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North Ten Mile Baptist Cemetery

Washington County, PA

     Contributed by Ellen J. Ballas



APRIL 25, 1972 

A copy was placed with the Elizabeth Twp. Historical Society of which
Ellen is the Vice President.




Row # Stones Name (This column is 
to assist researchers *
Stone Reading Comments
1 3 small stones
unreadable unreadable unreadable
    BAIN Infant son of Zephaniah BAIN died 1856 Ruth IAMS cemetery reading
    BAIN Zephaniah BAIN died 1859 Ruth IAMS cemetery reading
2   WALTON ABEL Sylvanus son of H. M. & E. J. WALTON died July 27, 1820 or 1870 

Age 3 yrs. 1 mo. 3 days

Ruth IAMS has: died 1870, age 3 mos. 9 days

Not in 1870 & 2 possible "H" fathers in 1820 census
-   WALTON STEPHEN FRANCIS son of H. M. & E. J. Walton died June 23, 1869 rest

Ruth IAMS has: June 27th , 1869 age 1 year

In 1860 US Census there is a 10 yo [born abt 1850] Stephen in Richhill, Greene,  PA, 
-   WALTON ? WALTON EGY son of H. M. & E. J. WALTON rest unreadable Is last name EGY or WALTON ?
-   BAKER  PRESTON son of DANIEL & MINERA N. BAKER died April 6, 1862 

(Ruth IAMS list has no date)

No Preston in 1860 US Census - was born after this Census- see Census for parents, Amwell Twp.
- 3 stones unknown unreadable unreadable
3   unknown K. W. 
J. N. 
4   WALTON  KEZIAH wife of JONATHAN WALTON died Jan 1, 1857 in her 79th year

Ruth IAMS has also:  Largest marker, made of white marble with double columns. A re-set marker.

in 1850 US Census, West Bethlehem Twp
-   WALTON  JONATHAN WALTON SR. died Sept. 10, 1855 age 78 yrs. 2 mos. 24 days 

Ruth IAMS has: No "Sr." only has 78 years.

in 1850 US Census, West Bethlehem Twp - see above
-   WALTON  In Memory of MARY WALTON consort of AMOS WALTON who departed this life

June the 14th 1838 age 79 yrs. 9 mos. 14 days

Ruth IAMS has: "Marcy AMOS, wife of Amos Walton, died 1838 aged 79 years"

See below
-   WALTON  In Memory of AMOS WALTON (Rev. War Marker) rest unreadable

Ruth IAMS has: Inscription worn off, Rev. War.

See 1800 Census
-   FEASTER  SARAH wife of JOHN FEASTER died Oct. 12th 1856 age 43 yrs. 1 mo. 24days. 

Ruth IAMS has: "Daughter of J. & S. Feaster..."

Not certain in 1850 Census
-   FEASTER  JOHN FEASTER born Aug. 22, 1811 died Aug. 8, 1860 rest unreadable

Ruth IAMS has: "He was superintendant of the Sunday School in 1858."

Not certain in 1850 or 1860 Census
-   FEASTER  SARAH daughter of J. & S. FEASTER DIED Oct. 23, 1856 age 4 mos. 22 days Missed 1850 and 1860 US Census
5 2 Stones  unreadable unreadable n/a
6   DENMAN  MARY E. daughter of JOSHUA & MARY DENMAN died Jan. 7, 1850 age 3 yrs. 9 mos. Birth month missed 1850 US Census-see Mortality Schedule
    EVANS In Memory of MARY EVANS consort o ABRAHAM EVANS who departed this life

March 27, 1830 in the 79th year of her age. 

Ruth IAMS has same.

See 1800 Census

See 1810 Census

    EVANS In Memory of Rev. Soldier ABRAHAM EVANS April 2nd, A.D. 1815

In the 61st year of his age.

Ruth IAMS has the same.

