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Copy of Souvenir Booklet of Union High School Coleraine township, Lancaster County,

Pa. printed 1895

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Union High School

Coleraine, Lancaster County, Penn'a.

1859 1895





Affectionately Dedicated to All the Old Students and tutors of

Union High School, by the Class of 1894-95


(Picture) View of the School Building, and the teachers and scholars of the class of

1894 - 5, taken May 3rd 1895


Desiring a change, and looking for a favorable location, he was induced by a number of leading citizens of this section to establish a school at Union Village, in Coleraine township, as a point where a successful school might be founded.

The site of the present building was then owned by Joseph Cochran, who carried on the harness making business at the Union, and he offered to erect an end to his house for the purpose of a school room, which offer was excepted by Prof. Andrews, and a school was opened August 6th , 1859, with thirty seven Scholars; the family names of nearly all whom are still found among the foremost of the two townships.

The school grew with the success and prosperity of the surrounding country, and was recognized as a great factor in the education of the rising citizens of the Southern end.

For twenty - seven consecutive years, or until 1886, Professor Andrews continued that efficient work as tutor at this school which has left its indelible impression upon the citizens of this section.

Thoroughly educated, a firm disciplinarian, gifted as a teacher he had but few superiors in his profession; despite the fact that from a stroke of paralysis at the age of eighteen he entirely lost the use of his lower limbs.

The first principal under the new management was H. A. Foresman, A. M., a graduate of Princeton, then residing in NY., who opened school September 10th, 1889, operating the school with marked success for three years He then retired from teaching to engage in the publishing business in Chicago, Ill.

Arthur Collins, A.B., took the school in the fall of 1891, but only taught one term.

J. L. Hynson, A. B. , graduate of Dickinson College, resident of Chestertown, Maryland, took charge and conducted the school successfully for two years. He is now studying for the ministry, at Princeton.

In the fall of 1894, the trustees determined to put the school on a firmer and more permanent basis, they decided to furnish text books at a rental, have two teachers, give special training preparatory for college, and organize a special class for the training of teachers. To this end C. K. Binkley, A. M. , a graduate of the scientific class of Millersville, and a teacher of considerable experience, assisted by Miss Alice R. Byrnes, a graduate of the same institution, leased the school.

Roll of Students at Union High School from First Year to and including 1895.

Each Name Is Given in the Year of Entry in the School.


Prof J.W. Andrews
Alexander, V.K.
Andrews, Robert P.
Andrews, Montgomery B.
Andrews, Mary
Andrews, Jas. W.
Beyer, Annie X. M.
Brinton, Jessie H.
Clendennin, Maggie E.
Cochran, James K.
Dare, Geo. S.
Evans, Belle M.
Ferguson, Jno. B.
Gillespie, Davis S.
Harrar, Martha J.
Hayes, Geo. D.
Hogg, Wm. H.
Holcombe, J. Randolph
Jackson, Mellissa
King, Jeremeiah
McConnell, S. D.
Morrison, S. Wilmer
Morrison, Louisa J.
Morrison, Robert A.
Morrison, Samuel W.
Morrison, Maggie J.
Morris, William L.
Patterson, D. Ransey
Peters, Lewis
Richardson, Annie
Taylor, David M.
Webb, Rebecca
Worth, Albert B.
Worth, W. Harrison
Wentz, Charles
Whitesise, Emma M.
Zell, Daniel


Alexander, Jno. A.
Alexander, Laura
Andrews, Albert
Beyer, Sarah
Cochran, Hannah W.
Dilsworth, Thos.
Davis, Hill M.
Ewing, Mary
Ewing, John
Furniss, Esther
Hamilton, John
Hastings, J. Wilson
Johnson, Franklin
Lemon, Mary
McCommon, Howard
Neeley, John
Pennell, John J.
Pennell, Amanda
Reynolds, Martha J.
Russell, David
Turner, M. Ella
Turner, Ross A.
Turner, John H.
Webb, Ezekiel
Worth, Davis
Worth, Edward


