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Municipalities/Villages in Schuylkill County.

The following is a list of municipalities/villages located in Schuylkill County and the township to which they belong.

Reader's Additions to the village list can be found at the bottom of this page. Use Edit, Find to search for village.

Acretown* East Norweigan (part of Port Carbon Borough)
Adamsdale North Manheim
Allison* North Manheim
Altamont* West Mahanoy
Andreas West Penn
Arnot's Addition New Castle
Auchenbach Pine Grove
Auchys South Manheim
Audenreid* Kline
Barig Station* North Union
Barnesville Rush
Barrstown* Pine Grove (now Pine Grove Borough)
Barry Station Butler
Bearmont* Porter (now Reinerton)
Becks North Manheim
Beckville* North Manheim
Beechwood New Castle
Belmont East Norweigan
Beuchler Pine Grove
Big Mine Run Butler
Bird's Hill* Pine Grove
Black Heath* Cass
Blackwood Branch
Blue Mountain Retreat West Penn
Bohrman's Mill North Manheim
Boston Run Mahanoy
Bowman's Mahanoy
Branchdale Reilly
Brandonville East Union
Broad Mountain* New Castle
Brockton Schuylkill
Brommerstown South Manheim
Brookside Pine Grove
Brookside Station* Porter
Brownsville West Mahanoy
Buckley Branch
Buck Mountain Mahanoy
Buck Run Foster
Buck Siding Walker (Rt. 209)
Bull Run* Rahn
Bunker Hill* Kline
Centerville* Schuylkill
Centreville* Rahn
Chain West Penn
Chamberlain* Norweigan
Cherryville Pine Grove
Chickentown* Pine Grove
Coal Castle Cass
Cold Spring Grove* West Penn
Colorada West Mahanoy
Connerton Butler
Connors* Butler
Connor's Crossing North Manheim
Coquenac* East Norweigan
Craigs* Mahanoy
Cressonville* Branch
Crowtown* Pine Grove
Cumbola Blythe
Darkwater New Castle
Deichland* Barry
Delano Delano Twsp.
Delaware* Cass
Delaware Village* Norweigan
Deturksville Washington
Dick Ader* Blythe
Diener's Hill East Norweigan
Donaldson Frailey
Dorset West Penn
Dow* Wayne
Dowdentown* Branch
Drehrsville East Brunswick
Dry Hollow* Rahn
Duncott Cass
East Franklin* Tremont
East Mines* Norweigan
East Mahanoy Junction Ryan
Echo Valley* Tremont
Eckertville* Frailey
Ellen Gowan* Mahanoy
Elmwood* Mahanoy
Elwood* Pine Grove
Englewood Butler
Exmoor Pine Grove
Fearnot Hubley
Ferndale Union
Fishbach* Pottsville
Forrestville Cass
Foulktown* Butler
Fountain Hegins
Fountain Springs* Butler
Friedensburg Wayne
Frisbie West Brunswick
Furnace West Brunswick
Gearhartsville* Rush
Gearytown* Rahn
Germantown* Blythe
Germantown* Hegins (now Valley View)
Germantown* Pine Grove (now Paradise)
Ginthers Rush
Girard Manor East Union
Glen Carbon Foster
Glen Bower Foster
Glenworth North Manheim
Goodspring Porter
Greenboro* New Castle
Greenbriar* Tremont
Greenbury New Castle
Greenwood Dam Rush
Grier City Rush
Gushwa* Hubley
Hass Eldred
Haddock Kline
Hammond Butler
Hanyost Barry
Heckscherville Cass
Hecla East Brunswick
Helfenstein Butler
Hepler Upper Mahantongo
Hill Terrace Mahanoy
Holmesville* Butler
Honey Brook* Kline
Hoppers Mill* West Penn
Hosensock Ryan
Hughes* Foster
Huhleyville* Blythe
Irishtown* Port Carbon Borough
Irving Pine Grove
Jacksons Mahanoy
Jalappa* Pottsville
Jefferson South Manheim
Jeffs Swamp* Tremont
Joliet Porter
Jonestown Cass
Johnstown* Porter
Kalmia* Porter
Kalmia Colliery* Tremont
Kaska Blythe
Keffers Porter
Kehler Eldred
Kelayres Kline
Kepner West Penn
Kilmira Trmont
Klingerstown Upper Mahantongo
Koenig's* East Brunswick
Krebs Union
Kugler's Addition* Schuylkill Haven
Lake Hauto Rush
Lakeside Rush
Lakewood Ryan
Lake Wynonah South Manheim
Lamberton Hegins
Lavelle Butler
Lawtonville Port Carbon Borough
Lawton's Addition* Port Carbon Borough
Leibyville West Penn
Lewistown* Walker
Lincoln Tremont
Lizard Creek Valley* West Penn
Llewellyn Branch
Locust Dale Butler
Locust Lake Park Ryan
Locust Valley* Ryan
Lofty* Kline and Delano
Longachre West Penn
Long Run* Wayne
Lorberry Tremont
Lorberry Junction* Tremont
Lorraine East Norweigan
Lost Creek West Mahanoy
Lower Mahantongo* Hegins (now Valley View)
Lytle Cass
Mable Barry
Mantz West Penn
Mantzville West Penn
Maizeville Gilberton
Marlin Norweigan
Mahanoy Plane Gilberton
Mahanoy Station* East Union
Manhattan* Tremont
Maple Hill* Mahnaoy
Marstown Pine Grove
Mary D Schuylkill