See 1800 Census

See 1810 Census

  Unreadable Unreadable Unreadable n/a
  Unreadable Unreadable Unreadable n/a
  Unreadable Unreadable Unreadable n/a
    SOWERS  MARY C. daughter of L. & C. SOWERS died Aug. 9, 1851 age 7 yrs. & ? 

Ruth IAMS has just 1851.

Mary Catherine Sowers, 1850 US Census, age 8, parents Lewis & Cynthia


ADASON B. son of L. & C. POWERS died Aug. 21, 1851 aged 2 yrs. 8 mos. 4


Note: Addison Sowers

Webmaster: Probably also Sowers? based on parents' initials.  1850 US Census, parents Lewis & Cynthia; child Addison, age 1
    ENOCH  ANDREW J. son of D. & E. ENOCH died Nov. 1832  
    unreadable  SOPHIA dau of unreadable parents

Aug. 6, 1864 aged 5 weeks 
Too young to follow, birth date missed 1860 US Census
7   ? MARY wife of ELIJAH died June 11, 1839 aged 63 yrs.

Ruth IAMS has: Mary REESE, and aged 63 yrs 9 mos.



ELIJAH REES died March 23, 1863 aged 90 yrs.

Ruth IAMS has name as REESE.  Has aged 90 years 11 mos. "He was a member of the building committee appointed in 1836 to build the new church near the site of the present church."

1860 US Census there is an 84 yo born abt 1776 in West Bethlehem Twp.
    unreadable M. M. rest unreadable n/a
    MILLER  In Memory of MICHEL MILLER who departed this life THE 24TH OF Jan. 1817  1810 US Census
    VENOM  J. T. C. VENOM died Aug. 27, 1862 aged 22 yrs. 9 mos. - Prepare To Meet Thy God

Ruth IAMS has: J. T. C. P. VENOM has aged 32 years 9 mos. - rest same.

1860 US Census there is a 30 yo born abt 1830 Joseph Venham Amwell, Washington, PA 
    EVANS  Here lies the body of SURAH? EVANS daughter of A. B. [and?] B. A. EVANS died in 79th yr.

Ruth IAMS has:  Su__iah, daughter of Abraham and Mary EVANS, born June 4, 1796, died Oct. 24, 1799

Sarah? Surah? - with no death year..1840 & 1850 US Census not found
  Unreadable Unreadable Unreadable n/a
    ENOCH  GEORGE N. son of D. & E. ENOCH Nov. 1832 aged 4 yrs. 

Ruth IAMS has:  George W., not N.  & she has aged 5 years

    ENOCH  WILLIAM son of D. & E. ENOCH died Nov. 1832 aged 6 yrs.  
    ENOCH  To The Memory of David Enoch who departed this life May 7th 1838 aged 78

Ruth IAMS has: May 8th 1838  aged 70 years.  "He was son of David Enoch whose name appears on the marker at the front of the church."

8   unreadable In Memory of PH? ____ Coy who departed this life April 21 (nothing further)  unknown 
    PAUL  ANN wife of ANDREW S. PAUL died Mar. 7, 1842 aged 72 yrs.

Ruth IAMS has: MAY 5, 1847 aged 32 years.  "Andrew Paul was the brother of Philo Paul, killed at Spottsylvania Court House in 1864 in the Civil War."

1840 US Census not found
    EGY  JONATHAN W. EGY died Oct. 12, 1847 aged 25 yrs.

[Ruth IAMS had question marks after dates and no "W"]

1840 US Census not found
9 Unreadable Unreadable Unreadable n/a
    unknown M. J. W. small stone  Maybe a footstone?
  Unreadable Unreadable Unreadable n/a
10   TRUSSLER  NANCY wife of HENRY TRUSSLER died Nov. 12, 1847 age 41 yrs. 11 mos.

