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Driving Tour of Fallowfield Twp Today
based on Caldwell Atlas 1876 map for
Fallowfield Township;
Washington Co., PA
with boundaries of
Bentleysville (Bentleyville), Somerset Twp;
Good Intent, W. Finley Twp.

Written by Nikki of the Charleroi Historical Society
Bold added by the Webmaster

See Caldwell Atlas 1876 map for Fallowfield Township; Washington Co., PA (bottom)

A Verbal Tour with Current Day Directions - in regards to landed individuals found in the Caldwell's 1876 map of Fallowfield Twp.

At the top of the hill (5th St. Ext. from Charleroi) was the land of 1st, Smith FRY, then 2nd, Reazen FRYE - where the top of Rodger's "Manor" Lane is located.   Dutton SHANNON was located at the junction of that road (on WEST side of road) and today's 4th St./Walnut Ridge Road coming up from North Charleroi/Lock 4 - across from where the old #4 School House once sat (before going on "Garbage Dump Road" or Dairy Road to the old Wilson Farm (near junction of Expressway 43) at Horseshoe Bottom/Coyle Curtain Road.  The cemetery is a short distance above where the Wilson House once sat at the corner. 

If you turn at that junction to the LEFT, then you would be passing (on the left) the Wm. H. Crawford Farm (now cut asunder by the expressway) before getting to where N. Van Voorhis's place was, at the "Y" (going to right is a place long time called "The Mint") on Coyle Curtain Road, and the D. W. Furnier Farm would have been on the LEFT.  But if you turn LEFT and go to the stop sign you have just junctioned with Rte 481 on the hilLEFT On your LEFT  would have been the old #5 school house.

{Almost across, but to the RIGHT, then to the LEFT  - just a very short distance -  is Truman Road where Jn. Withrow and then Wm. Beazell farms were located.  This road takes you down to junction with the Redd's Mill Road} Further on Redd's Mill Road was the Israel Young Heir's property, then the S. Snyder Tannery, then Robt. McMillan place on RIGHT before you reach Pigeon Creek.

If you turn LEFT  onto 481, it takes you past the J. F. Cooper and J. V. Farms (just past the train trestle you will see the old Cooper house and barn on the RIGHT) on both sides of the road, before coming to "Ekvee's Corners" where the Fallowfield VFD now site. (Junction of 481 & old 71 or Maple Creek Road) and where P. Snyder had his farm. This is where you turn RIGHT and go behind the J. F. Cooper Farm and to J. Snyder Farm (on RIGHT), A. Snyder on LEFT, then another P. Snyder on LEFT across from the Wm. Beazell Farm (you are on Redd's Mill Road) to the RIGHT is the Israel Young Heir's place, then the S. Snyder Tannery, and then Robt. McMillan place on RIGHT before Pigeon Creek.

Back at Ekvee's, if you turn LEFT onto old Rt. 71/Maple Creek Road, you pass the nursing home (on LEFT) which was the S. Swab Farm, and on the RIGHT side was the Jn. M. Bedall Farm; then, going on was the Jos. Rider (on LEFT) farm; (turn RIGHT on next sharp curve to Zippay Road past the bar on RIGHT - where the original Thom. Carson (I) property was); then Thom. G. Redd - right across on LEFT, and next on LEFT was J. Conrad w/Lott Winnett on RIGHT.  (Next turn RIGHT onto "Twin Bridges Rd")

Then A. T. and H. Robison Farms and across from that is Henry Cooper's (at other end of Rodger's "Manor" Lane on LEFT ) and H. Wilson's where the road crosses and goes SOUTH (with J. J. Mitchell across from his - on LEFT) toward I-70, the next road to RIGHT  is the old Fox Stop Road, where other Carson's (J., J.G., and T.G. Carson lived, running up the NW side of Allen twp.). 

Going NORTH. from the North Branch of Maple Creek. on the "old river road" (Rte 88/Lincoln Ave.), was the A. P. Frey's Heirs (later owned by Thom. Redd), and then Robt. McKean (where today's 5th St. and Charleroi began).  Two other buildings., marked C.B. and L. S. (became the McGill Farm area), then Hugh McMahon, then S. L, Ryan (on river side), then Thom. Frye, P. Cooper's; Lock 4, w/the Telegraph Office, J. Lomas's Store, and the Monongahela Navigation Station, before continuing to the far NE corner of Fallowfield Twp., re-intersecting with Coyle-Curtain Road, where the Felix Boyle Farm was with S. Wilson Farm right behind him to the West.

Going from old 71/Maple Creek Rd on old Fox Stop Road - to the RIGHT was J. Carson, to his RIGHT was W. Mickey, behind him G. Norris, G. Boman - then J. G. Carson, and continuing (on RIGHT was old school #3) out to the end was T. G. Carson on the NORTH side of the South Branch of Maple Creek. that runs back to the Speers Ferry area. 

