Settlers XXIII: Julius and Mary Barth Long: Ancestors and Descendants

Settlers XXIII: Julius and Mary Barth Long: Ancestors and Descendants

A large trove of old pictures of the Sweeneys and McDonalds from Sullivan County was discovered beneath a bed in suburban Detroit a few years ago. Among the faces of these families was a portrait photo of Julius Long. You can see the picture in the Image Gallery on the Index Page to this site, along with a story about how all these pictures were recovered. At the time, Bob Sweeney, the primary Sweeney researcher, had no idea why this picture should be included in his family's ancestral photo album. However, a year or so later, Phyllis Long Rockwell of Canton, PA contacted Bob and began to tell the story of the Long family. As will be shown here from the substantial information, pictures and anecdotes contributed by Phyllis, the Longs and their relatives are a most interesting and appealing subject. Above all, Julius Long, grandfather to Phyllis, and his wife Mary Susan Barth, were loved by all and seen by their family and neighbors to be kind, charitable and the very kind of people we all want to live and work around. No wonder then that a picture of Julius, a Reformed church elder, should find its way into a photo collection for a family of Catholics not related by blood or marriage, but undoubtedly bound by friendship and common values.

Phyllis can be reached at Phyllis Rockwell The Sullivan County Settlers Web Page is grateful to Phyllis and her family for their contribution of this irreplaceable part of the history of our county. Phyllis would like us to specifically credit her brother Robert Eugene Long with over twenty years of effort devoted to the collection and preservation of the Long family history.


Mary Susan (Barth) Long at About 90 Years Old
Photo Contributed by Phyllis Long Rockwell

The Long family is an old one in the British isles and may actually have originated in France as far back as 1400. The family appears to have also been active in the civil war in Ireland at the time of the Glorious Revolution and the battle with the forces of King James. In fact, HENRY LONG was the Mayor of Londonderry about 1690, just after some of the most serious fighting occurred. However, the Longs fell out of favor with the victorious King William of Orange and were dispossessed of their propoerty and titles of nobility. When the Longs subsequently recovered their fortunes through self-effort, the absentee lord of their estate tried to raise their rent. In reaction, Samuel, James and Andrew Long left for America and settled in the Cumberland Valley of Pennsylvania.

The Long Coat of Arms
Goes back at least to John Long of Wraxall, Wiltshire Who Died in 1597

Also, JOHN LONG and his wife Sarah Jane ________ (perhaps called "Jennie") left Ireland in 1726, landing at Taunton, Massachusetts. With them came two childre, David and Mary Long, who had been born in Ireland. Some researchers belive that Sarah Jane, if she existed at all, died in Ireland before John emigrated. Others say she died after they arrived. What is known for sure is that, in 1729, John married Jennie Woodward of Taunton.

A letter written by David Long, a grandson of John, on September 20, 1850, states: " grandfather emigrated to America from the Protestant part of Ireland in the year of the Christian era 1726. My grandfather's family consisted of three sons and three daughters--the three oldest born in Ireland and the three youngest in America; John, James and Margaret ("Ginny") in Ireland; Sarah, David and Anna in America." The same grandson mentions two more daughters, Elizabeth and Mary, in another account. The children of John Long are believed to be as follows:

John, b. 01/19/1720, Ireland, d. 09/30/1797, Shelburne, MA
Jennie, b. Ireland, m. John Boyd in Taunton, MA
Mary, b. Ireland, m. James Woodward
David, b. 1724, Ireland, d. 10/24/1784, Taunton, MA, m. Martha Woodward, 12/17/1747, children: David, Stephen, William, John, Martha, Jemima, Anna and Sarah
James, b. Taunton, MA, d. 05/11/1789, Douglas, MA
Elizabeth, b. Taunton, MA, m. Nathan Babitt

There was also a letter from David Long to his nephew Aaron Long, written in 1851, that describes the origins and emigration of the Long family to Massachusetts. This letter was compiled by Richard G. Boyd of Mt. Morris, MI and can be viewed at Letter from David Long. Richard is a descendant of John Boyd who married Margaret ("Ginny") Boyd, daughter of the emigrant John Long, in 1731.

