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by Judith Florian with info from Bob Hummell, Funeral  Home Owner & Director

Although many of the oldest funeral home names are now long forgotten, they can be found in old newspapers and obituaries.  Sometimes, a local Funeral Director such as Robert Hummell, who has been in this business a long time, has knowledge about the changed ownership and names of funeral homes.  On the next page, you'll find a list of old, closed funeral homes and previous owners from Mr. Hummell and those I found in histories on the Internet.


BEFORE 1900 - Names unknown

before 1900
One Funeral Home was located where O-R parking lot is today.

One Funeral Home was located across from the O-R building.


1900's HISTORY - Dates uncertain on some
Note: This table only shows when there was a significant change in the name of the funeral home.  This list does not include businesses that simply changed hands within a family but they kept the funeral home name the same or only changed it slightly (for example, becoming incorporated and adding Inc. to the existing name).

Name Funeral Home Name Location Became Became
Abel  Abel Funeral Home ran for many decades, at the rear of the Abel family residence.  Closed in 1984 and was not operated for 7 years. 1290 Jefferson Ave. Washington PA 15301-2110  Dale DeAngelo Funeral Home bought the funeral home in 1991 after it was empty / unused for 7 years. They have the old Abel records.  
Ames  1955, Mr. Greenlee opened the Ames Funeral Home, Fredericktown with his brother-in-law, Marsh Ames. Greenlee Funeral Home
42 Bank Street at Crawford Road
P.O. Box 395
Fredericktown, PA 15333


1957 Gordon Greenlee, the eldest of John Greenlee's two sons, received his funeral director's license and changed the name to Greenlee Funeral Home Greenlee & Associates Funeral Home
Armour W. M. Armour, The Armour Funeral Home SE corner Main & Pike Sts. 1917 The Armour Funeral Home;  1931 partner L. P. Speakman;  1931 The Speakman Funeral Home 1953 son William E. Speakman;  1985 bought by Robert K. McIlvaine, McIlvaine- Speakman Funeral Home, 27 Cherry Ave, Houston PA 15342-1543
Beabout & Barnhill Beabout & Barnhill Funeral Home  operated near 6th Ward School.  They moved to Locust Ave in the 1950s. Piatt bought Barnhill  See Burch
Bebout & Yohe Funeral Home Bebout & Yohe Funeral Home, (1890's through 1900s) Monongahela  1972 Melenyzer purchased the Bebout & Yohe Funeral Home, Monongahela   
Bogan  William Bogan opened William M. Bogan Funeral Home  164 W Pike St., Canonsburg PA 15317-1334 became Beinhauer-Bogan about 2007 ? NA
Brownlee 1888 by H.H. Brownlee photo; Mr. Brownlee also sold furniture to the public from the same building.

H.H. Brownlee and his partner, W.B. Barr, operated the funeral home together until 1918, when Mr. Brownlee and his son, Ray A. "Whitey" Brownlee became partners
219 Main St.
PO Box 539
Claysville, Pennsylvania   15323 

(also owns former Houghton Funeral Home of West Alexander)

Michael H. Heinrich Funeral Home ; Mike Heinrich,
Burch  Harold Burch Funeral Home bought the location near the 6th ward school (the Barnhill Building).   But now, Black Funeral Home might be going in or the Lontz Funeral Home, which would be the third funeral business over the years in the same location. NA NA
Day  A. Blaine Day Funeral Home operated at Jefferson Ave & Tyler, where the old Kroger Grocery Store went in (was there in 1960s-1970s when I was a child/teen).   A large storage facility now occupies the lot. NA
Devore  The Devore Funeral Home 0-100 block of West Chestnut St (1890-1954), down from Shorty's Hot Dog Restaurant. (Robert Hummell  started there 1932) NA NA
Eckert Org. Ruth and Emil Eckert - The Eckert Funeral Home 825 Fallowfield Ave Charleroi, PA 15022-2102 In 1974 after the deaths of Mr. And Mrs. Eckert, bought by Edwin F. Melenyzer, with 38 yrs. exp in Belle Vernon, Monessen, and Monongahela; In 1979 he purchased the former Melinchak funeral home in Charleroi; Ed Melenyzer started 1936 career with uncle in Belle Vernon. Later he owned and operated a Monessen funeral home until 1980; he died 1987 Ed Melenyzer Funeral Homes INC; A.M.  Melenyzer, Owner, Director (1987-present)
Ferrell  The Ferrell Funeral Home  West Alexander, PA The Ferrell Funeral Home was sold to Michael H. Heinrich in July of 1995 NA
Frye Est.1901 as the Lawrence B. Frye Funeral Home;  226 Fallowfield Avenue Charleroi, PA 15022-1403 - they went to Monongahela 1951 Mr. Schrock; incorporated 1977 
as Schrock-Hogan Funeral Home INC. ; George R. Hogan, Supervisor
Graham-Cowieson  The C. Graham-Cowieson Funeral Home  Operated at 395 E Maiden St Washington PA near the old Post Office.   