McAdoo Heights* Kline
McKeansburg East Brunswick
Middle Creek* Frailey
Middle Station* West Brunswick
Middleport* East Norweigan (now Port Carbon)
Mifflin* Pine Grove
Mile Hill Kline
Milford* Blythe
Mill Creek* East Norweigan
Millers West Brunswick
Millers West Penn
Millers Corner* North Union
Mine Hill Gap* Cass
Mintzers* Rush
Molino West Brunswick
Morea Mahanoy
Mountain City* Frackville Borough
Mount Hope* Butler (now Gordon)
Mount Hope* East Norweigan
Mount Laffee New Castle
Mount Pleasant Foster
Moyers Wayne
Muir Porter
Mowry Butler
Moyers Station* Wayne
Muddy Branch* Reilly (now Branchdale)
Negro Hollow* East Union and Delano
New Boston Mahanoy
New England* Walker
New London* North Union
New Mines* Reilly
Newkirk Schuylkill
New Street Norweigan
Newtown Reilly
Newtown Station* Reilly
New Wales* Rahn
North Penn* West Penn
Nuremberg North Union
Oak Grove* Pine Grove
Oneida East Union
Orwigsburg Landing* North Manheim (now Landingville)
Orwin Porter
Osmantown* Hegins (now Valley View)
Ostermanville* Potter (now Joliett
Outwood Pine Grove
Owl Creek Tamaqua
Paines Patch* Cass (now Heckscherville)
Panther Creek* Rahn
Panther Valley* Rahn
Paradise Pine Grove
Park Crest* Ryan and Delano
Park Place Mahanoy
Patterson* Schuylkill (now Brockton)
Pattersonville Union
Peoples* Tremont
Phoenix Park Branch
Pinedale* West Brunswick
Pine Hill Cass
Pitman Eldred
Pleasant Hill* Kline
Pleasant Valley Pine Grove
Preston Hill Butler
Primrose Cass
Quakake Rush
Railway Park* Yorkville Borough
Rappahannock* Butler and West Mahanoy
Raricks North Union
Rausch Creek* Tremont
Rausch Gap* Hegins
Rauschs East Brunswick
Rausch's Station* East Brunswick
Raven Run* West Mahanoy
Ravine* Pine Grove
Reevesdale Schuylkill
Reiner City Porter
Reiners* Porter
Reinerton Porter
Rene Mont* East Brunswick
Reynolds West Penn
Rhodes Addition* Port Carbon Borough
Rock Washington
Rocktown* Butler
Roeders Wayne
Roedersville Washington
Rohrersville* Foster (now Buck Run)
Rough and Ready Upper Mahantongo
Sacremento Hubley
Sailors Hill* Kline (now McAdoo)
Saint Nicholas Mahanoy
Salome* Butler (now Lavelle)
Scalpentown Village* Norweigan
Schellhammerville West Penn
Schoentown East Norweigan
Schneider* Barry
Schnickle Creek Valley* Wayne
Seek* Rahn
Seven Stars North Manheim
Seltzer City Norweigan
Shaft West Mahanoy
Sheafer's Hill* Cass
Shenandoah Heights* West Mahanoy
Sheppton East Union
Sheridan Porter
Shoemakers Mahanoy
Sillyman* Washington (now Deturksville)
Silver Brook* Kline
Silver Creek* Blythe
Silverton Branch
Sittler* West Penn
Skunk Hollow* Pine Grove
Slabtown* North Union
Snyders West Penn
Spring Garden* Schuylkill Haven Borough
Spring Glen Hubley
Spring Tunnel* Rahn
Springfield* Mahanoy
Springfield* Rahn
Springville* Hubley
Staudtsville* West Penn
Steins* Branch
Stonemont* Wayne
Stony Creek Station* South Manheim
Strongsville* Frailey
Strongsville* Pine Grove
Stutzmantown* Hegins (now Fountain)
Suedberg Pine Grove
Summerhill Wayne
Summit Station Wayne
Stanhope Pine Grove
Starry Creek West Brunswick
Still Creek Rush
Swallowtown* Pine Grove (now Pine Grove Borough)
Swatara Station* Reilly
Swatara Village* Reilly
Swataraville* Pine Grove
Switchback* Kline
Swopes Valley* Pine Grove
Taggertsville Rush
Tamanend Rush
Taylorville Barry
Thomastown Cass
Torbert* East Union
Trenton Delano
Tucker Hill Blythe
Tuckerville* Reilly
Tumbletown* Hegins (now Fountain)
Turkey Run* Shenandoah Borough
Tuscarora Schuylkill
Umbenhauertown* Pine Grove
Union Blythe
Union Furnace* Blythe
Upper Rausch Creek* Frailey
Valencia* East Union (now Girard Manor)
Valley Furnace* Blythe
Valley View Hegins
Vulcan Mahanoy
Wade* New Castle
Wadesville New Castle
Weaverstown* Reilly (now Branchdale)
Webster Walker
Weishample Barry
Werts Hollow* Wayne
West End* Frailey
West Haven* North Manheim (now Cressona)
West Penn* West penn
Weston Place* West Mahanoy
Westwood* Norweigan
Westwood* Branch
Wetherill Junction Blythe
White Birch Rush
White Horse* Washington (now Rock)
William Penn* West Mahanoy
Willow Lake North Manheim
Woodside* Cass
Woodville* Frailey
Wynoma South Manheim
Yatesville Mahanoy
Zehners Walker
Zerbe Reilly
Zions Grove North Union
Zimmermanstown* Eldred (now Pitman)

