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An example of an Estate Division / Estate Partition 
contributed by Fran Powell Aug 2008



An example of an Estate Division / Estate Partition 
contributed by Fran Powell Aug 2008

From Judy: Extracts of Washington County Partitions (Estate Divisions)
from Source: FHL #1888963 -- Where would these be located now with the re-organization of records at the Courthouse?

What info do the Partitions records contain?  Could someone send me an example of what one of these records looks like--or how they are written (maybe something I can post on the website as an example, please).

From Fran:  A partition of land is when a landowner died intestate with no provision for dividing the land  among  his heirs. An interested party filed petition to partition with the court and the court selected persons to do the land divisions.

These partitions can be a gold mine of information providing names and current residences of all heirs. Let me know if you would like to see copy of an actual PA partition.

Source:  For Joseph Powell from Beaver County Courthouse, Beaver, PA: 
1849 November Term Orphanís Court, Beaver Co., PA: Orphan's Court 1849, Vol. 5, p62 
Judy, please note: this court document contains error on line 7 that states Joseph POWELL died April 1849. Other court documents prove Joseph POWELL died May 1848. I have left this document intact rather than making correction, but do need to add proof that Joseph POWELL died May 1848.

      1848 Beaver Co., PA, Administrator appointed for Joseph POWELL estate:

Register Docket 1, p122:

8 May 1848 This day it being made to appear to the satisfaction of the Register that Joseph POWELL late of New Sewickley Township Beaver County died intestate said register granted settle of Administration of the goods and chattels rights to and credits of said debt to William DUNLAP and Samuel PIERSOL, ESQ. of who entered into a bond with Henry POWELL and Joseph POWELL as his sanction in the sum of Three hundred dollars. Said Adm. took the usual oath. (Henry and Joseph POWELL, heirs renounced as acting Admís.)

29 Nov 1851 Settlement made

Amount of assets $408.13

Disbursements       103.70


1849 November Term Orphanís Court, Beaver Co., PA:

Joseph POWELL's estate division, Orphan's Court 1849, Vol. 5, p62 (Transcription from document copy by Fran):

November Term 1849, No. 8 Petition for partition of the real estate of Joseph Powell: And now to wit Nov 30 1849. The petition of Henry Remigh, of New Sewickly Township in said County, was presented, setting forth that Joseph Powell late of the Township aforesaid died in April 1849, intestate, leaving issue thirteen children, to wit:

  • Abraham Powell, who resides in Scioto County and State of Ohio;
  • John Powell who resides in Rippel County, Indiana;
  • Samuel Powell, who is dead, but left issue four children, to wit:
    • Samuel, who resides in Lawrence County, Penn;
    • William, who resides in Mercer County, Penn;
    • John, who resides in Mercer County, Penn;
    • Sophia, intermarried with Joseph Covert, and resides in Butler County, Penn; all of whom are above the age of twenty one years;
  • William Powell, who resides in Beaver County, Pennsylvania;
  • Joseph Powell, who resides in Beaver County, Penn;
  • Mary Powell, intermarried with John Bunzo and residing in Scioto County, Ohio;
  • Rachel Powell, intermarried with Henry Otto, residing in Licking County, Ohio;
  • Henry Powell who resides in Beaver County, Pennsylvania;
  • Jacob Powell, who resides in Beaver County, Penn;
  • Hetty Powell, who resides in the City of Pittsburgh, Penn;
  • Amos Powell, Butler County, Penn;
  • Nancy Powell intermarried with George Cable and residing in Adams County, Ohio;
  • Susan Powell, intermarried with Eli BROOKS and place of residence unknown to your petitioner.

That the said Intestate left no widow and died seized in his demise as of ---, of, in ----- to a certain tract of land, situate in the township and county aforesaid, & bounded as follows, to wit: on the South by lands of Boyer, and on the East by lands of Robert Walker and Jacob Yost on the North by lands of ------ings heirs, and on the West by lands of Peirsols and Crosbys heirs, containing about 236A. That Abraham Powell and Amos Powell being the aforesaid heirs of said Intestate, sold by deeds of conveyance their undivided interest in said land to your petitioner. He therefore prays Your Honors to award an Inquest to make partition of the premises aforesaid, to and among the children and legal representatives of the ---- Intestate, in such manner and in such proportions as by the laws of this Commonwealth is directed, if such partition can be made without prejudice or spoiling the whole; but if such partition cannot be made thereof as aforesaid, then to value and appraise the same and make report of the preceedings ------ according to law.

Beaver County ss:

      Personally appeared before me the subscriber and a Justice of he Peace in and for said county, the above named petitioner and in his oath saith that the facts set forth in the above petition are true to the best of his knowledge and belief and -------- saith ------.

      Sworn and subscribed this 26th day of November 1849 Isaac Jones JIP

                                                 Henry Remigh

Whereupon the Court grant the prayer of the petitioner and award a Writ of Partition returnable on this first day of next term, personal notice being given to the heirs residing in Pennsylvania; and to those residing out of this State by an advertisement published in a weekly paper published in Rippel County, State of Indiana for three weeks, the last of which to be ten days before the holding of the Inquisition and by one additional published for three weeks in one of the weekly papers published in the City of Columbus, Ohio, the last of which to be ten days before the holding of the Inquisition.

View PDF of the 2-page document Joseph POWELL's estate division, 
Orphan's Court 1849, Vol. 5, p62 Beaver Co PA



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Source: FHL #1888963

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