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Nathan Zipfel at PA Roots supplied an index of the biographies concerning Washington County PA.

Thank you Nathan !

In addition, 5,692 records posted on the PA-Roots DataBoards concern Washington County

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Biography notes for Charlotte, daughter of John Williamson from Philadelphia to near Fort Pitt to Cincinnati, OH

Note: Clicking on a letter link takes you to an alphabetical list of the biographies.  From there, you can click to read the biography on PA-Roots.

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Cain, Robert 373510
Caldwell, Asbury B. 373057
Caldwell, Charles S. 448849
Caldwell, D. F. 373062
Caldwell, Robert 372803
Caldwell, Robert S. 373488
Caldwell, William V. 372843
Calvert, William H. 452191
Cameron, George M. 447022
Cameron, Wilfred 373446
Cameron, William 372913
Campbell, Leslie 450682
Campbell, Leslie 450684
Campbell, Robert 447279
Campble, Leslie 450683
Campsey, Hon. David M. 453659
Campsey, James D. 372924
Cannon, Harry Winfield Black 373065
Carl, Henry F. 372990
Carlisle, A. M. 372912
Carmichael, John F. 373403
Carothers, Charles Edward 438725
Carothers, Hon. C. Edward 373245
Carr, William B. 373371
Carroll, H. B. 373448
Carroll, John W. 452184
Carrons, Robert M. 373396
Carson, John I. 372845
Carson, Joseph 372863
Carson, Leman 373025
Carter, Robert Leander 373477
Castner, James P. 373525
Chalfant, Odell Sweitzer 439723
Chamar, Martin 449545
Chamberlain, Elgy 448895
Chambers, Frank M. 373385
Chambers, William Buchanan 373048
Chaney, George Scott 444525
Charlier, Jules J. 372864
Charlton, S. M. 373376
Christman, Enos L. 373389
Christman, William 373405
Chubbic, Frederick 372784
Clark, Homer L., M. D. 437581
Clark, Hon. J. Verner 445697
Clark, John M. 373530
Clark, Mr. (last half) 442680
Clark, Norman Emmett 373070
Clarke, Hon. John G. 373174
Clarke, J. Howard 373098
Claybaugh, Lucian Troy 452181
Clokey, Samuel J. 452369
Clutter, John W. 373491
Coakley, Mrs. Elizabeth 373244
Coates, Charles C. 373211
Coatsworth, J. Edgar and George W. 373345
Cobb, F. Floyd, MD 447026
Cochran, Alexander B. 436997
Cockins, John L. 373083
Coffey, George W. 435329
Collins, James M. 373068
Collins, S. R. 435331
Colvin, J. Freemont 439955
Conner, D. F. 450709
Conner, D.F. 449263
Conner, Rev. S. G. 445164
Conner, Samuel 433477
Cook, John V. H. 373294
Cook, R. M., Capt. 443490
Cook, Robert J. 373176
Cook, Samuel H. 373133
Cook, Willard G. 373107
Cooke, M. L. 373156
Cooper, Frederick 372813
Cooper, Henry C. 373200
Cooper, Josiah Q. 373509
Cooper, Murray A. 373372
Cooper, Philip A. 373417
Corrin, James C. 372900
Corwin, James H., MD 373459
Coulson, Emery G. 435847
Coulson, Eneas 373227
Coulson, W. J. 450980
Coulson, William 372865
Courson, William 373362
Coventry, Jarrett 443505
Cowan, Thomas H. 442538
Cowden SR., Robert 449259
Cowden, Robert, Sr. 450707
Cracraft, Charles Clinton 439984
Craig, John S. 372922
Craig, Prof. J. A. A. 373382
Craig, Robert D. 372923
Craig, William 373100
Crall, Charles Somerville 373032
Cramer, Walter G. 373002
Craven, Hon. Frank 437574
Crawford, Charles 411983
Crawford, James Morgan 444002
Crayne, Caleb 372810
Crispin, William R. 373335
Criswell, Robert W. 373059
Crosbie, William 373407
Crumrine, Homer 373235
Crumrine, L. R. 373399
Culbertson, Alexander J., DDS 373544
Culbertson, Edward 373412
Culley, W. B. 373349
Cummins, Erwin 373304
Cummins, George N. 448366
Cummins, S. C. 372976
Cummins, S. S. 372977
Cundall, Willard G. 373115
Cunningham, John 373034
Cunningham, S. C. 452199
Curran, Cornelius 373043
Curran, P. A. 443496
Curry, Joseph Roland 449162
Curry, Oliver S. 373148


Cain to Curry Surnames


INSTRUCTIONS:  To go to a specific biography, the URL would be http://www.pa-roots.org/data/read.php?811, 
after the "811," you would put for example (comma)373342
so that the complete URL would be http://www.pa-roots.org/data/read.php?811,373342 

- this example is for the first one on the list "Abbott, William".

HINT: Open Word Pad or Note Pad, copy in http://www.pa-roots.org/data/read.php?811
Next, add ONE COMMA.  Then, add the number next to the name. 
Now, copy the whole URL and put it in your browser.



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