Reader's Additions
If you know of a village that is not listed, please email me with the village name along with the township and I'll be glad to add it to the list
Names in the list above with a * were submitted by Cheryl Fidler Schneck. Thanks Cheryl!

Mahanoy Township
Ellengowan or Lanigans !! One of the first to be established.
Maple Hill once known as Maple Dale
Patriotic Hill aka Shanty Hill
Suffolk which was carved out of St. Nicholas when new breaker was built.
Wiggans also from original St. Nicholas . Site of killing of Molly Maguires.
Fowlers which was site of Knickerbocker Colliery.
Submitted by Jim Jones

Thomastown change to Thomaston
Glen Bower change to Glen Dower
Kilmira change to Kalmia
Marlin to Mar Lin
Mable to Mabel
Broad Mountain ... New Castle
Centerville ... Norwegian
Cherry Valley ... Cass
Coquenac ... East Norwegian
Delaware ... Cass (former name of Duncott)
Graytown ... East Norwegian
Homesville ... Butler
Mackeysburg ... Cass
Mill Creek ... East Norwegian
Mill Creek Manor ... East Norwegian
Molleystown ... Tremont
New Castle ... New Castle
New London ... North Union
Patterson ... Schuylkill (Former name of Brockton)
Pine Knot ... Cass
Preston Hill .. Butler
Rappahannock ... Butler
Raven Run ... West Mahanoy
Reedsville ... Wayne
Swatara ... Reilly
Swopes Valley ... Pine Grove
Shaefer's Hill ... Cass
Shaft Hill ... New Castle (and home of our congressman)
Turkey Run ... Shenandoah
Valley Furnace ... Blythe
Windy Harbor ... East Norwegian/Blythe
Black Heath ... Cass
Cape Horn ... North Manheim
Cressonville ... Branch
Doudentown ... Branch
Hillside / Cressona Road ... North Manheim
New Mines ... Reilly
Panther Valley ... Wayne and North Manheim
Seek ... Tamaqua / Old Rahn Twp
West West Terrace ... Branch
York Farm ... Pottsville
Yorkville ... Pottsville
Submitted by Mark T. Major

