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The Church Record Of the Mount Hope Methodist-Episcopal Church

Quarryville Charge

Record of Marriages

Date name of man name of woman Residence of man of woman Minister
27-Apr 1884 Gilbert Rineer Susan Lee Ferrer Drumore Drumore Rev.F.M.Brady
27-May 1884 Henry McClune Ella C. Kachel Martic Mechs. Gr
7-Dec 1884 Joseph Hauck Mary J. Reinier Fairfield Q-ville
24-Dec 1884 Jacob Kunkle Lizzie Morrison Drumore Drumore Rev. Christian LeeFerrer
1-Jan 1885 Thadeus LeeFerrer Annie Steele Stras. Twp. Prov. Twp. Rev. F.M. Brady
19-Feb 1885 Sharpless G. Moore Barbara A Zahn Phila. Prov. Twp.
2-Apr 1885 Daniel S. Fisher Annie M. Potts Prov. Twp. Prov. Twp
30-Apr 1885 Franklin S. Acheson Laura F.Shirk Mechs, Gr. Drumore Twp. "
3-Sep 1885 William J. Todd Lizzie Ann Brubaker Drumore Drumore
6-Sep 1885 Benj.Frank Wengard Evana Toff Drumore Drumore
10-Dec 1885 Jefferson F. Eckman Adda Barr Prov. Twp. Drumore
24-Dec 1885 Benjamin F. Graeff Josephene Retzer Drumore Drumore
21-Nov 1886 A.C. Bowers Ida Slauty Drumore Drumore Rev. D.T. Smyth
23-Jan 1890 Geary McMichael Margie Kauffman E. Drumore Buck C.B. Johnson
13-Nov 1890 John H. Bleecher Jessie E. Young E. Drumore Buck C. B. Johnson
29-Jan 1891 Benjamin E. Fritz S. Estella Aument Q-ville Mechs. Gr.
23-Dec 1891 Joseph K. Hershey Laura E. Shaub Mechs. Gr. E. Drumore J. H. Royer
30-Dec 1891 D.W. Evans Carrie M. Charles E. Drumore E. Drumore
12-Oct 1892 Harvey E. Reese Grace B. Rineer Providence E. Drumore "
16-Feb 1893 Wm. Drennen A. Savada Kochel Fulton Twp. E. Drumore
28-Nov 1893 Aaron B Shaub Jennie E.Leeke E Drumore Fulton Twp.
20-Dec 1893 Clayton S. Kauffman Ida N. Shaub E. Drumore E. Drumore
24-Dec 1893 Clinton H. Kauffman Anna Rebecca Mop E. Drumore Drumore "
20-Feb 1894 William H. Llentz M. Lizzie Kline Coleraine E. Drumore
1-Aug 1895 B.F. Shaub Lida Force Drumore Drumore "
21-Oct 1896 Daniel S. Goodman Edith C. Wisler near Q-ville E. Drumore W.W. Wisegarve
14-Jan 1897 George W. Shaub (29) Amanda S. Kauffman(21) Drumore E. Drumore "
30-Jun 1897 Harry T. Kauffman Frances J. McClarigan Rawlinsville Drumore Twp. "
19-Aug 1897 George Garner (23) Anna M. Stump (18) Unicorn E. Drumore "
16-Feb 1898 Adam M. Siegler Mary L. Shaub E. Drumore e. Drumore W.W. Wisegarver
1-Mar 1898 Abram F. Tout Suie D. Kline Providence E. Drumore "
22-Mar 1899 Alfred J. Eckman Grace M. Griffiths E. Drumore E. Drumore "
26-Jun 1901 Thomas L. McMichaels Margaret R. Killinger E. Drumore Lancaster O.C.Burt
8-Oct 1902 Jacob G. Newswenger Alice R. Kline ( both from neighborhood of Mt. Hope Ch.) G.S. Kerr
19-Jun 1904 Adam C. Sherr Mabel D. Kline Kirkwood Q-ville G.S. Kerr
18-May 1905 Milton A. Siegler Lulu M. Winters nr Machs. Gr. E. Drumore "
25-Jul 1906 Norman M. Shaub Agnes H. Haverstick E. Drumore E. Drumore R M Howell
1-Jan 1907 Chester E. Groff Ella S. Barr Q-ville E. Drumore R. M. Howells
26-May 1908 Simon S. Snyder I. Katie Shaub E. Drumore E. Drumore "
15-Dec 1908 Harry W. Barr Blance W. Shaub E. Drumore E. Drumore "
15-Feb 1909 J. Milo Hammon Mary R. Steele E. Drumore Providence Twp.
28-Nov 1902 Chas Rowe Fanny Hammond E. Drumore E. Drumore C.J.Benjamin
4-Mar 1913 Jacob H.Shaub Minnie A.rowe E. Drumore E. Drumore "
12-Jun 1913 W. Clayton Alexander Naomi Herr(widow) E. Drumore E. Drumore "
14-Aug 1913 John A. Myers Anna Wade Eden E. Drumore T.R.Crooks
.. 1913 Chas A. Ressel Martha A. Shenk E. Drumore E. Drumore "
27-Nov 1913 Nelson J. Barr Mary E. Conner E. Drumore Eden Twp. "
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