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Contributed by William L. Baran

Helen Stollar Borkowski 1984
(Provided by Marilyn Lundquist descendent of Jane CARROLL Burns sister of Robert, Edward, Richard, John and Hamilton Carroll)
Transcribed by: William Baran 
Dedicated to: Helen Stollar Borkowski. (1923-2002)

Near what used to be known as Gale, PA, Carroll Cemetery is located in Morris Township, Washington Co., PA at the intersection of L.R. 62114 (Craft Cr Rd) and L.R. 62143 (Rock Run Rd {East Finley Twp} and Mt Zion Rd {Morris Twp.}), about 1.8 miles East of the East Finley crossroads.



Known burials probably without stones:

The original burial on this land was Robert CARROLLís two brothers who were killed by Indians in 1781 near the original cabin. 

born about 1765 County Antrim, Ireland 
Killed by Indians 1781

Hamilton CARROLL 
about 1763 County Antrim, Ireland 
Killed 1781


This news article substantiates when Robert Carroll Sr. came to America. 

{Provided by: Marjorie Dickson 300 N. 7th St, Oregon, IL 61061 Nov. 26, 1980,}
Jean Morris/ Washington County Newspaper (Webmaster Note: likely The Examiner newspaper), Tuesday, December 1, 1795, Washington, PA:

Whereas a certain RALPH SMITH, of Morgan Township in this County (Greene Co. after 1796), some years ago called me a convict in a public company, and later spoke the same language in ambiguous terms, (such as his good breeding afforded). I do hereby request the favor of Mr. Smith, to wash and shave and go and inquire of Mr. James GILASPY, on the headwaters of Buffalo Creek, and Robert CARREL on the head waters of the Wheeling Creek, two gentlemen which sailed with me from the port of Londonderry, the 14th day of August in the year 1768, and landed at Newcastle, DE. the 3rd day of October following and acknowledge himself a malicious calumniator.
/S/ Myles HAYDAN of Ten Mile Creek, Washington County.

Sent by
Dr. William L. Baran







 (Big flat double stone that is lying on the ground)
In memory of Robert CARRALL who departed this life Oct. 28í 1831 in the 97th year of his age.




In memory of Margaret CARRALL Wife of Robert Carrall who departed this life April 5th 1814 in the 64í year of her age. Footstone M.B.

Go home my friends and cease from tears
We must lie here till Christ appears.
And here our boddeys shall remain
Till Christ doth call us forth again.




Joseph H. CARRALL died A.D. 1833 Aged 4 years.




Margaret Wife of Thomas McCARROLL died Sept 6, 1822 in the 30 yr of her age. Footstone
Come all ye friends as you pass by
As you are now so once was I.
As I am now, so you must be
Prepare for death and follow me.




In memory of Alexander CARRALL son of Joseph and Elizabeth Carrall who departed this life June the 16í A.D. 1842 in the 9í year of his age. Footstone A.C.


5 CARRAL In memory of Mary CARRAL daughter of Robert and Margaret Carral who died March 23d 1830 aged 16 years 10 months and 15 days. Footstone M.C.

But for a moment lasts him wrath
Life in his favour lies
Weeping may for a night endure
At morn doth joy arise.

Friends and physicians could not save,
This mortal body from the grave.
Nor can the grave confine it here,
When Christ shall call it to appear.
6 CARRALL In memory of Robert CARRALL son of R. and M carrall who departed this life June 22í 1813 in the 35th year of his age. Footstone R.C. (Note small c in carrall)  
7 CARRALL In memory of Elizabeth CARRALL Consort of Joseph Carrall who departed this life July the 8, A.D. 1842 in the 47, year of her age. Footstone E.C.  
8 ENLOW Lucinda M. Wife of George ENLOW died Aug. 28th 1849 in the 27 year of her age. Footstone L.M.E.  
9 ENLOW Lucinda C. daugr of G & L ENLOW died Aug. 30 1849 aged 22 dís footstone L.C.E.  
10 CARROLL James H. CARROLL son of T & M Carroll died Aug. 9, 1851 aged 1 year 9 days.  
11 CARROLL Thomas CARROLL died Jan. 13 1870 aged 51 years. Footstone.

