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Located on Rt. 837, in Donora City Limits


Contributed by Cynthia Elkins-Vansil April, 2006

Alphabetical listings for the individuals buried in this cemetery are incomplete. Erosion and flooding may have dislodged burial areas. Stones have been washed away and others misplaced. Many of the stones are either crumbling or worn to the point of being unreadable. I have tried to be as precise as possible on dates and spellings. If it were not for our family knowing where our Greenwood descendants were buried we may have never located their graves here. I would thank the groups and individuals who have spent countless hours giving this historic area a facelift. Many people didn’t even know it existed. The men who helped serve in the Civil War for Pennsylvania will be honored. Donora can feel proud to have such a historical cemetery in its town.

Gilmore Cemetery was named for Captain John Gilmore who lived in Donora as early as 1863. He operated a steamboat on the Monongahela River with eight vessels. He deeded the land for use as a burial ground.

The cemetery is approximately one block in size, and has a 300 ft cyclone fence around it. Stone steps are in the middle, so I have made all direction to areas as if you’re walking up the steps and facing the cemetery. Empty spaces designate either missing or unreadable names or dates. 



Ammon Family Plot (located on the lower left side) There are corner markers with “A”

                                    Andrew Ammon, died Feb.2, 1832

                                    _______ Ammon, died Jan.18, 1804 age 19 years

                                    Margaret B. Ammon, died Nov.30, 1899 age 21 years

BAKE                         Gilbert              b. Feb 12, 1833            d. Nov 1, 1898

Susannah G.     b. Jan 13, 1839             d. May 1, 1917   G is for Gilmore as she is buried within the Gilmore Family plot.  


BOYD                         (located to the lower right of the GILMORE family plot, and also to the near the GILLINGHAM stone near the central right area of the cemetery)

Charlotte 1855-1908 “Gone but Not Forgotten”, wife of Noah

                                     Noah         1857-1917

                                     John           died Dec 1882, age 32 yrs, 4mos.


BULLING                  Oliver Cromwell b. Apr___ 1850, died May 10, 1877 (located in      the center upper right area)


CASTNER                 Bertran W. died Aug 10. 1907 age ___,____mos. 22 days



Helston (sp due to stone deterioration)

Jesse Martin died May 1, 1877 , age 28 yrs7 mos 29 days

Major John

Martha M.

Mary Elizabeth

Mary Josephine

Sarah   1835 age11 yrs

Wilbert Franklin

Unknown CASTNER Stone was very worn and unable to read


The CASTNER head stone is becoming much worn and the names and dates are not legible. It is a small “spire like” sand stone

CUTHBERT              Emily 1864-1903

                                    Lucy Cuthbert Foster 1837-1911


COLVIN                     Annie               1880-1892

                                    Elizabeth            1885-1902

                                    Phillis                1896-1897 (located on the lower right front) A                  small spire like stone

D—ORI                      Unable to read name due to poor condition of stone 1835-1902

DAVIS                         Clyde               Apr.18, 1833-Sept 19, 1910 (to the upper right of                              the Cuthbert and Foster stones)

EVANS                       Nelson             died June 23, 1889 age 76 yrs 9 mos, 15 days

FAGANS                    James               1844-1914 Pvt. Co. I 55th Inf. Civil War (located in the right lower front)

FOSTER                     Abraham          1837-1904

                                    Eleanor 1837-1876

FOSTER                     Lucy Cuthbert  1837-1911

                                    Foster  (both located at the right side about half way up the hill)

GILMORE                 J. Harold Gilmore   1874-1896  (The family plot is located in the middle of the cemetery and marked with a black granite head stone with the “G” at the top. There are markers with the individuals’ first names on the top. See photos.

                                    James               Dec 22, 1836-June 16, 1893

                                    Capt. John Sr.  Aug 15,1811- June 25, 1884 (See photo)

Capt John Jr     Sept 4, 1843- Aug 1, 1884 (See photo)

Susannah          Apr.15, 1815-Mar 25, 1890 (See photo)

*Removed from Gilmore Cemetery on 23 April 1934 were the following graves. These are related through the Gilmore line, and the information should be included in this line for them. The graves were moved to Rehoboth Cemetery near Belle Vernon, PA. It is a wonderful old cemetery as well, and kept up.


LAUB             Amelia Thomas THOMAS       Amelia Gilmore

                        John William                                         Etta

                                                                                    Jennie E.

                                                                                    John F. Jr.



GILLINGHAM          David “Father”1831-1904   This is located near “Bulling”, near the center, upper, right)


GREENWOOD          Charles             June 1849-14 Jan 1910

                                    Harriet  Dickinson          7 Apr 1850-3 Feb, 1910

Markers for the Greenwoods no longer exist, but family and funeral home records record this as their final resting place.

