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Now and Then in Providence Township, 1976 , Paul Hollinger

During most of the 1800's, children went to school only six or eight years. From about 1900 to 1946, students advancing to secondary school had to find their own transportation and had to pay tuition. Providence Township students went to Quarryville High School (now the Junior High), to Lampeter High School (now an elementary), or to the three year high school at Drumore, no longer in use. Providence Township paid $80 per pupil each year from 1946 until we joined the Solanco Consolidated Schools about 1958. The Quarryville High School was opened in 1915 wi th alterations in 1927, 1961, and additions in 1936 and 1949. Elementary students complete grades 1-5 now in Providence, then go to the old high school in Quarryville for grades 6-8. Starting in 1977, this building will be called a middle school. Pre Ii m i nary plans call for the build-ing of a new middle school at a site out of Quarryville. Pictured is the last graduating class, 1914, in the first high school. The first Quarry ville High School (1893- 1914) is now an apartment house, the last building to the south of the bridge where State Street crosses over the low grade tracks, near Howard Groff's oil tanks. The Solanco High School was constructed in 1961. At that time, Quarryville was made a Junior High only. Providence is the largest by far of the nine school districts. In 1970, no other township had over 2,000 popu-lation; Providence had nearly 3,000. Quarry-ville boro has only half as many people. Providence is projected to have over 7,000 residents by the year 2010. In the ten year period before 1972, there were only 715 new L-R: Harold V. Wiggins, Adminis- building lots recorded in all of Solanco. But trative Assistant for Business Affairs: in 1973 alone there were 783 lots approved Dr. Curtis L. Rohm, Solanco Super- ' intendent; and Carl R. Beck, AdminisaInd rates climbed steadily. More than half trativc Assistant of lnstruction and of the new homes begun were in Providence federal Programs. as opposed to the other eight districts. Following are some Solanco student enrollments 1964 3,480 1965 3,581, 1973 - 3,495, 1974 - 3,582,1975 - 3,652 , 1976 - 3,717
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