Farewell O husband and father dear farewell
Thou has left us lonely in this world of pain.
O may we meet in heavenly bliss to dwell
In Godsí right hand no more to part again.


CARROLL (Large square double stone- East Side)
James CARROLL born 1776 died Aug 1850

(North Side) Margaret Wife of J, CARROLL born 1774- died April 1848 aged 74 years.

(West Side) CARROLL
(South Side) Blank
13 CARROLL  John CARROLL died March 22, 1877 aged 74 years and 9 months  


  (Tall white stone- double-East Side)

William CARROLL died Oct 23, 1851 aged 52 years 2 months and 11 days. FATHER

(North Side) Jane Wife of Wm. CARROLL died Apr. 5 1886 aged 75 yrís 9 moís 28 dís. MOTHER





CARROLL Hamilton CARROLL Apr 15, 1804-Dec 15, 1890

Jane MARSHALL His Wife Oct 10, 1807 Ė Feb 23, 1895

(On back of stone)
Robert H. Co. B 1 W. Va. Cav. Born Apr. 18, 1839 
Killed in the Civil War.
Marshall Mar. 10, 1833 - Apr. 15, 1890
Martha Oct. 30, 1836 Ė Apr. 9, 1892 Children
James B. Dec. 27, 1834 Ė Jan 15, 1836 of
Mary M. May 13, 1847 Ė Jan. 7, 1852 H. & J.M.
William D. Sept. 4, 1844 Ė Oct 23, 1862 


16 CARROLL  Linsey son of T & M CARROLL died Feb. 28, 1817 in the 2 year of his age. Footstone L.H. ?  
17 CARROLL  Jane R. wife of Thomas CARROLL died Mar. 1, 1816 in the 27th year of her age.  
18 CARRALL  In memory of Sarah CARRALL Wife of Thomas Carrall who died Dec. 14, 1845 aged 23 years.  
19 CARRALL  In memory of Martha CARRALL daughter of T. & E.A. CARRALL who departed this life June 27í 1828 in the 7th year of her age.

Footstones W.D.C. AND W.C.
20 CARRALL  In memory of James B. CARRALL son of Hamilton & Jane Carroll who departed this life Jan 15th 1836 aged 1 year & 19 days. Footstone J. B. C.  
21 CARRALL Mary M. Dau. of H & J. CARRALL died Jan. 7, 1852 E. 1 y. 10 mo. 2 dís  
22 CARROLL  Martin son of J & R CARROLL died Mar. 5, 1810 aged 6 mo.  
23 CARROLL  Infant son of J & R CARROLL died Mar. 13, 1852 aged 12 dís.  
24 CARROLL (this was a nice stone Ė top half is broken off now.)

Robert H. son of H. & J. CARROLL died Feb 11, 1862 aged 22 years 9 months & 22 days.

Farewell O son dear farewell
Thouíst hath left us lonely in this world of pain.
Oímay we meet in Heavenly bliss to dwell
At Godís right hand no more to part again.

Soldier rest thy war fares Oíer
Sleep the Sleep that knows no Breaking
Dream of Battle fields no more
Days of danger, nights of waking 


25 MARSHALL  In memory of Jane MARSHALL who departed this life June 9th 1826 aged 68 years.  
26 MARSHALL  In memory of William MARSHALL who departed this life March the 1st 1808 aged 88 years  
27 MARSHALL  Margret M. daughter of Gilbert & Martha MARSHALL died Feb. 14, 1843 aged 32 yrís 6 moís & 14 days 9 (her new stone)  
28 MARSHALL  Margaret M. daughter of G. & M. MARSHALL died Feb. 14, 1843 aged 32 yrís. (Her old stone Ė first name spelled different. Margret and Margaret)  
29 BATSON  Margaret Ann wife of Z. L. BATSON died Nov 5, 1871 aged 30 yrís 3 moís & 20 days