Beyer, Rebecca
Bockius, S. M.
Bunting, Nelson
Campbell, John
Dare, Annie
Dare, Letitia
Davis, Mary J.
Davis, Kate
Davis, Lousia
Davis, Hanford
Dickey, Jennie
Hinkson, Martha
Johnson, John
Locher, Chas. H.
Martin, Annie E.
McClenaghan, Sarah
Paxson, Mary L.
Paxson, Oric R.
Pennock, Richard B.
Pettigrew, Jackson
Reynolds, Elmira
Russell, Mary
Smith, M. A.
Twaddell, Jno. T.
Wells, Ellen J.


Andrews, Frank P.
Armstrong, Robert M.
Bunting, Laura
Dare, David D.
Davis, Harry
Ferguson, Jno. M.
Ferguson, Wm. F.
Ferguson, Lizzie M.
Harrar, Mary
Hastings, Tabitha
Hogg, William
Kilgore, William N.
McCommon, Mime R.
Pennock, Eva A.
Russell, Joseph
Stafford, Freeling
Wells, Mary E.
Wentz, Mary J.
Wentz, Arthur
Wilson, Randolph


Andrews, Jas. A.
Black, Robert J.
Blackburn, Jno. W.
Brison, Mary E.
Clingan, Hannah N.
Ferguson, Edward
Gibson, Jas. W.
Gillespie, Geo. W.
Graham, Thos. L.
Harley, Ruth A.
McConnell, Jane
Mattson, E. Philena
Harrar, Maggie
Hastings, Will S.
Hastings, Esther
Jack, William
Lemon, Emma
McConnell, A.A., D.D.S.
McClurg, Agnes E.
McPherson, Mary
Neeley, William
Paxson, Edwin
Paxson, Irene
Pennock, Geo. C.
Rea, John A.
Scott, Annie M.
Stewart, Jas. W.
Taylor, Edwin C.
Webb, Sallie


Andrews, Thos. C.
Beyer, Letitia
Beyer, Charles
Brady, Mary E.
Brinton, Cresilda
Bunting, Mary L.
Carlon, Mary
Caruth, Lizzie
Clark, Purnell
Cochran, Frank R.
Davis, William A.
Dickey, James
McClurg, Agnes E.
Eckman, Ethalinda
Eves, J. Carson
Hastings, Milissa
Hobson, John
Jackson, Letitia
King, James
Lindsey, John A.
Lindsey, Rebecca J.
McClenaghan, Rachel
McClenaghan, Mattie
Miller, Emma
Neels, Jno. W.
Paxon, Marietta
Pusey, Hannah M.
Rutherford, Wm. M.
Springer, Adolphus
Watt, James
Wells, Alice B.
Whiteside, Eliza G.
Whiteside, Annie
Wilson, Jos. W.
Wiley, Charles J.


Andrews, Jno. R.
Andrews, Norris P.
Barnett, Alice
Brown, Mary A.
Campbell, Ella
Carter, Ruth A.
Clendennin, S. H.
Clark, Maggie
Clark, Emerson, G.
Davis, Emma
Davis, Josephine
Davis, Eli W.
Dickey, S. Ralston
Dickey, Walborn
Edwards, John W.
Ferguson, Harvey
Ferguson, Abram
Ferguson, Annie J.
Griffith, Ruth E.
Griest, Caroline
Hutchison, David C.
Hutchison, Arthur A.
Holcombe, Annie
Jamison, Mary
Jamison, John
Johnson, Martin
McCallister, Emma
McCommon, Maggie E.
McClenaghan, Mary F.
McCullough, Maggie
McCullough, Emma
Morrison, Martha E.
Paxson, Ellwood
Phillips, Sallie
Pickel, Lydia A.
Ramsey, J. Patterson
Robinson, Robert T.
Russell, George P.
Stubbs, Sarah A.
Walton, Elva
Watson, Mary
Wells, Sallie P.
Whiteside, William
Wright, Maggie
Zook, ---y M.


