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Soldiers Buried In Various Washington Co., PA Cemeteries

Contributed by Rebecca Davis Pauley (Transcription Copyright 2001 RDP)
Clair John “Bill” Thompson, Sr.

The maps, from which these lists were transcribed, can be found at the Washington County Planning Commission, County Building, 100 E. Beau St., Rm 701, Washington, Pa 15301

R. M. Berry's name is on six of the maps as drafter; Washington Cem. Sec F, H. M, N. O & P and they are not dated. Many are transcribed by Albert Mark in January 1935 - Blks 2, 3, 4, 5, 9, 17.

One is 'traced' by C. A. F. in Dec. 1934.. They are like blueprints that an architect would make, showing all burial plots with numbers, but with little crosses on the graves of the soldiers.

Although we don’t know positively, we believe these were a Works Progress Administration (later, Work Projects Administration-WPA) census in the mid-1930’s.


Note: "W"=World War; WWII had not happened yet.


Old Claysville Cemetery, Claysville, Wash. Co., Pa:

Grave No. Name War

1 Porter, Joseph War of 1812
2 Ashbrook, Abraham CW
3 Tennis, Anthony Rev War
4 McNeal, Robert CW
5 Anderson, Benjamin War of 1812
6 Power, Franklin CW
7 Toland, James C. CW
8 Plants, Samuel CW
9 Curry, John CW
10 Griffith, David CW
11 Hair, James CW
12 Hair, William S. CW
13 Mitchell, John CW
14 Staley, Harvey P. CW
15 Birch, William CW
16 Barr, Robert Rev War
17 Crowe, George A. W

Highland Cemetery, East Pike Run Twp (Calif.), Wash. Co., Pa.
If the service is not given, it is not indicated:

E. T. Trenton
Joseph Cornell, CW
Frank A. Cummings, W
William McMasters
H B. Arnold, Rev War
Harry Kinder, CW
J. W. L. Reed, CW
J. P. McCain, W
R. H. Patterson, W
Levi Lamb, W
H. L. Lamb
W. S. Paxton, W
S. J. Howe, CW
A. L. VanDine, W
Charles R. Lee, W
Robinson Savage
R. M. Wells, CW
L. P. Frye
W. S. Shutterly, CW
R. S. Miller
J. S. Hollowood, W
A. J. Hertzog, CW
Jacob S. Kreebs (aka Krepps)
Henry H. Wilson, CW
Samuel S. Marchand
J. B. Paxton, CW
A. C. Eberman
William Hart, CW
William Kinney, W
E. M. Lilley
Ed. G. Eagler, CW
H. W. Gillingham, W
A. J. Davis, W (Andrew Jackson)
J. B. Shallenberger, CW
D. H. Lewis, CW
J. Armando French, CW
David Philips, CW
J. D. Billingsley, CW
J. K. Ward, CW
W. A. Peden, CW
R. H. Singer, CW
F. H. Martin, CW
James J. Jobes, CW
John Ward
John Lopp
E. S. Marshall, CW
J. E. Easter
H. J. McCroroy
J. G. Gleason
J. B. VanDyke, CW
James Harris
J. F. Ailes
Alfred Sickman
W. H. Watkins
Larsin Boatman, W
Henry Lyons
William H. Seals, CW
William T. Furnier
Hiram Stephens

Buckingham Cemetery, Deemston Boro in W.Beth Twp:

William Bane, CW

Milllsboro Cemetery:

Old section:
J. W. Morton, CW
John C. Ammons, CW
A. W. Taylor, CW
George R. Bower, CW
John Toppin, CW

New Section:
John G. Bell (Service not given)
George W. Carter, CW

Fredricktown Cemetery (Today's Millfred Cem):

Old Section:

A. S. Conway (Service not given)
J. C. Carter, CW
J. M. Bane, CW
Joseph Taylor (Service not given)
G. H. Purwin "
Amos Queen, CW
Robert McGrady, CW
Marion Carter, CW
J. M. Carter, CW
Isaac Weaver, CW
H. G. Gapen, CW
George Ball (Service not given)
David Phillips, CW
H. G. Dales (Henry), CW
James Grey, CW
W. H. Ball, CW
Homer Harvey (Service not given)
J. E. Michener, CW

New Section:

William Black, CW
B. F. Hawthorne, CW
John Crouch, CW
Robert M. Block, CW
John Walters, W
John C. Sargent, Span Amer
Carl W. Hanson, W
Alfred Daugherty, CW
Enudie Socorsi, W

Westland Cemetery, Centerville, Pa.

Charles Quail, CW
Harry Flick, W
Glen Hancock, W
Marion Linton, CW
Eli Farquhar, CW
Collin R. Bayne, CW
Wm. H. Crouch, CW
Henry W. Richards, CW
Joseph E. Teal, CW
Robert Hormell, CW
Ezra Geho, CW
W. H. Hartley, CW
John Dabinette, CW
D. L. Ruble, CW
B. F. Morris, CW

Newkirk's Cemetery, Bentleyville, Penna

Samuel Jones, CW
Alpheus Crawford, CW
William Mitchell, CW
Thomas McClain, CW
George McClain, CW
John S. Lever, CW
Henry Lever, CW
John Lutes, CW
Joseph Cowan, CW
John Allen, CW
William Sprowls, CW
George Behannah, CW
Obediah Sprowls, CW

Crossroads Cem, Crossroads UP Church, Chartiers Twp:

Grave No. Name War

1 Marker of Unknown Soldier
2 Woods, Nathaniel Jr. Mexican War
3 Stewart, J. G. CW
4 Marshall, Edward Mexican War
5 Havlin, David CW
6 Moore, Hugh CW
7 Ryburn, James Rev. War
8 Woods, Nathaniel Sr. War of 1812
9 Arnold, John CW
10 Gillespie, Obediah CW
11 Woods, Henry C. Mexican War
12 Wright, J. L. CW
13 Moore, Joseph CW
14 Mull, John CW
15 Fergus, Hugh D. CW

St. Lukes Cem., Ellsworth, Pa.

