo Twp.
By Rev. John ANDERSON.

122. Nov 8, 1814
Ezra Town of Findley Twp to Miss ___ WHITE of Ohio Co.
By I. MAYS, Esq.

123. Nov 15, 1814
By John McMillan, Esq.

124. Nov. 17, 1814
William BROWNLEE of Chartiers to Jane CARSON of Buffalo.
By Rev. John ANDERSON.

125. Nov. 17, 1814
By Rev. D. FRENCH.


126. Jan. 19, 1815
John GRABLE to Polly CARSON, d/o Thomas CARSON of Fallowfield.
By David HAMILTON, Esq.

127. Jan 23, 1815
Robert BELL to Easter BOAL.
By John McMILLAN, Esq.

128. Jan 28, 1815
Joseph JUNNIN of Mercer Co. to Mrs. Jane AGNEW of Gettysburg.
By Rev. Matthew BROWN.

129. Jan *5, 1815
Capt. George MARSHALL to Martha RIDDLE.
By Joseph HENDERSON, Esq.

130. Feb 10, 1815
Robert PATTON of Westmoreland Co. to Nancy STOCKDALE of Morris Twp., Greene Co.

131. Feb 25, 1815
DIED -- Thomas CROOKS of West Bethlehem Twp. "Died in his old mansion" at "Richard's Valley".

132. Mar 2, 1815
John MONROE to Margaret LOWERY of Canonsburg.
By ___ ESPIE, Esq.

133. Mar 2, 1815
Christopher DENNIS to Maria MURPHY of Canonsburg.

134. Mar 16, 1815
William ELLIOTT to Mina WINGETT of Morris Twp.
By W. CRAIG, Esq.

135. Mar 2, 1815
James JACKSON to Jane McHENRY.
By John McMILLAN, Esq.

136. Mar 13, 1815
George BURCKNER to Sophia KUNTZ.

137. Mar 17, 1815
Alexander GREY to Mary McCAMMANT.
By Rev. Matthew BROWN.

138. Mar 23, 1815
Samuel CUNNINGHAM to Laura POTTER, d/o Rev. Mr. POTTER of Ohio.
By Rev. Lyman POTTER.

139. Apr 5, 1815
Thomas JOHNSTON to Maria DOLAND.
By James ORR, Esq.

140. Apr. 13, 1815
Joshua Everett of Brook Co. to Margaret Buchanan.
By John Buchannan, Esq.

Apr. 11, 1815
141 James Kerr to Margaret Wherry, daughter of Joseph Wherry.
By Rev. Matthew Brown

May 4, 1815
142 J. Wellington Oliver to Mary Hughes.
By. Rev. Charles Wheeler.

June 8, 1815
143 Died---Esther, wife of James Mitchell of Pigeon Creek. Age 76.

May 23, 1815
144 Eugene McGarey to Martha Heaman of Ohio Co., VA.
By Rev. Mr. Young.

May 23, 1815
145 George Meeks to Mary Bolen of Amwell Twp.
By Rev. Matthew Brown

May 30, 1815
146 David Sheely to Polly Ashbrooke.
By Joseph Arons, Esq.

June 28, 1815
147 Dr. James Wishart to Jane Hazlett, eldest daughter of Hebert Hazlett.
By Rev. Matthew Brown.

June 28, 1815
148 John Horn to Mary Glauser of Ten Mile.
By Rev. Allen of Green Co.

June 28, 1815
149 John (Dunn or Gunn) of Newtown to Sophia Woods, daughter of John Woods.
By A. Sweringen, Esq. at Meadowlands.

July 13, 1815
150 Hugh Logan to Martha Latimore of Buffalo.
By Rev. Mr. French.

Aug. 5, 1815
151 Jacob Slagle to Mary Marshall, daughter of J. Marshall of Charlestown, Va.
By Rev. Dr. Doddridge.

Aug. 4, 1815
152 Died---Maj. General Thomas Achesen. Aged 47 years.

Sept. 13, 1815
153 Robert McClelland to Drusilla Husten.
By William Craig, Esq.