S. Reinhart & Co.
1840 US Census found
    WRIGHT  JOHN H. son of A. J. & EMELINE W. WRIGHT rest unreadable

Ruth IAMS has: died August 20, 1845 aged 10 years

In 1850 US Census, Morris, Washington, Pennsylvania in home of Zaddock Lewellen.
 Emeline is with husband Andrew J. Emeline Wright 
Age: 24; Estimated birth year: abt 1826 
Birth Place: PA  John. H. was born 1850 census.
    WRIGHT  MARY JANE daughter of A. J. & EMELINE WRIGHT died Dec. 20, 1856 age 6 yrs.  In 1850 US Census, Morris, Washington, Pennsylvania in home of Zaddock Lewellen.
 Emeline is with husband Andrew J. Emeline Wright 
Age: 24; Estimated birth year: abt 1826 
Birth Place: PA 
    WRIGHT In Memory of CHARLOTTE consort of ANDREW JACKSON WRIGHT who departed this life April 30, 1843 aged 22 yrs. 2 mos. 45 days

Ruth IAMS has: wife of ... aged 32 years (doesn't have mos and days)

1840 US Census not found
    unreadable JAMES rest unreadable n/a
    REES SARAH C. daughter of J. H. & ELIZABETH REES

DIED April 4, 1859 aged 3 mos. 20 days

Birth missed both 1850 & 1860 censuses.
    REES ELIZABETH wife of ROWEN REES died April 5, 1875 in the 58th yr. of her age 1860 US Census, West Bethlehem Twp. 40 yo born abt 1820 - husband listed as Boan Rees
    REES WILLIAM son of B & E Rees died April 5, 1852 or 7? aged 9 mos. Birth missed 1850 Census
  Unreadable Unreadable Unreadable n/a
  Unreadable Unreadable Unreadable n/a
11   GORDON  In Memory of ABEL M. S. GORDON son of WILLIAM & SARAH GORDON who

departed this life Jan. 9, 1833 aged 25 yrs. 9 mos. 1 day.

Ruth IAMS doesn't have "1 day"  "William Gordon was one of the first settlers in the locality."

An Abel in 1830 Washington Borough- maybe right one.
    GORDON  In Memory of JANE GORDON who departed this life Nov. 27th 1815 aged 6 mos. 

Ruth IAMS has same.

Wouldn't be on Census
    WRIGHT  In Memory of Sarah J. WRIGHT WHO DEPARTED THIS LIFE Jan 13th 1835 aged 4 yrs. & 6 mos.

Ruth IAMS has: "Daughter of Samuel and Ruth WRIGHT" only has "died 1835"

unknown father; birthday missed 1830 US Census


* The family name was not necessarily set off by itself on each stone.  The webmaster put each name into caps in this column to help researchers easily find a surname.


  CRANE Elizabeth CRANE, daughter of Daniel CRANE, born Nov. 18, 1779 - died Feb 28, 1809  
  EVANS Mary Evans, born 1734, died Feb 23, 1802  
  EGY  Infant of Jonathan and Phoebe EGY died April 27, 1827  
  EGY  Phoebe EGY wife of Jonathan EGY died April 27, 1827 aged 22 years - NOTE: she died same day as giving birth  
  ENOCH Andrew J. ENOCH son of D. and E. ENOCH died Nov. 1832 aged 8 years  
  REESE William S. REEES son of B. & E. REESE died April 5, 1857  
  YODERS Walton Egy YODERS - Son of Eli and Issanah YODERS, died 1859  
  EVANS Oliver Evans died 1835 - supposedly buried in this cemetery.  

Ruth IAMS copied this cemetery, and labeled in "The Old Cemetery - North Ten Mile Baptist Church" - published in Rural Relections of Amwell Township, published 1978.


E-mail from  <nomeyg1933  AT> 10/26/2007 8:36:08 PM:
I am a GGG Grand daughter of William Gordon and Sarah Walton Gordon....Abel Gordon and Jane Gordon who died Nov. 27, 1815 were both children of William and Sarah. Sarah was the daughter of Amos Walton and Marcy Lacock. They were all buried at Ten Mile Baptist Cemetery in Washington Co., Pa.




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