1 Ritze, Joseph W
2 Jurkus, Justinas W
3 Karney, Frank W
4 Gordon, Mike W

Dutch Lutheran Cem, Daniels Farm near Ginger Hill, Fallowfield Twp.

1 Yohe, Michael Rev War
2 Cheesrown, Peter Rev War
3 Stecher, Christopher Rev War
4 Stecher, Lewis Rev War

East Buffalo Presby Ch. Cemetery, Buffalo Twp:

1 Earnest, Henry CW
2 Houston, John W. CW
3 Kendall, Lewis CW
4 Wilson, William CW
5 Tush, (no additional information)
6 Wolf, William CW
7 Kelly, James N. (M.) CW
8 Lowry, Fred K. CW
9 Luellen, William S. CW
10 Wolfe, Jacob Rev War

Oak Springs Cemetery, Canonsburg, Penna.

Sec Lot No. Name War

F 22 Balston, Samuel CW
F 202 Henry, Samuel War of 1812
F 204a Palmer, Thompson CW
F 204b Palmer, David CW
F 197 Stanford, John D. CW
F 200 Caughey, (no additional info)
G 48 Haught, Peter CW
G 32 French, C. Webster CW
G 29 Alexander, Urbana D. CW
G 11 Cowan, T. H. CW
G 50 Patzsch, Charles G. CW
G 66a Wright, Silas CW
G 66b Wilkinson, Thomas M. W
G 42 Malone, John CW
G 52 Watson, John M. CW
G 69 Hoch, George W. CW
G 37 Espy, Jesse S. CW
G 87a Murray, James McClees Spanish-Amer
G 87b Murray, George R. CW
G 73 Havelin, John (War not stated)
G 81 Henderson, R. A. CW
G 94 Crosson, Frank W
G 104 Lightholder, J. W. W
H 62 Jackson, Chauncy Spanish-Amer
H 63 Moyers, Abel CW
H 57a Snyder, Henry CW
H 57b McCahan, John CW
H 50 Morgan, James A. CW
H 36 Clyde, John CW
H 21 Perry, James CW
H 49 McDowell, Jacob CW
H 52 Campbell, William CW
H 32 Cummins, John CW
H 29 White, Samuel CW
H 14 Scheaff, Henry CW
I 7 Shepherd, Michael CW
I 19 McCabe, G. E. CW
I 30 Worstell, James CW
I 33 Patterson, Thomas CW
I 37 Scott, Robert D. CW
I 60 Kelso, Mark B. CW
I 63 Orr, Davis S. CW
K 18 Beazell, J. S. CW
K 21 Hull, P. T. CW
K 5 Little, G. V. W
K 34 Sample, P. J. Spanish-Amer
E 1a Malone, G. T. CW
E 1b Merriman, J. C. CW
E 1c Gur, J. H. CW
E 1d Brown, Joseph CW
E 1e Jones, W. M. CW
E 1f Ellifritz, G. W. CW
E 1g Briceland, Garland CW
E 1h Bowers, Alexander CW
E 1j Maggs, William CW
E 1k Cochran, Hugh CW
E 1l Mitchell, Robert CW
E 1m Chubic, James CW
E 1n Crawford, J. M. CW
E 1p Imm, Hubert W
E 1r Litter, Frank Ind. War
E 1s Campbell, Thomas W. W
E 1t Russell, William W. Span - Amer
E 1u Green, Albert Span - Amer
E 1v Rathbone, Samuel CW
E 1w No name Rev War
E 2a Hart, David CW
E 2b Paxton, John CW
E 2c Paxton, William H. CW
E 2e Paxton, Thomas CW
E 2d Paxton, Wilson N. CW
E 3 McClelland, John L. CW
E 4a Cook, J. V. H. CW
E 4b Cook, Katherine M. W
E 14 Day, Hester CW
E 15 Young, James B. CW
E 21 Champ, Stephen CW
E 22 Jackson, Thomas CW
E 23 Armstrong, James CW
E 25 Harsha, William G. CW
E 27 Smith, John P. W
E 29 Jackson, W. H. CW
E 30 Haft, Alexander T. CW
E 36 Wilson, Robert CW
E 39 Jones, George W. CW
E 41 Wilson, Joseph CW
E 56 Phillips, Joseph CW
E 59 Pollock, Oliver C.C. CW
E 62a McWilliams, Wm. J. CW
E 62b McWilliams, J. M. CW
E 65 Turner, Owen CW
G 17 Cowan, Frank Span - Amer
G 5a Cain, Matthew CW
G 5b Cain, Robert CW
G 2 Donaldson, J. B. CW
B 3 Thompson, Joseph CW
B 14 Alexander, J. W. CW
B 6 Rogers, D. B. CW
B 18 Johnson, John CW
B 33 Thompson, Robert M. CW
B 29 Phillips, John C. CW
B 23 Harbison, Adam CW
B 20a Huston, William S. CW
B 20b Huston, Alexander H. CW
B 10a Archer, David CW
B 10b Scroggs, J. A. CW
B 39 Quivey, James M. CW
A 31 Hiles, George CW
A 27 McGinnes, Harry CW
A 24 McNary, Oliver R. CW
A 16 Donaldson, Robert CW
A 7 Arnold, Levi CW
F 27(2) Haft, John War of 1812
F 34 Schaughency, Michael CW
F 27 Templeton, G. M. CW
F 237 (no burial indicated)
F 211b "
F 46 Wilson, Lt. A. M. CW
F 153 Storment, John CW
F 154 Pollock, Samuel Rev War
F 88b Coleman, A. A. CW
F 88a Coleman, Frank CW
F 6 Garrett, John B. CW
F 124 Linn, Col. Matthew (War not indicated)
F 108 Hagerty, William CW
F 134 Linn, Col. Moses Mexican War
F 190 Anderson, Maj. Matt. Rev. War/1812(?) [d. June 21, 1816]
F 59 McNary, Murray CW
F ? Fergus, S. M. CW [Samuel Martin, d. March 6, 1862]
F ? Fergus, H. D. CW [Hugh D., d. June 19, 1862]
F 81 Hughes, J. S. CW
F 85 Lee, James Rev. War
F 8 Clark, James CW
F 211a Johnson, J. B. CW
F 123 Dunlevy, Joshua L. CW
F 139 McBride, James H. CW
F 142 Douglas, M. V.(?) CW
F 175 Moss, Thomas CW
F 176 Havelin, William CW
F 180 Johnson, John CW
F 257 McNary, Dr. G.H. CW
F 267 Caster, G. W. CW [George W., d. Jan 7, 1911]
F 268 Boon, R. M. CW
J 94 Grubbs, J. W. CW
J 3 Gibson, S. G. W
J 77 McConnell, A. W. CW
J 64 Whitley, W. A. W
L 1 Neill, John CW
L 17 Johnston, William J. CW
L 28 Holleran, W. C. W
L 62 Kerr, L. A. National Guardsman
L 72 McKnight, H. O. W
L 76a Cuthbertson, Robert Span-Amer
L 76b Eckstein, Paul F. W
L 107 Malone, George V. W