Sept. 28, 1815
154 Thomas McCall to Mary Stuart.
By Rev. Mr. Anderson of West Middletown.

Oct. 5, 1815
155 Mr. Seeds Nixon to Sarah Waller of Canton Twp.
By Rev. Mr. Wheeler

Oct 12, 1815
156 William Eichbaum Jr. to Rebecca Johnston, daughter of John Johnston, Esq.
By Rev. Joseph Stockdale.

Nov. 8, 1815
157 Mr. Pressley Amberson of Mercer, Pa. to Sarah Cunningham of Washington.
By Rev. Matthew Brown.

158. Dec 13, 1815
Isaac TAYLOR to Rachel FINDLEY, dau of William FINDLEY of Chartiers
By Rev Matthew BROWN


159. Dec 25, 1817
Died - Phoebe SUTTON, wife of the Rev David SUTTON
"She was the second wife" Aged 87

160. Dec 24, 1817
Died - Benjamin ADAMS, at the home of his grandson, Rev Charles WHEELER, Aged 82


161. Mar 4, 1818
James CARTER to Nancy LITTLE of Amwell Twp.
By John WHITE, Esq

162. Marc 11, 1818
John MCCULLOUGH of Oho Co to Catherine VANEMMAN, dau of Andrew VANEMMAN
By Rev Andrew WYLIE

163. Mar 18, 1818
John HARTER to Eleanor GARTNELL of Strabane
By Rev Charles WHEELER

164. Mar 18, 1818
James JOHNSTON to Mary SIMPSON, dau of James SIMPSON of Mt. Pleasant Twp.
By Rev Andrew WYLIE

165. Mar 18, 1818
Samuel MORROW to Maria MCCOMB, dau of William MCCOMB of Mt Pleasant Twp.

166. Mar 18, 1818
Henry NEWKIRKE to Jane HART of Somersett Twp.
By Rev Matthew BROWN

167. April 8, 1818
Nathaniel BIGLER to Ruth ANDREWS, both of Morris Twp.
By Rev Thomas HOGE

168. April 9, 1818
John SMITH, son of Nicholas SMITH to Polly ZEDIKER, dau of David ZEDIKER
By David LITTLE, Esq

169. April, 13, 1818
Caleb BALDWIN to Mrs. Rebecca who was wife of William HILL of Buffalo Twp.

170. May 6, 1818
John LATTIMORE to Margaret MITCHELL of Buffalo Twp.

171. May 6, 1818
Mr. ? VANCE of Ohio to Martha, dau of Thomas BROWNLEE

172. May 5, 1818
Rev John REED to ? FERGUSON, dau of Samuel FERGUSON of Pigeon Creek

173. May 14, 1818
James R LOGAN of Westmoreland Co to Eliza H. WILSON, dau of H. WILSON of Williamsport Co
By Rev. Thomas HOGE

174. May 19, 1818
Jacob Bighead to Sarah McClain.
By Rev. Boyd Mercer.

175. May 20, 1818
Eliphalet Cozad to Miss Montgomery of Morris Twp.
By Rev. Thomas Hoge.

176. May 14, 1818
John SCOTT to Matilda WEAKLEY, dau. of Samuel Weakley of of Cumberland Co. 
By Rev. George Duffield.

177. June 2, 1818
Died----Jane, wife of Alexander Reed. Aged 44.
Was dau. of Rev. Colin McFargwhar of Lancaster Co.

178. June 4, 1818
William Turner to Polly Richeson.
By Rev. Mr. Munrow.

179. June 4, 1818
Jacob Lash to Elizabeth Leyda.
By Henry McDonough, Esq.

180. June 4, 1818
George Stacher to Esther Hotingohow.
By John White, Esq.

181. June 2, 1818
Israel Ruland of Ohio to Keziah burnett of Morris Twp.

182. June 17, 1818
Andrew Link of Racoon to Catherine Dailey.
By Rev. Boyd Mercer.

183. June 16, 1818
George Burd of Bedford, attorney-at-law, to Eliza Waugh,
dau. of Rev. Waugh, dec'd of Cumberland Co., Pa. 
By Rev. Andrew Wylie.