GRILANTI                George Murtle 1910 located at top center of cemetery)

HAMMER J.             June11, 1878 age 6 yrs.___mos.31 days located at the top            center right of the cemetery

HARVEY                     Sarah   “Wife of George” June 10, 1806   7? Yrs,5 mos(located in Ammon   family plot)

HENDERSON            This is a family plot. Large stone reads “Children of JJ & EC”. It looks as there may have been makers but they are worn or broken. This is plot is located above the Gilmore Family plot off to the right, near the center of the cemetery.


George W. died March 1892

                                    Anna M.     Dec13, 1865-June 12, 1905 “Wife of Ammon Sang” on large stone near the other Henderson family)

                                    Lemuel       died July 1897



HOMMEY                 Frank   1882-1905

                                    Joseph  1895-1909 located in lower right side by COLVIN stone)

HUMPHRIES            This is a family plot at the top of the cemetery that a concrete wall was built around it. There was a large headstone and the name is still readable, however just the base remains, and the smaller markers are no longer readable. It is not known how may were in this plot. The dates read 1825-1872 and 1879-1898.

JUHASZ                     Paul      Oct 25, 1904-March 15, 1905.This stone has strange mars on it. The town brought in many ethnic backgrounds, and the language may have been interpreted onto this stone. It is located in the upper right side towards top near the fence, by Todd and another strangely marked stone.

JONES                       This is a family plot and located near the center upper left area of the cemetery

Name unknown 1873- ?

                                    Charles T         1869-1905

                                    Jacob               18__-1895 Co I Reg U.S.G.T.

                                    Rachele            1843-1902

                                    Robert              1867-1931 this was the latest entry found on any of the stones in the cemetery as a burial date.  He may have been one of the last to be buried there.

                                    Unknown name & date also has “Omega Lodge K or P no.39”

Kelly                           (located near the upper left corner)

John B. 1856-1915

                                    John T. 1892-1902

                                    Martha             1859-1896

LAZUR                       ROD RD 1866   20 mos Feb 1, 1913    This is another marker that has strange markings on it. It is located in the right lower front.


MacKay                     Aly       “Erected by Bella Rodgers in memory of her beloved husband”            1880-1904 (located in the lower, left front near steps)

McKay                       Thomas            1879-1902. This also a black granite stone that has “A Mason, Gone but not forgotten” and insignia on it.

MOLSBERGER        Arnold               1834-1917

                                    Elizabeth            1835-1890      

MILLER                    James   died Dec 12, 1844 age 36 yrs,____mos

                                    Mary    died March 12, 1859 age69 yrs & 4mos.

                                    Rachel  died Dec 10, 1858 age 13 yrs unable to read mos & days

                                    These are located in the CASTNER family plot. There are 3 white markers to the right of the headstone. Their names are on the back side of large family stone.

McGLYMONN         Spelling hard to make on stone) died Nov 1---age 51 yrs.

OVERAND                Unknown first name, and unable to read dates

PARKER                    J.H.                  1869-1903

                                    Kathryn            1902-1903 located near the lower right below the AMMON family plot

PELKE                       Elizabeth            Sept 2, 1830-Apr. 20, 1885 (located below the SPEIGEL family plot

ROUX                         Jennie   b.Feb8, 1845-June 10, 1913 “MOTHER”

ROUSH                      Andrew            b. Aug 20, 1870-d.Jan 10, 1911 “Remembered Forever’ on stone (located near the right lower front corner)

SADLER                    Mary E.            Sept 4, 1841-Mar 6, 1897

                                    Robert              Oct 24, 1901 or 1907  86 years

SCOTT                       Robert              1843-1912 Corp Co D 105th PA VOL CIVIL WAR (located near the center lower right) See Photo.

SHAW                        Hagh, John sp?  1833-1901

SPEIGEL                    This is a family plot area. There are many small markers and none can be read due to their poor condition. Located near the center left of the cemetery there is also a family stone with just the name George Spiegel on it.

TODD                         Robert C or G born Aug. 27, 1909 Age 27 years

WILSON                     (located near the Henderson family plot)

                                    Oliver died Oct 10, 1900           age 4 yrs 1mon 20 ds

                                    Unknown Wilson           March 6, 1890-Dec4 , 1897



On behalf of 4 cousins [ages 24 to 80] who are all direct descendants of Captain John Gilmore through his daughter Susanna Gilmore who married Gilbert Bake, we would like to know how to contact

Cynthia Elkins-Vansil who submitted the transcript of the Gilmore Cemetery burials in Donora.  We want to very sincerely thank her and the volunteers who cleaned up the cemetery!

None of us lives near Donora (living in Ohio , Georgia and even Utah ) and cannot come to maintain the cemetery.  I have been quite concerned since when I visited in 1977 as I first began my Gilmore-Bake family research, the cemetery was so overgrown I could only see the large Gilmore monument and didn’t even realize there were so many burials there. One of the other cousins was there a few years ago and said it was still the same way. We are SO grateful.  

Thank you for any assistance in contacting Cynthia.

Sincerely, Kathleen Osmond, now of Atlanta , Georgia  

And also Matt Reynolds of Ohio

Jennifer Millhorn of Ohio

William Allen of Utah




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