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Canonsburg, PA

Contributed by Clara Berry <99nimrodog AT comcast.net>

Thanks to my husband, we have located the WELLER Family Cemetery. He and I were over there today & it's located not too far off of Linden Road. It's in extremely rough condition with headstones cracked and on the ground, many fallen trees and undergrowth, vines etc. with an old wrought iron fence surrounding it & this too is fallen down in places but footstones are readable as are 2 old headstones. There is a large granite marker with Daniel Sr. & his wife Elizabeth plus Daniel Jr. & his wife Catherine plus dates of death carved on it. It has obviously been erected sometime in the not too distant past. I took photos but my camera is 35 mm & I'm waiting to have them developed.

This cemetery is sort of to the rear of 38 Linden Road, Canonsburg, PA. A GOOGLE Satellite map shows the area really well but not the cemetery which is obscured by the woods.


Drive: 3.3 mi about 8 mins
From North Main St., Houston PA off I-79 S

1. Head southeast on N Main St toward Pine Ave 1.0 mi 
2. Continue on Hill Church Houston Rd/PA-519 
Continue to follow PA-519 1.6 mi 
3. Take the US-19 N ramp to Pittsburgh 0.2 mi 
4. Merge onto US-19/Washington Rd 0.4 mi 
5. Turn right at Linden Rd 0.2 mi 

Overgrown wooded area

To: 38 Linden Rd
Canonsburg, PA 15317 

Surnames: WELLER 


WELLER Family Cemetery, Canonsburg PA

See enlarged

footstone WELLER Family Cemetery, Canonsburg PA

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...noticed on the bottom right of the large newer granite stone, the name "COLWELL" is engraved. Is this the name of the engraver? Any information about this is welcome. I also found another stone which cleaned up pretty well also. On the stone is engraved the following: ELIZABETH WELLER wife William Boyles DIED April 23 1861 in the 60 year of her age. I explored the cemetery as much as possible but found no other stones except the one, even slightly visible.

Here are 4 new photos taken at the Weller Cemetery. They are captioned this time. The very light colored one is is the same as the one on the web page titled "unknown names" which is William Boyles' headstone .... 

If you have any questions or problems with the photos, please don't hesitate to contact me. My compliments to you on the Weller Cemetery web page. It is well done! - Clara Berry <99nimrodog AT comcast.net>







Smaller, close up

Daniel Weller Sr. 1756-182_

Elizabeth Weller 1768- 1835

Daniel Weller 
1802 -1892

Catharine Weller 1806-1859
??Weller?? Unknown names  
- - - - - - - - - - Second Set of Photos Below  
Daniel Weller, Sr.    
Daniel Weller and Elizabeth, wife    
Elizabeth Weller Boyles Elizabeth Weller wife (there may be the word "of" after wife but I can't see it) William Boyles died April 23 1861 in the 60 year of her age.   
William Boyles
William Boyles died Jan 28 (or 25?) 1863 Aged 71 years. 

At the bottom of this stone is engraved 2 lines which reads: 

"Though (or thought?) lost to earth not dead but called home". 


  Note:  It looks like there are other unmarked burials.  





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