JOHN LONG, the SECOND, married Mary Taft who, unbeknown to him, had crossed the Atlantic on the same ship as her husband as an infant. She was born 04/22/1726 and died in 1801. Their children were:

John, b. 09/30/1747, d. 01/25/1805, m. Esther Hawes, sister of Betsy Hawes, on 09/14/1775 in Medway, MA; he was a doctor in the Revolutionary War
James, b. 06/27/1749, d. 08/09/1773
Betsy, b. 12/11/1750, d. 09/17/1756
Anna, b. 06/14/1752, d. 09/17/1756
Mathew, b. 05/08/1756, d. 09/17/1756
Sarah, b. 04/02/1754, d. 06/13/1813, m. Moses Wood on 11/10/1773in Medway, MA
Mathew, b. 09/07/1757, d. 01/29/1822
Robert, b. 10/14/1759, d. 10/31/1783
David, b. 08/10/1761, d. 12/22/1852
Aaron, b. 09/18/1760, d. 09/30/1830 or perhaps 09/30/1829
Mary, b. 08/06/1765 or perhaps 09/14/1763, m. Ensworth Clinton
Abner, b. 09/28/1767, d. 09/24/1849 or perhaps 09/29/1849
Ruben, b. 09/14/1769, d. 08/28/1824

There was an article in the Shelburne, MA News for October 6, 1880 that throws light on the progress of the Long family in Massachusetts. The article reported the previous day's "one hundred year" celebration of the purchase and settlement of a local farm, at that time owned by Mr. and Mrs. Clarence M. Long, by their ancestor, John Long, the immigrant. John died in 1797 and his youngest son but two, Aaron Long, took over. According to this story, unlike the record above, Aaron was 16 years of age when the Longs arrived in Shelburne, driving a loaded ox team from Upton, MA. Aaron subsequently married twice, first to Mary Miller with whom he had eleven children, and then to Mrs. Clarissa Severance who survived him five years after his death in 1829. His second son, Lewis Long born in 1801, succeeded Aaron on the farm. Lewis married Sallie Bardwell and had five children, four of them still alive when this story was written. Lewis died on October 12, 1868, the same day his grandmother Esther Hawes Long had died and also the same day that his grandson Louis was born to his son Clarence, all occurring in the same house. In fact, 19 births, 10 marriages and 11 deaths had taken place in the Long homestead between 1780 and 1880, Here is a picture of the Long family house in Shelburne, MA, as it appeared in 1969, still occupied by the Long family.

Long Family House
Shelburne, MA

As we can see, there were two Long children named Mathew, the first dying in infancy. The second MATHEW LONG was born in Upton, MA and served as a private in Captain Isaac Martin's company of Colonel Ezra Wood's regiment in the Revolutionary War. He served there from April 17, until May 7, 1777 under Major General Spencer. He then served with Captain Martin's company in Colonel Joseph Whitney's regiment until July 4, 1777 in Rhode Island. He later also served in the War of 1812. On 02/11/1779, Mathew married Betsy Hawes of Medway, MA on February 11, 1779, the Reverend DAvid Sanford presiding. The marriage record is still on file in Medway, MA. There is also a copy of her birth record dated January 6, 1762. She was the daughter of Ichabod and Elizabeth Fisher Hawes, and was also the sister of Esther Hawes who married Mathew's older brother John. After marrying, they moved to Wilmington, VT where most of their children were born. They later moved to the town of Afton, Chenango County, NY, not far from Binghamton, and are buried there in the First Baptist Church Cemetery. Their son, Lewis Long, and daughter, Electa Long Woodard, are also buried there. The Chenango County Surrogate Court records in Norwich, NY show that Mathew Long purchased 450 acres of land in the town of Jericho (now Afton) for $1500 from William Blake of Wilmington, VT in 1809.

Mathew and Betsy had twelve children:

--James, b. 11/13/1780, d. 03/28/1854, buried at Burlington, PA, m. Lindsay _______, b. 09/24/1790, d. 04/24/1853
--Ezra, b. 09/24/1782, d. 07/20/1848, m. Lydia Alvord on 04/03/1805; he later married Abigail ________

Note: Lydia Alvord, b. 08/11/1787, d. 08/14/1737, buried Troy, PA, daughter of Asher Alvord of Wilmington, VT
Note: Ezra Long was a prominent citizen of Troy, PA. He built the first tavern and owned a large grist mill outside of Troy in an area that is still known as Long's Pond. Here is a sketch of the Long's Pond community about 1810. You can see the mill and surrounding hamlet on the shores of the pond in East Troy, PA. The accompanying picture shows construction work on the pond in the early 1900s; the road shown is today part of local highway route 6.

Long's Pond Mill and Community
From Pictorial Views of Bradford County, page 9

Long's Pond, Grist Mill and Wall Construction Early 1900s
Contributed by Phyllis Rockwell from a local newspaper reproduction

The Ezra Long homestead was still standing and being restored in 1995. Here is a portrait of Ezra Long that still hangs in a church in Troy, PA:

