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The following is the direct tax for Bart township, Lancaster county ,Pa. for the year of 1815

Land owners taxed on property, homes, barns etc... on the land. Included here will be the land owner and the names of persons with adjoining property. If your Ancestor is found further check of these records could tell you the size of their home, if it was one or two story, sometimes if it was stone or log , size of property, size and building material of barns and other out buildings. and lastly the amount of properties worth.

This will include Non - residents owning property in this township. They are listed in separate list after residents

(please note this person script made it hard to tell R from N when it was the last letter of the name so names like Millen may be Miller, also many i's were not dotted and were hard to tell from e's)

I will give one example of what the full tax form said in complete. Between ..... ....... is the spaces which were to be filled in.

List of lands, lots of ground, with their improvements and dwelling houses owned by.....Robert Patterson....on the 1st day of April 1815, lying and being within the 6th collection district of Pennsylvania, viz. In....Bart....township, Lancaster county One farm, situate adjoining the lands of......Samuel Ferguson, Solomon Hemor, and others....... containing ......One hundred and six ......acres and ....................perches; having theron ...twenty eight.....feet in length, by .....twenty .four......feet in depth; of .... log thirty feet by twenty ........ Valued at ........Eleven hundred dollars......

BARR, Martin Sr. Land adjoining Chistian BARR, Willliam HENDERSON and others 120 acres, 1 stone distillery
BARTHOLOMEW, Mathew Land adjoining John WAGGONER, and others, 180 acres
BOWERS, David Land adjoining Samuel FERGUSON and others, 140 acres
BARR, Chistian Land adjoining Robert RUSK, and others, 477 acres
BARR, Michal Land adjoining Peter SIDES, John GROFF, and others, 50 acres
BAUGHMAN, Samuel Land adjoining George J. BAUGHMAN and others 75 acres
BREADY, Alexander Land adjoining Thomas McCLURE and others, 1 acre
BARR, Abrm Land adjoining Christian BARR, Jacob GROFF and others 150 acres
BROOKS, Washington Land adjoining Rudolph PENNEGAN, John McCALLA and others 58 acres
BARR, Jacob *** Land adjoining Jacob GROFF miller, John BARR, and others, 38 acres
BAXTER, James Land adjoining John BAUGHMAN, Francis McKNIGHT and others,3 lots George Town 1 1/2 acres with Smith Shop
BROWN, William Land adjoining Richard McCORD and others 150 acres
BAUGHMAN, John Land adjoining James BAXTER, Widow HALL, and others 151 acres
BAUGHMAN, George ,waggon maker, Land adjoining Solomon HEMOR, and others, 90 acres, 1 lot George town 1 acre containing Waggon makers shop
BAUGHMAN, George Land adjoining Samuel BAUGHMAN, and others, 68 acres
CALWELL, James , esq. Land adjoining John CAUGHEY, John BAXTER, and others,122 acres, 1 sawmill
CAUGHEY, John Land adjoining James CALWELL, Sam'l WORK, and others, 350 acres
COULTER, John Land adjoining Robert BISLEY, Wm KEAR, and others, 220 acres
CUNKLE, Henry Land adjoining William CUNKLE, Joseph HUTCHINSON, and others , 102 acres