Asleep in Jesus blessed sleep
From which none ever wake to weep
A calm and undisturbed repose
Unbroken by the last of foes.
30 BATSON  Joseph L. son of Z. L. & M. A. BATSON died Mar. 15, 1863 aged 4 moís & 3 dís.  
31 AULD  Martha AULD died Nov. 21, 1870 aged 86 yrís

Summersgill, Waynesburg

32 AULD  John AULD who departed this life June 13, 1851 aged 72 years, Footstone J.A. (This stone is flaked off).  
33 AULD  In memory of Jane AULD Consort of David Auld who departed this life Dec. 11th 1829 aged 84 years.In memory of David AULD who departed this life June 26th 1832 aged 89 years.  
34   In memory of David AULD who departed this life June 26, 1832 aged 89 years  
35 AULD  In memory of Martha AULD Consort of William Auld who departed this life Dec. the 3d AD 1845 aged 47 years.  
36 AULD  William AULD died May 4, 1874 in the 86 year of his age  
37 AULD  In memory of Martha Jane AULD daughter of Hugh & Sarah Auld who departed this life April 23d AD 1842 aged 23 years. 

To parents sister brethren sweet,
That round my grave do stand and weep,
To you this admonitionís given.
Prepare to meet they God in Heaven. 

Footstone M.J.A.

38 AULD  Sarah wife of Hugh AULD died July 15, 1831 in the 59 year of her age.
Farewell dear husband whom I did adore
Farewell one daughter and sons in numbers four,
My last advice to you, is live in peace
That heaven may be your resting place.
39 AULD  Hugh AULD died Feb. 21 1855 in the 69 year of his age. (Top half stone is broken off) Footstone H.A.  
40 AULD  In memory of Martha Consort of John AULD who departed this life April 14, 1849 aged 21 yrís 2 moís & 5 days.

Her last words:
One thing I of the Lord desired
And will seek to obtain
That all the days of my life
I may within Gods house remain.
41 ? Marshall (Nothing else)  
42 ? Martha (Nothing else)  
Joseph M. CARROLL Apr 12, 1816 Ė Aug. 29, 1898
(Note: author of History of the CARROLLĒS of Washington Co., PA 1897)
44 BLAIR  In memory of Dorathias BLAIR who departed this life April 16th AD 1834 aged 65 yearís  
45 BLAIR  Alexander BLAIR died Jan. 21 1865 aged 61 years.


46 BLAIR  Elizabeth wife of Alexander BLAIR died Nov. 7, 1869 aged 65 years.
47 BLAIR  Isaac S. BLAIR died Sept 8, 1870 aged 37 years 5 mos & 13 days. Footstone I.B.

Remember me as you pass by,
As you are now so once was I.
As I am now you soon will be,
Prepare for death and follow me.

West Alexander

48 MARSHALL  Martha A. wife of Gilbert MARSHALL died Feb. 13, 1853 in the 73 year of her life.  
49 MARSHALL  Gilbert MARSHALL died Oct. 11, 1863 aged 98 years.  
50 MARSHALL  Thomas C. son of H. & J. MARSHALL died Jan. 11, 1818 aged 1 yr. 8mo & 11d.  


Oct. 29, 1805 - Nov 9, 1875

Jane His Wife 
July 17, 1809 - June 19, 1867
52 MARSHALL  Sarah E. daughter of R & E. J. MARSHALL died Nov. 19, 1856 aged 10 yrs 8 moís & 5 days Footstone  
53 ALLISON  Hugh M. son of Eli & M. ALLISON died Oct. 8, 1847 aged 1 yr. 2 mís & 14ds.
54 ALLISON  Mary wife of Eli ALLISON died Nov. 6, 1865 in the 63 year of her age.
Our mother here lies underground
The dearest friend we ever found
And through the Lordís unbounded love
Weíll meet again in realms above.

A Marshall and Martha Carroll husband and wife died around the same time as Joseph M Carroll. I would put a Carroll ? for their last name.

Thanks again, keep up the great work that you do for the pioneers of Washington Co., PA. (I believe he was there when the area was called Headwaters of Wheeling Creek, Ohio Co., VA. The family traditions always say we are Virginians.)



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