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 Cemetery List Contributed by nacs, from Harold Frye's work

Cemetery Name: Frye Cemetery 



Location: Located on the old Frye homestead on a hillside to the west of the Allegheny Power Station on the end of Fifth St. Extension in Charleroi, PA. As of late 1971, there was no road access to the cemetery. 

Background: This is a private family cemetery begun in 1797. There are approximately 35 known burials here but not all of them have stones. 

Census: A 1934 & 1971 census is published in "Miscellaneous Cemeteries, Washington Co., PA", Vols. 1, 4 & 5. Copies in genealogical collection at Citizens Library and Washington Law Library. 

More Information: There is 1 Revolutionary War soldier buried here. He is Frederick Cooper - no dates on stone. Surnames in this cemetery are: Fry, Frye, Shanton, Nutt, VanVoorhis, Ringland, Cooper, Wells, Colvin, Wilmot. 

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Added to Washington County, Pennsylvania Cemetery Database – compiled by Gina Nestor, 2001. jgnestor AT

Additional Information

Attached is a low resolution 200 K byte picture of the entrance sign to the Samuel Frye cemetery taken not too long after it was reopened by Harold Frye of Twilight [Pa]. Many of the tombstones were overturned and had to be righted and there was a lot of poison ivy and vines.  [Referring to work by Harold Frye.]

I have a few more low resolution pictures of the tombstones.

Christina Spears Frye born 1752 in VA - 1814, sister of Rev. Henry Speers Jr. born 1756 in VA - 1840, Jacob Spears born 1754 in VA – died 1825 in Bourbon Co KY and Noah Speer born 1769 at Gibsonton – 1832 founder of Belle Vernon 1812, married Samuel Frye Sr. born 1729 in Montgomery PA – 1814. Note the age difference between Christina and Samuel. Christina and her 12 or more siblings except for Noah were born in Virginia at the north end of Massanutten Mountain on the south fork of the Shenandoah north of present day Bentonville VA.  (Note: This is different from what J. S. Van Voorhis says in his book Old and New Monongahela published in 1893).  I have pictures of the VA Shenandoah low water bridge Speer/Spears plantation location. There is a very small creek nearby on the west side labeled Spears Lick on one land Patent map that I have. The area is beautiful and the East

 side is a camping and canoe park. Nearby were plantations for the families of Chester, Stephens, Carson, and further north were Frye, Froman, Crist, Kuykendall/Kirkendall and many other SW PA settlers plantations that you can find mapped and described in Cecil Odell’s book Pioneers of Old Frederick County VA published in 1995.

Samuel and Abraham and other Fryes/Fry’s and Regina Froman Speer/Spears nephew Jacob Froman were the original owners of most of the area that became Charleroi. Many of the Frye/Fry’s moved to Gallatin TN after the CW.

We spell our last Speers name 4 different ways now – 3 of them Spears, Speer, and Speers occurred in Belle Vernon. The Frye’s also spell their last name originally Frey, and Fry and someone is working on a possible spelling Fray last month.

There is a Heinrich Frey Family Association Reunion every 2 or 3 years in various Frye/Fry/Frey family locations – all over the US.  The Association publishes a Family Journal twice a year and my 1st cousin Mike Speers of Ohio now does the Frye newsletter 4 times a year. The next Reunion is in TX. The first Frey’s settled in Germantown PA, the 1st section that became Philadelphia, in the 1690’s. So there are quite a few more of their Swiss German descendents than my German northern French descendents in America who came over after 1730.

Tom Speers 



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