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Maple Creek Cemetery and Landowners
before right-of-way acquisition for Highway Interstate 70 (I-70)
Fallowfield Twp. Washington County PA

Submitted by The Charleroi Historical Society as received from Mary Eunice Carson Rossman

Maple Creek Cemetery and Landowners before right-of-way acquisition for Highway Interstate 70 (I-70) Fallowfield Twp. Washington County PA
Maple Creek Cemetery and Landowners before right-of-way acquisition for Highway Interstate 70 (I-70) 
Fallowfield Twp. Washington County PA
From NW to NE, SW to SE, shows properties of:  J. V. Young; (Frame Building); (Black Top Road);  (Long Chord __); 
S.H.R. 481 To Centerville PA; Lawrence Carson; Paul Boncarosky; Maple Creek Cemetery; (Lawre____)

The map is on the back of a picture of an old Mathias Mine mapping and evidently had something to do with the mapping involved with I-70 being built, as on the other part it showed how the lay of the roads  and the Carson properties on the other side of the cemetery prior to I-70.

Scrutinizing Carson-Young original Land holdings and the 1876 & other maps & census.

Per the *earlier original Warrant-Patent Plat Map (and location of creek tributaries, which were used like roads early on) showing Thomas Carson's "Terrafirma" and Silas Young's, [brother of James, father of our James who married Elizabeth Carson, mother of Gibson who begot Addison, who begot Lena - my husband's great-great-grandmother - who begot Edith, who begot Jane, begot of Hercules] next door property called "Bushy Hills" was next door, to the RIGHT and on same creek area - in comparing the 1876 map to it - the Carson property being to the RIGHT side of today's Zippay Road.

On the *old map, Thomas Carson's laid mostly on the LEFT side of current day Zippay Rd.  The map shows that a Jn. M. Bedall is on the Northern half of it in 1876  (running between current day old 71/Maple Creek Road and a piece of Rte. 481 and the old ridge road that ran from the old/destroyed Fallowfield Elementary School over to Kennedy Road, then crosses I-70 to the little white Lover Church on the Old Grange Road.)...

J. Strowd, J. Sphar and J. S. Carson are in the middle segment, and G & J. Crow and J. Morton on the SOUTHWEST side-tip area of it, ending with the very EAST tip-corner where #2 school house, Baptist Church, Cemetery and at the very SOUTHEAST tip - J. S. Carson's place was in 1876 (part of which is under I-70/Lover Ex.).

Per the *earlier map, next to (to RIGHT of)  Thos. Carson's "Terrafirma", Jn. McCall originally owned the part to the SOUTHEAST.

On the 1876 map, it shows J. S. Carson's land running NORTH, up to Lott Winnett's property line on Twin Bridges Road, J. (to Right before Lover ex. area) and J. S. Smiley owning property on the LEFT side of Twin Bridges Rd. (off of I-70's Lover exit area - to NORTH) NORTH of current day I-70/Lover Exit.

In the *older map, above McCall's property and next to Thos. Carson's property is Silas Young's warranted/patented land, and right above him (to the NORTH) is Jesse Ellis's narrower strip of land directly next to the NORTH Bridge of Maple Creek.. This would have been on the RIGHT side of of Zippay Road, where it shows J. Smiley and Lott Winnett's property in 1876 - Winnett's running all the way up to the creek where boundaries marked the former Ellis's land.

It appears to me that Lott Winnett's property encompassed ALL of what was once Young's, Ellis's, and possibly part of J. S. Carson's NORTH land holdings. (This was part of McCall's also.) 

We know where some of the old Carson houses were located.  The only older house located on the Twin Bridges Road and still located near the same place, going NORTH and before the sharp curve and shows up on the 1876 map, is located on Lott Winnett's property, on the NORTHWEST? side of the creek.  There is an old, larger "out building." located there in about the same place - it appears it could have once been a house possibly. (I'll check it out next time I'm out that way and see if the older one is still there.)