Ezra Long of Troy, PA

--Nancy, b. 07/31/1784, m. Timothy Hunt on 06/12/1804 in Wilmington, VT; later married Silvester Corbin
--Eliza, b. 12/09/1786, m. Stephen Presson; later married Henry Olendorf
--Patty, b. 03/13/1789, m. Hezekiah Peck; they went west with the Mormons and were in the Mormon "capital city" of Nauvoo, IL in 1843; she died on the way west from there and is buried in Missouri
--Polly, b. 04/02/1791, d. 10/13/1851, m. Stephen Landers in 1811, b. 1785, d. 07/19/1870; both buried in the East Afton, NY Cemetery
--Philane, b. 03/07/1793, m. Dr. Asael Todd
--Alecta, b. 04/21/1795, d. 07/09/1795
--Electa, b. 11/08/1796,m. Jael Woodward; they are both buried in the First Baptist Church Cemetery, Afton, NY
--Hiram, b. 02/26/1799, d. 02/09/1844, of whom we say more below
--Lewis, b. 04/23/1801, d. 04/17/1856, m. Eliza Juliette Bidwell; children:
Abner, b. 12/05/1847
--Wrexaville, b. 09/01/1803, m. _______ Cornell

Note: Lewis was the executor of his brother Hiram's estate, and Hiram left the bulk of his estate to Lewis and his minor sons, George and Franklin.

EZRA LONG, the second son of Mathew Long and Betsy Hawes, had nine children by his marriages:

Alonzo, b. 03/04/1806, Hubberton, VT, d. 03/27/1866, Troy, PA, m. Mary Tyler, daughter of Francis Tyler, of Atkins Township, Bradford County, PA, b. 09/25/1811, d. 03/16/1890, children:

Francis T., d. 02/16/1838 at age three
Fannie, b. 11/20/1855,d. 03/24/1905
Note: All are buried in Troy. On the same lot is buried Cato Ferguson, "born a slave" on 05/15/1805, d. 05/28/1883, probably a servant of the Long family.
Philander, b. 10/01/07 in Hubberton, VT
Volney M., b. 06/04/1809, d. 05/03/1870; Associate Judge of Bradford County, PA; m. Emily Brewster, daughter of Gabriel Brewster of Tolland, Coventry County, CT, she was b. 10/06/1807, d. 01/16/1837; he subsequently married Emily Pomeroy, duaghter of Ebenezer and Laura Pomeroy, b. 05/1820, d. 08/02/1863

Note: All are buried in Troy, PA.
Horace F., b. 11/01/1811, Bradford County, PA
Ezra J., b. 12/04/1813, Troy, PA
Lydia M., b. 12/05/1815, Troy, PA
Clarissa E., b. 01/09/1818, Troy, PA
Martha M., b. 11/15/1819, Troy, PA, d. 1898
Ezra O., b. 07/28/1821, Troy, PA, d. 09/08/1846

HIRAM LONG, son of Mathew Long and Betsy Hawes, came to what would become Sullivan county some time before 1826. He was involved in the hotel business in Towanda and Monroeton, PA. For a time, he also rafted logs down the Susquehanna River. He later returned to Afton, NY, where he built the Musson House, a local hotel. This facility was managed by his brother, Lewis Long, for about ten years. It burned down in 1881. There is no reliable record of his marriage, although the local history of Sullivan County says he married Barbara Hartzig. but other records indicate she married Henry Yonkin, Jr. Also, recollection of his great grand-daughter, Viola Long Morris, suggest that his son, also named Hiram, was born illegitimate. THe elder Hiram Long makes no mention of any children in his will.

HIRAM LONG, the SECOND, was born 12/26/1826 in Cherry Township, Sullivan County, PA, and was raised by his maternal grandparents, the Hartzigs, from the age of two. He was a farmer and owned considerable property in the area of Cherry Mills. On June 23, 1850, he married Victoria Richley (Ritchlin), who was born in Baden Baden, Germany, near Switzerland, 11/28/1830. Her husband's bible, in the possession in 1995 of Mrs. Geraldine Messing of Pine City, NY, gives her place of birth as Bathon, Germany. Hiram died 06/08/1914; Victoria died 12/03/1893. Hiram's second wife was Sarah Kaye Wilkinson, a native of Yorkshire, England. She is remembered by Phyllis Long Rockwell and others of her generation as "Grandma Burgess". After Hiram died in 1914, she married Mr. Burgess of Forksville, PA. She actually returned to England in 1940 and died in Yorkshire in 1941.

Hiram Long and Sarah Kaye Wilkinson (Second Wife)
Known as Sarah Burgess after Her Subsequent Re-marriage Following Hiram's Death
Taken Before 1915

Hiram is buried in Peace Church Cemetery, Cherry, PA, and Victoria is buried at St. Basil's RC Cemetery in Dushore, PA. After Hiram's death, his son, Julius Long, was appointed guardian of his minor child, Elizabeth (papers on file at the Sullivan County Courthouse, Laporte, PA). As Phyllis puts it: How times have changed! Even a mother was not considered a proper guardian back then. This helps explain why Hiram's estate was not settled until 1921.

