Compiled by David Bailey

December 2006

Source:  Egle’s Notes and Queries


Cherry Township


Joseph Batchelder

Henry W. Cooper

Thomas Davis

David E. David

Samuel Dill

Samuel Derby

David Dodge

Freeman Fairchild

Henry Gravely

William Gravely

David H. Goodwin

John Hartsock

Henry Hufmaster

George Hunsinger

______ Houseworth

Jesse Hicks

John Hicks

Samuel Jackson

Jesse Kerkendall

Casper King

John Lopez

John Miller

Jacob Miller

Shadrack Miller

Alterartus Miller

Samuel McNeal

John B. Maxwell

William Martin

John Mosier

Brookins Potter

Joseph Potter

Alden Potter

Henry Potter

William Potter

Nicholas Potter

Roswell Phillips

Ezra Payner

Jacob Payne

John Reeser

Samuel Sharp

Charles Scott

Andrew Shiner

Evan O. Shiner

Dennis Fall

John Fall

Henry Yonkin


In addition to the above names the following are given as having settled at about the same time:


Frederick Bartch

John G. Bartch

Wm. Colley

John Dieffenbacher

Jacob Dieffenbacher

Joseph Fulmer

Wm. Lawrence

F.X. Lusch

Cornelius Harrington

Elinas Holcomb

Henry Payne

George Thrasher

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