Among the early settlers in the Brothersvalley Community were the Hay family. On the good ship "Sally" from Rotterdam, landing in Philadelphia, October 5, 1767, there were three brothers namely: Simon Hay, Frantz Hay and Valentine Hay. Two of these brothers finally settled in the neighborhood of Berlin, Pennsylvania and were among the first families of the Reformed Church.

Simon Hay was born at Zewi Brucken (meaning, two bridges) in Germany, near the borders of France, on the 18th day of April, 1742, and died February 3, 1842, at the age of 99 years and 15 days. He was married to Anna Marie Shaver of near Hagerstown, Maryland. She died in the stone house in the village of Hay's Mill on March 19, 1818, aged 63 years, 3 months and 6 days. (born December 13, 1754).

Five boys and five girls were born to this union. Michael Hay, born Feb. 21, 1775, and died Sept. 30, 1840. He married to Elizabeth, a daughter of Ludwig Young. Both are buried on their home farm one mile north of Lavansville, Pennsylvania.

Jacob Hay, born March 30, 1777, married Elizabeth Louder and first settled where Wellersburg is now located and afterward moving to Millersburg, Ohio, where they raised a large family.

George Hay, born May 7, 1781, and died June 18, 1844. He married Mary Countryman who was born Sept. 21, 1789, and died March 14, 1872. Mr Hay is buried on the Peter S. Hay farm and Mrs Hay in Hay's Church Cemetery.

Susan Hay, born March 22, 1784, and married Jacob Baker, they emigrated to near Wooster, Ohio, where they reared a large family.

Mary Hay, born Aug. 16, 1786, died July 27, 1846, married Jacob Young who was born May 26, 1780, and died April 2, 1867. They settled 1 1/2 miles north of Lavanville where they reared a large family.

Peter S. Hay, born April 18, 1790, died May 4, 1845. He is buried on the Peter S. Hay farm. He married Elizabeth Walker, born Sept. 30, 1794, died July 8, 1880, and buried in the Hay's Reformed Church Cemetery. Peter owned the farm where his father first pitched his tent under a white oak tree.

Elizabeth Hay, born April 17, 1792, married George Weller who was born April 27, 1792. They settled on a farm on which the town of Wellersburg is now situated, and from this family the name is derived.

Eva Hay, born April 11, 1796, died Aug. 6, 1883, married George Gebhart, born Dec. 13, 1792 and died March 17, 1852. They settled on a farm in Milford Township and was the founder of Gebhartsburg. They afterwards located to Dayton, Ohio.

Catherine Hay, born Feb. 1798, married Samuel Miller of Addison Township who was born in 1800, and died Jan. 7, 1875. They resided in Addison Township.

On September 7, 1784, Pioneer Hay was warranted a tract of land containing over 500 acres in Brothersvalley Townshiip, now the home of Edison M. Hay and the E. E. Boger farms. Simon Hay improved over one thousand acres of land in Brothersvalley Township. He built the stone house in Hay's Mill in 1796, which is still standing and in good condition. The second Grist Mill was built in 1806, and continued operations until 1916, or 110 years. The first Grist Mill was built before 1800, and was later used as a fulling and carding mill.

The Pittsburg Historical Society considers Hay's Mill one of the outstanding buildings of Western Pennsylvania. In the Museum of Philadelphia is the old loom of Simon Hay with the date 1774.

These buildings are the oldest buildings connected with the Hay Family, in existence. The Fulling and Carding Mill has long since disappeared.

The assessment of Brothersvalley Township in 1796, states that Simon Hay owned 500 acres of land, 41 arces which were cleared. He owned two horses, two cows, a house and grist mill and was the third highest tax payer in the Twonship.

The late J. Oliver Hay of Jennerstown, Pennsylvania said he was born in the Stone House in Hay's Mill, Pennsylvania in 1851. His father, William Hay, had the Store and Post Office. David Hay was the owner and operator of the Grist Mill. John Holzhouer and William Wasmuth were the weavers and Herbert Hiber the tailor.

In stature, Simon Hay was over sex feet tall, strong and heavy built and could endure hardship equal to two common men.

The Hay Family is one of the large and influential families of Somerset County.



In the name of God Amen. I Simon Hay of Brothersvalley Township, Somerset County Pennsylvania being weak of body, but of sound mind, memory and understanding. (praised be to God for the same). Do therefore make and declare this my last Will and Testament in manners following that is to say first and principally. I commend my Soul into the hands of Almighty God my Creator who gave it, and my body to the earth to be entered in a decent and Christianlike manner, and as to such remaining worldly estate, I dispose of the same in manners herein after mentioned. I have already given each of my children Sons and Daughters the sum of Fifteen Hundred Dollars in land, property and money, so as to make them all alike I aaalso paid my sons for working over age a sufficient sum each. I have also given to my daughters considerable household furniture except my daughter Eva who is intermarried with George Gebhart. I therefore give and bequeath to my daughter Eva the sum of thirty dollars to be paid to her after mydecease, to make her equal with my other daughters, and as to the remainder of my estate, I give and bequeath the same to my sons---Michael Hay -- Jacob -- George Hay -- and Peter Hay and the children of my son Valentine Hay to be equally divided among them, the share which would come to my son Valentine is to be divided among all his children share and share alike. My reason why I give the remainder of my estate, to my daid sons is this viz--I considered that I have given my Real Estate to my said sons at to high a rate and they had to maintain me ever since and as long as I live and for that reason, I do bequeath my remaining household furniture shall be sold by public sale and the proceeds thereof together with the remainder of my Estate of whatsoever nature the same my be, shall all be equally divided amony my said sons --Michael -- Jacob --George -- Peter --and the children of Valentine so that the children of Valentine shall only get the one fifth part, after the thirty dollars are fist paid to my said daughter Eva. And lastly I nominate constitute and appoint my trusting friend George Walker Esq. Executor of this my "Last Will and Testament" hereby revoking and making void all wills by me at any time herebefore made -- Sign, Sealed, Published and Declared by the above Simon Hay as and for his last Will and Testament in the presence of us who have at his request and in his presence subscribed our names as witnesses.


MICHAEL HAY In witness where of I the said Simon Hay have

hereunto set my hand and seal the 27 day of

December 1837





In the Reformed Church in Berlin is a large circular memorial window with the name of Simon Hay and was presented by his Grandchildren.

In 1809, Francis Hay, Simon Hay and Jacob Keefer, Trustee of the Reformed Church, conveyed 40 acres of land to the Trustees of the Lutheran Church.



In the Reformed Church Cemetery is this Inscription on a marble slab:


In Memory of, Simon Hay departed his life Feb. 3, 1842

Aged 99 years, 9 months and 15 days


"Sickness long I endure.

Physicians were in vain.

'Twas God who pleased to give me ease

And free me from my pain."





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