Wild Cat, which is near Preston Hill, and also above Girardville
Submitted by Bob Auchenbach

Four villages in east Butler Township to add to list are:
Homesville, a half-mile west of Girardville
Wildcat, a quarter mile north of Girardville
Rappahannock, a half-mile east of Girardville
Powder Mill, just east of Girardville
Submitted by Thomas J. Dempsey

Eagle Hill is located on the border of Blythe and East Norwegian Townships. It is just east of Mill Creek Manor (on the southern edge of Saint Clair). It is also located north of Port Carbon, beyond Lower Mill Creek. The area is mining country and is currently uninhabited.
Submitted by Mark Major

Bear Run -- Mahanoy
Beury's Grove -- Barry
Big Vein (now Kaska) -- Blythe
Brier City -- Norwegian
Buck Mountain Hills -- Mahanoy
Buck Row Railroad -- Foster
Bull's Head -- Norwegian
Clamtown -- West Penn
Cold Run -- Walker
Cole's -- Mahanoy
Deep Creek Valley -- Barry
Doran's -- Mahanoy
Eagle Ridge -- East Norwegian
East Delaware Mines (same as East Mines) -- Norwegian
East Pine Knot -- Cass
East William Penn -- West Mahanoy
Edgemont -- Butler
Feeneyville -- East Union
Fine Points Village (sp?) -- East Norwegian
Finger Board -- Butler
Five Points -- Blythe
Frackville Village -- West Mahanoy
Galway Hill -- Butler
Germanville -- Butler
Glenndon Hills -- Mahanoy
Greenfield -- Cass
Greensberry -- New Castle
Haucks -- Rush
Hauto -- Rush
Hidden Valley -- Wayne
Hills Village -- Mahanoy
Inglewood -- Butler
Kamia -- Tremont
Kaska William (now Kaska) -- Blythe
Landingville -- North Manheim
Locust Mountian -- West Mahanoy
Lorraine Village -- Blythe
Lower Lorberry Village -- Tremont
Lower Mill Creek -- East Norwegian, Norwegian
Lower Rausch Creek -- Frailey
Lower Shaft -- West Mahanoy
Mahoning Valley -- West Penn
Millersville -- Butler
New Settlement -- Branch
New Silver Brook -- Kline
Oak Hill -- Norwegian
Peach Mountain -- New Castle
Pine Creek -- Hegins
Robinson's Patch -- Mahanoy
Second Mountain Road -- North Manheim
Sorberry -- Tremont
South Tamaqua -- West Penn
Sweet Arrow Lake -- Washington
Tumbling Run -- North Manheim
Upper Brownville -- West Mahanoy
Upper Mill Creek -- East Norwegian, Norwegian

The following came up as other communities in the county, but I have been unable to verify which township they were in (if they were, indeed, in this county in the first place! several may be Bucks county names that got mixed in?). If anyone can help me locate or verify these, I would appreciate it:
Brewer City -- maybe Norwegian?
East Mahanoy Tunnel
Frackville Junction
Gordon Nagle -- Pottsville? Norwegian? other?
Hazleton Junction
Laurel Junction
Lower Brownville -- West Mahanoy?
Marion Heights
Moon Lake
Nesquehoning -- wrong county? any part in Schuylkill?
Newton Junction
Pine Junction
Plush Hill -- Norwegian?
Stone Mountain Manor
Upper Black Eddy
West William Penn -- West Mahanoy?
Williams Valley Junction
Woodland Acres
Submitted by Becki White, MLS
Head Reference Librarian

Dutch Hollow (former name for Brier City) - Norwegian Twp
Brier City - Norwegian Twp
Duncanville - Norwegian Twp
North America - Norwegian Twp
Submitted by Bernie Bernatonis

Hometown - 2 miles north of Tamaqua - Rush Twp
Submitted by Carolyn Scheib Fung

From the 1900 Federal Census:
Township or other division of county: Porter Township
Name of incorporated city, town, or village within the above-named division:
New Lincoln.
Can't find New Lincoln on any current map, but I do know that my grandmother
was born in Joliett 4 months after this census was taken and her brother was
born in Reinerton in 1902. New Lincoln must've been somewhere in that
general vicinity.
Submitted by Lynn Schneider

Skintown. Was a patch located in Rahn Township between what is now Coaldale and Lansford.
Submitted by Joe Bimler

Gilberton in West Mahanoy Township
Submitted by Mike

According to Pam Startzel, Kulpmont and Marion Heights are in Northumberland County.

