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Information Card for Cross Creek Presbyterian Cemetery

Washington County, Pennsylvania Cemetery Database  compiled by Gina Nestor, 2001.

Cemetery Name: Cross Creek Presbyterian Cemetery 

Address: Cross Creek United Presbyterian Church, 70 Liberty St., Burgettstown, PA 15021 

Phone: (724) 947-9548 (church) 

Location: Cross Creek Twp., Burgettstown, Washington Co., PA 

Latitude: 4019'45.45"N

Longitude: 8024'41.55"W
Cross Creek Township

Directions from Hickory, PA: Head west on Main St/PA-50 W, right at Burgettstown Rd/PA-18 N, continue to follow PA-18 N for about 4.5 mi; Turn left at Cross Creek Rd, bear right at fork; stay to right at next fork; 1 mile to Cross Creek. Cemetery is on right at the west edge of town across from the Church.

Background:  A very old cemetery still in use. Several books have been published over the years about Cross Creek Presbyterian Church and the associated burying ground, such as (1) History of Cross Creek Graveyard and Cemetery by James Simpson (originally written in 1894) with inscriptions; (2) History of Cross Creek Graveyard and Cemetery by James Simpson ( republished in 1942, plus additional information); and (3). History of Cross Creek Presbyterian Church by Alvin D. White.   The Citizens Library, Washington PA holds copies of these books in their genealogical collection 

There was a tradition among the old people that Henry Graham, Esq., donated the land to the congregation on which the church and graveyard now are located. The records show that on December 18, 1795, Henry Graham, Esq., and Mary his wife, for and in consideration of 6L lawful money of said state, (6L Pennsylvania currency being equiv- about to $16.00 U. S. money), deeded six acres one fourth and thirty four perches to Samuel Fleming, Aaron Lyle, and John Wilkin, Trustees, for the use of the congregation.

It appears that the land upon which the church is built belonged to the Graham Patent; but prior to September 28, 1791, the land on which the graveyard is located belonged to Samuel and Robert Purveans, it being at that time deeded by the Sheriff of Washington County to Hugh Henry Breckinridge, and conveyed March 24, 1794, by Hugh Henry Breckinridge to Henry Graham, Esq., by deed recorded in Deed Book K, page 148.

The first interment, a little child of David and Sarah Vance, in the old Graveyard of Cross Creek was in the year 1779.  The child had fallen in the fire and was so badly burned that he or she soon after died.  A council was held with the neighbors and friends as to where they would bury the child, when it was agreed to inter it in the woods up where they were going to build the church. Thomas Crawford and his wife Judith, who then resided on the Hays farm, near the Beech Knob School House, attended the funeral. In the evening when they returned home Crawford's mother, who resided with him, whose name was Margaret Shearer, a very aged woman, asked, "Where did they bury the child!" On being told, "Where they are going to build the church," she threw up her hands and said, "Oh, there is a graveyard started and I know I'll be the next to go into it!"  In a short time she was taken sick and died and was buried under the old white oak tree that stood till lately on the south side of the yard. Her son, Thomas Crawford, died in June, 1783, on the William Ferry farm, and was buried by her son's side. Judge James Edgar made all these coffins:--for the Vance child, for Mrs. Shearer, Thomas Crawford, and for Robison and Parks.

History of the Graveyard Connected With Cross Creek Presbyterian Church, by James Simpson, Printed at the Enterprise-Call Office, Burgettstown, PA., 1894; Price: Bound in Cloth, 75 cent; Paper, 50 cents

Census: Published in "Miscellaneous Cemeteries, Washington Co., PA." Vol. 1, 1939. Copies in genealogical collection at Citizens Library and Washington Law Library in Washington, PA.  This data was collected by the DAR (their information also included burials in the Simpson History of the Cross Creek Graveyard) and found in the genealogy section of the Washington PA library. The date is around 1937 so burial records are not complete.

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Washington County, Pennsylvania Cemetery Database  compiled by Gina Nestor, 2001.

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Revolutionary Soldiers Buried in Cross Creek Graveyard - Established 1779

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