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Nathan Zipfel at PA Roots supplied an index of the biographies concerning Washington County PA.

Thank you Nathan !

In addition, 5,692 records posted on the PA-Roots DataBoards concern Washington County

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Biography notes for Charlotte, daughter of John Williamson from Philadelphia to near Fort Pitt to Cincinnati, OH

Note: Clicking on a letter link takes you to an alphabetical list of the biographies.  From there, you can click to read the biography on PA-Roots.

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Baer, John Moses 439622
Bailey, Alexander 372796
Bailey, William and Joseph S. 372834
Baird, W. A. 373277
Baker, Charles E. 439939
Baker, Colin L. 373321
Baker, Frank R. 372988
Baker, L. Frank 452389
Baker, Nathan, Sr. 449325
Baker, Walter H. 372858
Baldwin, J. F. 373507
Bamford, David G. 436369
Bamford, Robert 373478
Bamford, William 372859
Barnes, David 445276
Barnett, James Elder 373270
Barr, Berton B. 372942
Barr, Capt. George C. 373275
Barr, George L. 372936
Barr, John A. 447023
Barr, John Scott 373117
Barre, G. M. 373128
Bartlett, Clark T. 447186
Baum, Henry 373288
Baum, Isaac W. 372943
Beaumariage, A. O. 433546
Beazell, Edwin H. 444035
Beazell, William S. 444867
Bebout, Frank 373490
Bebout, Herman H. 373267
Bebout, T. C. 452392
Bebout, Thomas M. 373111
Bedsworth, Leroy 437984
Beedle, Edward Thomas 373386
Bell, D. Major, M. D. 373101
Bell, Leiut. John Fulton 372919
Bell, S. H. 445272
Bell, Thomas R. 438157
Bemis, Drs. James N. and David H. 373170
Benney, C. W. 436362
Bentley, Benjamin Franklin 373240
Bentley, Charles Alcinus 439241
Bentley, Hon. Charles A. 373037
Berry, John A. 433545
Berry, John M. 435378
Berryhill, Thomas Marshall 436256
Biddle, John T., M. D. 373476
Bigger, Thomas 372799
Billick, Harvey T., MD 373053
Bingham, Charles A. 372860
Birch, Hon. John 372849
Black (Schwartz), Daniel 445267
Black, Morton 444057
Black, Robert H. 373205
Black, William Clark 373095
Blayney, James F. 373232
Bloomingstock, George 372861
Boak, U. G. 448875
Boggs, Hon. George C 447418
Bonar, William A. 373046
Booth, Alexander N., M. D. 439457
Borchers, William F. 449792
Bourns, Henry 442771
Bowers, Johnston R. 373236
Bowes, S. Cameron, M. D. 373274
Boyd, Capt. Robert Finley 373273
Boyd, James Findley 372890
Boyd, James V. 373435
Boyd, L. R. 373432
Boyer, Joseph F. 434466
Boyle, James 373320
Boyle, William H. 448367
Braden, Alfred G. 373361
Braden, C. O. 373167
Braden, C. O. 373168
Braden, Hon. John D. 372993
Braden, James P. 372835
Brady, Charles N. 445270
Brennan, James L., M. D. 373519
Brenton, William G. 448365
Briceland, George C. 448628
Bristor, J. F. 373282
Bristor, James N. 373306
Brown, Alexander M. 373531
Brown, E. Irving 433526
Brown, Matthew B. 434441
Brown, William James 372937
Brownlee, Charles U. 373339
Brownlee, James P. 373008
Brownson, James I. 372846
Bruce, William 438883
Bubbett, James A. 449036
Buchanan, Gaylord, Jr. 372777
Buchanan, James S. 439464
Buchanan, R. C. 373231
Budke,  Hon. John F. 456176
Budke, Hon. John F. 450896
Burgoon, Rev. Joseph A. 373426
Burkett, Alexander 373513
Burley, William M. 436385
Burns, Addison F. 372959
Burns, Alexander 372793
Burns, T. J. 373473
Burns, William J., MD 448896
Burnside, John T. 443491
Burroughs, John M. 373212
Burt, Ebenezer 372820
Bushfield, Samuel 373336
Butler, C. J. 443033
Buxton, George W. 372862
Byerly, Joseph W. 373102
Byerly, Walter 437331
Byers Bros. 434446
Byers, Robert Eugene 413603


Baer to Byers Surnames


INSTRUCTIONS:  To go to a specific biography, the URL would be http://www.pa-roots.org/data/read.php?811, 
after the "811," you would put for example (comma)373342
so that the complete URL would be http://www.pa-roots.org/data/read.php?811,373342 

- this example is for the first one on the list "Abbott, William".

HINT: Open Word Pad or Note Pad, copy in http://www.pa-roots.org/data/read.php?811
Next, add ONE COMMA.  Then, add the number next to the name. 
Now, copy the whole URL and put it in your browser.



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