184. June 24, 1818
James Eckles to Agness Cameron.
By Rev. Boyd Mercer.

185. July 1, 1818
Samuel Dowson to Rebecca Stanley.
By Rev. Thomas Hoge.

186. June 24, 1818
Silas Lindley to Phoebe Headley of Morris Twp.
By Rev. Mr. Dodd.

187. July 2, 1818
Joseph Stewart to Margaret Leyda of W. Bethleham.
By Eleazer Jinkens, Esq.

188. July 2, 1818
Simon Rareick to Sarah Lash.
By Rev. Mr. Weyant.

189. July 14, 1818
John Smith to Eliza Richardson.
By A. Sweringen, Esq.

190. July 21, 1818
Dr. Jonathan Letherman to Anne Ritchie, dau. of Craig Ritchie, Esq.
By Rev. John McMillan.

191. July 31, 1818
Jacob Shepherd to Mary Bristo.
By Rev. Mr. Munrow.

192. July 16, 1818
William GUTTERY to Margaret DOBBS.
By Rev. Mr. Riggs.

193. Aug 17, 1818
James MCFARLAND, son of Abel MCFARLAND, Esq to Drusilla WORTHEN
By Rev Cephus DODD

194. Aug 9, 1818
Samuel MUNTZ to Christina SMITH
By David LITTLE, Esq

195. Aug 12, 1818
Died - Mrs. Ann BURCH, mother of John BURCH of Amwell Twp.
Aged 83

196. Nov 7, 1818

197. Sept 23, 1818
Samuel BRIANT of E. Beth to Mary ROSS, dau of Samuel ROSS
By Rev Matthias LUCE

198. Oct 13, 1818
James IRVINE to Margaret SMITH, dau of James SMITH of Canton Twp.

199. Sept 30, 1818
Samuel FINDLEY of Canton Twp to Nancy CARTER, dau of Daniel CARTER
By Rev Thomas HOGE

200. Oct 14, 1818
John HAYES of Ohio to Rebecca MILLER, dau of James MILLER

201. Oct 19, 1818
James HARE to Margaret BLACK, dau of James BLACK
By Rev Matthew BROWN

202. Oct 19, 1818
Henry MULLEN to Jane, dau of Mr. P. BRYSON
By Rev Matthew BROWN

203. Oct 28, 1818
William ALLENDER to Cidny WILSON, dau of William WILSON
By Rev Charles WHEELER

204. Oct 28, 1818

205. Nov 4, 1818
By Rev Boyd MERCER

206. Nov 2, 1818
Samuel PUE to Mary VAUGHAN, dau of Joseph VAUGHAN
By Rev Boyd MERCER

207. Nov 3, 1818
Elijah DAY to Eliza ROBB
By Rev Munrow at Waynesburg

208. Oct 27, 1818
Rev Robert G WILSON of Chilicothe Ohio to Jane CRAFT of Carlisle, Pa.
By Rev John WRIGHT

209. Nov 11, 1818
Capt. William CARTER to Ruth CURRAN, both of Amwell Twp.
By Rev Charles WHEELER

210. Nov 25, 1818
Col. William ANDERSON to Eliza REDICK
By Rev Matthew BROWN

