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Chestnut Level Presbyterian: Drumore Twp,Lancaster County, PA

The headstones at the Morrison Cemetery - First cemetery of the Chestnut Level Presbyterian Church, Drumore township, Lancaster County Pa. This cemetery is in Hensel, Pa in a Farmers field April 8th 1998 Clyde Shoemaker and Marie Malark took the inscriptions of the remaining stones at the cemetery they are as follows

Dec 2000 - While typing newsclippings from a scrap book donated to the society I came across a news clipping about Morrisons cemetery. This small piece of paper fills in names of others buried in this cemetery whose stones no longer exist today. Some of these were not even on the earlier transcription list for this cemetery. There was no date on this clipping but the preservation of these names and dates is deeply treasured.

This stone very hard to read, very worn***see article probably (PENNY)
Denny, Walter ?Died May 14, 1742 same stone
Denny, Marcery Died 1766 age 78
Gryder, Thomas M. Died Jan. 26, 1856 in the 35th year
Gryder, Hannah Died July 19, 1838 in her 57 year
Harbison, Sarah H. our sister Born Oct 15, 1811 Died Dec 15, 1868
Harbison, Lydia Sister Born May 16, 1816 Died July 23, 1877
Harbison, George W. Brother Born April 15, 1818 Died Sept 16, 1891
Harbison, Hannah Born Nov. 14, 1813 Died June 30, 1894
Harbison, William Born Oct. 28, 1819 Died Feb 6, 1892
Jamison, Samuel, Died Aug 1753 age 48 years,
next name same stone
Jamison, Catherine Died Oct 1784 age 57
Mitchell, Ann Died Oct 1819 age 64 years
Mitchel, William , Jr. Died Sept 17th 1743 age 4 years
Morrison, M. Rachel wife of Samuel Born 1787 Died 1830
Morrison, Mary A. Dau of G. & S. Died Died Oct. 7, 1838
Morrison, Rachel S. Dau of Samuel Died Dec 28, 1839 age 4yr 4mo 11 day
Morrison, C. Newton Died May 6, 1855
Morrison, Jane Our Aunt Died Sept. 3, 1858
Morrison, George Father Died Dec. 29, 1860
Morrison, Susanna Mother Born Nov. 23, 1805 Died Feb. 3, 1890
Morrison, Lydia Dau of Samuel Died Aug 16, 1865
Polk, Robert Died Dec 9, 1761 age 21
Polk, Samuel Died Oct. 30, 1773 age 25
The following stones were found with just initials and all seem to be foot
J.H., S.H., R.S.M., M.A.M., C.N.M., W.H.
on an earlier listing of inscriptions the following people appear but no
stones were found for them. The Mt Nebo Boy Scouts and the Young Marines are
currently cleaning and fixing up this cemetery more stones may be uncovered.
Black, Moses Died 1768 age 35 a piece of this stone was found only words on it Moses
Grider, Martin Died 1839 age 63
Harbison, John Died 1882 age 61
Harbison, Samuel Died 1884 age 75
Jamison, John Died 1751 age age 44
Morrison, Clinton Died 1920
Morrison, Jane Died 1907
Morrison, Elizabeth Died 19--
A piece of this stone was found all three on one stone only readable parts
today are
.. /other >(maybe brother)
.. /Morrison Died Feb 2, 1920
/R. J. Morrison Died July 27, 1907
/th Morrison Died March 17, 19/
Nelson, (Listing says Rah, but one other stone were they started the name
William as Wil on the first line and finished lam on the second line was in
this listing as Lam So this may be Sa-rah or some other name which ends in
rah) Died 1747
Rippy, Margaret Died 1764 age 17
Steele, Samuel Died 1764 age 34
The following stone was removed from Morrison cemetery by descendants due to the condition of the cemetery in 1928. It is now located in the Mitchell cemetery in Union County, Ohio
Mitchell, Jean Died Aug 2 1746 age 40
Mitchell, David Died Nov 7 1757 76y
click here to see a photo of ths stone
Thanks to Regena Mitchell for sending us this photo

The following is the above named newspaper clipping

The Ancient Grave-yards of the "Lower End" Morrison's near Centerville, Drumore townhip, Lancaster County - Revelotionary Patriot Interred Therein - Early SettlersBuried Here - The Steeles, Morrisons, Kings, Ewings and many other of Scotch - Irish Fame

