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Colerain Township

Near Quarryville, Lancaster County, PA

Excerpt from: Churches of Today and Yesterday in Southern Lancaster County printed 1968 by The Fellowship of Solanco Churces

Wesley Methodist Church is situated in Colerain Township, about three miles south of Quarryville just off route 472. In fact the new road which is now being built will be quite close to the Sanctuary. The Wesley Church and the Mount Hope Methodist Church just west of Quarryville, are served by the same pastor and comprises the Mount Hope Circuit of the Philadelphia Methodist Conference.

The original meeting house built in 1828 was of stone, and the present brick edifice was built in 1878. An article appearing in "The Oxford Press" in 1878 states, "Church Dedication in Colerain - Thursday was a memorable day to the people residing in the vicinity of the new Wesley Methodist Episcopal Church in Colerain Township, Lancaster County. The occasion was the dedication of the church which took place about noon. Bishop Simpson preached from Romans 1:16. The sermon was an able and practical one, abounding in truths so plainly and forcibly illustrated that the most indifferent would hardly fair to become impressed by his logic.

Subscriptions were then taken from the congregation with the result that only a comparatively small amount was left to be paid. The church is a substantially built brick structure 30x40 feet with two doors facing to the south and three large windows on either side. Inside it is neatly and tastefully painted and furnished with necessary equipment for comfortably heating and lighting it."

Originally Wesley Church was on what was then known as Fulton Circuit, comprising Mount Hope, Wesley, Bethel and Mount Zion Church at Fairfield. This was during the time of the Civil War.

Quarryville Methodist Church was built in 1883 and in 1884 a new Circuit called the Quarryville Circuit was formed, composed of Quarryville, Mount Hope, Wesley and Bethel churches. Later the Quarryville church was placed by itself and the present Mount Hope Circuit was formed.

From History of Lancaster County" by Ellis and Evans, printed 1883 page 734

Wesley Methodist Episcopal Church was organized in 1828. The building, a stone edifice, was erected on a lot of land purchased from J. B. Caldwell, who then owned the Black Rock Forge property.

Among the first members were J. B. Caldwell, Michael B. Barr, Samuel L. Morrison, and Abraham Graff, the three latter forming the first board of trustees. The congregation worshiped in this church until 1878, when a neat and commodious edifice of brick was erected, the property now being worth about three thousand dollars.. The present number of members is fifty. The Sabbath-school, held in the church, consists of eighty pupils, and is under superintendencce of Abram Stively. The average attendanee is sixty-five. The church is at present under charge of Rev. F. M. Brady.

The Quarryville Sun, October 16, 1925

shows that in 1925 the church celebrated its ninety-seventh anniversary with all-day services. The morning sermon was delivered by the Reverend C. B. Johnston, the afternoon sermon by the Reverend L. S. Palmer and the speaker of the evening was the Honorable John A. McSparran.

The present pastor is the Reverend Fred R. Landis.

The church bears the name of the founder of Methodism, John Wesley. It has been a great influence for righteousness in the community. A long line of ministers have served this circuit, many of them later becoming prominent ministers of the Methodist Conference. In the late 1870's Wesley was considered one of the strong churches of the community, and many noted revival services were conducted there. It would be difficult to try to name the early "pillars" of the church but some of the well known names were Abraham Stively, Emanuel Waltman, J. Moderivell, Cornelius Collins, B. F. Shenk and many others.

The present order of service is worship service 9:30 A.M. and Sunday School 10:30 A.M.

Pastors who have served the church during the past 60 years are as follows. Rev. R. M. Howells, Rev. C. E. Radeliffe, Rev. Edward White, Rev. Hunter McKain, Rev. T. R. Crooks, Rev. William May, Rev. Joseph Ashworth, Rev. Clarence Howell, Rev. William Schoefstal, Rev. C. W. Robb, Rev. A. J. Lawson, Rev. H. S. Irevin, Rev. Robert Sheesley, Rev. Julius Meyer, Rev. Delmar Probst, Rev. William Baily, Rev. E. Alonzo Casselberry, Rev. Lawrence R. Hof, and Rev. Fred R. Landis, the present pastor.