The children of Hiram Long and Victoria Richley were:

Lewis, b. 01/04/1852, d. 11/20/1881
Julia, or Julie Ann, b. 03/14/1854, d. 06/11/1856
Edward W., b. 11/01/1855, d. 04/10/1932, m. Ellen Collinge; owned the Commercial Hotel in Mount Jewett, PA
Ellen L., b. 11/19/1857, d. 06/17/1930, m. Harry Corson on 07/23/1883, b. 1850, d. 1936
Mary J., b. 03/05/1860, d. 02/23/63
Julius, b. 05/28/1862, d. 10/10/1935
Loretta, b. 01/20/65, d. 1865
Charles Frederick, b. 05/05/1866, d. 05/14/1866
Amelia Caroline, b. 09/25/1868, d. 04/02/1897, m. Fred Stark on 02/23/1896; buried with her mother at St. Basil's in Dushore, PA; their child:

Walter Jacob Stark, b. 1896, d. 1963, m. Hazel ________, b. 1896, d. 1961, child was Alice (b. 01/06/1920)
Ida Alice, b. 05/26/1872, m. Walter Mathews on 12/30/1894; children: Esther and Hazel

Here is a family protrait of Hiram, Victoria and five of their children:

The Family of Hiram Long and Victoria Richley
Front (l to r): Hiram, Victoria, Edward W.,
Back (l to r): Alice (Matthews), Amelia (Stark), Julius J. and Ellen L. (Corson)
Taken Before 1893

The Children of Harry and Ellen (Long) Corson
L to r: Ray, Ruth and Beulah Corson
Taken About 1890

Julius Long and His Older Brother Edward Long
Taken at the Commercial Hotel, Mt. Jewett, PA
Early 1890s

The child of Hiram Long and Sarah Kaye Wilkinson was Elizabeth E. Long, b. 11/07/1897, d. 12/27/1982, m. Merritt Ward on 11/07/1916, b. 07/10/1894, d. 03/16/1980. Their offspring are discussed below.

Edward W. Long and Ellen Collinge had the following children:

--Walter, died young
--Grace, married Ray Prior and lived in Buffalo, NY
--Gertrude, married Conrad Hines
--Clyde, b. 05/03/1891, d. 12/26/1950, m. Linore Ruth Hungerford, b. 1893, d. 1965; he was a dentist for many years in Smethport, PA; their children were: Elizabeth H., b. 1916, d. 1981, m. Robert Bamat in 1946; their son, Thomas Bamat, was born in 1947 and he married Mercedes Roman in 1977; their children were Joseph (b. 1979), Nicolas (b. 1982) and David (b. 1987)
Mary Lynne, b. 1949, d. 1992, m. Jose Mijangos in 1974; their children were Jennifer (b. 1973), Mark (b. 1975) and John (b. 1979)
Catherine M., b. 1950, m. Donald Johnson in 1972; their children were Kate (b. 1973) and Matthew (b. 1976)
Michael K., married Phyllis _________
Anne P., b. 1960, m. Daniel Mitchell; their children were Elizabeth (b. 1986), Christopher (b. 1989) and Emily (b. 1992)
William C., b. 1923, d. 1988, m. Dorothy Kalkof; their children were Larry, Jeff, Mark and Timothy

JULIUS LONG started out in Cherry Mills as a farmer on the Long homestead. Later, he had a steam laundry business for 26 years according to his 1935 obituary, located on the present site of St. Basil's School in Dushore, PA. He was highly regarded and a member of the Dutch Reformed Church, where he held many offices during his lifetime. In over forty years of service, he was at various times a deacon, elder and member of the Consistory. He had "a retiring disposition" but retained a lifelong interest in his children and fellow citizens. On December 31, 1888, he married MARY SUSAN BARTH (06/09/1868-03/07/1964), daughter of Charles M. "Daughty" Barth and Catherine Ann "Mammy" (Bahr) Barth of Overton, PA. Julius died at his home on Carpenter Street in Dushore on October 10, 1935. Mary outlived him by nearly thirty years. Both Julius and his wife Mary are buried at Fairview Cemetery on Bahr Hill, Dushore, PA. Here is a picture of the parents of Mary Barth Long, then some pictures of Julius and Mary as young adults, then their wedding picture, and finally a picture of their family taken about 1911:

Charles M. and Catherine Ann (Bahr) Barth
"Daughty" and "Mammy"
Parents of Mary Susan Barth

Tombstone of Charles M. and Catherine Ann (Bahr) Barth
Peace Cemetery, Cherry, PA

Julius J. Long as a Young Man

Mary Susan Barth Long as a Young Woman

Julius J. Long and Mary Susan Barth
Wedding Picture December 1888

The Long Family About 1911-12
Back row and standing, l to r: Earl Hamilton Long, Mary Barth Long, Viola ("Vic") Long Morris, Julius J. Long, Raymond Corson Long
Front row, l-r: Lillian Mabel Long Thayer and Eugene Edward Long

