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Complied by Judith Florian, historian

This is my attempt to create a membership list for the First Christian Church of Washington, Washington Co., PA for use on this web site.  It is based on the church records transcribed by Mrs. Martha Lacock Nicholl, deceased, late of Washington, PA  Mrs. Nicholl presented the church with two notebooks she had prepared on the church's history.   One notebook is held by the church in Washington PA; the second notebook is held by the Disciple of Christ Historical Society in Nashville, TN.

Membership tables are based on Church records Submitted by Paula Schlichter Aug. 2006

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Introduction Repeated for Tables 3 and 4: 


Washington, April 30th 1831

Baptist Church at this place met in church meeting, Elder WHEELER, presiding as moderator.  After the usual businefs (sic=business) had been disposed of Samuel Marshell arose and gave notice to the brethren that is (sic=it) was his intention to withdraw from the church and having briefly afsigned (sic=assigned) his reasons for the course he was about to pursue, requested that his name might be erased from the church book by the approbation of the church.  Brother R. B. CHAPLIN then arose and desired that his name might be joined with that of Brother MARSHELL in whatever the church might think proper to do in solution of his case. After some interchange of opinion and discufsion (sic=discussion) between Brother WHEELER and RUPLE, it was decided by a vote of the church, that the names of Brothers MARSHELL and CHAPLIN should be erased from the church book.

Church created August 1, 1841.



NAME date first mentioned Admitted Immersed by Brother  Rec'd by letter Granted Letter Excluded Previous Church Offense Died   Comments
Elizabeth PLYMIRE (wife of Joseph)

Aug. 11th (1843), p.7


same STREATOR                 


March 31st, 1850, p.19 An election was held for officers of the church=Elder John HUGHES.  

Aug. 27th (1843), p.7-8 unk                 Aug. 27th (1843), p.7-8 Appointed Messengers to Cooperation meeting to be held at Smithfield on the Friday preceding the 3rd Lords (sic=Lord's) day in September.   Brothers James C. CHAMBERS with John HUGHES and James LANGLY==

March 31st, 1850, p.19 An election was held for officers of the church=Elder John HUGHES. ===

April 26th (1850), p.19 John HUGHES was chosen Secretary of meeting (?and  Sec. of the Presbytery?)

April 26th (1850), p.19 John HUGHES in a committee of arrangement regarding the Sunday school.=====

Jan. 11, 1851, p.25 Br. John HUGHES was appointed to present a citation to Sister Mary HAND.


See John Moser on Table#2

Sep 17th 1843, p.8

            explained the cause of their absence      
Charles C. CLARK

Sept. 12th 1841, p.3

  WARD         Sep 17th 1843, p.8 explained the cause of their absence       

Sep. 24th 1843, p.8

same LUCY                 

Sep. 24th 1843, p.8

same LUCY                 
Sister Marian NEWBERN Sep. 24th 1843, p.8 unk unk   Sep. 24th 1843, p.8 letter of  dismissal granted to Brothers Wm. NEWBERN, Lemoyne NEWBERN, Daniel NEWBERN and Sister Marian NEWBERN.            
Cranston NEWBERN Oct. 1st ( 1863 - should be 1843, p.8 same LUCY  Aug, 11, (1850? -- out of order?) Cranston NEWBURN and wife were received on letter of recommendation.

Lords (sic) day May 23rd (1847), p.15letter of dismissal and recommendation was granted to Brother Cranston NEWBERN


Oct. 15th 1843, p.8

same LUCY                 
 John KEEFER Oct. 15th 1843, p.8 unk unk received by letter              
Margaret McDERMOT Nov. 19th 1843, p.8 same LUCY                 
Sister ____ PRALL

Dec. 10th 1843, p.9 

same STREATOR                 
Brother Francis BIRCH


Dec. 10th 1843, p.9 

same STREATOR            Aug. 5 (1849), p.18 Departed this life of consumption Brother Francis BIRCH in his 23rd year Sep. 25th 1849.    

Dec. 31st 1843, p.9

unk unk admitted on letter to the Church.              
Foster BEACH

Jany. 14 1844, p.9

same  STREATOR                 

Feby. 11th 1844, p.9 

same POOL                 
Nelson LACOCK 

Feby 25th 1844, p.9

same STREATOR  Oct. 56 (1855 not dated on this page, p. 31) Letters of recommendation granted to Br. Nelson LACOCK, Sarah LACOCK and Eliza LACOCK.              

May 19th 1844, p.9

same STREATOR    Mar. 15th (1846), p.14 A letter to be given to John DARE who intends returning to Canada.            
17th of June 1847, p.15
May 19th 1844, p.9 same unk     I. C. ROBINSON 17th of June 1847, p.15 stricken from the roll          
Margaret HOGE  June 9th (1844), p.9  unk unk  

June 9th (1844), p.9 Letters of recommendation given to Brother David HOGE, Sister Margaret HOGE and Richard Williams.


