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The following is the direct tax for Colerain township, Lancaster county ,Pa. for the year of 1815

Land owners taxed on property, homes, barns etc... on the land.

Included here will be the land owner and the names of persons with adjoining property.

If your Ancestor is found further check of these records could tell you the size of their home, if it was one or two story, sometimes if it was stone or log , size of property, size and building material of barns and other out buildings. and lastly the amount of properties worth.

This will include Non - residents owning property in this township. non- res. will be listed after their name.

(please note this person script made it hard to tell R from N when it was the last letter of the name so names like Millinor may be Millinon, also many i's were not dotted and were hard to tell from e's)

I will give one example of what the full tax form said in complete. Between ..... ....... is the spaces which were to be filled in.

List of lands, lots of ground, with their improvements and dwelling houses owned by.....Patrick..Brown....on the 1st day of April 1815, lying and being within the 6th collection district of Pennsylvania, viz. In....Colerain.....township, Lancaster county One farm, situate adjoining the lands of......Abrm Whiteside, Samuel Reynolds, and others....... containing ......Two hundred and fifty ......acres and ....................perches; having theron ...twenty four..feet in length, by .....twenty .four......feet in depth; of ....part stone and part log sixty feet by twenty four feet......... Valued at ........Seventeen hundred and fifty dollars......