"Beneath those rugged elms, that yew trees shade .Where heaves the turf in many mouldering heap Each in his narrow cell forever laid The rude forefathers of the Hamlet sleep What is known as Morrison's graveyard, and another of like area deeded to Little Britain Church by Thomas Carmichael, now on the farm of Thos. P. King, Fulton township, are two of the oldest places of interment in the southern end of Lancaster county . The former is situated a short distance south of the village of Centerville, Drumore township. For many years it was secured by a mural enclosure, but this becoming dilapidated, it was removed and a strong board fence substituded instead. Passing by this last resting place of the forefathers of the hamlet, we enlighten from our carriage , and if not, like "Old Mortality", to rescue from oblivion, at least to read the weather torn epitaphs as they appear on the acient headstones

The oldest marked mound was that of a child, and for ought we know it may have been the first body placed here. The headstone is a fine slate and was imported from Wales; the date proving that it was placed here long before the manufacture of slate commenced in this country. We copy the following:

In Memory of

William Mitchell Jun

who dec'd Sep'r 7th , 1743

age 4 years

The next in order of internment is one who in all probability was the ancestor of many now living of the same name, in this part of the county, The headstone is also of slate and contains the following Epitaph:

Here Lies the Body of

John Jamison

who died May 3rd , 1751, age 44yrs

Omnia mors aequat

The third in order is the grave in common of two, persons among the early settlers of Drumore, and will be recognized by a number of our readers as the ancestors of many of the present inhabitants of that township. This grave is marked by a marble slab resting on a brick structure and is the work of descendants who have taken care to see that the grave of their kindred is kept in repair. From off this marble slab we copy the following:

In Memory of

Walter Penny

Who departed this life

May 24, 1754

in the 69th year of his age


Margery Penny

who departed this life Dec. 30th, 1760

age 78 years

Hard by is another monument, simular in every respect. It points the burial place of one of the "Men of'76", here is the epitaph:

In Memory of Robert King, Esq.

A Revolutionary officer,

who departed this

the 14th day of August 1827

aged 82 years


In memory of


wife of Rob't King

who departed this life

July 22, 1825aged

68 years

Robert King was a lieutenant, fifth of that rank, in the battalion of Lancaster county Militia, 1777. Jas. Watson was colonel. Among the officers of this battle were Robert Kings neighbors. John Scott, and Jas. Patterson, who were captains, and Thomas Clark and John Caldwell, as held the same commision as himself. Robert King was the paternal grandfather of Mrs. Jennet McCollough of Oxford, Chester county ,and Mrs. Ellen Sides , of Fairfield Lancaster county, and father of the late Robert King of Lancaster , Pa.

The Steeles were quite a noted family in the Revolutionary history of this country. Archibald Steele, John Steele, and William Steele were very prominent men in their day, all three brothers being in the army under Washington and Benedict Arnold. One of the family of Steeles we noticed is intered in this grave-yard, and may of been the father of these revolutionary heros


Lies the Body of

Samuel Steele

who dec'd July the 31st


In the 34th year of

his age

Two acient stones,
"In memory of Robert Polk, who departed this life, December 9th, 1761 age 21 years"
and "Here lies the Body of Margaret Rippey who died April ye 10th 1764 age 17 years. " are to us unknown. There may be those living who are decendants , and can trace out their family genealogy.

Two more ancient looking headstones - much the worse of the weathering- designate respectively the last resting place of Alexander Ewing and Moses Black, names yet recognized in this vicinity

In memory of

Alexeander Ewing

who departed this life

April 25th, 1758

age 66 years


Here Lieth the

body of

Moses Black

who departed this

life March 8th

1768 age 35 years

Although this is called Morrison's grave-yard we find the name but of one, and this not of the earliest pioneers, It runs thus:

Sacared to the memory of Mrs. Rachel Morrison, who departed this life January 3rd 1830, aged 43 years, 3 mo, and 28 days The trumpet shall sound and the dead shall be raised incorruptible" 1st cor 15,22

With those epitaphs we shall close our article from notes taken during a half hours ramble in one of the oldest of our repositories for the ...(last word unreadable)

**note of person transcribing this article, The Steele brothers mentioned were sons of William and Rachel Carr Steele. Their children including the above mentioned brothers being born between 1740-1768, the above named Samuel being to be young to be a parent to most)

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