211. Nov. 25, 1818
Archibald MCALLISTER to Mary SMITH. By Rev. Boyd MERCER.

212. Nov. 26, 1818
David FLACK of West Alexander to Mary STOCKTON, daughter of Thomas STOCKTON.
By Rev. Thomas HOGE.

213. Dec. 13, 1818
Patrick MCGARVEY to Margaret, daughter of Nathaniel WOODS.
By John MCMILLAN, Esq.

214. Dec. 21, 1818
Died----Gen Presley NEVILLE at his home at Neville, Ohio.
Aged 63.

215. Dec. 17, 1818
Joseph MILLER of Kings Creek to Mary MARTIN, daughter of Peter MARTIN of Strabane.
By _________

216. Dec. 12, 1818
Mathew MCNARY to Jane HANNAH.

217. Dec. 3, 1818
John LEONARD to Rebecca ROBINSON of Greene Co.
By Rev. Isaac MCBRIDE

218. Dec. 17, 1818
George BYERS to Sarah SNYDER of Fallowfield.

219. Dec. 17, 1818
By David HAMILTON, Esq.


220. Feb. 4, 1819
Dr. James STEVENS to Ann REDICK.
By Rev. Francis HERRON.

221. Jan. 21, 1819
William BROWNER to Elizabeth KAMPFF.
By Rev. Charles WHEELER.

222. Feb. 11, 1819
Jacob SLAGLE to Martha MCKEMEY. At Chambersburg, Pa.
By Rev. David DENNY.

223. Feb. 16, 1819
Gregg ALGEO to Susanna GIBSON. At Canonsburg.
By Rev. William GIBSON

224. Feb. 24, 1819
John MCBRIDE to Mary LEE, daughter of James LEE of Strabane.

225. Feb. 24, 1819
John MCCOMB to Violet CHAMBERS; daughter of Col. Jos. G. CHAMBERS of Hopewell.

226. Feb. 24, 1819
Samuel JENNINGS to Elizabeth TUTTLE.
By ______________

227. Feb. 23, 1819
John WILSON to Margaret HANNAH of Pike Run.
By Rev. Boyd MERCER.

228. Mar. 8, 1819
Samuel SARRATT to Isabella HUSTON.
By Rev. Charles WHEELER.

229. Mar. 4, 1819
James THOMPSON to Jane CRAIG, daughter of David CRAIG of West Middletown.
By Rev. Samuel FINDLEY.

230. Mar. 24, 1819
Hugh WILSON to Mrs. Catherine FLEMMING.
By Rev. Charles WHEELER.

231. Mar. 30, 1819
James M. JOHNSON, watcher maker, to Margaret PERVIANCE.
By Rev. Charles WHEELER.

232. Mar. 30, 1819
Rev. Elisha MCCURDY to Mrs. Sarah CALDWELL, widow, of Robert COLWELL, Esq.
(MCCURDY's second wife).
By Rev. Obediah JENNINGS.

233. Apr. 14, 1819
By Rev. Matthew BROWN.

234. Apr. 28, 1819
Samuel BELL of Reading, Pa. to Louisa BOWMAN, daughter of Jacob BOWMAN of Brownsville. By Rev. Mr. JOHNSTON.