Colerain Township
Near Quarryville, Lancaster County, PA
CARE, Jemina~wife of David ~ b.July 29, 1791 d. May 19, 1810
DEAVER, Joseph ~ d. May 1, 1901 aged 52 yrs. 1 mo. 3 da.
Margaret L.~his wife ~ d. July 7, 1922 aged 70 yrs. 5 mo. 2 da.
DONACHE, Emma Virginia ~ b. March 26, 1853 d. December 17, 1886
HORNER, James ~ d. January 16, 1815 aged 85 yrs. 16 da.
HORNER, Margaret~wife of William ~ d. 1819
HORNER, Susanna ~ d. February 3, 1849 aged 84 yrs.
HORNER, Susanna ~ d. December 23, 1850 aged 12 yrs. 2 mo. 12 da.
HORNER, William ~ d. 1814 aged 31 yrs. 3 mo.21 da.
KENNEDY, George ~ d. June 2, 1871 aged 39 yrs. 4 mo. 17 da.
KENNEDY, John B. ~ b. March 23, 1803 d. May 30, 1882
KENNEDY, Susanna~wife of John ~ d. June 23, 1873 aged 71 yrs.
KENNEDY, Wesley~son of John and Susan ~d. September 5, 1812 aged 11mo.27 da.
LAUCKS, William F. ~ d. 1895 - Co. B. 79th PA Inf.
PATTERSON, Elizabeth ~ b. September 24, 1805 d. April 15, 1885
PHILLIPS, Becca ~ d. April 1, 1861 aged 1 yr.
PHILLIPS, Emma ~ d. 1861 aged 3 yrs.
PHILLIPS, J. Wesley ~ b. February 5, 1825 d. November 25, 1873
Catharine~his wife ~ b. April 2, 1828 d. September 19, 1907
PHILLIPS Alfred b 21 Feb 1867 d Sep 24 1885
PHILLIPS, Susanna J. ~ wife of Clark PHILLIPS ~ d. June 8, 1858 aged 32 yrs.
Benjamin F. ~ son ~ d. October 16, 1846 aged 1 yr.
Eliza Rebecca ~ dau. ~ d. Nov 20, 1851 aged 4 yrs. 6 mo. 10 da.
PHILLIPS, Thomas ~ d. Dec 10, 1865 aged 57 yrs. 1 mo. 10 da.
Hettie~his wife ~ d. December 2, 1900 aged 86 yrs.
PHILLIPS Caylon J. ~son ~ d. Dec 13, 1865 aged 15 yrs. 1 mo.son of Thomas & Esther
PHILLIPS, William ~ b. July 27, 1816 d. December 23, 1887
Mary Jane ~his wife ~ b. April 16, 1817 d. April 29, 1905 age 88yr 13d
PHILLIPS, William ~ d. February 2, 1851 aged 61yr1mo28day.
Rebecca~his wife ~ d. January 18, 1867 aged 73yr4mo24d
PHILLIPS, Willie ~ d. February 2, 1867 aged 3 mo.
RINTS, William~son of John & Barbara ~ b. May 1, 1886 d. August 22, 1840
SHIELDS, Wesley ~ d. September 25, 1810 aged 19 yrs. 7 mo.
SHIRK, Barbara~wife of Benjamin ~ b. May 23, 1817 d. April 27, 18?6 (as written)
Susanna C.~dau. ~ d. 1813 (?) aged 1 yr.
Mary E.~dau. ~ d. November 11, 1813 aged 2 yrs.
Benjamin Franklin~son ~ b. November 1813 d. aged 1 yr.
Francis Morrison~son ~ b. March 7, 1806 d. June 20, 1819
SOUDER, Judith ~ d. March 7, 1817 aged 74 yrs.
WYNN, Carrie~dau. Edward B. & Annie M. ~ d. May 1, 1889 aged 2 yrs.
WYNN, Thomas ~ b. November 18, 1833 d. April 19, 1877
Mary~his wife ~ b. March 16, 1826 d. December 8, 1882

A walk thru of this cemetery within the past year shows the following surnames in this cemetery
Some not present in this inscription list.
I am not sure if this is due to them being more recent burials or if the list was not a full listing

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