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Mortality Schedule 1880

Schedule 5 people who DIED during the year ending May 31, 1880, enumerated by me in TWP

1 2 2 3 4 5 6,7,8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15
5 Lehman Jacob 50 M W M Pa Pa Pa Aug
5 Lehman Bertha 5mo F W S Pa Pa Pa Sep
34 Bookman Anna 11days? F W S Pa Pa Pa Sep
59 McCardle Jonas 4 M W S Pa Pa Pa Oct
239 Reigart Martha 17 F W S Pa Pa Pa Mar
335 Alexander Susan 64 F W W Pa Pa Pa Jun
318 Martin Martha 78 F W M Pa Pa Pa Dec
.. Alexander Susan/crossed off 65 F W W Pa Pa Pa May
131 crossed off Martin .. M W M Pa Pa Pa Jun
..6 Heiney David crossed off 76 M W W Pa Pa Pa Jun
40? Good Valentine 2 M W S Pa Pa Pa Oct
382 McLaughlin Mary 54 F W M Pa Pa Pa Nov
.. Nelson Edward 57 M W M Pa Pa Pa Oct

Remarks at the bottom of this schedule note thate it was acertained that Susan Alexander on line 8 actually died 1878, Edward Nelson was brought to his attention after the census was taken, and the widow removed from the township. Thats why there was no corresponding household.

no explanation of why the others were crossed of was given,

1 -Number of the family as given in column 2 schedule 1
2-Name of person deceased
3-Age at last birthdayIf under 1 give fraction in months thus 1/12, if under 1 year give fraction in days 3/30
4-Sex M male F female
5-Color White(w),Black(B),Mulatto(M),Chinese(ch),Indian (I)
6,7,8,-Single(s)married(m)widowed(w)divorced(d) 9-Place of birth of this person
10-where father of this person born
11-where mother of this person born
12-occupation of this person, not to be ask if under 10 yr old
13-The month in which this person died
14-Disease or cause of death
15-How long a resident of the county?If less than 1 year state in fraction 2/12
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