Block Row Grave Name War

2 1 7 Stamatis, N. H. W
2 2 8 McGill, J. H. D. CW
3 1 11 O'Brien, David W
4 1 15 Briggs, Elias CW
4 3 18 Welch, G. V. W
7 1 1 Manes, O. L. W
7 1 3 Donnelly, William W
7 2 6 Hanley, Edward W
9 3 13 Holmes, J. O. W
9 4 5 Russell, Joseph W
9 4 7 Ossessia, D. G. W
14 2 11 Jones, J. W. Span - Amer
14 3 1 White, E. I. W
14 3 11 Jones, James W
14 3 20 Davis, A. C. W
10 1 18 Campbell, Glen National Gdsman
10 3 10 Robinson, Joseph Span - Amer
10 3 22 Baumgardner, J. F. W
9 4 21 Gibbs, Thomas M. Span - Amer
6 3 Kisner, William W

South Buffalo or Brownlee Cem., Buffalo Twp

Grave No. Name War

1 Sawhill, H. L. CW
2 Knox, George CW
3 Howe, John C. CW
4 Marshal, Thomas CW
5 Brownlee, Thomas Rev War
6 Craig, Alexander Rev War
7 Hutchinson, James Rev War
8 Auld, David War of 1812
9 Auld, James Rev War
10 McClelland, John Rev War

Lone Oak M.E. Church Cemetery, Amwell Twp.

1 Sibert, John CW

Covenanter Cemetery, Chartiers Twp.

1 Hunter, W. J. CW

Hill Cemetery, Grable Farm now J. Gratz Farm (then)
North Bethelehem Twp.

1 Spohn, Harrison CW

Mt. Zion Cemetery, Carroll Twp.

Lot No. Grave Ltr. Name War

B Byers, Jerome CW
11 Yohe, Noah W. CW
26 DeGarmo, Hiram CW
39 Stacher, Peter CW
47 Cratty, David C. CW
49 Byers, David J. CW
54 Holland, John CW
54 Holland, Harry Span - Amer
61 Sloan, John CW
75 Coates, Rev. C.S. CW
100 Baxter, James W. CW
104 Noel, Lewis R. CW
114 Stacher, John CW
Not indicated Althouse, George B. CW

Horn Cemetery, North Bethlehem Twp., J. M. Horn Estate (at that time)

Sec Gr No Name War

Russian 1 Masbuckoff, Samuel W
" 2 Zlatnikoff, John W
" 3 Cole, Mike W
" 4 Evans, Mike Not indicated

Lot No. Gr No 

8 1 Poyner, Leslie G. W
38 2 White, Harry G. W

Bethel Lutheran Cem, Somerset Twp.

Grave No. Name War

1 McCollester, Thomas CW
2 Sumney, Boyd E. CW

North Buffalo U.P. Cemetery, Buffalo Twp.

Old Section
Grave No. 1 Neely, David French CW
2 Richardson, Jacob CW
3 Porter, Hugh Jr. CW
4 Morris, Richard H. CW
(Not indicated) Brownlee, William Rev War
" McKeen, Thomas (Not indicated)
" Wylie, Robert Rev War

Mt. Calvary Cemetery, Roscoe, Penna.

Grave No. Name War

1 Petrucci, Lugi W
2 Alfano, Pasquale W
3 Unknown W
4 Compise, Angelo W
5 Smolinski, Felix W
6 McNally, Capt. Patrick Span-Amer
7 Webster, Helen W
8 McFadden, D. C. CW
9 Corona, John W
(not given) Colombine, George (not indicated)
" Caratozollo, Rocco W
" Golle, Christopher Span-Amer
" Juginsky, Frank W
" Kayda, Paul W
" Paxton, William S. W
" Tenant, Alfred (not indicated)
" Tenant, James H. W

Taylor's Cemetery, Centerville Boro.