Andrews, Jas. W.
Beyer, Mary A.
Brown, Alfred
Bunting Walter
Bunting, Annie A.
Clendennin, Maggie H.
Crawford, Izene
Dance, Allen
Dickey, Samuel
Donahey, James
Ecklin, Samuel
Eckman, Elonzo A.
Fairlamb, Howard
Fairlamb, Harry
Ferguson, Nathaniel
Hogg, Milissa
Keech, Jas. B.
Johnson Jno. M.
Kirk, Jacob
Lefever, George W.
Lemon, Ella
Lovett, Madison
McCullough, Francina
McVey, John R.
Neelings, J. W.
Paxson, Alvin
Phillips, Wendell P.
Phillips, Maggie J,
Pierce, Joseph
Reed, John
Rockafield, Emma
Rhooney, Thomas
Snodgrass, James
Stafford, Samuel
Stafford, Taylor
Thompson, Geo. H.
Wells, Gertrude
Whiteside, Ella L.
White, Agnes J.
White, Wm KIrk
Wright, Angelina
Zell, Samuel A.


Baughman, H. M.
Baughman, Sarah J.
Brown, Annie A.
Brown, Elmira
Brown, Charles
Burnite, Frank M.
Carter, Samuel
Collins, Ross
Collins, William A.
Eckman, George R.
Ferguson, T. Ellwood
Flora, John M.
Galibraith, William T.
Gibson, Dora
Hammond, William J.
Harley, Philip B.
Hayes, J. Frank
Jackson, Belle
Keech, Harvey
Keylor, Anna
King, Albert
King, Lillie
Mclenaghan, Mary
Mclenaghan, Selina
McNabb, Maggie
Paxson, W. B.
Reed, William
Richardson, James P.
Scott, Ephraim B.
Shibley, Frank
Snodgrass, Howard
Twaddel, F. R.
Whiteside, John, F.
Wilson, John R.
Wood, Samuel D.


Andrews, Ella
Bailey, Rachel A.
Barnet, Annie M.
Beyer, William F.
Brinton, Wilmot C.
Brown James Bayard
Carter, Lizzie
Collins, George W.
Coates, Frank
Crawford, Alman
Davis, Emma R.
Eckart, John, W.
Eby, Milton
Echternach, Louisa
Findley, Clayton
Forsythe, Ruth Anna
Forsythe, Emily
Forsythe, Isaac
Gable, Tillie J.
Gilbert, Mary
Haines, Ada J. A.
Haines, Marian
King, Emma C.
King, Lizzie M.
McGordy, Wilhemina
McMillan, Ida
Miller, Adaline
Neil, Belle M.
Ross, H. Belle
Rea, H. Chandler
Russell, Frank
Shellender, H. Irene
Thomas, Edwin
Towson, Slater
Turner, William A.
Whiteside, Frank
Whiteside, Clara J.
Whiteside, Ruth A.
Whiteside, Rebecca
Whiteside, Wm. A.
White, Annie


Andrews, Frank G.
Andrews, Charles B.
Andrews, William
Blackburn, Orion
Brinton, Wendell
Brison, Nettie
Bunting, William
Burnite, James
Caruth, Jas. E.
Cheyney, Mary
Clendennin,Belle M.
Durnell, Harvey
Evans, Henry M.
Ewing, Fremont
Fairlamb, Jacob K.
Gibson, Jerome B.
Gillespie, Sallie H.
Hastings, Emerson
Hayes, R. Jennie
Hogg, Howard
Keylor, Ellwood
McConnell, Annie
McClurg, Mary A.
McVey, William A.
Morrison, Hannah
Patterson, Edward G.
Paxson, Oric H.
Pennock, Carrie
Pennock, F. W.
Pusey, Rose
Richards, Milford
Rupert, William W.
Shartle, John
Walker, Edwin T.
Walters, Frank
Wilson, James