Julius Long, Wife and Stepmother Mid-1930s
Mary Susan (Barth) Long, Sarah (Burgess) Long and Julius Long

The children of Julius and Mary were:

--Viola Helen ("Aunt Vic"), b. 02/26/1890, d. 12/26/1985, m. John O. Morris on 09/27/1926, b. 07/13/1886 in Warrior Run, PA, d. 08/04/1973, son of Owen J. and Sara Ann Morris; both Viola and John are buried in Fairview Cemetery, Dushore, PA; their twin boys were stillborn
--Earl Hamilton, b. 05/07/1892,d. 03/07/1986, worked at the Harrington Creamery; m. Wilma Allen on 10/11/1926, b. 03/07/1899, d. 08/02/1990; their children were:

Shirley Rose, b. 07/23/1928, m. James William Thayer on 07/27/57, b. 05/21/1923, d. 05/02/1992; their children were: Kevin Allen (b. 08/18/1960) and Kerri Lynn (b. 05/14/1968)
Note: On December 30, 2001, we received the following update message from Kevin Thayer:

I married Nina Elizabeth Stanley on the 21st of June 2000 at Trumpan Church Ruins, Waternish, Isle of Skye, Scotland. She gave birth to our beautiful daughter, Clíodhna Camille Thayer, on the 31st of October 2000, in San Francisco, CA. We live in San Francisco, in an old Victorian located in the Potrero Hill neighbourhood.
My father, James William Thayer and mother, Shirley Long Thayer [nee Shirley Rose Long] are already mentioned in your records.
My adopted sister, Kerri Lynn Thayer, married Gustavo [Gus] Navarro in 1997. They just gave birth to a baby girl, Hayley, on the 24th of November 2001.

You can learn more about the Thayer family with which the Long family intermarried at Faces and Families of Old Sullivan County, Group Two, the section entitled The Thayers.

Glenna, b. 07/09/1931, m. William Leroy Nahrgang on 02/14/1957; their daughter, Denise Lee Nahrgang, b. 05/06/1961, married Zebulon Vance Smith III on 12/28/1990 and they have two children: William Vance (b. 03/24/1994) and Caroline (b. 06/30/1995)
Myrna Kay, b. 08/04/1938, m. Jack Kratcoski on 08/12/1961, b. 09/23/1934, d. 01/04/1989, and their daughter was Amy Lou (b. 10/07/1966); Myrna Kay subsequently married James Lyden on 12/28/1988, b. 08/23/1932
--Raymond C., b. 09/19/1894, d. 10/19/1984, m. Lela Allen on 10/04/1923, b. 09/07/1900, d. 03/07/1995; daughter of Lowell C. and Minnie VanLoon Allen; they had no children and are buried in New Albany, PA
--Willard, b. 02/21/1897, d. 03/02/1900; said to have died of tuberculosis; buried at Peace Cemetery in Cherry, PA
--Eugene Edward, b. 05/18/1899, d. 03/29/1956, m. Lola Bailey on 07/02/1927, b. 12/15/1900 in Springfield Township, PA, d. 01/30/2001 at The Bradford County Manor, daughter of Greeley and Susie Campbell Bailey of Springfield Township, Bradford County, PA
--Lillian Mabel, b. 11/12/1903, d. 01/01/1984, m. Charles Edmund "Eddy" Thayer on 02/12/1923, b. 10/05/1902, d. 06/22/1957; both buried in Calvary Cemetery, Johnson City, NY; their children were: Frederick Eugene, b. 09/23/1923, m. Teresa Zelesnikar on 09/03/1949; children: Patricia Ann (b. 09/21/1950), Richard Thomas (b. 02/13/1953), Gary (b. 02/01/1957, m. Gloria Dutko), and Colleen Marie (b. 01/14/1966)
Lillian Ruth, b. 10/01/1924,d. 02/19/2014 [see Obituary], m. Theodore E. Mulford on 09/16/1950; he was b. July 21, 1920 and d. August 12, 2010 [see Obituary]; their child, Barth Parker, was born on 02/22/1965
John Edmund, b. 10/21/1926
Joan Marie, b. 03/31/1933; d. 12/06/2003 [see obit below]
Colleen Ann, b. 07/21/1937