SOUTH of McCall's was Ed. West's property running toward Fallowfield Twp. border. (This was later J. West's on the 1876 map. - showing the old Maple Creek Church to the RIGHT side - going SOUTH - before getting to J. West's residence, also on the RIGHT side.) 

The US 1870 census on page 7 shows Park. Carson, then Jo__ Jones, Eliz. Carson (79), then a J. Smiley, then Andrew Waller (who owned the lands on the WEST side of it - then the old Post Office and old Maple Creek Presbyterian Church area - today's "Pagan" property), then Jon. West (who owned the lands going toward border on Old Grange Rd., going SOUTH with the Old West Church before the farm located almost on the border in the 1876 map.)  

Doesn't this sound like they went from Parker's place to J. Jones' (Jonestown?) place to Eliz. Carson's then to J. Smiley's .... ? .... coming down the Old Grange Rd.?   (On the old road going back along the SOUTH Bridge of Maple Creek towards Speers, also shows a A. S. Carson further back toward Speers/Twilight on the 1876 map, and that is before you get to the Ebenezer Church and before you got to T. G. Carson's place.) 

At one time, supposedly, Thos. Carson (Sr. - divided among his sons) had owned most of the property from the original SOUTH / SOUTHWEST toward Bentleyville and to the back of Allen Twp. - this would figure if he and descendants sold all or most to relatives, etc. as time went on .... which was traditional in most cases - and most of those in the 1876 map were related somehow.

The 1870 US Census page 6 going the other way has, going in reverse:
James Sillwell?, John S. Carson, (they lived on the section of land that now lies under I-70, they had to move the house over onto Kennedy Rd. - where the most of the last remainder of Carson relatives live now, near Lover Exit), just below and EAST of the old Carson (Maple Creek) Cemetery.  I think his wife was the first person buried there.   

Then, another Jon. West (age 24), then Josh. Fox, (this appears to be going back the (SOUTH) Maple Creek Road toward the Mon River and Speers/Allen twp. area!) because it has Robt. Herron, Josh. Baker, Thom. G. CARSON, Henry Ryder, Sam. H. Fox, then Jackson CARSON, age 43, Geo. Morris who are on page 4.   

Page 3 shows Howard Kerr, Benj. Parson, A. P. Frye, Jacob Morris, ___ Robison, Robt. McKean (this is the farmer whose property Charleroi is on! perhaps what is now 5th St.? or Lincoln Ave. or part of maybe Twilight/Maple Creek Road/old 71! to Rte. 88), Henry Cooper, Alex. McGill (also was part of Charleroi!), Hugh McMahon (ditto), Robt. Conner, James Jones, Josiah Taylor, Adah Winnett (who has an Addison in his family!), Jn. Loomis, Jn. Boyles, Jn. J.? CARSON, Solomon Cooper, W. P. Speakman, and starting at Thom. McGowan. (Lock 4?)

From one of the early I-70 architect maps that Mary E. Carson Rossman gave me, showing the Lover interchange ex. area with Carson properties in the area at that time (the cemetery is drawn out clearly),  I found that **J. V. YOUNG lived at the top of the hill, across from the little white Lover church area, on the RIGHT side of the old Ridge Road, coming across I-70 and appears to be at/below the current turn-off area of the Cemetery, and on the NORTH side of the Old Grange Rd. (**This was Wesley Young's son, begot of Israel Young, who we believe is probably Gibson's brother.  I believe that these buildings that once stood near the entrance of the Cemetery are no longer there and a blank space is before where Lawrence Carson had the old house.) 

Next door to him coming down and past along the NORTH side of the Old Grange Road was Lawrence Carson with a wood frame buildng behind him and between the cemetery, then Paul Boncarosky, more of Lawrence Carson's property that went all around the hill below the Cemetery and toward Lover Ex.   There appears to be a small section that is connected and under part of I-70 that goes across it to the Carson on the other side. At the junction of 481/Old Grange Road, and the Twin Bridges Road, coming from I-70/Lover Ex., there is a small portion of property there - Sam. Hopewell, now owned by the Ross Family. 


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