CUNKLE, William Land adjoining Henry CUNKLE, Daniel ECKMAN, and others 102 acres, 1 - other tract adjoining Jacob GROFF, and others, 60 acres
DAVIS, Walter Land adjoining Richard McCORD, Moses ROSS, and others, 150 acres
DOWNING, Samuel &
BAILEY, Francis Land adjoining Joseph HUTCHINSON and Peter SHIRTS and others 200 acres
DONNELLY, Hugh - merchant- 1 lot George town 1 acre
ECKMAN, Daniel Land adjoining Wm CUNKLE, Henry ECKMAN, and others 170 acres
ECKMAN, Martin & Henry Land adjoining Daniel ECKMAN, Chistian BARR, and others 200 acres
EATON, John Land adjoining Michal LINGERFIELD, Arthur McKUSUK and others 30 acres
FERRY, Patrick Land adjoining Andrew BARKLEY, John WITHERS, and others 66 acres
FERGUSON, John -weaver- 1 lot George town 1 acre
FINSTINOR, Fredrick & Adam Land adjoining John WITHERS and others 150 acres
FORBES, Boyd Land adjoining Thomas McCLURE, Widow McCLURE and others 199 acres
FERGUSON, Sam'l Land adjoining Robert PATTERSON and others 83 acres
FREE, Samuel Land adjoining Solomon HEMOR and others 104 acres
FOGAL, George Land adjoining Simon GHOST and others 66 acres
GROFF, Jacob -miller- Land adjoining Abrm BARR, Peter SIDES, and others,140 acres, 1 mill
GHOST, Simon Land adjoining Francis McKNIGHT, Henry PICKLE and others 103 acres
GREER, ( or Green ) Joseph Land adjoining Michal LINGERFIELD, and others 72 acres
HANE, (or Hare ) Abrm Land adjoining John WITHERS and others 100 acres
HAR, David Land adjoining Henry HAR, Michal BARR and others 75 acres, 1 - smith shop
HOOVER, Christian Land adjoining Peter SIDES and others 51 acres 1-lot adjoining Henry King 75 acres no improvements
HARLET, John Land adjoining Samuel FREE, Henery BRENAMAN and others, 50 acres
HARE, Henry Land adjoining Martin BARR, David HARE , HARE and others 75 acres
HAWK, Jacob Land adjoining Abrm BARR, Christian BARR and others 6 acres
HUTCHINSON, Joseph Land adjoining Henry CUNKLE, John KIDD, and others 200 acres, 1 - hatters shop
HEMOR, Solomon Land adjoining Peter PICKLE, Samuel FREE and others 148 acres
HEMOR, William Land adjoining Solomon HEMOR and others 5 acres
JINKINS, Ralph Land adjoining Solomon HEMOR, and others 7 acres
JINKINS, David Land adjoining George ROCKEY, Rudolph PENEGAN and others 3 acres
JOHNSTON,William Land adjoining Andrew BARCKLEY and others 6 acres
KING, Henry Land adjoining Chistian HOOVER, Tobias GRYDER and others 95 acres
KIDD, John Land adjoining Joseph HUTCHINSON, John PAXTON and others 47 acres
KISEN, George Land adjoining George DUFFIELD and others 37 acres
KINCAID, John Land adjoining Adam PICKLE, KNOX and others 100 acres
LINGERFIELD, Michal Land adjoining Adam PICKLE, Joseph GREER and others 30 acres
McCLURE, Elizabeth Land adjoining Samuel DOWNING, and others 145 acres
McCLURE, John Land adjoining Wm RAMSEY, Nathan THOMPSON and others 18 acres 1 - Tract adjoining Peter PICKLE, Natan THOMPSON and others, 130 acres
McCORD, Abner Land adjoining John & Chistian STOPHER and others 20 acres
McKNIGHT, Francis Land adjoining James BAXTER, John MILLER and others 100 acres
MANAGHEN, James 1-lot George town 1 acre
McCLURE, Thomas Land adjoining Elizabeth McCLURE, Thos HOOD and others 135 acres 1 - ? Carding machine house