Press & Sun-Bulletin
Binghamton, NY
August 14, 2010

Theodore E. Mulford, age 90, of Binghamton, NY, passed peacefully surrounded by his family on August 12, 2010 at Lourdes Hospital. He was predeceased by his father, Ford E. Mulford and mother, Edith Parker Mulford. He is survived by his wife of 60 years, Ruth T. Mulford; son, Barth P. Mulford and daughter-in-law, Rebecca S. Mulford of Alexandria Bay, NY. Mr. Mulford was a member and elder of the First Presbyterian Church of Binghamton and was a Magna Cum Laude graduate of Colgate University where he was a member of Sigma Chi Fraternity and elected to Phi Beta Kappa. The majority of his business career was spent at Link Aviation and its successor companies from which he retired as Vice President after 30 years of service. Mr. Mulford was a former commissioner with the New York State Cable Television Commission and was Chairman of the SUNY's Statewide Advisory Board for Economic Development from its founding in 1983 until 1997. Mr. Mulford was a member and former Chairman of the Broome County Industrial Development Agency and served as Chairman of the Southern Tier High Technology Council. In this capacity he was a founder in the establishment of Binghamton University's Watson School of Engineering. He also served as a director of the New York State United Way for many years, as well as the Board of Directors of both Broome County then NYS United Way. Mr. Mulford chaired both the Higher Education sub committee of the Business Council of NY State and The State University of New York's Statewide Advisory Board for Business and Industry. He served as a member of the Board of Directors of Lourdes Hospital for over 20 years, was past Chairman of the Board of the Sheltered Workshop and R.S.I and was a founding member and past Chairman of Twin Tier Home Health Inc. He was a member and former Chairman of the Harpur Forum, a past Director of Broome Community College Foundation and served many years on the Board of Directors of the Roberson Center for the Arts and Science Center. He served continuously for over 50 years as a member of the Board of Directors of the Southern New York Auto Club (AAA). As a member and former president of the Binghamton Rotary Club, Mr. Mulford served the club since 1945. Mr. Mulford was a longstanding member of the Binghamton Club, the Twenty One Club and the Austin Putting Academy. In his years of service to the Greater Binghamton community and State of New York, he was honored many times. In 1950, he was given the Distinguished Service Award as Young Man of the Year by the Junior Chamber of Commerce. In 1974 Mr. Mulford was named Outstanding Citizen by the Broome County Urban League. In 1984 he was elected to the Post 80 American Legion Hall of Fame. In 1989 the State University of New York Board of Trustees honored him with a Distinguished Citizen Award. Mr. Mulford was given the Binghamton University Alumni Association Distinguished Service Award in 1993 and 1998, and Binghamton High School Distinguished Graduate Award in 2005. He was also the Baden Powell Council Boy Scouts of America Distinguished Citizen Honoree in 2004. Mr. Mulford was a member of the St. Marks F & AM since 1947 and was a Master Mason. In May of 2010 he received an honor of service for 65 years as a Master Mason. As a prominent figure in the growth and development of the City of Binghamton and the larger community, Mr. Mulford assisted the agencies, schools and businesses that have become the fabric of the community. His active role and willingness to serve and lead has been appreciated as an example of excellence and humanitarian endeavors. In his familial life, Mr. Mulford was an avid sports fan. He was a lifelong follower of the NY Yankees and NY Giants, and his Alma Mater Colgate Red Raiders. Mr. Mulford was an accomplished golfer and bowler, and coached youth sport teams at many levels. He enjoyed traveling with his family, the company of his many friends, listening to his extensive jazz collection, and playing bridge. Memorial services will be held at First Presbyterian Church, 42 Chenango Street, Binghamton, Monday at 11:30 a.m. Reverend Arthur M. Suggs and Reverend Monica Styron will co-officiate. Burial will be in Vestal Hills Memorial Park at the convenience of the family. The family will receive friends at the J.A. McCormack Sons Funeral Home, 141 Main Street, Binghamton, Sunday from 2-4 p.m. In lieu of flowers, expressions of sympathy in memory of Ted may be made to Lourdes Hospital Foundation, 169 Riverside Drive, Binghamton, NY 13905 or Colgate University Alumni Association.

Press & Sun-Bulletin
Binghamton, NY
Listed on December 7, 2003

Joan Marie Thayer
of Binghamton

Joan Marie Thayer, age 70, died December 6, 2003, at Lourdes Hospital. She was predeceased by her parents, Charles Edmund Thayer and Lillian Mable Long Thayer; and brother, Frederick Eugene Thayer. She is survived by her sisters, Colleen Ann Thayer, Ruth Thayer Mulford and her husband, Theodore E. Mulford; brother, John Edmund Thayer; nephew, Barth Parker Mulford and his wife, Rebecca; and a cousin, Robert Eugene Long, all of Binghamton; Teresa Zelesnikar Thayer, widow of Frederick, and their children, Patricia, Richard, Gary and wife, Gloria; great-niece, Hayley Colleen Marie Thayer Rovder and her husband, Michael, all of N.J.; several cousins and many dear friends. Joan graduated from Binghamton Central High School in 1951. She retired from SUNY Binghamton as a senior secretary in the Geology Department. She was an accomplished porcelain artist and 18th Century Decoupage designer, having studied under Dorothy Harrower of Milford, N.J., who first rediscovered this art form, which became a popular arts and crafts pastime. She was a member of the Antiques Society of Broome County and the Tuscarora Chapter of the NSDAR.
A funeral service will be held Tuesday at 11 a.m. at Vestal Hills Memorial Park, in the Tower of Memories Chapel. Harold Morre C.L.P. will officiate. The family will receive friends at the Ernest H. Parsons Funeral Home, Inc., 71 Main St. Binghamton, Monday, from 3 to 5 p.m. In lieu of flowers, donations may be made to the Lourdes Hospital Hospice Program, 169 Riverside Dr., Binghamton, N.Y. 13905, in Joan's memory. On behalf of Joan, the family thanks Lourdes Hospital, the Oncology Departments and the Hospice Program for the loving care provided to Joan and her family.