Sec Lot Name War

B 155 Gardiner, Ralph W
B 153 Wright, Luke CW
B 153 Wright, Edward Span-Amer
B 153 Wright, Wm. H. CW
B 141 Burkhart, Eli CW
B 140 Sword, L.M. W
B 136 Krepps, S. W. CW
B 123 Weaver, Abraham V. CW
B 103 Brock, William H. CW
A 96 Moffitt, James CW
A 94 Fitzsimmons, J. F. CW
A 82 Bowman, J. H. CW
A 64 Britton, George CW
A 56 Williams, James CW
A 56 Williams, Solomon CW
A 132 Zinanni, Eugene W
A 15 Williams, William CW
A 8 Rager, Aza W
Old G-1 Dewyer, W. C. CW
" G-2 Hess, John B. CW
" G-3 Quail, Harvey C. CW
" G-4 Brock, J. R. CW
" G-5 Herron, Robert CW
" G-7 Wright, Joseph CW
" G-11 Reed, Thomas CW
" G-12 Ward, Thomas CW
" G-13 Taylor, Robert G. CW
(Not indicated) Gholson, Samuel B. W
" Gibson, John H. CW
" Moffit, Hopkins CW
" Patton, Cadwallder E. W
" Rager, William W
" Reitz, Joseph W
" Rogers, Michael W
" Whitehead, Frank B. W

Upper Buffalo Cemetery, Old & New Sections, Hopewell Twp.

Lot No. Name War

B-63 Clark, Robert (Not indicated)
D-35 Donkle, Thomas "
D-49 McConkey, Isaac "
D-91 Hunter, W. W. "
Old 1 McGill, W. F. "
2 McLaughlin, Andrew W. CW
3 Hunter, John J. CW
4 Hunter, James C. CW
5 Anderson, James CW
6 Lowery, John Jr. (Not indicated)
7 Farrar, John C. "
8 Templeton, W. F. CW
9 Templeton, Aaron CW
10 Thompson, James H. CW
11 Brown, Silas S. W
12 McKee, James W. CW
13 Willy, John CW

Stoney Point Cemetery, East Finley Twp.

Grave No. Name War

1 Sprowls, George CW
2 Sprowls, Jesse CW
3 Polon, Abraham CW
4 McCoy, Alexander (Not specified)
5 Brownlee, John CW

Reynolds Burying Ground, E.C. Doak Farm, S. Strabane Twp.

1 Reynolds, Z. (Not specified)
2 Reynolds, Benedict "

Zion U. B. Cemetery, Donegal Twp.

Old Section
1 Miller, Robert A. W
2 Sim, Gilbert M. CW
3 Miller, William CW
New Section
29 Miller, George (Not specified)
(Not specified) Barr, A. C. CW 
" Mull, Louis Raymond W

Mt. Hermon Bapt. Ch. Cemetery, Amwell Twp.

1 Murray, Charles CW
2 Sutton, Lemuel CW
3 Curry, Wm. Bromley CW
4 Throckmorton, Judson CW
5 Hendershot, David CW

Burgettstown Presby Cem, Smith Twp.

1 Leopold, John CW
2 Forrester, Samuel CW
3 Link, J. CW
4 Cheeks, William H. CW
5 Lowry, Thomas CW
6 Berryhill, J. S. CW
7 Anderson, G. S. CW
8 Richards, John CW
9 Garrison, J. CW
10 Penny, George CW

Ten Mile Dunkard Cemetery, W. Beth.Twp.

1 Meeks, Joseph CW
2 Anderson, Thomas CW (Medal of Honor)

Burgettstown U.P. Cemetery, Smith Twp.

1 Dugan, James Span-Amer
2 Galbraith, W. P. CW
3 Derry, John CW
4 Ringler, Cyrus CW
5 Brown, Thomas CW
6 Chambers, John CW
7 Todd, John CW
8 Chambers, George CW
(Not specified) Galbraith, Robert CW

Norris Family Plot (Colored), Crow Farm, Fallowfield Twp.

No lot specified Norris, Jacob CW

California Cemetery, California, Penna.

Lot No. Name War

1 Reader, James CW
2 Devers, Henry CW
3 Lopp, John Sr. CW
4 Smith, Louis E. CW
5 Harris, Michael War of 1812
6 Miller, John CW
7 Hornbake, Jacob CW
8 Rommell, Fredrick CW
9 McDonal, R. A. CW
10 McCain, James CW
11 Harris, Jonah CW
12 Husk, Isaac CW
13 Powell, A. G. CW
14 Walker, G. B. CW
15 Lancaster, D. H. CW
16 Melchi, E. R. CW
17 Melchi, W. W. CW
18 Crow, John N. CW
19 Watson, James CW
20 Fitsimons, Hamilton CW
21 Truxal, N. W. CW
22 Able, W. L. CW
23 Truxal, Foster CW
24 Dawson, I. T. CW
25 Keeth, George CW
26 McCreary, Robert CW
27 Shutterly, David CW
28 Dever, Harry CW

Washington Cemetery, Community Mausoleum.

Section Crypt No. Name War

A 19 Walters, J. J. CW
A 31 Bell, Hazlett M. CW
B 5 Day, Stephen B. CW
B 35 Stewart, R. S. CW
E 7 Easterbrook, Thomas CW
E 31 Horn, J. N. CW
G 15 Dalton, M. M. CW
In Br. H 4 Vanatta, Daniel W. CW

Single Graves, Block 2, Washington Cem.,Washington, Pa.