Bunting, Eldorado M.
Bunting, Wash. D.
Bunting, Robert J.
Esbenshade, Henry
Esbenshade, Kate
Fawkes, Maggie D.
Galbraith, Mary J.
Hamilton, Levis S.
Hammond, Esther
Harrar, Clara M.
Hastings, Edgar
Hogg, Geo. A.
Holton, Conrad G.
Jones, Mary J.
Keech, Belle M.
Keylor, Henry G.
Mahan, Annie A.
Martin, John R.
Newcomer, Howard
Phillips, Lucy
Ramsey, Howard
Richey Eliza M.
Snodgrass, Mary P.
Springer, Rufus
Stewart, Mary C.
Taylor, Howard J.
Tuner, Carrie
Whiteside, Sophia
Whiteside, Ida


Brinton Clarence
Brogan, Geo. W.
Brogan, Lizzie
Brogan, Ella
Christie, Willliam
Ewing, Horace L.
Geiger, Fred B.
Hensel, Harry H.
Hickmman, Amie
Keylor, Josiah B.
McClenagahan, William
Patterson, Harry
Patton, Harry
Paxson, Georgianna
Paxon, Joseph
Phillips, Lizzie
Rupert, Edward
Russell, Ida
Wells, Elihu
Whiteside, John
Wilbert, Jacob
Williams, Jas. W.


Brinton, Lizzie
Bruce, William
Bruce, Mattie
Bushong, Charles
Collins, Emma
Gibson, Howard
Gilbert, Benjamin
Hayes, Will N.
McGeough, Mattie E.
Patterson, Mary L.
Paxson, Howard L.
Ramsey, Alfred C.
Snodgrass, Maggie
Swisher, Will D.


Blackburn, Thos. A.
Bockius, Mary
Brown, Walter W.
Crawford, Eliza
Eckman, Alice
Ewing, Harry C.
Fairlamb, Kate
Gibson, Ella
Hastings, Albert
Hoffman, Rebecca
Johnson, Mary
Keech, Maggie
Keech, John
Jones, Charles
MacNeil, Nettie
Moore, Simon S.
Morrison, Geo. B.
Mowrer, Amanda
Paxson, William
Smith, Mary
Smith, Renie
Smith, Robert G.
Swisher, Emma M.
Turner, Montgomery
Watson, Edna
Whiteside, J. Charles
Wilson, Lillie
Wilkinson, Mary


Andrews Fred O.
Beyers, Winfield S.
Collins, William
Coulter, R. M.
Crawford, Elkanah
Haney, Emma J.
Hastings, Jerry N.
Hayes, Sallie N.
Hickman, W. F.
King, Vincent
Martin, Finney
MacNeil, Maggie
Paxson, James
Pinkerton, Ella J.
Ross, E. Everett
Snodgrass, Maris
Stewart, Letitia
Swisher,Jno. C.
Wells Charles C.
Wood, William


Barkley, Nora A.
Chambers, Charles A.
Ferguson, Anna S.
Furniss, Viola L.
Johnson, Emmett
Keech, Jennie
King, Laura M.
King, Mary B.
Maule, George C.
Montgomery, John F.
Nicholson, Thomas F.
Patterson, Frank A.
Patterson, Ella R.
Rogers, John A.
Shaw, Emma
Swisher, Charles
Turner, James F.
Wilkey, John H.
Woodside, George


Ambler, William A.
Blackburn, John W.
Blackburn, Letitia
Brown, Lewis
Campbell, John N.
Crawford, Mattie
Deaver, Harry
Galbraith, Ida L.
Hastings, Harry
Hogg, Forset W.
Kheen, Elijah S.
Kheen, Ida R.
Long, Robert
Magee, Edwin J.
Richards, Elvah M.
Seltzer, Harry W.
Springer, Virginia R.
Swisher, Louella R.
Swisher, Leonora F.
Whiteside, Kate K.


Alexander, Fred A.
Breneman, Aldus, H.
Evans, Alice
Evans, D. William
Fairlamb, Mary
Fox, George D.
Grason, Frank
Groff, Michael
Groff, Sallie E.
Herr, J. Witmer
Hogg, Martha R.
Hogg, Edwin
Jackson, E. May
Kheen, Annie
Kheen, Alexander
Pennock, William
Pennock, Eddie
Snodgrass, Morrison
< h3> 1879 Axe, John H.
McHenry, Harry A.
Stewart, Thomas, C.
Stewart, Lila E.
Williams, Edith J.

