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Pigeon Creek Baptist Cemetery in Washington County
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Pigeon Creek Cemetery, 45 Church Road Eighty-Four, PA. 15330 (412) 225-3431      Web pages

Cemetery Reading of Pigeon Creek Baptist Church Graveyard by Lyle and Clyde M. Watson, Jr.
 compiled October 1974 from his book:  

Pigeon Creek Baptist Church - The History of a Congregation in Vanceville, Pennsylvania  written by Lyle Brooks Watson, 1976). 

Pages photocopied by Ruth A. Sprowls, typed by Merleen S. Gholdston  
and proof-read by Ruth A. Sprowls in October 2006  

Pigeon Creek Baptist Church Graveyard Click Alphabet to reach web pages:

The family plots and single graves are listed alphabetically by SURNAME. 

There is a Children’s Corner where many graves are unmarked or marked by uninscribed 
stones or stones that have become broken and eroded over the years and which now are unreadable. Many graves are unmarked in other areas of the graveyard also.    


MARTIN David L.  1842  1905    
  Amanda M.  1850  1905    
MARTIN  Margaret Martin  born Oct 11, 1806  died Dec 1, 1890    
  Juliann Martin, wife of John Graham  Sept 13, 1846  Sept 3, 1886    
McCARTY Hannah S. McCarty  1840  1927    
Infant Son of J & E McD.    Died Dec 10, 1865 (Two small identical stones set closely side by side)  
  Infant Dau of J & E McD.    Died Dec 10, 1865 [same as above]  
McGIFFIN Geo. W. McGiffin  born June ?? 1824  died Jan 2 1868 Co D ?5 Pa. Vol. (stone eroded, numerals gone)
GAR Marker 1861 – 1865
McILVAIN Robert    died Nov 5, 1864 in his 70 yr of his age    
  Ann    died June 28, 1878 in the 84 yr of her age    
McILVAINE Elizabeth S.  1869  1931    
1866  1937    
30 days 1895      
  Lloyd G.  1905 1922    
Samuel Mills 1823 – 1918     Pvt. Co C 140 Pa Vol Inft Civil War  
 Catherine 1833  1911    
  Levina B., dau of S & C Mills  born May 10, 1857 died Aug 27, 1877 “At rest in Heaven”  
  Mary Adel, dau of S & C Mills    died Feb 6, 1876
Aged 1 yr 2 ds
  Abraham U., son of S & C Mills    died May 31, 1863
Aged 1 yr 7 ms 20 ds
  Anne M., dau of S & C Mills    died July 7, 1868
Aged 1 yr 11 ms 26 ds
Mathilda M. Mills 
1872  1930
  Elizabeth A. Mills  1855 1930    
MITCHELL Morrison M. Mitchell    died April 18, 1884
Aged 52 yrs 8 ms 2 ds 
“Gone but not forgotten”  
  Martha A. Mitchell   died Oct 10, 1894
Aged 64 yrs 8 ms 10 ds
“Sleep on dear mother and take thy rest
God calls away when He thinks best.”
  John I.  1860 1945    
  Rachel S.  1858  1936    
  James K.  1865  1948 “Father”  
  Mary E.  1866  1955 “Mother”  
MORRIS Cyrus N.  1843  1933    
  Elizabeth   May 7, 1808 Oct 14, 1895  “At Rest”  
NICHOL Robinson A.  May 18, 1860  Feb 22, 1922 “Father”


   Emma J., wife of Rob A Nichol  June 17, 1859  June 23, 1905 “Mother”

 “At Rest”

Oscar Lewis, son of J S & S J Nichol born Sept 2, 1875  died Jan 21, 1885 “Gone but not forgotten”
  Rachel J., dau of John S. & Sarah J. Nicholl   died May 23, 1879 Aged 8 mos & 17 ds (Poetic inscription no longer readable)  
  Sarah Jane Nichol, dau of J S & S J Nichol born Sept 4, 1891  died Jan 22, 1895
“We loved this tender little one.”  
NICHOL Infant dau. of R.J. & M.A. Nichol    Sept. 14, 1924    
NICHOL Samuel G., son of J.W. & Elizabeth Nichol Born April 30, 1895  July 30, 1898    
NICHOL Samuel F.  born May 23, 1816  died April 1, 1889

“I know that my Redeemer liveth.”

  Rachel D., wife of Samuel Nichol born Sept 20, 1817  died Sept 18, 1901 “Mother”  
NICHOLL (double stone)
Julius West Nicholl July 14, 1855  September 4, 1941    
  Elizabeth Morton Nicholl November 16, 1857 
July 4, 1904    
PANGBURN John 1836    1908     
  His wife Ervena  1844  19XX (This is one large stone with both names and dates carved into it, but the last two digits have never 
been chiseled out. Impossible to tell from appearance of the graves whether one or two are buried.)
Foursided Monolith:
Front inscribed:

Children of J. & E.E. PANGBURN

    “On that bright immortal shore,
We shall meet to part no more.” T.S. Wright
(The name Wright may be the poet or the man who 
made and set the stone.)
  Left side:


  died Jan 10, 1881
Aged 2 yr 10 ms
  Right side:

Maggie May 

  died Dec 27, 1877
Aged 3 yr 2 mo 24 ds
  Back side:

Infant Son 

  died Nov 19, 1896    
Harry H. Pangburn  born Apr 27 1880
Died Oct 10, 1901 “Asleep in Jesus Blessed sleep
From which none ever wakes to weep
A calm and undisturbed repose
Unbroken by the last of foes.”

Our Babe is inscribed upon a little stone at the 
corner of this lot

SCOTT  Albert T. Scott  1847 1913    
  Camiella E.  1858 1921 “His wife”  

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A copy of the cemetery records made September the 19th 1937 is available from:

National Society, Daughters of the American Revolution
1776 D Street
Washington, D.C. 20006

Ask for Pigeon Creek Baptist Cemetery Records (1803-1937) from the Pennsylvania Genealogical Records Committee, DAR. Volume 1. 1938. 
Cost was $5.50 in 1975.


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