Across the creek from T. G. Carson was J. G. Baker, turning RIGHT (toward "Lover") or WEST on today's Kennedy Road, you would have seen the Old Ebenezer Church (destroyed because of I-70 construction and the Ebenezer Covered Bridge was across and over across the creek from there - moved to Mingo Park) once upon a time.  But to the RIGHT, near there, is the other end of the road (where Cooper's Auto Body Shop is now on Cooper's Road) coming from old 71/Maple Creek. Road that junctions with Rodger's "Manor" Lane. Turning RIGHT on that road. - 1st building is "C.B", then old school #3 (seen on RIGHT) with S. B. Fox near that road's junction, H. Rider Farm to RIGHT, Jackson Carson to LEFT (a road turns to LEFT where RIGHT F. Sickman was with Adah Winnett behind him, Tyre Robison to the LEFT and J. R. Winnett to the RIGHT before ending on Twin Bridges Road (this road is now called the Gun Club Road.), which was cut through because of building Expressway 43.  Continuing on the other road shows Jon. Rider to the RIGHT, the Kern with A. T. and H. Robison to LEFT before back and back of the H. Wilson Farm at old 71/Maple Creek Road

If you continue on past the Old Ebenezer Church area on Kennedy Road, you will be crossing over Expressway 43 and across from Jackson Carson's property - on the other side of South Branch of Maple Creek was B. Sickman (w/ James Stroud behind him along the Fallowfield-E. Pike Twp.).  Next, going WEST is J. Bedall (on both sides of creek) with Jn. M. Bedall behind him along township r; then, the J. Smiley (both sides of creek) and D. Spar is behind him, before coming to the Lover Exit (I-70) exit area (will cross over I-70 to Lover later).  J. S. Carson's property ran from the old Carson (now Maple Creek) Cemetery hill (where the old Maple Creek Baptist Church and old #2 school house was located) out to along Twin Bridges Road (would have been where I-70 was), going NORTH is J. S. Smiley on LEFT (and there is J. RIGHT Winnett to RIGHT), then to Lott Winnett's where it meets up again with old 71/Maple Creek. Road..

Going on down old South Bridge of Maple Creek. Road (Kennedy Road), after passing J. S. Carson's was J. Morton (Carson Cemetery above here), to LEFT then to RIGHT is Zippay Road (where the original Thom. Carson farm land was) and where J. S. Carson is to the LEFT after a small  road to LEFT where G. & J. Gray were located. (At the end of this road was Jn. M. Bedall on old 71.)  Continuing out all the way out to the end is what became part of 841 is the little white "Lover" church on the hill on the "Old Grange Road" not far from the entrance of Maple Creek. Cemetery.

Turning LEFT and going past the G. Mancha land - on the RIGHT (by the little white "Lover" church, some may be under I-70) - to RIGHT and further, on both sides of the road was J. Sphar, Noah Fry on LEFT and J. Stroud on RIGHT (Jn. M. Bedall on RIGHT).   On this road to (841 - to I-70) LEFT is S. Swab and M. Stoody and then A. Colvin on LEFT, before reaching old 71/Maple Creek. Road again - where Fallowfield Elementary School used to be on the hill above there.

If you go back to the Lover Exit, and cross over I-70 and bear south-westerly, running along what was once J. S. Carson's property and below Maple Creek Cemetery to the stop sign on 481, you have now come to the Old Grange Road.

Lover PA (once was "Dover") was just a small "hub" place for the surrounding neighbors, having a PO and a country store.
If you turn LEFT you are heading SOUTH in the direction of Centerville, PA and would have run right by "Lover". But, the "old" grange road actually used to run up the hill by turning LEFT before where the Lover PO and store once sat.  That road is called "The Duvall Road" today and ran past the old Duvall Farm before it intersects with California Drive.

Back to Lover, before Rte 481 was re-constructed to dissect the Parker Carson farming land there, there was only the road turning to the RIGHT, that we now call Lover-Jonestown Road

Once on this road, to your immediate LEFT was the large Parker Carson Farm that ran all along the W. Pike Twp. (This farm laid WEST of Jn. West's Farm, that was almost on the E. Pike Twp.-Fallowfield line. Just shortly up from his farm was the old West Church and Cemetery), and immediately across the road from the Parker Carson farm land was - on the RIGHT - was J. K. Sickman (old stone house on RIGHT), continuing down at the "Y" where the current day Wheatley Road (once Jonestown Road) and Capozza Roads intersect (looking straight ahead and to LEFT was Jacob Gibson's property on Wheatley Road, then D. Campbell's, and at the end of that road - back on the "Old Grange Road" was where "Jonestown" once existed - with J. & D. Jones.

If you go to the LEFT on Capozza Road - it takes you past a very old house (this may very well be Parker Carson's house) as it sits on the LEFT side of the road, possibly right on the twp. border line and over to today's "Bentleyville Road". 

