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Washington County Partitions H-I

w/o = wife | s/o = son of

HALL, Joseph - Fallowfield Sep 20 1808 F-May 5 1809 Catherine Hannah, David, Jesse, Anne, Stephen, John, Absolam, Sarah, w/o William JONSON, Mary, w/o John STROWN, Elizabeth, w/o Charles SHEETS, Susanna, deceased wife of David McFARLIN. Grand children: James McFARLANE, Susanna McFARLANE. Wife Catherine & Rev. Charles B. SMITH appointed.
HARVEY, William - Smith Twp. Dec Term 1821   William, Margaret, w/o Archibald HUNTER, Jane, w/o James GIFFEN, Mary, w/o Andrew GIFFEN, Robert.  
HAWKINS, William - Donegall Twp. Feb Term 1799   Elizabeth, w/o David GIBSON, Hannah, w/o Thomas McLAUGHLIN, William.   
HAYS, William Nov Term 1824 Mar Term 1825 Widow - Jane, since married to Henry McAFEE. William, John, Robert, Jane, w/o Thomas WATSON, Nancy, w/o John POLLOCK.   
HEDGES, Jester - Morgan Twp., Greene Co. Dec Term 1830 Widow - Eleanor, since married to John LITZENBERG. Jacob, William, Absolam, Jester, Mary, w/o Thomas SPENCER, Nancy, & Rebecca.   
HENDERSON, Mathew (Rev.) - Chartiers Twp. Nov Term 1805 Mary Robert, Ann, Elizabeth, Jennet, Joseph, Hellen, Ebenezer, daughter who was the w/o Thomas ALLISON, John, daughter, who was the w/o Samuel MURDOCK, daughter, who was the w/o Alexander MURDOCK, daughter, who was the w/o Samuel WHITE, & Mathew.   
HEWITT, Peter - Amwell Twp. Feb Term 1803   Jacob, John, Sarah, w/o Jacob ONSELLER, Peter, Adam, Henry, Mary, Elizabeth, Catherine, & Margaret.  
HILL, James - West Bethlehem Twp. Apr Term 1807   William, James, Sarah, & Atkinson. (All minors).   
HILL, John - Amwell Twp. Apr Term 1797   James, Elizabeth BLACK, w/o Robert BLACK, Abraham, Mary, Jane, Margaret, John, Nancy.  
HILL, Thomas - Cecil Twp. Mar Term 1831   Betsey, w/o Bernard ANDERSON, William, Esther, w/o Thomas MILLER, Mary, Abigail, Thomas.   
HILL, Thomas - Finley Twp. Jun Term 1826 Widow - Rachel. James, Isom, Rebecca, w/o Francis BALDWIN, William, Jemima, w/o William ECKLES (son James), Abraham, Elliott, Rachel, w/o Thomas KADEM.  
HOLLOWAY, Elkanah - Amwell Twp. Oct Term 1797 Mary John, Sarah, w/o Benjamin McVEY, Samuel, Jacob, Martha, w/o Thomas HEADLEY, Isaac, Mary, w/o John KIMBLE, Elizabeth, w/o Silas HUNTINGTON, Unice, & David.  
HORMELL, William - E. Bethlehem. Jun Term 1829 Mar Term 1830 unmarried   Brothers & sisters: John, Catherine, w/o Edward GARDNER, Anne, w/o Samuel SMITH, Prudence, w/o William SHAW.
HOUGH, Amos - Fallowfield Twp. Aug Term 1798   Benjamin, Sarah DUNCAN, Thomas, Elizabeth, Ann, John, Joseph, Mary, Ruth, Susanna.  
HULL, Francis - Nottingham Apr Term 1797   Elizabeth, w/o Abraham SOUTHERS, & Margaret w/o Thomas WILLIAMS.    
HULL, John - Robison Twp. Jan Term 1797  Widow - Rachel Moses, Honora, w/o John GOSSET (Allegheny Co., PA), Agness, w/o Elias BOATMAN (Elisha BOATMAN), Elizabeth, w/o James VANATTA, Rachel, w/o Archibald McALLISTER, John, Ruth, w/o Benjamin VANATTA, and Gearshim (son). Widow since married to John VANATTA.
HUNT, John - Morris Twp. Dec Term 1828   Charles, Margaret, w/o Nathaniel SMALLEY, Jane, Eliza, MaryAnn, Westley, & Emily.   
HUPP, John - Donegall. Aug Term 1799   The following heirs and representatives signed the petition: John MAY, John TITUS, Jacob LEFFLER, John HUPP, & Francis ROGERS.  
HUSTON, Daniel - Cross Creek Mar Term 1827   Mary BUCHANAN, Hannah, BUCHANAN, John, Nancy, Daniel, Lydia, w/o Nathan PATTERSON, and Martha DIXON, deceased, who had a dau. Mary HANNAH, and a grand daughter Martha HANNAH, whose guardian was James HANNAH.   
HUTCHINSON, Robert - Finley Twp. Sep Term 1825 Susanna Hannah, w/o James CHAMBERS, Martha, John, Nicholas, Elizabeth, Mary, Catherine, Sarah, Robert, Thomas, Margaret, William. Widow since married William ROBINSON.
HUTCHINSON, Thomas - Chartiers Twp. Mar Term 1826 Mary Jane, w/o Thomas HARSHE, John, Margaret, w/o John BRICELAND (children -- Thomas, & Harriett), Betsey, Nancy, Polly, wife of Mathew DIXON, Sally, w/o James McCLELLAND, William, & Thomas. Died Apr 1798



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