Grave No. Name War

C-2 Bebout, William H. CW
C-4 Spence, August CW
C-13 Wright, Thurman H. W
C-31 Bedillion, William N. CW
C-42 Noble, James CW
D-41 Tenny, William CW
* E-7 Kane, Jeremiah CW
E-23 Holt, John G. Span-Amer
F-2 Wilkinson, Frank L. CW
F-3 Dentzer, Jacob CW
F-6 Burns, Nathaniel CW
G-50 Long, Harry CW
I-13 Gump, George L. W
*E-8 Cain, Jerimiah CW

*The same?

Block 3, Washington Cemetery, Washington, Pa.

Grave No. Name War

C-6 McCauley, A. C. Span-Amer
C-9 McMullen, Marvin W
C-35 Welsh, C.C. CW
D-9 Day, Joseph CW
D-12 Irish, Horner M. W
D-25 Black, Robert W. W
E-48 Gray, Lydia (Not specified)
F-6 Schaefer, Ray J. Span-Amer
F-48 Yanders, George W. CW

Block 4, Washington Cemetery, Washington, Pa.

A-6 Berry, Abraham CW
A-7 Berry, E. (Not specified)
A-17 Cain, George (Not specified)

Block 9, Washington Cemetery, Washington, Pa.

C-1 Hill, James S. W
F-17 Thomas, Richard A. CW
F-28 Dillard, John W. W
H-14 Warren, John W
I-4 Hill, Theodor A. W

Block 17, Washington Cemetery, Washington, Pa.

E-4 Woodruff, George L. W
F-9 Headley, James M. CW
G-22 McCartney, Joseph S. W
J-32 Marshall, Henry J. W
K-24 Falkire, H (Not specified)
B-28 Brookman, Peyton W

Section B, Washington Cemetery

Lot No. Name War

3 Hayes, William A. CW
4E Forrest, George CW
4W Griffith, Samuel T. CW
12 Jordon, J. J. CW
14 Smith, Alexander V. CW
15 Saunders, Joseph M. CW
19 Forrest, Richard R. CW
22 Beck, J. W. CW
24 Linsley, Eliza CW
26 Clemens, John H. CW
42 Stocking, James S. CW
43 McVehil, James CW
47C Mechlin, L. D. CW
50 Craft, William S. CW
54 West, Jacob CW
59 Paxton, F. M. CW
67 Ecker, A. Hart Span-Amer
85 Libby, W. B. CW
91 Prall, Henry L. CW
92 Long, W. K. CW
104 Post, W. B. CW
105 Wilson, William J. Mexican
110 Miller, Julius CW
115 Metzener, S.M. CW
116N Kenedy, James B. CW
116S Kenedy, Peter CW
127 Wolf, Wesley CW
132 Hutchinson, Thomas B. CW
140 Eckles, Samuel CW
146 Lennox, Lewis CW
150 Klevis, Ferdinand CW

Section E, Washington Cemetery.

Lot No. Name War

69 Irons, J. F. Mexican
56 Scott, R. A. CW
60 (1) Flenders, W. H. CW
60 (2) Flenders, John CW
74 Creigh, W. T. CW
77 Smith, W. W. CW
81 Freeby, G. W. CW
87 Brown, Francis CW
94 Porter, S. M. CW
96 Rehn, C. Span - Amer
120 Wilson, S. L. CW
126 Fulton, John CW
136 Gabby, W. A. CW
132 Mason, Jr. Robert W. W
156 Edgar, J. T. (Not specified)
199 Conrad, John CW
200 Hagan, Robert CW
201 Sayer, C. B. CW
208 Hill, J. B. CW
213 Sayer, J. P. CW
163 Conger, J. S. (Not specified)
171 McKinley, H. B. CW
168 Johnston, Thomas R. (Not specified)
22 Vance, Isaac CW
13 Davis, S. A. CW
23 Morgan, Col. George Rev War
23 (2) Hopper, A. G. CW
27 Marshel, Jr., John CW
26 Fitzwilliams, J. B. CW
180 Dougherty, J. W. CW
187 Boone, G. C. W
188 Barlow, F.S. CW
188 (2) Barlow, F. J. War of 1812
190 Baird, John Rev War
190 (2) Baird, Dr. A. Rev War
111 Foster, T. R. CW
30 Reed, G. W. CW
30 (2) Reed, R. R. CW
30 (3) Reed, R. A. CW
31 Young, R. A. CW
32 Templeton, J. A. CW
32 (2) Templeton, D. A. CW
34 Wishart, J. W. CW
107 Crumrine, Boyd CW
142 Weirick, Jacob War of 1812
142 (2) Weirick, John S. CW
41 Clark, J. R. CW
116 Vankirk, William CW
129 Hazlett, William CW
69 Irons, Joseph W. War of 1812

Section F, Washington Cemetery.

Lot No. Name War
121 McKinney, Wilber CW

137 Verner, William C. CW

108 Ward, Ross W. Span-Amer

Section G, Washington Cemetery.

5 McKennan, William Rev War
9 (1) Acheson, J. W. CW
9 (2) Acheson, David CW
20 Underwood, W. H. CW
39 Rettig, Samuel CW
49 (1) Rankin, Alexander CW
49 (2) Rankin, T. L. F. CW
54 Quail, James CW
56 Wishart, David CW
57 Brown, Henry CW
64 Koontz, P. P. CW
117 Streator, P. M. W
Near 108 Blackhurst, J. K. CW
107 Shidler, E. J. Span-Amer
93 McDonough, J. B. CW
85 Kirk, J. T. CW
74 Fulton, S. F. W
70 Eagleson, A. S. CW
43 Dye, W. L. CW
76 VanKirk, John CW
47(1) Brady, G. H. Span-Amer
Kelly Vault Lockart, George CW
95 Hodgens,Ralph M. Spen-Amer
101 Baird, James CW
47 (2) Brady, David CW
67 Copehart, Henry Dr. CW
18 Grayson, (no first name) War of 1812

Section I, Washington Cemetery.

