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Photos taken by nacs/cahs

Cemetery Name: Howe Cemetery 

422 Dally Rd
Long Branch, Pennsylvania 15423


Location: On Dally Road in Long Branch off Rt. 88 in Washington Co., PA. 
Latitude: 40.08889
Longitude:  -79.89667

Directions: You can go to the Charleroi exit off of I-70 and travel South on Rte. 88 until you have crested the long Elco hill (after leaving Elco) and you will come to a road to the right and the church will be right there on the curve. This cemetery started in 1820. Henry Speers is buried here. - from nacs/cahs

Or: you can come in off of I-70 on the Expressway 43, go to the Elco exit, turn right and go North and up the hill, the church and cemetery will be on the left side. - from nacs/cahs

Background: According to a tombstone in the cemetery, the first acre of land for this cemetery was donated by William Howe on June 2, 1820. William Howe was buried just inside the entrance behind the church when he died Aug. 15, 1820. The cemetery is large and still in use. The oldest stones are directly behind the church and to the right of the church. There is a war memorial in front of the church listing the names of those who fought. Up the hill to the left of the church is a building with veterans' graves around it. 

Census: Published in "Miscellaneous Cemeteries, Washington Co., PA", Vol. 1, 1937. Copies in genealogical collection at Citizens Library and Washington Law Library in Washington, PA. 

More Information: There is also a book in the genealogical collection at Citizens Library in Washington, PA that contains a more up to date census. It is titled "Howe Cemetery", pub. 1981. 

More Information:  Charleroi [Pa] Cemetery

Thank-you:  Nikki, (nacs/cahs), from the Washington County Pa Rootsweb Genealogy List took the photos.

Washington County, Pennsylvania Cemetery Database – compiled by Gina Nestor, 2001.

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From Crumrine's :  "William Howe was an Englishman.  He came to the West with the United States troops at the time of the Whiskey Insurrection, and here remained.  He married Margaret Jackman.  On the 30th of March, 1796, he took out a warrant for a tract, which surveyed to him the 5th of September following as “Malabar,” containing three hundred and twenty acres.  It was situated on the bank of the river, adjoining lands of Robert and Henry Jackman, and the heirs of Laurence and John Crow.  Mr. Howe lived here until his death, and was buried in what is known as the Howe Cemetery.  The Howe Church was erected on his farm.  He and his wife were prominent in the early history of Methodism in this section, and were foremost in the establishment of this church.  The date of his death has not been found.  His widow, Elizabeth Howe, died March 16, 1834, at the age of sixty-two years.  They had fourteen children, who are now all dead.  Two went to Virginia; two daughters married and went to Canada; two sons emigrated to Illinois; Alexander and Samuel remained in this county.  The former married Elizabeth Rush.  William Howe, Esq., of California, Pa., is their son.  Samuel married Lydia Morrell.  Johnson Howe, a son, emigrated to Illinois.  Lydia Riggs, now living in the township, and eighty years of age, is a granddaughter of William Howe."  


"Howe and Mount Tabor Cemeteries. – Where the old Howe Methodist Church stood many years ago is still the cemetery that was connected with it.  Among the early settlers who are buried there is Elizabeth Howe, born in 1772, died March 16, 1834, aged sixty-two years; William Huggins, died April 27, 1844, in the seventy-fifth year of his age; William Gregg, died Feb. 25, 1851, in the eightieth year of his age; Elizabeth Frye, died June 24, 1836, aged forty-one years; Mary Baker, died July 16, 1874, in the eighty-fourth year of her age."

Source:  Boyd Crumrine, "History of Washington County, Pennsylvania with Biographical Sketches of Many of Its Pioneers and Prominent Men" (Philadelphia: L. H. Leverts & Co., 1882);  History of Washington County, Pennsylvania, Allen Twp. (pp. 643-651)

Transcribed by Patricia Wilson, Coal Center, PA in August 2002 for inclusion on the Washington County, PA Genealogy  pages at and associated sites.



History of Howe Church and Cemetery, Allen Twp, from Crumrine

Howe Cemetery Information Card

Just before Howe Church and Going into the drive-way

Driving behind Church and on roads inside Cemetery

War Memorial outside church

Right Pillar going into Cemetery

Left Pillar going into Cemetery

Pillars on both sides of drive-way going into Cemetery

Ruth Eckart Memorial Chapel

Cemetery information posted on Chapel wall

Overview of Tombstones Inside Howe Cemetery

Howe Cemetery Photo List #1

Howe Cemetery Photo List #2


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