Barr Cemetery
Abraham Barr Stone BARR CEMETERY

Located in Eden township, Lancaster County, Pa on a private farm. The owners were kind enough to let two volunteers visit the cemetery and write down the inscriptions of the stones found there. These were also photographed when we visited 4/ 25/ 1998.

The home which presently stands on the first farm has a block dated 1853 Built by Abraham and Christine Barr The stones in this cemetery range from uninscribed field stones, some very worn stones which were hard to read and some which look very good to this day.

We located an older transcription of this cemetery Items appearing like /this/ are notes from theses transcriptions and at the bottom of the list a list will be made of all stones noted on their list not found on our visit.

8 field stones
MYERS, Eliza dau of Fredrick and Mary Born Oct 17, 1820 Died Aug 6, 1838 age 17yr 9mo 20 days
MYERS, Mary wife of Fredrick Died July 31, 1861 age yr 6mo 22 days
footstone M. M.
several rows of fieldstones about 15
E. B. field stone this was the only marking
Broken stone No markings
BARR, David died Feb 16 age ?35 & 3 days this stone was at one time broken and cemented together and this is in the area of the dates /Died 2/16/1835 age 35yr8mo3day/
BARR, Ann died Jan 10, 1860 age 81 yr 3mo
BARR, Christina Dau of Jacob and Susa Died Dec 29, 1836 age 13 days
BARR, Aaron Son of Jacob and Susanna Died Jan.1, 1835 age 3yr 3mo 17 days
field stone
BARR, JACOB Died Dec 15 1826 age 54 yr2mo 5 days
BARR, Elizabeth Cement also used to fix this stone it is across the inscription You can only read 177- (? maybe0) 18-- /Born 7/8/1770 Died 1852/
BARR, Christian Born Oct 11, 1765 Died Sept 17 1816 same stone
Susanna wife of Christian Born April 1, 1772 Died Sept 8, 1846
several pieces of stone laying on top of this stone F.B. and one that only letters visable are milton
the following 2 stones were in german
BARR, Abraham Born Dec 10 1770 Died July 25, 1836 age 65 yr 7 mo 18 days /7/23/1836/
BARR, Susanna wife of Abraham Died Sept 17 1826 age 41 years 9 mo 9 day
BARR, Martin Dec 11 1826 age 52yr 9days
foot stone A. B.
Footstones B.B., D.B. , A.B.
BOOK, George Died Dec 8, 1842 age 46yr 1mo 23 days
BOOK, Michael Died Dec 11, 1835 age 62 yr 5 mo
BOOKS Michael Born 1799 Died Aug 31 1861 age 63 year 8 months(death year could be 1864)
BOOKS, Nancy Died March 9th 1863 age 90 years
SUTER, Elizabeth wife of John Born July 16, 1809 Died July 27, 1876 age 67yr 11 days mother
SUTER, William J. Born Oct 5, 1797 Died Nov 3, 1885 age 88 yr 28 day - father
BOOK,Mary wife of Samuel Died Feb 13 1874age about 60 year
SNAVELY, Hettie Died Sept 25 1878 age 73 years 8 months 12days dau of John and Esther
SNAVELY, Esther wife of John Died May 12, 1848 in her 68th year
SNAVLEY, John Born Aug 7 1775 Died Jan 22, 1859 aged 83years 4 months 15 days
BOOKS, Samuel Born Feb 12, 1800 Died Feb 11, 1879 age 79 yr
NEWSWENGER, Barbara Died Dec 5, 1849 age 89yr 2mo 23 days wife of Christian
STIVELY, Martha Ann daug of Fredrick and Anna Died Sept 17, 1850 age 12 yr 5m 8 days
Footstones F.S., H.S.

These names were on the older transcription list , we did not find these stones

SMITH, Emma dau of Samuel & Michala Died 9/7/1865 age 1yr6mo23days
NEWSWENGER, Christian Died 8/26/1845 age 80yr5mo26days
LONGENECKER, Susan Died 9/11/1857 age 65yr3mo27days
LONGENECKER, Susanna dau of John and Susan Died 11/4/1836 age 9yr11mo29days
BARR, Fanny Died 4/8/1849 age 69year 1mo17days
BARR, Julianna wife of Jacob Died 7/15/1843 age 28year 10mo21days
BARR, John Born 12/15/1807 Died 12/4/1845
Infant son of Jacob and Catherine

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