44 Ames, E. H. CW
38 Barr, G. L. CW
46 Bartlet, Edward CW
76 (1) Carter, H. R. CW
76 (2) Carter, C. W. CW
76 (3) Carter, J. C. W
45 Covert, R. L. CW
33 Davis, George CW
8 Fergus, S. P. CW
39 Hart, William CW
5 Hughes, S. G. W
86 Jones, G. O. CW
11 Marsh, L. M. CW
42 Murray, J. H. CW
10 McClay, J. M. CW
98 McKeag, Moses CW
56 Parkes, A. G. CW
45 Ramsey, J. D. CW
57 Riggle, C. CW
40 Sharp, M. CW
21 Spangler, J. A. CW
35A Weirick, W. H. Span-Amer
64 Hancock, Glen W

Section K, Washington Cemetery.

Lot No. Name War

4 Ewing, G. C. CW
6 Wolf, A. C. CW
7a Christman, G. R. Span-Amer
7b Christman, E. L. CW
9 Dagg, T. L. CW
17 Lennox, John A. CW
27 Brightwell, W. F. W
28 Freeman, G. W. CW
32 Henderson, O. P. CW
33 Ecker, T. M. W
34 Wilson, James Span-Amer
38 Ross, J. W. CW
39 Cox, Marshal CW
44 Grim, W. L. CW
49 Burke, William CW
50 Anderson, J. A. CW
51 McCallister, H. J. CW
52 Hughes, J. L. CW
57 Moser, H. C. CW
141 Ballinger, Levi J. CW
27 Brightwell, Walter W
59a Graham, Benjamin CW
59b Mounts, A. Q. CW
64 Higgins, Joshua CW
69 French, Enoc CW
70 Gaston, Alexander CW
73 Hart, Mason CW
76 Mounts, R. G. CW
79 Cline, Ollie Span-Amer
82 Mounts, Don V. W
81a Cummins, J. A. W
81b Thompson, G. W. CW
83 Booth, Nelson CW
90 Singleton, Isaac J. (Not specified)
100 Wallace, W. T. N. CW
101a Greer, J. Wm. CW
101b Core, J. F. CW
101c Core, Paul A. A. Span-Amer
101d Temple, John B. CW
111 Radcliff, W. M. J. CW
119 Aiken, John CW
122 Bane, Gilbert CW
132a Schaulis, John A. Span-Amer
132b Braden, James Span-Amer
134 Jones, Wilbert L. W
140 Harter, Geo. H. CW
142 Mowery, Daniel B. CW
148 Templeton, Samuel M. CW
159 Denny, William Span-Amer
161 Wheatley, James CW
166 Lowery, Wray W. W
170 Swart, Henry CW
180 Boreland, M. H. Span-Amer
182 Seaburn, W. M. CW
186 Wright, Robert W
188 Ramsey, Wm. G. CW
190 Anchors, A. W. CW
189 Elliot, Jacob CW
192 Hooy, Peter CW
198 Stewart, R. A. W
209 Davis, J. E. W
154 Ryan, B. F. CW

Washington Cemetery, Washington, Penna.
Soldier's Section "L" as shown on the Soldiers Burial Maps, Planning Commission, County Building, Washington, Pa.