MILLER, (or MILLEN ) John Land adjoining Francis McKNIGHT and others 33 acres
McCLURE, John -Honey Hill- Land adjoining Jacob BARR and others 70 acres
MANAGHEN, James 1- lot George Town 1 acre
McCORD, Richard Land adjoining Walter DAVIS, Wm BROWN and others 110 acres
McCREADY, Achibald Land adjoining Peter PICKLE, Solomon HEMOR and others 100 acres
McKUSICK, Aurther Land adjoining Samuel FERGUSON and others 30 acres
McCURDY, Daniel Land adjoining Abrm LEMON, John NEFF and others 8 acres
MYERS, John Land adjoining Henry KING, Jacob TINGLINGER and others 55 acres
McQUE, Daniel Land adjoining George HISON and others 1 acres
McCAFFERY, James Land adjoining James CALWELL, John COULTER and others 70 acres
NOLE, George Land adjoining Mathew BARTHOLOMEW, and others 5 acres
OATMAN, George Land adjoining James WATT, William CLARK and others 146 acres
PICKLE, Peter Land adjoining Solomon Hemor, John McCLURE and others 150 acres
PICKLE, Adam Land adjoining John KINCAID, Michal LINGERFIELD and others 18 acres
PAXTON, James 1 - unimproved lot George town 70 perches
PICKLE, Henry Land adjoining John EARHART, Simon GHOST and others 150 acres
PENEGAN, Rudolph Land adjoining ROCKEY , FURGUSON and others 99 acres
PATTERSON, Robert Land adjoining Samuel FURGUSON, Solomon HEMOR and others 106 acres
PAXTON, John Land adjoining Sam'l WORK, and others situated on the waters of the Octrara Creek , 112 acres, 1-sawmill 1- greist mill 1 - other farm in Bart township adjoining Samuel DOWNING and others 80 acres
QUIGG, James Montgomery 1 - Lot George Town , main street, 1acre
ROCKEY, George Land adjoining Rudolph PENEGAN, Henry PICKLE and others 120 acres, 1 - distilling house
ROSS, Mosses Land adjoining Richard McCORD, John COOPER and others 100 acres
RITZ, Simon Land adjoining James BAXTER and others 68acres 1 -lot George Town adjoining Main Street 1 acre
RUSK, Rob't Land adjoining Christian BARR and others 101 acres
RAMSEY, William Land adjoining John McCLURE, Boyd FORBES and others 13acres
ROCKEY & FURGUSON Land adjoining George DUFFIELD,George ROCKEY and others 100 acres
ROWE, Francis Land adjoining Michal WITHERS and others 30 acres
RAMSEY, Nancy Land adjoining Patrick FERRY, Henry ECKMAN and others 4 acres
SILIMON, Samuel Land adjoining Henry BRENAMAN and others 65 acres
SIDES, Peter Land adjoining Jacob GROFF miller, John WITHERS and others 150 acres
TROUT, John Land adjoining Simon GHOST, James BAXTER and others 32 acres
THOMPSON, Nathan Land adjoining Wm RAMSEY, Samuel DOWNING and others 500 acres
WAGGONER, Widow Land adjoining George DUFFIELD, Henry BERUKBILL and others 100 acres,
1- other lot Adjoining Michal LINGERFIELD, no improvements 11 acres
1 - other lot Adjoining George DUFFIELD, no improvements 10 acres
3 lots George Town unimproved
WORK, Samuel Land adjoining John PAXTON, John CAUGHEY and others 126 acres
1 - Cooper Shop and Stillhouse
1 unimproved lot George Town
WATT, James Land adjoining John COULTER, George OATMAN and others 170 acres
WITHERS, John Land adjoining Abrm HARE, Jacob GROFF, John BRACKBILL, John HARE, Daniel ECKMAN, and others 290 acres
WARFIELD, Jacob , heirs Land adjoining and others 180 acres

