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Submitted by Paula Schlichter Aug. 2006


The following are copies of transcriptions of records contained in notebooks detailing early events in the congregation of the First Christian Church of Washington, PA. The church began in Williamsburgh and later moved to Washington. The notebooks were transcribed by the late Martha Lacock Nicholl and span the period from 1831 to 1877. In keeping with early handwriting, the letter “s” often appeared to be “f” and was transcribed as the latter.


NOTES: numbers in parenthesis indicate the page on which the individual(s) is mentioned in the accompanying records.


Martin Family: It should be noted that the various branches of the Martin family used the same given names for their children resulting in some lack of clarity.

Joshua Martin, b 18 Apr 1760, m Elizabeth Markland b about 1765 in Maryland. 

Their children were: 

John b 28 May 1783 
Robert, b 20 Nov 1784
Priscilla, b 7 Jan 1787 
Mathew, b 7 Jan 1788, d 21 Apr 1847 (2, 14) 
Jonathan, b 25 Jun 1790, m Charlotte Michener 19 Feb 1824 (2, 7, 13, 19, 25, 26, 27, 28)
Thomas, b 20 Jun 1792 , m Mrs. Charlotte Baker 4 Mar 1833
Elizabeth, b 28 Feb 1796
Joshua, b 29 Mar 1798 (19, 21)


Sources:  Egli’s Notes and Queries of Pennsylvania 1700’s – 1800’s, Genealogical Publishing Company, Family Archive Disc # 19

James B. Whisker, Washington County Marriages 1780-1857, Closson Press 1988

Washington County Deed Book, 1P page 280 Deed from Titus Rigby to Joshua Martin’s heirs


Mathew Martin m Mary b. abt 1795 probably Gordon (2)
Children were:

Elizabeth m. David Loofman
Sarah b. abt. 1819
Rachael m Charles Cunningham Clarke (2, 8)
Joshua S. b abt 1824 (17)
Martha m James Hamilton
Joanna m Jacob Charlton
Charlotte m Jesse Hamilton (19)
Thomas B b abt 1836 (18, 32)
Mary Ellen b abt 1838 (18)

Sources: !850 U.S. Census, South Strabane, Washington, PA
Orphan’s Court Docket G , February term 1854, page 361


Clarke Family

Clarke Family

Charles Cunningham Clarke b abt 1820 m Rachael Martin b abt 1822

Children were:

Mary Ellen b abt 1842
Sarah Jane b abt 1844 (32, 33)
Rebecca b abt 1845
John b abt 1847
Flora b abt 1852
Ida b abt 1859

(Charles Cunningham Clarke is believed to be the son of Ezekiel Clarke and Elizabeth Cunningham and the grandson of Ezekiel Clarke and Sarah Valentine, all early residents of Amity, Amwell Township, Washington County)

Source: 1850 U.S. Census South Strabane, Washington, PA
1860 U.S. Census, Washington Borough, Washington, PA
Images of the Clarke Family Bible provided by Elizabeth Gibbons
Obituary of Sarah Jane (Sadie) Cline, Washington Observer, Washington, PA 15 Apr 1910 Page 1




Sarah Jane Clarke b 28 May 1844 m 8 Oct 1861 to Jacob H. Cline b 5 Mar 1839 

Jacob Cline served two terms on the City Council of Washington, PA representing the First Ward. 

Sarah Jane Clarke Cline and Jacob Cline were the parents of Pvt. Jacob Oliver Cline killed in action in the Spanish American War. Private Cline’s funeral and burial in Washington Cemetery is the subject of comment at pgs 1059-1060 in Earle Robert Forest’s History of Washington County, S.J Clarke Publisher , Chicago, 1926)

Source: Obituary of Sarah Jane (Sadie) Cline, Washington Observer, Washington, PA 15 Apr 1910 Page 1; Obituary of Jacob Cline , Washington Reporter, Washington, Pa. 9 Mar 1917 page 5



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