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Civil War Honor Roll

Somerset County, PA was not directly in the line of fire during the Civil War but many of her sons valiantly served and died at Appomattax, Gettysburg, Antietam, and the Wilderness during one of our nations greatest internal conflicts. For an overview of the war and Somerset County's involvement, see "History of Bedford and Somerset Counties, Pennsylvania, Vol II, pp. 325-331, by William A. Welfley".

The names that follow are taken from the November 1961 issue of the "Laurel Messenger". This list is only covers killed, wounded and missing in action -- it does not account for everyone who served from Somerset County.

(Note: This information is from the monument erected in Somerset County. It has many misspellings and many soldiers names are missing from the panels.)

Commemoration of the Dead

In March of 1888, a funding committee was set up by R. P. Cummins Post No. 210, GAR, to secure the funds necessary to erect a monument to honor Somerset County's Civil War Veterans. The inscription on the statue reads, "To the Pepetual Memory of the Defenders of the Union. 1861-1865. Erected September 17, 1888, by the surviving soldiers and citizens of Somerset County."

Honor Roll of those Killed in Battle

Robert Allison, Nelson Abbot, David Ansel, James Findlay Allen, John Ankeny, Henry Ankeny, Noah Allison

John A. Bense, Geroge W. Bricker, Christian berkey, Jospeh Bittner, Jacob Barndt, Lt. Milton Black, Jefferson Brant, John W. Bowlin, John Baltzer, Samuel Berkey, Charles Bisbing, John Bidinger, Jonathan Baker, Edward Baker, Jospeh Berkey, Cyrus Brubaker, John J. Bittinger, Christian Burkholder, George Betz, Oliver Berkey.

Col. Robert P. Cummins, John Conn, William E. Conrad, John Cobaugh, Jacob Casebeer, Nathan B. Crumm, Lt. Slyvester Colborn, Hiram Cupp, Elias caton, Francis Coleman, Levi Coleman, Henry Croft, Jacob Coleman, Uriah Conn.

Dennis Durst, Jesse Dial, Samuel Daniels, Dennis De Haven, Henry E. Dinges, Francis Dickey, David L. Daugherty, William Dean.

Nathan D. Ellia, Frederick Engleka, Henry Engle, Herman Fritz, Frederick A. ferguson, David Findlay, Jacob Fleegle.

Urbanus Glotfelty, George Geisel, Jacob D. Geiger, John Griffith, Elias Griffith, Lt. Oswald H. Gaither, David Gohn, John Groft.

Cyrus Heinbaugh, Benjamin F. Heckart, Capt. James Hinchman, Francis Hersh, Zachariah Harding, Peter Herring, Peter Hersh, Soloman Hoffman, Lt. James Hamilton, Henry H. Heckart, Alexander Hemminger, John A. Herring.

John O. Kimmell,Jr., Harrison King, Lt. George S. Knee, Samuel Kuhns, Joseph Keiser, William P. Knepper, John Kennell, Isaiah Koontz, John M. Kauffman, Frank H. Irwin.

Michael C. Lowry, George Lohr, Jacob B. Lepley, Frank G. Lentz, Peter Lawrence, Joseph H. Levy, Edward Lohr, Francis H. Lutz, Zarr Lenhart, John Long, John Lowry, Jospeh Logsden, Leonard Long, Cryus H. Lenhart, Edward C. Lint, Walter S. Lint, Jospeh Lape, Hiram Lohr, Jonathan Lohr, Issac Larimer, Harrison Lohr.

Ephraim Manges, Issac McAdams, Jospeh Miller, Gillian Miller, Adam Miller, Lee H. McKinley, John Miller, William Mauer, Ringold Markle, William Muhlenburg, Thomas J. McClintock, John A. Miller, Levi B. May.

John nedrow, William Nickler, Charles C. Ogle, John Ohler, Soloman Ogline, Cyrus Pile, David W.Pringle, David Pepley, Andrew parker, William N. Porter, Lt. Jospeh H. Peck, John H. Pugh, John D. Pile, John W. Pile, Lt. Cyrus Patton, William H. Peterson.

Hiram Reel, William Raymon, Jospeh ream, Ross Rush, David Raymond, Henry Roadel, George Risherberger, J. M. Schneckenberger, Samuel Shunk, Hiram H. Statler, Jospeh Sivits, Alexander Stoner, Henry Schneider, John Suhre, John Suter, Hiram Sturtz, David Shannon, George Shaffer, Jacob J. Seese, Michael E. Shaffer, Harry Suder, Benjamin Shunk, Jacob Sturtz, Daniel Spangle, Joseph Sidle, Daniel L. Spangler.

Edward F. Tilson, Henry Thomas, Levi Tissue, Jeremiah Tressler, James W. Tafts, Joseph Tannehill, Lot Turney, Henry Umburn.