#1 thru #9 are not allocated.
#10 STAHL, George W. Spanish-American War
#11 thru 17 are not allocated.
#18 FINDLEY, James W
#19 GROSS, Eli CW
#20 ADAMS, Thomas CW
#21 JACKSON, William CW
#22 MCGILL, Elias CW
#23 PATTERSON, Robert CW
#24 BAKER, John G. CW
#25 BROWN, Joseph CW
#26 ROSS, William B. CW
#27 SKINNER, Ephriam (sic) CW
#28 ALLEN, Robert Cw
#29 LINDLEY, Cyrus CW
#31 YOUNG, Captain William CW
#32 BILLINGS, Stephen CW
#33 HALL, Thomas R. CW
#34 KINNAN, Stephen R. CW
#35 ALLEN, John CW
#36 ROSS, Will CW
#37 FARLEY, Sidney CW
#39 WOLFE, Jacob CW
#40 COLVILLE, James W. CW
#41 CARTER, Frank CW
#42 SCHMIDT (No other info)
#43 PRATTON, John CW
#44 HUSTON, William CW
#46 MANNING, John O. CW
#47 GREER, Thomas CW
#48 HALEY, John CW
#49 ROSS, Samuel CW
#50 JOHNSON, George W. CW
#51 COLLIN, Walter CW
#52 NEWMAN, John CW
#53 PYE, Thomas CW
#54 BISSETT, Calvin H. CW
#55 PIPES, Samuel CW
#56 BRYANT, Allen CW
#57 SKINNER, Armsted CW
#58 CHAPMAN, Timothy CW
#59 DAVIS, Jonathan Spanish-American War
#60 COX, George CW
#61 JOHNSON, Robert CW
#62 BOLDON, Moses CW
#63 HENDERSON, Edward CW
#64 LEWIS, David CW
#65 BRADY, James P. Spanish-American War
#66 FISHER, Homer W
#67 BELCHER, Jonas W
#68 HALL, William W
#69 thru #75 not allocated.
#76 DIGGS, William C. W
#77 thru #98 not allocated
#99 GRETES, Giffin W
#100 MAZE, George David W
#101 DEAN, Warren B. CW
#102 COX, Lawrence W
#103 HADDOW (Haddon?) No infomation
#104 TAYLOR, Frank G. W
#105 ROBERTS, Charles Y. Span-Amer War
#106 MARSH, James H. " " "
#107 MORGAN, Dennis W
#108 THOMAS, William E. W
#109 TOLIVER, George W
#110 WASHINGTON, Howard E. W
#111 JOHNSON, Arthur J. W
#112 JOHNSON, George W. Span-Amer War
#113 FREEMAN, Phillip W. CW
#114 WOODSON, Harry W
#115 CURRY, William F. CW
#116 BAKER, W. H. CW
#117 HALL, Henry CW
#118 MILLER, James CW
#119 WILLIAMSON, Samuel CW
#120 JACKSON, Charles CW
#121 BRYANT, John Span-Amer War
#122 YOUNG, William A. CW
#123 and #124 not allocated.
#125 SIBERT, Russell W (Dr. Bell's best friend)
#126 BAKER, Clark CW
#127 ROSS, J. F. CW
#128 DEVER, John W. CW
#129 RUSH, Thomas CW
#130 RIGLLE (sic), Andrew J. CW (Riggle?)
#131 BANE, William P. CW (Is he the one 7'+?)
#132 HAGER, Abijah N. CW
#133 MACKEY, James E. CW
#134 HOWELL, Henry CW
#135 DICKINSON, William J. CW
#136 LEWIS, George F. CW
#137 LEWIS, James CW
#138 DONNELLY, Francis CW
#139 LACOCK, Albert S. CW
#140 HORNISH, Christian CW
#141 GRAIN, A. B. CW
#142 CUMMINGS, Abraham CW
#144 ALLEN, Amos (War not indicated)
#145 WILSON, Samuel CW
#146 HAUGHT, T. B. CW
#147 DECKER, S. F. CW
#148 DONEHUE, James CW
#149 RIDGEWAY, Warren CW
#150 ALGEO, Thomas CW
#151 SMALLEY, John :-) CW
#152 ZELT, John CW
#153 LACOCK, Atlas CW
#154 PIPES, Stephen D. CW
#155 ROOPE (No additional info)
#156 NICHOLLS, Erasmus H. CW
#157 HALL, Albert CW
#158 BENNETT, Martin CW
#159 GARDNER, William CW
#160 SMITH, George W. CW
#161 COUNTEE, G. W. CW
#162 TAYLOR, James CW
#163 TERRIS, Jerry L. CW
#165 JACKSON, Lewis CW
#166 BAILEY, George CW
#167 BELT, Samuel CW
#168 HAMILTON, George CW
#169 DAVIS, Nathaniel CW
#170 REDMAN, Bainer CW
#171 TOBIAS, Samuel CW
#172 STEWART, Alfred CW
#173 WEST, John CW
#174 SMITH, Henderson CW
#175 CORBIN, Alvin D. W
#176 COTTON, Allen W
#177 WHITE, Lloyd W
#178 CALHOUN, James T. W
#179 PENNICK, Joseph C. W
#180 LEE, William G. W
#181 Not allocated
#182 MILLER, Jacob CW
#184 MCCARTNEY (No additional info)
#185 REED, William H. W
#186 CLARK, John Span-Amer War
#187 BARD, Hiram J. Span-Amer War and W
#188 FRIZZLE, Frank W
#189 thru #192 not allocated
#193 DOBBS, Clifton W
#194 HALL, John W
#195 thru #211 not allocated
#212 STANLEY, Jacob CW
#213 PORTER, Samuel C. CW
#214 LEONARD, Frank M. CW
#215 BOYD, Rees CW
#216 TODD, Nathaniel Barney CW
#217 NANGLE, Andrew J. CW
#218 SPENCE, Elijah CW
#219 GRATZ, John CW
#220 LANG, Christopher CW
#221 MORRIS, Walter R. W
#222 CORBLEY, Andrew CW
#223 LOUGHMAN, Robert CW
#224 BREESE, Mofford G. W
#225 BUCHANAN, William CW
#226 KNIGHT, Joseph CW
#227 DURBIN, Benjamin F. CW
#228 KNIGHT, William CW
#229 DUNGAN, William H. CW
#230 HERRICK, Henry A. CW
#231 PAULSON, Elam P. CW
#232 ALLEN, John CW
#234 thru #252 not allocated.

Section M, Washington Cemetery.

Lot No. Name War

242 Baker, D. W. CW
200 Day, Leroy W. CW
243 Dulaney, W. J. Span-Amer
255 Dunlap, E. N. CW
301 Dunn, P. W. W
316 Gaston, J. W. CW
233 Harter, James S. CW
291 Hatfield, Abe. CW
274 Herrod, Thomas CW
204 Leslie, Peter CW
372 Loucks, Frank H. W
227 McCausland, Jonathan V. CW
222 McDowell, S. B. W
206 Sharp, Isaac CW
236 Smith, A. L. CW
236 (2) Smith, C. N. Span-Amer
262 VanKirk, A. J. CW
293 Ward, J. K. P. CW
254 Wonsettler, D. L. CW
240 Whitesides, F. D. W
306 Zediker, Charles W
360 Foringer, John A. W
242 Baker, David B. CW
220 (no name specified) Span-Amer

Section North Half of M, Washington Cemetery.