235. May 5, 1819
Robert OFFICER to Margaret SCOTT, daughter of John SCOTT.
By Rev. Matthew BROWN.

236. May 5, 1819
Joseph NEELY to Susanna MCDOWELL, daughter of Nathaniel MCDOWELL.
By Rev. Matthew BROWN.

237. Apr. 22, 1819
By Rev. Mr. FRENCH.

238. Apr. 29, 1819
William PATTERSON to Margaret LYLE, daughter of Aaron LYLE, Esq.
By Rev. Mr. MARQUIS.

239. May 5, 1819
Hugh FERGUS to Martha GILFILLAN, daughter of Alex GILFILLAN, Allegheny Co.
By Rev. Joseph KERR.

240. May 11, 1819
Robert PATERSON to Jane, daughter of Robert JOHNSON of Canton Twp.
By Rev. Mr. GIBSON.

241. May 11, 1819
James BOONE to Margaret, daughter of William REED.
By Rev. Matthew BROWN.

242. May 11, 1819
John MILLER to Mary HAMILTON of Canton.

243. May 19, 1819
James MOORE of Cross Creek to Jane REED, daughter of William REED, Esq.

244. May 25, 1819
Abraham VANWAY, son of Arthur VANWAY to Charity LAIRD, daughter of John LAIRD.
By Enoch WRIGHT, Esq.

245. May 25, 1819
John McKELVEY, son of Patrick MCKELVEY to Miss MCCLURE.
By Enoch WRIGHT, Esq.

246. May 25, 1819
By _________________

247. June 2, 1819
Dr. James W. Clemens to Eleanor Sherrand, dau. of William Sherrand.
By Rev. Thomas Hoge.

248. June 2, 1819
Samuel Kemmil to Catherine Good, dau. of Jacob Good.
By Rev. Charles Wheeler.

249. June 9, 1819
Aaron Moore to Elizabeth Hill of Donegall.
By Rev. Thomas L. Birch.

250. June 9, 1819
James Jones to Polly Gourley.
By Rev. Thomas L. Birch.

251. June 17, 1819
Samuel F. Titten of Maryland to Rachel Poland.
By S. Bentley, Esq.

252. June 17, 1819
William Long to Miss Krider.
By Rev. Winters.

253. June 16, 1819
By Rev. Mr. Dodd.

254. June 29, 1819
Nehemiah Baldwin to Patience Tunis.
By Rev. Cephus Dodd.

255. Jacob Kelsey to Elizabeth Loughman.
By James Gilmore, Esq.

256. June 24, 1819
Jesse Kees to Susanna Redd of Fallowfield.
By Rev. Boyd Mercer.

257. July 7, 1819
Thomas Brice to Phoebe Goble.
By Rev. Matthew Brown.

258. July 7, 1819
John BURT to Elizabeth Rea.
By David Little, Esq.

259. June 23, 1819
S.C. Stambaugh, editor, to Ann Wielder of Lancaster.

260. June 27, 1819
Peter Hardt of York, to Catherine Sides of Hanover.

261. June 27, 1819
Jacob Lefever, editor, to Elizabeth Ferguson of Gettysburg.
By Rev. John Herost.

262. June 30, 1819
Duncan McDonald, editor of New York to Julia Ann Spafford, dau of Dr. Spafford.
By _____Thompson, Esq.

263. July 15, 1819
George McCoy to Nancy Ewart of East Bethlehem.
By Rev. Boyd Mercer.

264. July 15, 1819
Andrew Smith to Rececca Jenkins.
By Rev. Boyd Mercer.

265. July 13, 1819
Stephen Baxter to Miss Crispen, dau. of Silas Crispen of Morris Twp.
By J. Condiet, Esq.

266. Aug. 9, 1819
Walter CRAIG, Esq. to Elizabeth SCOTT, daughter of Arthur SCOTT.
By Rev. Samuel FINDLEY.

267. Aug. 8, 1819
Died --- Sarah REES, second wife of John REES of Ten Mile. 
Aged 63.

268. Aug. 16, 1819
By Dr. John SMITH.

269. Aug 16, 1819
Jacob WOLFE, Esq. to Mrs. ________RITESEL.
By John MCMILLAN, Esq.

270. Aug. 31, 1819
Samuel WILKINS to Ann STEVENSON, daughter of John STEVENSON, Somersett.
By Rev. Boyd MERCER.

271. Aug. 30, 1819
Henry MCDONOUGH to Margaret, daughter of Robert MACHAN, Esq.
By Rev. Boyd MERCER.

272. Aug. 30, 1819
William BURT to Mary DEEK. By Rev. Boyd MERCER.

273. Sept. 14, 1819
Alexander OGLE, Jr. of Somersett Co. to Charlotte L. SNYDER, daughter of Jacob SNYDER.
By Rev. J. H. KIEFFER.

274. Sept. 22, 1819
Mr. __________HUNTER to Sarah, daughter of James LYNN.
By Rev. J. RAMSEY.

275. Sept. 22, 1819
Adam WIER of Morris to Mary, daughter of William CARTER of Amwell.
By Rev. Cephus DODD.

276. Oct. 5, 1819
By Rev. Charles WHEELER.

277. Oct. 12, 1819
John SERVICE of Brooke Co. to Mary LACOCK, daughter of Samuel LACOCK of Amwell.
By Rev. Charles WHEELER.

278. Oct. 12, 1819
William CAMPBELL to Nancy POOL.
By Rev. George BROWN.

279. Oct. 19, 1819
Alexander REED to Mrs. Isabella HOGE, widow of William HOGE

By Rev. Matthew BROWN.