George A. Weller, Peter C. Whipkey, Josiah F. Wendell, Jonathan L. Wendell, George F. Weimer, David Weiner, Lt. Adolf Winters, William H. Weller, Lt. Simon Walker, S. D. Witherow, John Yoder, Anthony Zerfoss, Issac Zufall.

Lost or Missing in Action

Benjamin Anderson, Benjamin Albright, Obadiah Berkey, John Conn, Holdsworth crockett, Edward Countryman, Samuel Deeter, Peter Ellenberger, Cyrus Horner, William Hair, Adolph Heinemeyer, Robert E. Laughton, Issac Miller, Jospeh Powell, Noah W. Shaffer, Jospeh Specht, Valentine Wolford.

Died of Disease in Service

William Achison, Thomas Allen, Jacob Ankeny, Peter Ankeny, Daniel Achison, Adam Anstead, Godfrey Anstead, Jospeh Allison, John Albright.

Samuel Brougher, Elijah H. berkey, John Beyers, Hiram Boyts, John Boyer, Benjamin Bisel, Henry Bittner, Issac Bowman, Hiram Bennet, John Berkey, Andrew Bridagum, Charles Barnet, James A. Bird, Soloman Berkey, Jacob A. Berkey, Hiram W. Boucher, Silas Bittner, Jacob baer, John H. Brenham, William Brant, Christian Bowman, George Bowers.

Isaiah Cupp, john P. Carver, George W. Colborn, Daniel Custer, Thomas Cooper, Asa F. Cohn, Daniel Cable, William Cable, John A. Coleman, Edward Cook.

Jackson Darr, William A. Dennison, Phillip Darr, William Dickey.

Charles Elder, Charles Engle.

Uriah Fritz, Edward Fleegle, Reuban Ferner, John A. Firestone, Simon Firestone, Job Fetter, Elijah Flick, John Faidley, James Ferrell, Martin Firestone, Joseph Firestone, Conrad Feig, George Feig, Henry Fleegle.

Samuel Gerhart, Peter Growall, Noah Gohn, Wesley Griffith, Simon H. Griffith, Daniel Geiger.

Martinhelsel, Jospeh Horner, Henry Horner, Samuel Harner, Aaron Hyatt, MartinHoover, William Hook, Cornelius Hegner, Jackson Heinbaugh, John Harding Jeremiah Holliday, Ephraim Harshberger, Frederick Helm, Daniel Hellman, Barnet Helm, FranklinHormer, Samuel Holsoppel, Christian Holsopple, Gottleib Hahn, William Heckart, ? Harshberger, John Houpt, George W. Hartzell, Adam Hockstetler, Dennis Hutzell, Robert Havener, Perry Hardin, Jacob Hutzell.

Joshua Keller, Jeremiah Klingaman, Mahlin Klingaman, Issac Koontz, Jeremiah Koontz, Valentine Keefer, Conrad Knepp, Edwin J. koontz, George Keller, Herman C. Knight. O. F. Kelley, John Keifer.

Perry Lee, Benjamin H. Long, James Logue, George Lohr, Andrew J. Lohr, Peter Lohr, Martin Lybarger, Jeremiah Lohr, Peter Lape, Peter Livingston, William Lybarger, Valentine G. Lybarger, James Lape, John Layton, SamuelLepley, John Leasure.

Daniel May, Peter Mull, Ruell Miller, James Mickey, Samuel Miller, Phillip Musser, Francis P. Miller, William S. McKinley, Daniel Miller, George Moore, George Mishler, Samuel A. Meyers, Samuel Merley, Samuel Markle, Jospeh J. Miller, William H. Mauer, John Mumma, Oliver Moore, Josiah Moore, Tobias Miller, Noah Miller, Harrison Mountain, Andrew J. Moore.

Simon Nicola, Michael Nicklow, William E. Parnell, Easton parnell, Eugene Petrie, William Putnam.

John Rose, Frank H. Rhoads, Samuel Roudabush, Ambraham Rifle, James Rock, Wilson Ross, David Rose, Leonard Rowan, Henry Romesburg.

Alexander Sipe, William Showman, Peter Stepahnus, William Sembower, William Stufft, James Shank, Lorenzo D. Shipley, Samuel Stahl, Jacob Sumpstine, Annanias Spangler, Dias Shoemaker, George Sterner, Henry Snyder, George W. Stahl, Samuel Shaffer, Alexander Shockey, John Sterner, Lewis Steinbaugh, Annanias Stahl, William Stahl, John Stuck, Christian Stuck, Johnathan Statler.

Eli Tannehill, Alfred tannehill, George Thomas, Jacob Tannehill.

John Vought, William H. Valentine.

Samuel Warner, Benjamin F. Will, Henry D. Whisker, Francis Weaver, Samuel C. Wirsing, Matthias Wable, Henry Wilson, John Witt, Herman Wilhelm, Soloman Wilson, John Wolfhope.

Issace Yoder, Alfred Younkin, Wesley M. Young.

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