Non Residents

BARKMAN, John 2 - lots George Town
BRENAMAN, Henry Land adjoining Samuel SILIMON and others 100 acres
BOYLEN, John Land adjoining Mosses ROSS, Wm CLARK and others 40 acres
BARR, Abrm Land adjoining Mine Hill ,15 acres
BAILEY, Alex'r 2 - Lots George Town
BRUBAUCH & BOMBARGER, Land adjoining John PAXTON, And'r BARKLEY and others 175 acres
BOON, William & John 2 - Lots George Town
BAILEY, Thomas 1 - Lot George Town
BRACKBILL, John Land adjoining Jacob GROFF miller, John WITHERS and others 80 acres
BRECKBILL, Henry Land adjoining George ROCKEY, John WAGGONER and others 44 acres
BRINTON, Wm Land adjoining Walter DAVIS, Mosses ROSS and others 150 acres
BARR, Jacob Land adjoining ------------ and others 5 acres
COOPER, John Land adjoining Mosses ROSS and others 100 acres
GRYDER, John Land adjoining Tobias GRYDER, and others 80 acres
GRYDER, Tobias Land adjoining Henry KING, Peter YORLEY and others 100 acres
EBBY, Daniel Land adjoining Thaomas HOOD and others 7 acres
EVERLY, Michal Land adjoining John PAXTON and others 80 acres
ECKHART, George esq. Land adjoining George DUFFIELD, John KINCAID and others 100 acres
ESLEMAN, Jacob Land adjoining Solomon HEMOR, Sam'l FREE and others 200 acres
ECKART, Peter Land adjoining Widow McCLURE and others 7 acres
EBBY, Jacob Land adjoining Widow McCLURE and others 11 acres
FISHER, Christian Land adjoining Mine Hill , 80 acres
FRITZ, Jacob Land adjoining Mine Hill , 100 acres
GROFF, Abrm Land adjoining Mine Hill , 60 acres
GROFF, John Land adjoining Peter SIDES and others 25 acres
GROFF, John Sr. Land adjoining Henry BRENAMAN and others 25 acres
GROFF, John Land adjoining Joseph HUTCHINSON, and others 90 acres
GINN, William Land adjoining John PAXTON, Sam'l WORK and others 130 acres
GROFF & ESHLEMAN Land adjoining ---- and others 5 acres
GROFF, Martin Land adjoining Mine Hill, 20 acres
GROFF, Jacob Land adjoining John WITHERS, Joseph HUTCHINSON and others 200 acres
HERSH, Benjamin Land adjoining Mine Hill, 100 acres
HILLEN, John Land adjoining Mine Hill, 37 acres
HARE, John Esq. Land adjoining Mine Hill, acres
HOUSER, Christian Land adjoining --------- and others 150 acres
HEMOR & BARR Land adjoining John WITHERS, Jacob GROFF and others 100 acres
HARE, Joseph Land adjoining Mine Hill, 70 acres
HARE, David Land Adjoining Jacob GROFF miller, BRACKBILL 100 acres
HOWERY, John Land adjoining Mine Hill 30 acres
HARE, Adam & Tobias Land adjoining Patrick FERRY and others 140 acres
HARE, John Land adjoining Mine Hill 100 acres acres
HARHMAN, Jacob Land adjoining Jacob BARR, Henry BRENAMAN and others 22 acres
KNOTT, Wm 1- lot George Town 1 acre
KERNS, Henry Land adjoining George ROCKEY and others 10 acres
KING, John Land adjoining Wm CLARK, George OATMAN and others 15 acres
KERNS, Jacob Land adjoining Jacob ROCKEY and others 35 acres
KNOX, James Land adjoining John KINCAID and others 34 acres
KING, John Land adjoining -------- and others 89 acres
KENDICK, Henry Land adjoining --- and others 100 acres
LEMON, Abrm Land adjoining John WITHERS, Jacob FRITZ and others 40 acres
LEFEVER, Daniel Land adjoining Jacob HARPMAN, John NEFF and others 20 acres
LIGHTNER, John Land adjoining Rudolph PENEGAN and others 6 acres
LAP & KING Land adjoining Wm SLAYMAKER and others 10 acres
MILLER & BARR Land adjoining Samuel DOWNING, Nathan THOMPSON and others 180 acres
MILLER, Henry Land adjoining ------------ and others 5 acres
McCAFFERY, Patrick Land adjoining George OATMAN and others 90 acres
MITTS, Henry Land adjoining Mine Hill, 100 acres
NEFF, John & Jacob Land adjoining Daniel McCRUDY and others 80 acres
PENEGAN, Peter Land adjoining Henry BRENAMAN and others 7 acres
ROCKEY, Jacob Land adjoining Henry PICKLE and others 40 acres
ROYER, John & Abrm Land adjoining and others 90 acres
SWISHER, Bennin 1 - lot George Town
SHOOP, John 2 acres
STOUTSBURG, the heirs of Land adjoining Mine Hill 100 acres
SHUK, Abraham 60 acres
SANDOE, Land adjoining ------------- and others 20 acres
SLAYMAKER, Wm Land adjoining Samuel DOWNING, James McCAFFEY and others 250 acres
SHIRTS, James MILLER, John PAXTON Land adjoining and others 200 acres
STEPHEN, John & Christian Land adjoining Simon GHOST, Samuel Baughman and others 108 acres
TANLINGER, Joseph Land adjoining Mine Hill 6 acres
TINGLINGAN, Joseph Land adjoining ----- and others 10 acres
TINGLINGER, John Land adjoining heirs of WARFIELDS and others 10 acres
TINGLINGER, Jacob Land adjoining Mine Hill, 6 acres
WITHERS, John Land adjoining Mine Hill 158 acres
WEAVER, Jacob &
HOUSER, Christian Land adjoining Wm SLAYMAKER, Wm BRINTON and others 200 acres
WEAVER, Jacob Land adjoining George OATMAN, William SLAYMAKER and others 10 acres
WATSON, Samuel Land adjoining Widow McCLURE and others 12 acres, unimproved
YOSTY, Peter & Co. Land adjoining Tobias GRYDER, John WITHERS and others 200 acres
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