Listed on 12/08/03

Joan Marie Thayer
of Binghamton

A funeral service for Joan Marie Thayer will be held Tuesday at 11 a.m. at Vestal Hills Memorial Park, in the Tower of Memories Chapel. Harold Morre C.L.P. will officiate. The family will receive friends at the Ernest H. Parsons Funeral Home, Inc., 71 Main St. Binghamton, Monday, from 3 to 5 p.m. In lieu of flowers, donations may be made to the Lourdes Hospital Hospice Program, 169 Riverside Dr., Binghamton, N.Y. 13905, in Joan's memory.

The Long Home on West Carpenter Street
Dushore, PA
The Children of Julius and Mary Barth Long Grew Up Here
What appears to be a horsedrawn cart is pulling away in the distance

Viola "Aunt Vic" Long and Her Father Julius Long
Taken Around 1910

Children of Julius and Mary Barth Long and Their Spouses
L to r: Elizabeth Long Ward and Merritt Ward, Viola "Aunt Vic" Long Morris, Raymond Long, Eugene Long, Lola Bailey Long, John "Jack" Morris, Lela Allen Long(Raymond's wife), Wilma Allen Long (Earl's wife)

Mary Susan Barth Long With Her Children About 1950-5
L to r: Earl Hamilton Long, Viola Helen (Long) Morris, Mary Susan (Barth) Long, Raymond Corson Long and Eugene Edward Long
Lillian Mabel (Long) Thayer was not present

Grandchildren of Julius and Mary Barth Long
L to r: John Thayer, Joan Thayer, Glenna Long, Shirley Long, Phyllis Long and Robert Long
Taken Beside Grandmother Barth's Flower Garden Near Her House in Dushore in the Early 1930s

Grammar School Diploma for Eugene Edward Long
Dushore Public Schools June 4, 1904

Left: Raymond Long, Unknown and Eugene Long
Right: Earl, Eugene and Raymond Long--Three Brothers

Eugene Edward Long
L to r: As a young man
With wife Lola Bailey at the Harrington Creamery in Dushore About 1927
In retirement about 1950

Lola Bailey Long at the Manor House
Wife of Eugene Edward Long
Shortly Before Passing at Age 100 in 2001

Edward Raymond Long with Children
Colette (Long) Franklin and Keith Eugene Long
November 10, 1973

As mentioned above, Hiram Long, the Second, was married twice, the second time to Sarah Kaye Wilkinson. The child of this marriage, Elizabeth E. Long, married Merritt Ward on Noevember 7, 1916 and they had the following children (see famly photo below):

--Russell L., b. 02/07/1918, d. 12/20/1984, served on the aircraft carrier Wasp when it was sunk in World War Two; married twice, the first wife is not known but the second was Frances Morley; children:

Russell, Jr., d. 1994, lived in Chicopee, MA, married with one daughter and two grandchildren
Judy, lives in Canton, PA with two girls and one boy

--Gerald M., a twin, b. 06/30/1922, m. Betty Putnam on 08/01/1942, she died 1991-2 in Friendship, NY; Gerald is a retired veterinarian and lives in North Carolina; he also married Jane Vincent (two children: Edith, a nurse in Miami, and Mary who died in 1992) and Carol _____ (two children: Julie, b. 11/03/1969, and Brent, b. 02/0?/1971)
--Geraldine, a twin, b. 06/31/1922, m. Clarence Messing on 08/15/1942, b. 05/07/1918; children:

Cindy, b. 07/30/1943, m. Gene Slater on 09/24/1966, b. 04/15/1941, children: Wendy (b. 11/03/1971) and Brenda (b. 02/17/1977)
Dann W., b. 12/29/1945, retired from the US Navy, after 20 years, as a lieutenant
--Luella Jean, b. 02/17/1933, d. 11/09/1994, m. Bud Morse on 12/27/1951, b. 06/08/1934, d. 06/03/1954, children: Michael
Michelle, m. Mickey Slingerland, two children
Marty, married twice, with a son by the second marriage

Merritt and Elizabeth (Long) Ward Family
Top, l to r: Elizabeth and Russell
Bottom, l to r: Merritt, Geraldine and Gerald (twins)
Luella Not Yet Born
Photo Taken About 1925