1879 - '80

Crosby, W. Henderson
Ewing, Harriet V.
Furniss, Mary
Griest, Annie M.
Greenleaf, Frank M.
Hastings, Annie C.
Hompsher, Howard N.
Kheen, Eleanora
Keech, Sallie J.
McCurdy, Richard
McElwain, W. Emerson
Moore, Harry D.
McComsey, Anna M.
Mowrer, Sue M.
Moore, Ruth E.
Patterson, R. Leslie
Shultz, Edwin W.
Swisher, Charles P.
Scott, Martha
Stone, Bell H.
Swisher, Jeremiah F.
Witman, Elmer F.

1880 - '81

Andrews, Wm L.
Blackburn, Oliver C.
Clendennin, Ida M.
Ewing, Ada S.
Ferguson, Wm. W.
Ferguson, Letetia A.
Gilbert, Edwin M.
Holmes, John A.
Jackson, Ida L.
Jones, Annie L.
Jones, George
King, Horace
Kurtz, Mary A.
Montgomery, Manassah D.
McCardell, Samuel C.
Maule, Emma Z.
Newcomer, Edwin B.
Patterson, Anna V.
Patterson, Maude L.
Patterson, John A.
Patterson, Belle M.
Patterson, Helen B.
Paxson, Sumner J.
Ross, Samuel W.
Ross, John P.
Sahm, Mary G.
Whiteside, Samuel P.
Wilson Miriam B.
Williams, Jos. H.
White, Mary

1881 - '82

Brown, J. Edjar
Book, Adam
Burnite, D. Ellsworth
Conner, S. Lee
Davis, Calvin M.
Draucker, Benjamin H.
Fairlamb, Annie
Hogg, Jeremiah
Keech, Eber J.
Kyle, Rachel S.
McElwain, Josiah E.
Morrison, C. Elmer
Morrison, Harry E.
Montgomery, Annie J.
Montgomery, Allkey
Patterson, Fred W.
Ross, John K.
Rea, Elwood S.
Scott, Lulu M.
Sampson, Susan J.
Snodgrass, John T.
Swisher, Annie A.
Turner, Jos. Engle
Worth, Lydia L.

1882 - ' 83

Cummings, Mary B.
Caughey, John W.
Drennen, W. R.
Ferguson, Howard J.
Ferguson, George D.
Grubb, William A.
Hogg, Maggie M.
Hastings, Erastus
Hackett, Ulyses G.
Jackson, Fances A.
King, Jos. M.
King, Annie F.
Morrison, Edwin R.
Moore, Thomas E.
Patterson, Lindley R.
Skiles, Alfred H.
Swisher, Marshall D.
Whiteside, William D.
White, Calvin S.
White, Wm Alvin
Wright, W. Howard

1883 - 84

Gilbert, Hugh W.
Groff, Ella M.
Hoak, Minnie
Johnson, Louisa E.
Johnson, Edgar C.
Keech, Frank W.
King, Thorwald
Maule, Charles E.
McCaulley, Laura E.
Morrison, Annie M.
Stewart, Calvin W.
Swisher, Calvin A.
Stubb, Abram L.
Wright, Jos. T.
Witman, Edwin D.

1885 - 86

Alexander, Guy L.
Andrew, Albert
Andrew, William
Beyer, Harry M.
Blackburn, Robert P.
Bunting, D. Clarence
Ferguson, William B.
Ferguson, Ida May
Hayes, J. Albert
Jackson, J. Chester
Keech, Walter H.
King, Frank B.
Llyod, Mary Alice
Lloyd, Kate
McClenaghan. Thomas J.
McCommon, Mary B.
McConnell, Harry P.
Patterson, Robert W.
Scott, Walter
Stewart, Albert C.
Wilson, George M.