4 Work, S. C. CW
9 Wilson, A. D. Span-Amer
10a Linn, T. B. CW
10b Linn, M. P. CW
22a Baldwin, J. S. CW
22b Claffey, W. M. CW
25 Baker, E. D. W
27 Iseman, David CW
31 Bebout, T. C. (Not specified)
34 Henderson, J. B. CW
48 Berry, Preston CW
49 Wolf, Simon C. CW
54 Seal, Harold W
55 Oller, William CW
60 Lloyd, G. W. CW
69 Jack, S. W. CW
74a Adams, J. S. CW
74b Adams, Walter W
80 Burroughs, M. C. CW
82 Mounts, Enoch CW
88 Dougan, H. M. CW
138 McClelland, John W
134a Morton, R. S. CW
134b Carroll, W. D. CW
129 Asbury, W. R. W
127 Jefferson, L. R. W
118 Jefferson, L. R. (s/a?) (Not specified)
116 Redman, D. K. CW
114 Crocket, A. CW
115 White, J. M. CW
102 Black, H. H. CW
103 Criswell, Rosy CW
163 Brice, J. G. CW
181 Wheeler, Alonzo CW
426 Harris, A. W. W
419 Anderson, G. A. Span-Amer
409 Wheeler, B. H. W
110 Johnson, Walter Span-Amer

Section N, Washington Cemetery.

Lot No. Name War

41 Wilson, D. H. L. W
48 Lehman, C. G. W
39 Brindley, O. A. W
61 Schlaseman, J. A. (Not specified)
113 Chester, J. S. CW
114 Linton, E. S. W
111 Ely, J. C. Jr. W
68 Fulton, R. H. CW
69 Wood, D. R. W
138 Hendershott, J. F. CW
78 Young, Rev. T. W. CW
78 Young, Dr. Thomas Span-Amer
102 Miller, J. E. CW
101 Cundall, W. H. Span-Amer
99 Lindley, C. M. CW
131 Patterson, J. CW
88 McLeash, John CW
88 McLeash, Charles (Not specified)
125 Beugler, L. E. CW
92 Quinn, L. R. W
168 Whitehill, L. L. W
1 Hawkins, T. B. Span-Amer & W
1 Hawkins, A. L. Span-Amer
17 Forest, J. K. CW
128 Tucker, J. CW
70 Clutter, George Ivan W

Section O, Washington Cemetery.

12 Hart, A. L. CW
14 Barrows, C. V. W
16 Mowry, R. G. CW
21 McKeown, B.D. J. Span-Amer
31 Donaldson, D. T. W
35 Bell, J. F. CW
43 McNulty, C. J. CW
45 Hughes, James CW
54 Brownlee, G. V. Span-Amer
49 Pollock, J. W. CW
60 Pollock, W. T. CW
61 Dunbar, R. W. W
70 Jennings, J. R. W
74 Nesbit, R. D. CW
80 Bebout, L. O. W
79 Smith, H. L. Span-Amer
85 McKinney, A. CW
38 Price, C. D. W
40 Lytle, D. A. W
40 (2) Lytle, C. D. CW
95 Duncan, H. B. Span-Amer
106 McAdams, D. V. CW
108 Mayo, A. H. CW
110 Dever, C. R. (Chauncy?) CW
107 Anderson, J. A. CW
112 Craighead, T. CW
118 Swartzfeger, Charles CW
42 Lewis, J. W. CW
129 Mounts, Richard CW
59 Brownlee, (no name given) (no war specified)
37 Clark, " "
81 Thompson, R. L. CW
37 Clarke, James A. W
14 Barrows, Walter F. Span-Amer

Section P, Washington Cemetery.

Lot No. Name War

28 Lane, C. M. W
19 Knox, A. A. W
43 Bell, Hamilton M. CW
43 (2) Bell, Raphield S. CW
44 Richardson, S. C. CW
66 McKean, John CW

Section Q, Washington Cemetery.

40 Spanier, Marcus W
55 Barney, Aaron S. W
60 Spragg, James E. Span-Amer
67 Heany, B. F. W
72 Zimmerman, Earl W
85 Cage, Emmitt W
117 Day, Homer C. W
118 Bobe, Frederick W
128 Lenhart, Curtis R. W
129 Gary, George C. CW
168 Margerum, Homer J. W
241 Jordan, Frank R. W
219 Davies, William R.(or A.) W

Section R, Washington Cemetery.

20 Armstrong, Samuel CW
35 Brown, Thomas J. CW
48 Evans, C. W. W
58 Lackey, Harold J. W
63 Peters, John M. Span-Amer
70 King, Thomas E. W
75 Calvert, Daniel W
90 Mattock, W. C. (not specified)
94 Gooden, Leonard CW
108 Clark, John S. CW
111 Marshall, Edward K. W
112 Paden, James A. W
115a Speck, E. W. (not specified)
115b Scott, James H. Span-Amer
114 Sheppard, James L. W
120 Bridges, Walter R. W
130 McCullough, Edward W. W
137L Bromley, Charles H. Span-Amer
137R Bromley, Leonard M. CW
150 Scott, A. J. (not specified)
154 Lloyd, Percy W
159 Miller, Thomas M. CW
201 Graham, John A. Span-Amer
214 Kelley, Wilbert S. W
218 Lyons, B. F. W
230 Martin, Samuel CW
247 Bishop, Frank E. Span-Amer
195 Farabee, William C. W
254 Leyson, Reese W
255 Roupe, Lindsay CW
67 Pettit, Eddie R. W
45 Watters, William J. W
86 Brown, James L. W
94 Cassidy, Lee Leo W
33 Kelly, W. Raymond W

Section S, Washington Cemetery.

159 Hainer, Charley W
160 Beck, George H. W
66 Brightwell, William N. W
514A Henry, Rush S. W

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