ANENIM, Dr James - non-res. Land adjoining Robert Mc CALLMONT, William KERRY and others
ANDERSON, Hugh Land adjoining John ANDERSON, James FULTON and others
ANDERSON , John Land adjoining Hugh ANDERSON, James McGUINESS and others
ANDERSON, Robert esq. Land adjoining Thos. BULL, Daniel ECKMAN and others
ANDREWS, Alex'r Land adjoining Widow BLACK, William MURDAUGH and others
ANDREWS, Joseph Land adjoining James JACKSON, Michal RINE and others
ANDREWS, James, non- res. son of John ANDREWS Land adjoining John ANDREWS and others
ANDREWS, James non-res.Land adjoining Alex'r ANDREWS, and others
BLACK , Widow Land adjoining Alex'r ANDREWS, Andr. HENRY and others
BYERS, Daniel Land adjoining Robert PENNINGTON, James BAXTER and others
BROWN, Patrick Land adjoining Abrm WHITESIDE, Samuel REYNOLDS and others
BOYD, John Land adjoining John WITHERS, John MONTGOMERY and others
BARE, Andrew Land adjoining Patrick FERRY , __BUBACK and others
BARKLEY,William Land adjoining Hugh ANDERSON, James McGUINESS and others
BAILEY,Thomas Land adjoining John ANDREWS, Patterson BELL and others
BROWN,William Land adjoining John CRAWFORD, James McCALLMONT and others
BUNTING, William Land adjoining Walter BUNTING and others
BUNTING, Walter Land adjoining Samuel WHITESIDE and others
BAILEY, Alex'r Land adjoining John WITHERS, Daniel BYERS and others
BELL,Patterson Sr. Land adjoining And'r HENEY, Patterson BELL Jr., Robert McCALLMONT and others
BELL, Patterson Jr. non-res. Land adjoining Patterson BELL Sr., Thos BAILEY and others
BULL, Thos Land adjoining Robert ANDRESON, Hugh ANDERSON and others
BARR, Daniel Land adjoining Widow BLACK, TOMPSON, SPROUT, and others
BARR, Michal non-res. Land adjoining Patrick FERRY, BARCKLEY and others
BARR, Martin non-res.
BARKER,Joseph non-res. Land adjoining James TWEED, Mathew SCOTT and others
BRACKBELL, Henry non-res. Land adjoining Robert PAISLEY and others
BUNTING, John non-res. Land adjoining Walter BUNTING and others
BUCKLEY & BROOKE Land adjoining Octoraro Creek ? the forks
BARR, Christian non-res. Land adjoining John PATTERSON, James CLEDENIN and others
BURKLEY, Daniel esq of Salisbury twp. Land adjoining Samuel McCONNEL, James McCALLMONT and others
BAXTER, James non-res. Land adjoining Patterson BELL and others
COLLINS, James Land adjoining David EVANS, John WITHERS and others
CREEK, John Andrews Land adjoining Daniel BUCKLEY, Thos BAILEY and others
CRAWFORD, John Land adjoining James McCALLMONT, Rob't FERGUSON and others
CLENDENIN, James Land adjoining John PATTERSON, Samuel WORK and others
CRAWFORD, Joseph (the heirs of) Land adjoining James McCALLMONT, Robert FURGUSON and others
COOKEN, Widow Land adjoining Patterson BELL , James MACKEY and others
CLARK, William Land adjoining James WATT, Robert McCALLMONT and others
CLARK, Thos non-res. Land adjoining Samuel PUSEY, Robert PAISLEY and others
DAVIS, Sampson Land adjoining David BARR, THOMPSON & SPROUT and others
DAVIS, Abner
DANIEL, Wm non-res. Land adjoining Tho's CLARK and others
EVANS, Joseph Land adjoining Samuel WORK, John CAUGHEY and others
ECKMAN, Jacob Land adjoining James PATTERSON, Abr'm WHITESIDE, and others
ECKMAN, Jacob Sr. Land adjoining Jacob ECKMAN Jr. and others
ECKMAN, Daniel non-res. Land adjoining Robert ANDRESON esq. and others
EDMINETON, Doct'r Samuel non-res. Land adjoining James PAXTON, Benj HART, and others
FULTON, James Land adjoining Hugh ANDERSON, Thos BULL and others
FLINEGAN, James Land adjoining James HORNER and others
FERGUSON, Robert Land adjoining John CRAWFORD, Samuel WHITESIDE and others
GABLE, Eve Land adjoining John WHITE and others
GILMORE, John & David Land adjoining Samuel MARTIN, John COOPER and others
HARRIS, Thomas Land adjoining Robert PAISLEY, Widow SAMPLE and others
HAMBILTON, John Land adjoining Robert PAISLEY, John SWISHERand others
HASTINGS,John Land adjoining Peter HASTINGS, And'r Walkin and others
HESS, Christian Land adjoining Peter HASTINGS and others
HANE, David Land adjoining James FLENEGAN, Rob't MILLER and others
HASTINGS, Peter Land adjoining John HASTINGS and others
HENRY, Andrew Land adjoining Patterson BELL Sr., Widow BLACK and others
HORNER, James Land adjoining James FLENEGAN,James CLENDENIN and others
HART, Benj. non-res. Land adjoining James CLENDENIN and others
HUMPSHER, David non-res. Land adjoining John THOMPSON, John SWISHER and others
HENDERSON, Wm non-res. Land adjoining John PATTERSON, Christian BARR and others
JACKSON, James Land adjoining Joseph ANDREWS, Michal RINE and others
KNOTT, James Land adjoining Tho's CLARK and others