.June 10th 1844, p.9

unk. unk,     Restored on the Tuesday after June 10th 1844, p.9

Lord's day Nov. 9th 1845, p.12 -The members of the Committee who were appointed on the 1First (sic) by the church at Williamsburg to inquire to effect the reputation and Christian character of Henry MONINGER Sen....  is  charged with several crimes / improprieties

        his expulsion some ten years ago (ca 1633); 
Brother Geo. W. LUCY .June 10th 1844, p.9 unk unk               Brothers Geo. W. LUCY, John Whitaker, Lemace P. STREATOR, Samuel NICHOAL and David BIRCH to settle the difficulty between the Church and Henry MONIGER (sic 1 N) Sr. growing out of his expulsion some ten years. 

.June 10th 1844, p.9

unk unk               same as above
Lemace P. STREATOR (same as Lyman P. Streator??)      

Oct. 19th (1844), p.11 Lyman P. STREATOR admitted into the Church by letter from Windham Portage County Ohio

            same as above

End of Table 3



NAME date first mentioned Admitted Immersed by Brother Rec'd by letter Granted letter Excluded Previous Church Offense Died   Comments
Henry MONIGER Sr. (see Monninger also)

Note: Not sure if the Sep. 28th (1844), p.11 Henry MONINGER is the same as "Sr." or not

June 20th 1844, p.10


unk unk   letter of recommendation requested  -- granted. ======Sep. 28th (1844), p.11 Henry MONINGER requested a letter of dismissal) and recommendation which was not granted because of certain charges which the church at Pleasant Valley intended to make against him.===
Oct. 19th (1844), p.11The Church of Jesus Christ at Pleasant Valley to the Church at Williamsburg (a few miles from Washington PA) Henry MONINGER Sen. being a member of your church has for a time been troublesome to us we do hereby enter our complaint to you and ask for an investigation of his case and first we charge him with being disorderly in our meetings, secondly with prevarication, thirdly with a violation of the Lords day, fourthly with slandering the church.====
Saturday the 1st day of November at 2 o'clock P.M.  trial of Henry MONINGERS /Moninger's) case but the church at Pleasant Valley  withdrew charges ====

Saturday Nov. 29th 1845, p.13  3rd & 4th charges against Brother Henry MONIGER for Williamsburg Church were withdrawn=====

Saturday Nov. 29th 1845, p.13 Brother Henry MONIGER be continued a member of the Church at Williamsburg.==

Lords day Jany. 4th 1846, p.13 A letter of recommendation and dismissal given to Henry MONIGER Sen

Robert ALJO

Dec. 22nd 1844, p.10

same Brother Wesley LAMPLE                
Margaret HUGHES

Jany 21st 1845, p.10

same Brother Richard WILLIAM                

Feby. 2nd 1845, p.10

  Brother Richard WILLIAM                
John L. DYE Jan. 2nd 1842, p.4  unk unk Jan. 2nd 1842, p.4 admitted by letter   

Feby. 16th 1845, p.10 Brother John L. DYE excluded for absenting himself from meetings; no reasons for 2-3 week absence

Sister Eloner HODGLIN

June 15th (1844), p.10

    received by letter from the Portland Church letters  County Ohio               

Lord's day Nov. 9th 1845, p.12

by letter Lords day Nov. 11th 1845   by letter Lords day Nov. 11th 1845              
Robert DOAK Lord's day Nov. 9th 1845, p.12 NOT SURE IF ROB'T DOAK WAS OR WAS NOT A MEMBER OR JUST CALLED AS A WITNESS     Henry Moninger Sr paying to Robert DOAK a sum of money o Lord's day
Zebrilon FENIL Lord's day Nov. 9th 1845                   Problem with Henry Moniger Sr.  See also Frederick SHRONTZ on Table #1

Sister Sarah LACOCK 

Either there were 2 Sarahs or she came from the Baptists and was re-immersed in the First Christian Church over 20 years later?

Lords day Dec. 28th 1845, p.13 Lords day Dec. 28th 1845, p.13 was admitted into the Church on a letter of recommendation from the Baptist Church at Pleasant Grove. June 2nd 1867, p.38 Br. CRANE in Nov. 1867  


Lords day Dec. 28th 1845, p.13 recommendation from the Baptist Church at Pleasant Grove.  Oct. 56 (1855 not dated on this page, p. 31) Letters of recommendation granted to Br. Nelson LACOCK, Sarah LACOCK and Eliza LACOCK            

Sister Hannah HASTINGS

1846 Jany. 16th, p.14

unk unk          

1846 Jany. 16th, p.14 Departed this life

Brother MITTAS? (? part of the transcription) unk unk  

    Mar. 15th (1846), p.14 Brother MITTAS? (? part of the transcription) promised to do better in the future which was approved Lords (sic) day April 26th. - unkown offense      
Sister Catherine A. SHARMAN ? (? part of the transcription) Lords day May 10th 1846, p.14 unk. - she is not local?   letter was directed to be sent to her recommending her to all sister churches and especially to the one located to where she now resides.   (She had sent in a written confession which was accepted.)          
Sister Phebe ? (Written in after Phebe is COHAN). Lord's day Oct. 25th 1846, p.14 unk unk received into the church by letter.              