William G. Neal  - bought the Maiden St location in 1979 from C. Graham- Cowieson.  The William G. Neal Funeral Home Ltd. ; Michael P. Neal, CPC 
Funeral Supervisor

Gordon  May 1934 Robert Clark Gordon, wife Muriel Schaffer Gordon operated  "The Robert C. Gordon Home for Funerals"  336 Wilson Ave Washington PA 15301 - near Washington Hospital.  Timothy Warco now owns it, Warco-Falvo Funeral Home, Inc. ; S. Timothy Warco, Supervisor NA
Houghton  Houghton Funeral Home  West Alexander, PA 1971, when it was changed to Howard V. Ferrell Funeral Home;  The Ferrell Funeral Home was sold to Michael H. Heinrich in July of 1995
Hummell The Hummell Funeral home 1951 Robert Hummell, Sr. opened his business on Fayette St  Became Hummell & Barnhill Funeral Home, Inc. Son Robert Hummell Jr. later moved to 350 W Chestnut St; then moved  about 2006-07 to 420 Locust Avenue Washington PA 15301,  they share the building with "Piatt & Barnhill" but both are separate businesses
Jones July 20, 1920, James B. Jones, Canonsburg, established the longest continuously operating funeral home owned by the same family in Canonsburg . 194 E College St. Canonsburg PA 15317-1731  Mario L. DeAngelo Funeral Home, Inc 
- Funeral Directors Dale D. DeAngelo and James N. DeAngelo


Founded by Dwight Law's parents Percy and Thelma Law in his grandparent’s Donora, living room in 1950. Donora, PA Percy E. Law Jr. Funeral Home 1324 Meldon Ave  Donora, PA 15033-2258 The family has operated five funeral homes throughout Western PA. Recently George “Toby” Gaines and Dwight Law announced the collaboration of their businesses, Gaines Funeral Home and "The House of Law Funeral Home."  
Lawson–Rabe Lawson–Rabe Funeral Home 701 Thompson Avenue (7th and Thompson Avenues) Donora, PA 15033-2141 1905 James A. Rabe, Sr., 6th and Thompson Aves (furniture store, front, and funeral home in back) ; James died, wife Anna Gillingham Rabe ran it  and moved to 8th and Thompson Avenues, until James A. Rabe, Jr. was licensed ; 1963 partnership with Richard E. Lawson - Lawson–Rabe Funeral Home at 7th and Thompson Avenues; James A. Rabe, Jr. bought partnership 1975 James A. Rabe Funeral Home Inc. ; 1982-present, daughter Mary Beth Rabe Menzler, Owner and Director
McCoy  G. Earl McCoy Funeral Home also operated in town. ?? unknown location, in Washington PA NA NA
Melinchak Funeral Home Melinchak Funeral Home Charleroi, PA Edwin F. Melenyzer, with 38 yrs. exp in Belle Vernon, Monessen, and Monongahela; In 1979 he purchased the former Melinchak funeral home in Charleroi Ed Melenyzer Funeral Homes INC ; A.M. Melenyzer, Owner, Director (1987-present)
Pettit  Howard M. Pettit until 1962 218 E. Lincoln Ave. McDonald, PA 15057-1485 Frank J. Nation purchased from Howard M. Pettit in 1962 - "The Nation Funeral Home" NA
Quinn-Banks Quinn-Banks Funeral Home took the Wheeling St. location of the original Ritchie & Piatt Funeral Home, but sold it to W&J college; But he retained the house and moved it across the street from its original location.  Later, the house was sold (again), so W& J bought same house twice.  W&J now uses it as their Admissions Offices or a fraternity house? NA NA
Ritchie & Piatt  Ritchie & Piatt Funeral Home in the middle of W& J Campus on Wheeling St., in a private residence. It became Piatt & Barnhill Funeral Home and moved to Locust Ave.  W&J's tennis courts are on original location's site now.  
Robinson  The Robinson Funeral Home Beallsville, PA September 1, 1904 James V. McDonough bought the Robinson Funeral Hm., Beallsville;  1930 - "McDonough & Greenlee" ;   March 15, 1949, "The John B. Greenlee Funeral Home,' Beallsville, PA NA
Thompson  Est. 1862 was Kenneth V. Thompson Funeral Home  809 Main Street Bentleyville PA 15314-1213 The Thompson-Marodi Funeral Home, Inc.; Certified “Veterans & Family Memorial Care Provider." - Now just Marodi Funeral Home NA
Unknown Name? Unknown Name? There was a funeral home on the corner of Katherine Ave and Main St. also, but I cannot recall the name.     
Unknown Name /  ? Melenyzer ? Edwin Melenyzer started 1936 career in Belle Vernon PA with his Uncle Charles
Melenyzer.  Later he owned and operated Monessen funeral home until 1980; he died 1987
Monessen, PA The funeral home in Belle Vernon, Pa is now the
Ferguson Funeral Home.


Which Funeral Home is this now? "Ed and A.M. operated the Ed Melenyzer Co. Funeral Home in Monongahela until 1986, at which time it was sold."

The Percy E. Law Funeral Home See http://newpittsburghcourieronline.com/articlelive/articles/40665/1/New-


Obituary search tip:  Google the Funeral Home's Name with the deceased person's name.



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