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Washington County, Pennsylvania Cemetery Database  compiled by Gina Nestor, 2001. jgnestor AT

Photos by Nikki, (nacs/cahs) 

Cemetery Name: Mt. Tabor Methodist Episcopal Cemetery 



Mount Tabor Cemetery
c/o Paul L. Young
PO Box 128
Roscoe, PA 15477


Location: In Long Branch near Allenport in Fallowfield Twp., Washington Co., PA. 

Background: Started as a cemetery for the Society of Friends (Quakers) and was eventually sold to the Methodist church. Cemetery is still in use. 

From "nacs" : In May of 2006, I visited the Mt. Tabor Cemetery in old Allen Twp. of Washington County PA. I took many pictures and made contact with someone who provided this address as who to contact about information at this cemetery. 

"It was originally a very old Quaker cemetery for the body that was a part of the Westland MM called the Fallowfield MM, becoming a Methodist later. It is located very near Roscoe PA and NE of Brownsville along the Monongahela River. It you get off of I-70 at the Charleroi exit, go to the stop sign, turn right onto Route 88 until you get to Roscoe, turn right at the Old Ledger Press bldg. and follow that road up until you come to the cemetery located on the left of the road. You can't miss it. Beautiful spot that reminds me about old country churches out in the country. This cemetery needs a lot of help. I am sure that those trying to keep it up would appreciate any help that they can get. " - nacs

Census: Published in "Miscellaneous Cemeteries, Washington Co., PA", Vol. 2. Copy in genealogical collection at Citizens Library and Washington Law Library in Washington, PA. 

"There is supposed to be a book of names that was done on this cemetery and a copy was reported at that time to be at the California Area Historical Society of PA, done by a Alice Stockton of Long Branch." - nacs

More Information:   "There is a wrought iron enclosed family plot area for Briggs, Allen's (galore of them); other names include Stockdale, Kennedy, Ferguson, Riggs, Phillips, Moore, Crockett, Givson, Eley, Herron, Miller, Hess, McFall, Neale, Mooris, David Jones 1874-1949; Jane Lutes (Meth. d. 1851- 28 years old - next to her was Wm. Anderson, d 1837; Conoway, Spowart, Fiffick, Stevenson, Fitch, Tippins, Forsyth, Bamford, Lang, Morrison, Beck, lots of Wood's, Palmer, Anderson's, Smith (1846); Isaiah Frost - 1823-1903; Jackman's (Galores); McKenna; lots of Crow's; Etta; Chester; Taylor; Worrell; McKee; Stephen; Bruce; Donaldson; Bailey; Chambers; Bell; Barnum; Biles; Abbott; Larson;  Trump; Malmgren; Martin; Thompson and much more, some being overcame by trees." - nacs

See photos for other names.

More Information:  Mt. Tabor Cemetery

Washington County, Pennsylvania Cemetery Database  compiled by Gina Nestor, 2001. jgnestor AT


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