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Do you have records or data you would like to submit to the Washington County PAGenWeb?

My goal is to keep the Washington County PAGenWeb Site informative with updated materials at least monthly.  YOU can help me in achieving that goal !  

Send your ideas, transcriptions, compiled research, old photos and other genealogy data to me at "WashingtonCoPA Webmaster" <washington.co.pa.webmaster "AT" gmail.com>.  Please remember to include source information on your submission, as well as your name as you want it to appear on the website.  Source info includes title of item or type of record; author; publisher; city/state where published; date, page(s) -- as applicable.  For court or other records, include the location of record (name of courthouse; name of library) name of book (ex. Will Book), volume number, folder or other number, year or full date.  It is easiest to send plain text files, but I can work from Word Processing files also.

The Washington County PAGenWeb [the site you are using now] can use any records you might have, even if it is just on one surname, one family, or one individual.  Click here to go back to the main page of the Washington County PAGenWeb Genealogy Project.


You may also find these web sites to be helpful.  The PaGenWeb Links are for Statewide records, but some are specific to Washington County PA.  Also included are links to the PA Roots Boards.  Here are the PAGenWeb (state) links...

PAGenWeb - the main page of the PAGenWeb Archives for Pennsylvania.

PAGenWeb Query Boards - here you will find various Boards for PA Research.  When posting your query, you might look through posts to see if you might be able to respond to someone else's query.

PAGenWeb Biographies - Here you will find some biographies for PA (statewide).  If you want to submit a biography or transcription for Washington County, PA you may send the material to me.  Please use text only files -- they are the easiest to convert to web pages.  And, please include the full "source info."  Source info should include Title of book, Author Name/s or Editor/s Name/s, Publisher/s Names, Date of Publication, Volume Number - or Section # - if applicable, and page numbers, and state where you found the book (i.e. Name of Library, City and State).

PA Naturalizations Record Archives - Find some Naturalization files here.  

PAGenWeb Land Records Archives - Find some Land Records here, for across PA.

PAGenWeb Military Archives - Find some Military Records here, for across PA.

PAGenWeb Area Histories Archives - Find histories for across PA - may contain data for surrounding States.

PAGenWeb Archives (misc items) -  Various misc. items here.



Births, Deaths, Marriages, Land Sale Notices, Death Notices, Obituaries, etc. from newspapers:

Find a large section on Washington County Newspapers at "Little Washington," Washington County PA  (main page), a website which contains a section on McDonald, PA Newspapers.

Also "Life in Washington County PA" web site offers information on towns in Washington County, PA; descriptions of local businesses and history or background of locations; information about Church of the Brethren (COB, Brethren, German Baptist, Dunkard or Dunkards, Tunkard or Tunkards); and family history items.

Other web sites devoted to Washington County PA include these: 

http://www.irishgenealogy.com/ (Georgeann Malowney) - Has several Links to Washington County Information plus Irish genealogy.

Washington County Genealogy & History in Pennsylvania (www.chartiers.com)
(Georgeann Malowney's web page; original owner Jean Suplick Matuson of Plano, TX)

Washington County PA Nostalgia
(Carol Ann Claffey Mounts' web page)

Carol's Misc. Site, by Carol Mounts
(Lists of all web pages by Carol Ann Claffey Mounts)   


Washington Co PA - hosted on Rootsweb

USGenWeb - Washington Co. PA USGenWeb Project  (Note: in the USGenWeb)

Washington County Pennsylvania Archives

The USGenWeb for Kidz offers a wonderful resources for Kids who are interested in genealogy.  Have you caught the genealogy bug?  Wondering why mom/dad is so interested in dead relatives?  This website offers places to learn more about genealogy and how to research.  


PA-Roots Boards specific to Washington County, PA !

Query Board - Utilize this Data Board to submit your Query or to respond to someone's query.

Biographies - This Data Board has biographies specific to Washington County PA.   

Birth - Find some Birth Notices on this Data Board. 

Death - Here you can find some Death notices.  

Obituary Board - This Data Board has Obituary transcriptions.

Cemetery - Some cemetery transcriptions.

Deed Board - Utilize this Data Board to submit a Deed transcription.  Please include the complete deed and the source of it as well.

Marriage - Utilize this Data Board to submit a Marriage notice.

Military Records - An assortment of Military Records are found here, including: 

  • Military Service Records
  • Pension Applications
  • Pension Records
  • Listings of Soldiers, Sailors, Marines, Airmen

Newspaper Clippings -  Various Newspaper clippings.

Will Board - Utilize this Data Board to submit a Will transcription.  Please include the complete will and the source of it as well.

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( http://www.pa-roots.org )

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History of this website - The first PAGenWeb Washington County coordinator was Jean Suplick Matuson [who developed Chartiers.com. She was followed by Georgeann Malowney [who took over Chartiers.com], then Peggy Tebbetts, and lastly, Christina Hunt who each held prior copyrights over this website.  Each coordinator has contributed much to the preservation of Washington County genealogical information/history.

This Washington County PA website is a current member of PAGenWeb and the USGenWeb.

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