Almost across from the end of Capozza Road is the Huber Road (where the private Huber Family Cemetery is located) before it runs to the end of the township and runs along the border line between Fallowfield and W. Pike Twps.   On the NORTH side of the Bentleyville Road from the border was Anna Harlon (Harlan) then NORTH of her was M. Morton - The Morton and Harlans were related and are buried in the Huber Family Cemetery.  Both of these properties were across the road from Jacob Gibson's prop., then NORTH of there (both sides of the road) was B. Crouch, Sr., then at the junction of our Old Grange Road - both sides of the road - was R. Richardson, continuing NORTH past Old Ridge Road before reaching Pigeon Creek is B. T. Johnson, before reaching the road that crosses over the creek, and runs toward current day Old Mining Town ofVan Voorhis, PA on the Bentleyville Road

Ye Old Jonestown (1 of 2 of very early Fallowfield Twp. towns)
Back at the turn onto Old Grange Road, turning to the NE (or RIGHT) you pass by a few old houses, pass (to LEFT) a road sign "Beveridge Road", and shortly past that to the RIGHT is where Jonestown (now Wheatley Road) Road came out.

Traveling through here back then and now was passing through a stretch of road that Jonestown itself was on both sides of the road, having about a dozen houses and shops including Jones Black-Smithy. First house on the RIGHT is in the same spot that is shown on the Caldwell 1876 map appears to be that of D. Jones.

Beveridge Road (may be Yankosky Road on the other side of I-70) right before Jonestown went to the LEFT and made connection between Washington Carson's Farm (on LEFT) heading Northerly, and Wm. Blythe, then James Blythe, S. Carson, and then J. Redd at the very end of it on the LEFT next to Pigeon Creek, and then  forming a junction with Redd's Mill Road coming from the direction of Ekvee's Corners.

Continuing EAST on "Old Grange Road" past Wheatley Road, D. Jone on RIGHT, J. Jones before Beveridge Road, (it junctions with 481, that goes under I-70 - on which M. Stoddy to LEFT and S. Swab - both sides of Road, before reaching A. Colvin's where today's Ekvee's and Boro Bldg. area is.)

Back to going EAST on Old Grange Road, then first place to the RIGHT is Wm. P. Hart, then S. Mancha to LEFT, then Mrs. R. Colvin (both sides) and R. I. Colvin, Wm. McCracken (LEFT), N. Fry (RIGHT), J. Morris (RIGHT) and aG. Mancha (at top of hill where the small. white "Lover" church is.)

Another Road that had run N-Easterly off of today's Beveridge Road, now destroyed because of I-70 and industrial development shows that Wm. James, another Wm. Blythe lived on it, then another N. Fry before connecting with the Redd's Mill Road at A. Snyder's.

Going back to Old School #5 on 481 and NORTH of J. F. Cooper's Farm, was the J. Dickey's Heirs (both sides of Road), then to LEFT back behind was Vincent Colvin's Farm with S. E. Withrow (both sides of Road, then Jas. Sampson on LEFT and A. Hull on RIGHT

Above Robt. McMillan to NORTH was M. Calhoun, RIGHT and along Pigeon Creek, above that was S. Colvin's Heirs, before the twp. line.

Now, to the left side of Pigeon Creek - on the road running right along the Creek toward Van Voorhis - from SOUTH to NORTH
1. Wm. Mitchell, Noah Jones - first road running to WEST from Pigeon Creek - shows no other homes on it.
H. Hout, across from J. Redd (where Redd's Tavern is located), shows a saw mill and grist mill there.

2. J. Mancha, James B. Gibson (RIGHT), F. K. Cooper and W. J. Williams - along Fallowfield-Carroll Twp. border.
The second road (might be "Spring Road") that starts at J. Mancha's (now mostly defunct, but is where the old Graybill Cemetery is located), where old #6 School House was located, then J. Grable (LEFT), then Jerome Grable (RIGHT) then right across is A. Craft before ending on today's Rte. 917/Ginger Hill Road/Exit off of I-70, right across Joel Grable's (his long-gone house near curve) - NORTH of there is Wm. DeGarmo (both sides of road) A. M. Bolton with Jas. Warne behind him to the WEST, and to the EAST of DeGarmo was Thos. Little (& F. K. Cooper), NORTH of D. T. Irwin with J. E. Rial just over the Carroll Twp. line to the EAST.

Above (NORTH) of DeGarmo is Jos. Everly and P. Stecher, G. Beach, J. Gamble, M. Baker, J. M. Williams & BROS.. NORTH of them is the old #7 School House, with the following NORTH and next to the Nottingham, Somerset and Carroll township borders were: W. F. Ralston, Dicey Heirs, Jn. Hess, Jane R. Ralston, J. Gamble, Wm. Lank, E. Hess, D. Burkett.


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