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The following is a collection of books which were used to record business transactions of various people

Although there are not a lot of definite genealogical posts, there are a few where a person may be mention as a son of a certain person. John Dorsey in one posting is mentioned as “of Nat” It was nice to see conformation of John’s father being Nathaniel.

Mostly what this will show is someone being in the area at a certain time

For some of us who’s family left no paper work as far as wills and such it is nice to see mention of your ancestor, even if it was just buying something at the store

It can also be helpful prior to 1850 the census just mentions the head of the household. Hopefully this may help some researchers find mention of people who resided with others and did not make the early census records.

Marie Malark

Gryder Day Book Circa 1816-1835
Little Britain Day Book circa 1830-1850
Little Britain Day Book 2circa 1831-1836
Haines & Grubb Day Bookcirca 1838
Pleasant Grove Day Book circa 1845
Reynolds Cash Book circa 1852
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