KERR, William Land adjoining Robert McCALLMONT, John COULTER and others
KING, John Land adjoining Johnathan McNEAL, CHAMPERLIN, SPROUT and others
LOVE, Thos non-res. Land adjoining Robert ANNON, James ANDREWS and others
MILLENOR, Daniel Land adjoining Isaac MILLINOR , John HAYS and others
MACKEY, James & Wm. Land adjoining David BAXTER, And'r WORK and others
PATMAN, George Land adjoining Wm. BROWN, Widow McCARTNEY and others
McCARTNEY, Widow Land adjoining George McCARTNEYand others
McCONNEL, Samuel Land adjoining Joseph ANDREWS, Alex'r MORRISON and others
McCALLMONT, James Land adjoining James JACKSON, John CRAWFORD and others
McCALLMONT, Robert Land adjoining William KERR, William CLARK and others
McCASKLIN, Tho's Land adjoining Andr KENEY (? or HENEY)and others
McCONNEL, Hugh Land adjoining Robert PAISLEY, John SWISHER and others
McCLUNG, Charles (heirs of )non-res. Land adjoining Robert PAISLEY and others
McCLUNG, Hugh non-res. Land adjoining Robert PAISLEY and others
McGUINESS, James Land adjoining John THOMPSON, Wm BARKLEY and others
MILLEN (?or MILLER) , Robert Land adjoining John COULTER, James CALDWELL and others
MORRISON, Alex'r Jr. Land adjoining Alex'r MORRISON Sr. Sam'l MORRISON and others
McNEAL, Johnathan Land adjoining Tho's CLARK, Christian BARR and others
MORRISON, Alex'r Sr. Land adjoining Samuel MORRISON, Alex'r MORRISON Jr. and others
MURDAUGH, William Land adjoining Alex'r ANDREWS, John SCOTT and others
MILLINOR, John Land adjoining Daniel MILLINOR, Robert CHAMBERS and others
MILLINOR, Cyrus Land adjoining John MILLENER, Timothy KIRK and others
MILLENOR, Isaac Land adjoining Cyrus MILLINOR, Joseph PAXTON and others
MARTIN, Samuel Land adjoining John & David GILMORE THOMPSON & SPROUT and others
MONTGOMERY, John Land adjoining John WITHERS, John HUMPSHIRE and others
MORRISON, Samuel Land adjoining Alex'r MORRISON Sr., Alex'r MORRISON Jr. and others
PAXON, Joseph Land adjoining Joseph WALKER, MILLINORS and others
PAISLEY, Robert Land adjoining Widow SAMPLE and others
PATTERSON, James Land adjoining James CLENDENIN Andrew BARKLEY and others
PORTER,James Land adjoining Jacob ECKMAN, Abr'm WHITESIDE and others
PENNNINGTON, Robert Land adjoining Daniel BYERS, Alex'r BAILEY and others
PAXTON, James non-res. Land adjoining Robert MILLEN and others
RALSTON, John & Anderson Land adjoining Robert ANDERSON, James HORNER and others
REYNOLDS, Samuel Land adjoining Patrick BROWN, John CRAWFORD and others
RUNNER, George Land adjoining James McGUINESS, Hugh McConnel and others
RIDGE, John Andrews Land adjoining James THOMPSON, John WHITE and others
RUD, William non-res. Land adjoining Samuel WHITESIDE and others
REYNOLDS, Isreal non-res. Land adjoining Walter BUNTING, John HASTINGS and others
REYNOLDS, Joshua non-res. Land adjoining Patrick BROWN, Tho's WHITESIDE and others
RINE, Michal non-res. Land adjoining Wm. BARKLEY, James JACKSON and others
SCOTT, John & Mathew Land adjoining Alex'r ANDREWS, Tho's LOVE and others
SPROUT & CHAMBERLIN Land adjoining Tho's CLARK and others
SMITH, Samuel Land adjoining Robert PAISLEY, Hugh McCONNEL and others
SEYPLE, CONRAD Land adjoining Cyrus MILLINOR and others
SWISHER, Henry Sr. Land adjoining Joseph ANDREWS and others
SAMPLE, Widow Land adjoining Tho's HARRIS, Samuel SMITH and others
SWISHER, John Land adjoining Robert PAISLEY, John HAMILTON and others
THOMPSON & SPROUT non res. Land adjoiningSamuel MARTIN, William BROWN and others
THOMPSON, John Land adjoining John SWISHER, Wm BARCKLEY and others
TWEED,James Land adjoining Robert ANNON, John & Mathew SCOTT and others
THOMPSON, James Land adjoining John CRAWFORD , John WHITE and others
TAYLOR, James Land adjoining James FLENEGAN, David HAR and others
VANDLEEN, Isaac W. Land adjoining and others
WHITESIDE, Abr'm Land adjoining John WHITESIDE, Tho's WHITESIDE and others
WATKIN, Joseph Land adjoining Andrew WALKER, Joseph PAXSON and others
WHITESIDE, John Land adjoining Abr'm WHITESIDE and others
WHITESIDE, Thomas Land adjoining Abr'm WHITESIDE, Joshua REYNOLDS and others
WHITESIDE, Samuel non-res. Land adjoiningWalter BUNTING and others
WEBB, Johnathan non-res. Land adjoining Daniel BUCKLEY, MILLINORS and others
WITHERS, John non-res. Land adjoining Thomas CLARK , Michal BARR and others
WALKER, And'r Sr. Land adjoining Wm BUNTING and others
WALKER, And'r Jr. Land adjoining Joseph WALKER and others
WHITE, John Land adjoining Henry SWISHER, Widow GABLE and others
WORK, And'r Land adjoining Alex'r MORRISON and others
YODER, Nicklass non-res. Land adjoining Robert PAISLEY and others
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