EUGENE EDWARD LONG and LOLA BAILEY were married in 1927. They met at a grocery store in Powell, PA while Eugene was delivering ice cream for Harrington's Creamery of Dushore. She was wearing a red dress and he always liked her to dress in red thereafter. They moved from Dushore to Towanda in Bradford County in 1929. Eugene worked for several companies, eventually ending up at the Patterson Screen Compnay which was acquired by Dupont. He worked for Dupont for 12 years, then the family moved to Powell, PA where he and Lola ran a grocery store. He suffered from several years of chronic illness from what he believed was industrial poisoning where he worked. In the 1940s, that was just part of the job. Eugene and Lola had the following children:

--Phyllis Suzanne, our contributor, b. 03/09/1929, m. Robert Joseph Rockwell on 09/26/1948, b. 07/05/1922, d. 04/13/1991; here is a picture of Phyllis and her husband Bob taken in 1990:

Robert Rockwell and Phyllis Suzanne Long Rockwell
Taken in 1990

--Robert Eugene,. 08/20/1931, never married
--Edward Raymond, b. 01/28/1934, m. Delores Shores (divorced); their children were:

Keith Eugene, b. 04/01/1954, m. Theresa Fries on 04/20/1974, children: Brendan Raymond (b. 11/07/1975, child: Evan Kilmer Long, b. 0321/1994), Colin Edward (b. 06/24/1982); Keith subsequently married Kim Thomas on 04/16/1994
Collette Ann, b. 08/24/1955, m. Charles Franklin on 11/10/1973, child: Bradley Charles (b. 02/10/1976)
Christopher Harold, b. 09/06/1956, d. 09/16/1956

--Janet Gail, b. 08/13/1937, m. Gerald Bacon on 06/15/1963, b. 05/11/1927, hemophiliac, died from bad blood transfusion on 04/11/1987; child: Todd Nathan, b. 12/11/1966

Home of Eugene and Lola Bailey Long in Powell, PA
Where Their Children Grew Up
Taken in 1940s

Siblings of Phyllis Long Rockwell
L to r: Janet Long Bacon, Robert Eugene Long, Robert Eugene and Edward Raymond Long Bracketing Marjorie Bailey (Niece of Lola Bailey Long) about 1943-4


--Gail Ann, b. 12/28/1949, m. Ted Franklin on 03/06/1969; they had their own surveying business; children: Lee Edward (b. 06/05/1972) and Lisa Ann (b. 11/12/1976)
--Roger Joseph, b. 09/09/1951, m. Stephani Smith on 06/30/1979; he is Director of Human Resources at St. Joseph's Hospital, Elmira, NY
--Brian Jon, b. 05/19/1953, m. Joan Barnes on 08/11/1973; children: Thomas Brian (b. 04/19/1974) and Christopher Jon (b. 05/07/1978); Brian Jon subsequently married Kim Ardrey on 04/29/1983; child: Zachary (b. 05/29/1987)
--Susan Kay, b. 08/08/1957, m. James Taylor on 08/25/1988 (divorced); she is an English and drama teacher at Canton (PA) High School
--Robert Mark, b. 02/14/1963, m. Lisa Clegg on 06/18/1988; he teaches business at Canton (PA) High School; children: Dana Lynn (b. 04/27/1989) and Robert Scott "Scotty" (b. 02/21/1993)
--Kelly Rae, b. 11/05/1967, m. Caesar Cordeiro on 12/16/1986 (divorced), children: Curtis Robert (b. 05/29/1987) and Mark Brian (b. 12/22/1988)

Robert Joseph Rockwell and Phyllis Suzanne Long
Wedding Picture
United Methodist Church, Powell, PA
September 26, 1948

Children of Robert and Phyllis Long Rockwell
L to r: Gail Rockwell Franklin with son Lee Franklin, mother Phyllis Rockwell and grandaughter Leeanna Franklin
Brian Jon Rockwell and wife Kim (Ardrey)
Robert Mark Rockwell, wife Lisa (Clegg), mother Phyllis, and children Dana and Robert Scott "Scotty" Rockwell

More Children of Robert and Phyllis Long Rockwell
L to r: Kelly (Rockwell) Cordeiro with mother Phyllis and sons Curtis and Mark Cordeiro
Roger Rockwell
Brian Rockwell and sons Thomas and Christopher Rockwell

Susan Kay Rockwell
Yet Another Child of Robert and Phyllis (Long) Rockwell

The Newest Long Descendant
Isaac Lee Franklin Born February 09, 2001
Son of Lee and Mandy (Kepner) Franklin, Grandson of Ted and Gail (Rockwell) Franklin and Great-Grandson of Bob and Phyllis (Long) Rockwell
Shown with Father Lee and Sister Leeanna

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