1886 - 87

Principal Chas. T. Wright
Anderson, Bessie
Christ, Harriett
Conner, Mary
Davis, Laura
Hitchcock, George
Hastings, Frank
Hastings, Wm.
Jack, Lizzie
Kennedy, Ella
Kennedy, Grant
MacConnel, Belle
McClellan, Cora
McPherson, Eva
Montgomery, Lizzie
Montgomery, Mary
Patterson, Mary L.
Patterson, Charles F.
Rea, Clara
Scott, Annie
Scott, Alice
Swisher, Albert
Work, Robert
Wilson, Saunders
Webb, Della
Work, Mary

1887 - 88

Clendennin, Mattie
Darlington, Phebe
Ferguson, Laura
Ferguson, Norris
Galbraith, Calvin
Johnson, Nannie
Paxson, Bertha
Paxson, Walter
Patterson, Ada
Reath, Annie
Reath, Olive
Stewart, Sadie
Valentine, Florence
Worth, William
White, Walter
Williams, Anna

1888 -89

Principal H. A. Foreman
Andrews, Louie
Ferguson, John
Haverstick, Lottie
Keech, Clifford
McConnell, Frank
McGarvey, Mary
McClenaghan, Benj. F.
Peters, Annie
Penny, May
Penny, Cheyney P.
Snodgrass, Herbert
Swisher, Minnie
Webb, Mary

1889 - 90

Alexander, May C.
Blackburn, Frank
Davis, Carrie
Haverstick, Thomas
Hogg, Treate
Jack, John
Jones, Alice
McClenaghan, Rose
Patton, Willie
Patterson, Harriet I.
Patterson, Lila sS.
Patterson, James
Patterson, Chester F.
Paxson, Harry
Stafford, Victor
Worth, Davis

1890 - 91

Bernard, Harry W.
Bunting, Lena
Beyer, Annie
Cummings, Joseph
Cummings, Josephine
Davis, William
Ferguson, Clyde
Hastings, Owen
Martin, Harriet
Martin, Belle
Morrison, Will
Montgomery, Harry
McCommon, Eloise
Reinhart, Fannie
Reinhart, Harry
Shaw, Cora
White, Letitia D.
White, James A.
Wright, T. Glenn
Valentine, Jos.

1891 -92

Principal Arthur Collin
Haverstick, George
Hayes, Katharine
Hayes, Mary C.
Morris, Charles
Patterson, Anna R.
Shaw, Chandler
Ross, Samuel
Wilson, Maggie
Webb, Adda

1892 - 93

Principal J. L. Hyson
Black, Harry
Bunting Robert J.
Cummings, Mabel
Groff, Lillie N.
Hastings, Fannie L.
Hastings, Cora
Jones, Della R.
Keech, Linda G.
Magee, Lewrainer T.
Mauch, Harry
Scott, William
Thomas, Carrie S.
Wentz, Mertle A.

1893 -94

Bunting, Mabel H.
Ferguson, Lita
Ferguson, Harry
Ferguson, Roy
Jack, Ella L.
King, Clyde
Martin, Maude
Morrison, Ruth A.
McCommon, Emma S.
Maule, William
Paxson, Clara M.
Penrose, Benjamin
Rutter, Penrose
Scott, Emma B.
Valentine, Valeria
Worth, Della R.
Wilson, Helen R.
Witman, Olver

1894 - '95

Principal C. K. Binkley
Assistant, Alice H. Byrnes
Binkley, Howard W.
Boyd, Joseph
Bunting, Nellie
Colllins Ada
Davis, Joseph
England, S. Alice
Gilbert, T. Oliver
Heeps, Ada R.
Hensel, Anna
Hogg, Laila
Johnson, Leta H.
Mellinger, Albert C.
McCommon, Clyde
McCommon, Howard
Miller, Laura
Paxson, Ralph
Ross, Sophia
Stafford, Charles
Taylor, Herbert, P.
Valentine, Norman
Wenrich, Solomon N.
Wentz, Aleta
Wingate, Lizzie
Wingate, Mossie
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