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Nathan Zipfel at PA Roots supplied an index of the biographies concerning Washington County PA.

Thank you Nathan !

In addition, 5,692 records posted on the PA-Roots DataBoards concern Washington County

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Biography notes for Charlotte, daughter of John Williamson from Philadelphia to near Fort Pitt to Cincinnati, OH

Note: Clicking on a letter link takes you to an alphabetical list of the biographies.  From there, you can click to read the biography on PA-Roots.

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Hackney, Charles E. 373326
Hackney, Clark M. 373054
Haines, Dempsey D., MD 373454
Hall, D. Nelson 373437
Hall, Gen. John 372892
Hall, Gen. John 372897
Hall, John G. 372967
Hall, Thomas Montgomery 373132
Hallam, Alexander 373431
Hallam, Charles F. 373138
Hallam, George T. 373246
Hallam, Glenn George 373197
Hallam, John W. 373183
Hallam, Lewis 436374
Hambry, Frank B. 442789
Hamilton, Alexander 373012
Hamilton, Harold Alexander 372851
Hamilton, Harry D. 445165
Hancher, D. O. 373429
Hanna, Hugh 372812
Hanna, Hugh, MD 373131
Hanna, William H. 450940
Happer, Maj. Andrew Gardner 372957
Happer, Maj. Andrew Gardner 372853
Harbison, John M. 448845
Harding, C. V. 373291
Hardy, James E. 373242
Harper Bros. 438916
Harper, James C. 438885
Harris, Nathaniel E. 445284
Harsha, Charles Lloyd, M. D. 372868
Harsha, George Vance 449324
Harshman, Jacob M. 373093
Harshman, W. T. 447188
Hart, David 372938
Hart, Dunning 372869
Hart, Guy 452185
Hart, Thomas R. 373209
Hart, W. M. 412939
Hastings, E. W. 450765
Haube, Joseph J. 437003
Hawkins, Col. Alexander L. 373354
Hawkins, William Newton 373051
Hayden, Harry B. 373126
Hayes, Robert R. 372831
Hayward, James B. 452231
Hazen, William 437437
Hazlett, E. M. (M. D.) 447420
Hazlett, Samuel L. 373296
Hazlett, William 445662
Heany, Rev. Brainerd F. 373447
Heffran, James T. 435852
Henderson, J. B. 372963
Henderson, James L. 372875
Henderson, Matthew 372825
Henry, Robert J. 442251
Hepler, J. A. 372995
Herron, Joseph Alexander 372870
Herron, Matthew C. 452388
Hertzog/Hartsock, Conradt & Henry 372823
Hess, John F. 373315
Hetherington, Remembrance Lindsay 373493
Higbe, James H. 373542
Hill, C. E. 445288
Hill, H. H., MD 438484
Hill, James R. 452243
Hill, Thomas 447219
Hillis, John 372822
Hindman, A. O., M. D. 372920
Hockley, William 373494
Hodge, Bennett H. 373520
Hodgens, James 373193
Holland, John Banks 439248
Holland, John Banks, Hon. 445698
Holleran, James 443489
Holliday, Benjamin 443488
Holmes, John S. 373007
Hoon, James Dallas 372964
Hopper, James G. 439958
Horn, Andrew 373325
Horn, J. Newton 439521
Horn, William M. 373480
Hornbake, George S. 435380
Hornbake, Joseph D. 372882
Hornbake, Oliver O. 438685
Horner, Hiram C. 373099
Hott, James J. 372893
Hough, Samuel J. T. 373515
Hough, William 442770
Houston, William Boyle 373035
Howarth, William James 373087
Hoxworth, John Adam 373307
Hoyt, W. W. 373124
Hughes, Workman, Jr. (first part) 444060
Humphries, Howard F. 438489
Hunter, John A. 467719
Hunter, John A. 450824
Hunter, Joseph W., M. D. 411820
Hunter, N. C. 433532
Hunter, William W. 373147
Hupp, Joseph 373457
Huston, James D. 373290
Hutchison, John S. 443042


Hackney to Hutchison Surnames


INSTRUCTIONS:  To go to a specific biography, the URL would be http://www.pa-roots.org/data/read.php?811, 
after the "811," you would put for example (comma)373342
so that the complete URL would be http://www.pa-roots.org/data/read.php?811,373342 

- this example is for the first one on the list "Abbott, William".

HINT: Open Word Pad or Note Pad, copy in http://www.pa-roots.org/data/read.php?811
Next, add ONE COMMA.  Then, add the number next to the name. 
Now, copy the whole URL and put it in your browser.



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