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Washington Co. Pa

Contributed by Liz DuBois


(near near Eighty-Four PA, Washington. County, Pa.)

The first minutes of the Pigeon Creek U. P. Church were burned with the house of the Clerk of Session and the following has been given from the oldest members of the Congregation.

Applications were made and granted for the people to form a church in 1816. They erected a tent with a platform for the preacher, with a cover which he occupied during services. It was known as “Hall’s Tent”. After that services were held in Mr. Hall’s house, making the date of the first church about 1818. Elders were elected Nov. 11, 1817 and were ordained April 7, 1818 - - William Pollock and Mr. Adam Weir. The church was organized and the place for erection was on Mr. Hall’s farm, where the graveyard now is. But it was necessary to get the permission of Presbytery for their location. There were difficulties as Rev. Dr. Ramsey at the Chartiers and the organization in Washington considered it too close to their churches for the good of the community, with a sparse population they would be “Too thick to thrive”.

But finally after much litigation they were permitted to build a log house, 1819 and in 1838 a brick Church 60x50 feet was built to cost $2500. The present church [1938] was built in 1871 to cost $18,000 - - a beautiful edifice. The Church and graveyard are kept in fine condition.

Number of interments - 246
EARLIEST INTERNMENTS - 1812 - 1842 - 1844 - 1850

Records of Cemetery taken by Mrs. Horne and Elizabeth B. Weaver
October 1938





Eagleton, Rachel ____  1869 72
Whitley, Laken L.  ____  1878 42
Barr, Robert ____  1872 62
Barr, Margaret ____  1877 54 (wf Robert) 
Barr, John 1803 1871 68
Barr, Elizabeth ____ 1860  55 (wf John) 
Borland, Andrew  1798 1860 62
Borland, Elizabeth 1807 1889 82 (wf Andrew)
Borland, Matthew W.  ____  1884 38
Borland, Andrew J. 1838 1919 81
Borland, James L. 1849 1926 77
Borland, Margaret Bell   1831 1922 81 [age is crossed out by hand and ‘91' written in]
Burke, Joseph 1858 1928 70
Martin, Samuel T.  1824 1896 72
Martin, Sarah  1829 1885 56 (wf Samuel) 
Henry, Robert D.  1820 1897 77
Henry, Catherine 1840 1889 49 (wf Robert D.)
McClure, Alexander ____  1859 49
McClure, Margaret   ____ 1853 82 (wf Alexander)
Closkey, Samuel ____  1871 85
Closkey, Rebecca 1805 1878 73 (wf Samuel)
Springer, Rev. James E. 1863 1927 64
McNary, G. H. 1838 1880 42* MD Sol. 1861
McNary, Elizabeth ____  1871 70
McNary, Joseph ____  1854 70
McNary, Joseph Hunt ____  1870 81
McNary, Eliza ____ 1876 70 (wf Joseph Hunt McNary) 
Martin, Peter  ____  May 12, 1843  85 “You Passingers don’t overlook
This humble homely shrine;
For if thou art a friend to Christ,
Here lies a friend of thine.”
Martin, Nary (Consort Peter)  ____  Aug 12, 1841  78 “You mourning friends suppress the tear,
When you this tomb draw nigh,
By faith in Christ prepare for death,
For you must also die.”
“Blessed are the dead that die in the Lord.”
Clokey, James ____ Oct 6, 1859 82
Clokey, Alexander ____  Mch 31, 1843 13
Clokey, Samuel ____ Sep 21, 1866 31
McNary, Jane S. 1851 1898 47
Barr, William P. ____  Sep 28, 1838 41
Barr, Mary Boyd ____ Nov 4, 1876 78
Barr, Bankhead Boyd Sergt EG  Died in Alexandria, Va May 18, 1864  30* 140th Regt. Pa. Col. Wounded
at the battle of the Wilderness May 9th









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