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SCOTT, James - Strabane. June Term 1820     Heirs had conveyed their interests to Thomas LOVE. See deeds to Thomas LOVE.
SCOTT, William Mar Term 1809 Elizabeth William, Joseph (son William), John, James, Robert, Moses, Samuel, Margaret, w/o John PETTERSON.  
SHIDLER, John - West Bethlehem. Jan Term 1824 Catherine Elizabeth, w/o Samuel WISE, Esther, w/o David WISE, Catherine GANTZ, Margaret GANTZ, George, Jacob, Henry, Peter, Daniel. Barbara KEYS, & Hannah, w/o John HILL. Receipts signed at date of settlement: Barbara GAYMAN, Elizabeth GARBER, Adam WISE, George WISE, David WISE, Samuel WISE, & others.
SHIPE, John - Amwell. Mar Term 1827 Mary Mary, w/o Daniel KINNEY, Rebecca, Elizabeth, w/o Sebastian BOUREE, Isaac, & George.  
SHIVE, Jacob - Fallowfield. Dec Term 1808 Catherine Peter, John, Elizabeth BEALOR, Margaret PEIPER, Catherine KELLER, & Susanna, who was a minor.  
SMITH, Samuel - Mt. Pleasant. Dec Term 1814   Thomas, James, Susanna, Elizabeth, Mary.  
SMITH, Thomas - Cross Creek. Mar Term 1817 Jane Joseph, Martha, w/o James SMITH, James, Thomas, Elizabeth, w/o John SUTHERLAND, Ebenezer, William, Jane, Zedekiah (died single).  
STACKER, Lewis Sr. - Fallowfield Twp. Nov Term 1824 Jan Term 1823   John, Henry (children - John & Margaret), Peter, George, Lewis, Barbara, w/o Peter CHESEROUND, Anna w/o Henry YOUNG, Susanna, w/o George YOUNG, Catherine, w/o John FRY, Fanny, w/o Henry GIST, Polly, Anne, Susanna, Elizabeth, Peter, & George.).  
STEPHENSON, James - Donegall. Jun Term 1819   Margaret, w/o Benjamin ANDERSON, Anne, w/o David BROWNLEE, Mary, w/o John BARR, John, Catherine, & Nancy.  
STEPHENSON, John - Canton Twp. June Term 1792   William, John, Jean, w/o Robert McCOMB, James, Samuel, Robert, Mary, Elizabeth, Joseph.  
STEWART, James - W. Finley Twp. June Term 1830   Robert, John, Mary, Anne, w/o William BUCHANAN, James, deceased, Elizabeth, w/o David COOK, Charles, Jane, w/o James CRAIG, William, Thomas, & Nancy, w/o John McKITTRICK. Died in Sept 1828
STOPHEL, William - Strabane. Sep Term 1819   Had a daughter who was the wife of Matthias HOOK, & other heirs not named.  
STUDY, John - Pigeon Creek. Mar Term 1809 Widow - Margaret George, Eve, w/o Emanuel HULL (Trumbell Co., OH), Catherine, w/o Joseph MILLER, daughter who was wife of Frederick AULT.  
SUMMERS, Benjamin Nov Term 1784 Aug Term 1786   Benjamin, Anna, Maria, Michael, Noah, Thomas Dent, Caleb (oldest) Mary, John Lytton SUMMERS, Grace, William Benton SUMMERS.  
SWAGLER, Jacob - Somersett. Mar Term 1809 Jul Term 1809 Sophia Jacob, Jonathan, Christina, w/o Levi ROGERS, & Jacob WOODWARD, & Daniel MYERS signed receipts for distributive shares w/o stating relationship.  
SWART, Henry - Amwell Twp. Sep Term 1826 unmarried   Brothers & sisters: Dorothy, w/o James MUSTARD, Philip, Polly, w/o Cyrus HUSTON (children - Sarah Jane, & Mary), Abraham, George, & Hiram. Father was Jacob SWART.
SWARTS, Jacob - Strabane. Dec Term 1819 Sarah Philip, Dolly, Mary, John, Henry, Abraham, George, Hyram, & Charlotte.  
SWARTZ, Abraham - Amwell Twp. Mar Term 1829 unmarried   Brothers & sisters: Philip, George, Hiram, Mary, w/o Cyrus HUSTON (daughter Sarah), Dolly, w/o James MUSTARD ( children - Elizabeth, Jacob L., Sarah, & Mary Jane.
SWARTZ, Jacob (John) - Amwell Twp. June Term 1828 Sarah Philip, David, John, Henry (last 3 died in their minority), Abraham, George, Hiram, Dorothy, w/o James MUSTARD (children - Eliza, Jacob, Sarah, Mary Jane, & James Eumenius MUSTARD), Mary, w/o Cyrus HUSTON (daughter Sarah). Father Jacob SWARTZ who died in 1815.
SWIHART, Peter - West Bethlehem. Dec Term 1829 Mary Anne Gabriel, Adam, Joshua, George, Peter, John, Ezekiel, Margaret, w/o George BAIRD, Magdalene, w/o Jacob KOLLER, Catherine, w/o Michael WALTZ, Elizabeth, wife of Daniel WALTZ, Israel, deceased (children - Jefferson, Sarah, & Maria), Jacob, deceased (children - David, Sarah, Catherine, Lucinda, Jacob, Eliza, Suzanna (or Luzanna), Rachel, Mary, & MaryAnn). Died Oct 2 1829
TAYLOR, Henry, Esq. (Gen.) - Strabane. Aug Term 1802   Mathew, John, Joseph, James, Henry, Jane, Mary, Elizabeth, George.  
TEMPLETON, Nathaniel - Buffalo Twp. Aug Term 1803 Isabella, since married to William RIDDLE John, William, and Margaret, w/o Samuel McBRIDE  
THOMPSON, Samuel - Peters Twp. Jan Term 1798 Widow - Mary Samuel, Robert, Esther, & Hezekiah.  



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