Lords (sic) day Nov. 1st 1846, p.14

same unk admitted into the Church.       April 26th (1850), p.19 Br. STREATOR appointed to visit Jane STONE===
June 15th, 1850, p.20  Joshua MARTIN jn., Jacob LUTZ and Jane STONE  were excused (from missing meetings)==

May 25, 1850, p.20  Br. STREATOR appointed to visit again Jane STONE, ==

June 15th, 1850, p.20 Jane STONE was excused

Sister Keturah VANKIRK Lord's day Nov. 1st 1846, p.14 same unk admitted into the Church.              
 Charlotte MARTIN Jr  Lord's day Nov. 1st 1846, p.14 same unk admitted into the Church.              
Levi KENNEY Lord's day Nov. 1st 1846, p.14 same unk admitted into the Church.              
Brother Dryden VANKIRK 

Lord's day Nov. 8th 1846, p.14

same STEELE  admitted into the Church              

End of Table 4

NOTE Assumptions had to be made about identities.  For example, an assumption was made about the identity of Joshua Martin where I made a new entry but I could be wrong.  I assume they did not mean Joshua Jr. since he was in trouble more and the other Joshua was given duties of responsibility. . Example: June 29, 1850, p.21 Br. Joshua MARTIN cited  for fornication. But, some Jr. entries could also be Joshua Martin of Matthew?    

I may have gotten other identities wrong. **If you find errors, please email me.


Some items do not fit with any particular name or are related to the entire Church body.  Some problems with dates or explanations of dates is also presented below.

(Dec. 22nd 1847)

(Webmaster's Note: Nothing is transcribed for dates from Dec 1847 to Aug 1848. Original record books would need checked to verify this much time was skipped by the Church's books, especially considering that all other years have documentation every two weeks usually; the longest period so far with no notations was the summer months of one year.  Possibly some event/s in the year 1848 prevented the Church from attending to their Minute Books?)

Aug. 30th 1848

(Webmaster's Note: I wonder if this is not for 1847 (?) rather than 1847, because #1 page 18 which is typed below has dates from 1849 and #2 the entries marked Aug and Oct would fall into the order of months in the year.  Since I am working from a transcript and NOT from the original Church book(s), I cannot say for certain that the Aug and Oct are correct in being transcribed as 1848.  Be aware it **appears** like these 2 entries could be for 1847.)

(Webmaster's Note: Nothing is transcribed for dates from Oct 1848 to May 1849. Original record books would need checked to verify this much time was skipped by the Church's books...)


March 8th, 1851, p.27 The Deacons be a committee to take up subscriptions for building a meeting house in Washington City. March 8th, 1851, p.27 We recommend to the the Deacons the propriety of taking up an annual subscription for the purpose of aiding in the missionary operations in Pennsylvania.  


March 8th, 1851, p.27-28 Those members of the church who have absented themselves from its regular appointed meetings for public and social worship on account of certain alleged objection against certain members have acted very improperly and we exhort them to abstain from their position

1865, p.35 (Two pages 73-76 missing from the book.) [Note: If typist meant 73 to 76 inclusive, that would be 4 pages total, and presumably each page was also double-sided.)

March 24, '66, p.37 It was resolved that the church elect two deacons and that on the following Lord's day each member deposit his or her vote for the persons they might consider the most suitable for the office and that the four having the highest vote should be considered nominated.  

Aug. 12, '66, p.37 On motion of J. C. CHAMBERS, John MUNCE, James HAMILTON and John HUGHES were appointed a committee to confer with the Trustees of the Cumberland Church in regard to renting their House (e.g. church house) in Washington.

June 2nd 1867, p.38 The church met for the first time in Washington under the new arrangement.  

Feb. 1870, p40  (or did they mean 1871?) The former board of Trustees reelected.

Feb. 1872, p41 The former board of Trustees continued.

Feb. 1874, p41 The former board of Trustees elected another year.

Feb. 1875, p41 The old board continued.

Feb. 1877, p42 On motion the same board was continued.

Feb. 1878, p42 The above named persons elected for the year 1878.


FIRST CHRISTIAN CHURCH OF WASHINGTON - FAMILIES OF MARTIN, CLARKE FAMILIES, with Markland, Michener, Baker, Loofman, Hamilton, Charlton, Valentine, Kline



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Typed here exactly EXCEPT for the following additions:


(1) ***The word "sic=" was added by this Webmaster along with the word where an S was read as an F.   Sometimes an A was read as an S.

(2) Surnames were put in CAPS to make it easier for internet users to spot names since this is a long document.

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