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Now and Then in Providence Township, 1976 , Paul Hollinger

Arthur Kurtz, the Providence Township school director, owns this building. His grandfather owned the farm on which the first log cabin schoolhouse was standing at the south end of Snyder Hollow Road. The stone wall in the curve of Rawlinsville Avenue and Snyder IHollow remains. The 1858 map calls this the Riley School (Riley owned Ihl' Hickory Grove Inn at Truce crossroad) hut the 64 map calls this log school the Hickory Grove School.

In 1875, the #2 Hickory Grove School was built at this crossroad, Clearfield and Rawlinsville, where the 1975 microwave communications tower was con-structed. This brick school is shown at the same location in 1899, but soon after that the building was torn down and the bricks were used to build John Thomas' blacksmith shop. He was on the school board until 1953 when he was in his 80's. Arthur Kurtz' grandfather was George A., his father was Charles A. Kurtz. He went to the log school only one year before attending the #2 brick school in 1872. The log building stood on a foundation 16 x 20 feet with no basement, hand-hewn chestnut logs and a slab ceiling. This building was torn down in 1874. The building now standing was built about 1904. It is 28 x 38 feet and has been converted into two apartments.

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