280. Oct. 26, 1819
Capt. Daniel THOMPSON to Mary WIER of Morris.
By Rev. Cephus DODD.

281. Oct. 26, 1819
Capt. Abraham CLEMENS, son of William CLEMENS to Catherine MULLEN, daughter of John MULLEN.
By Rev. Thomas HOGE.

282. Oct. 28, 1819
David MCCLEAN of Greensburg to Jane MORROW, daughter of Paul MORROW of Same Place.
By Rev. Mr. SPEER.

283. Nov. 4, 1819
Daniel PIPES to Elizabeth JOLLEY, daughter of Charles JOLLEY.
By _________________

284. Nov. 4, 1819
James Herron to Sarah Clokey, dau. of James Clokey.
By Rev. Alexander Wilson.

285. Nov. 11, 1819
William McCadden to Ann Gesh.
By Rev. Boyd Mercer.

286. Nov. 14, 1819
John Fisher to Margaret Ricket of W. Bethlehem.
By Rev. Thomas Dayton.

287. Nov. 11, 1819
S. Bentley, Esq. to Mrs. Hannah Kenworthy.
By Wm. Welch, Esq.

288. Nov. 18, 1819
Richard Morten to Margaret Hill.
By Rev. Henry Speer.

289. Dec. 1, 1819
Died----Rachel, wife of Jonathan Martin of Strabane. Left one son.

290. Dec. 13, 1819
Henry Bell of Ohio Co., Va. to Elizabeth, dau. of Capt. John Conklin of Morris Twp.
By Rev. Joshus Monroe.

291. Dec. 2, 1819
William McCurdy of Brooke Co., Va. to Margaret Crusan.
By Rev. John Anderson.

292. Dec. 7, 1819
Thomas McKibben, Sr. to Mrs. Elizabeth Scott.
By David Little, Esq.

293. Dec. 9, 1819
William L. Oliver to Elizabeth, dau. of Joseph Huston.
By Rev. Matthew Brown.

294. Dec. 9, 1819
William Griffin to Elizabeth, dau. of Horatio White.
By Rev. George Brown.

295. Dec. 11, 1819
Philip Allen to Christena Oller.
By Rev. Charles Wheeler.

296. Dec. 13, 1819
In Georgia----David Hodge aged 102 years 2 months to Mrs. Elizabeth Bailey, aged 40.
He was at Braddock's Defeat.

297. Dec. 30, 1819
Thomas BUCK to Eleanor LINDSEY.
By Rev. Charles WHEELER.

298. Jan. 5, 1820
George HUGHE to Nancy, daughter of Alexander MCCULLOUGH of Chartiers Twp.
By A. SWERINGEN, Esquire.

299. Jan. 11, 1820
William HAWKINS, Esq. of Donegal Twp. to Miss Nancy WILSON, daug. of Levi WILSON of Buffalo Twp.
By Joseph HENDERSON, Esq.

300. Jan. 14, 1820
Robert RAMSEY to Miss _________SWENEY.
By ____________

301. Jan. 13, 1820
Andrew RITCHEY of Hopewell to Polly DUMEGAN, late the wife of Abijah DUMEGAN of West Middletown.
By John BUCHANAN, Esq.

302. Jan. 27, 1820
William LYNN, son of James LYNN to Elizabeth CLARKE.
By Rev. Matthew BROWN.

303. Jan. 27, 1820
Tunis NEWKIRKE to Jane, daughter of James RAINEY of Somerset Twp.
By Rev. Boyd MERCER.

304. Jan. 27, 1820
Timothy WOODS to Mary COLE.
By ______________

305. Feb. 3, 1820
Caleb TREPP to Nancy WALLACE.
By Andrew SWERINGEN, Esq.

306. Feb. 10, 1820
Joseph REESE, son of Elijah REESE of W. Bethlehem to Isabella HUSTON, daughter of John HUSTON.
By James GILMORE, Esq.

307. Feb. 9, 1820
Alexander WILSON of Brooke Co. to Ruth WILLIAMS of West Middletown.
By Rev. John ANDERSON.

308. Feb. 24, 1820
Hugh RODGERS to Mary IRWIN of Buffalo Twp.
By Rev. David FRENCH.


Source: FHL #1888963


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