Brewer City is another spelling for Brier City, Norwegian Township, found on some census records.

West West is another area forgotten, being the coal mining area next to Blackwood, accessible on a road from the Llewelyn fire station...

Long Dam was a recreation area between Minersville and Marlin, used for swimming and fishing for many years until mostly covered over for a parking lot by the plastics factory...

Mine Hill Gap was the first name for the area now called Duncott, South cass township....
Gordon Nagle

Currently the Gordon Nagle Trail is the section of PA Route 901 from Route 209 (Sheetz Plaza) to PA Route 183 (the light in Cressona).

Gordon Nagle (I think, but I'm not certain) was founder of Schuylkill Products, Inc., 135 Gordon Nagle Trail, Pottsville, business office phone 570-385-2352 (Business name, address and phone from 2001-2002 Easy-to-read-telemphone-directory)

Schuylkill Products is in North Manheim Township, N of Cressona Borough (or Cressona Borough?).

Stone Mountain Manor
Wayne Township
From the 1976 Commemorative Book, No. 490, Wayne Township, pp. 90-91:

In the year 1924, Jacob and Maud Boltz purchased approximately 300 acres of land situated at the foot of Stone Mountian, 1 mile west of Route 183 junction [with PA Route 895] at Summit Station. This land consisted of 4 farms which were primarily used for raising cattle and sheep.
In 1930, being aggressive people, they began to establish a summer resort known as Stone Mountain Manor. This became a well known recreation area throughout the county. It was so named after the railroad station, 'Stone Mount' on the Susquehanna & Schuylkill Railroad, better known as the "S & S" which then was located back of the park at the foot of the mountain and ran parallel with Route 895. ...
Stone Mountain Manor consisted of a large picnic area with pavillions, childrens playground, a building for refreshments, grille, dance hall, a beautiful lake for boating and a wooded area for hiking. The people from this area were grateful for a lovely park for picnics and social events. With no other parks around people came from far and near to enjoy gathering in this beautiful park. Churches, Sunday Schools and various organizations held picnics and reunions in the pavilions and picnic grounds. Youngsters enjoyed the swings, sliding boards, swimming and also hikes thru the cool wooded grounds. Many well known top name bands and orchestras were the added attraction for Saturday nights and Holidays.
Those who were inclined enjoyed rides on the Lake in row boats and canoes. Cottages too were available to rent for week end and summer vacations and provided a cool refreshing retreat under the trees near the Lake, away from the heat and hustle of the towns and one's daily work routine.
In 1958 the Manor was thriving and improvements were made on the pool and grounds to accommodate the crowds which gathered to enjoy the resort.
In 1960, a son, Benjamin took over the management of the Park until his death December 23, 1975.
Today [1976] the resort is owned and operated by Yogi Amrit Desai who owns and operates the Kripaul Yoga Ashram Retreat which has replaced the Stone Mountain Manor Resort.

--- end text from Commemorative Book ---

``This will be one of the biggest temples in America,'' said Pravin Desai, a native of India who is overseeing construction of the temple.

Purchasing the former Kripalu Ashram Yoga Center in 1987 for $575,000, Desai also has plans to develop the 240 acres of land into a residential/vacation village, cultural museums, shops, a community dinning hall, medical clinics and schools.
Submitted by Ray L. Moyer

Fred J. Maurer says that Mowry is located in Barry Twp. not Butler Twp. My great great grandfather founded Mowry and I know that it is in Barry Twp.

Lavelle also known as Salone and Rocktown.
Huntersville (Lavelle P.O.), Barry Twp.
Kulpmont between Mt. Carmel and Shamokin, Columbia Co. submitted by Helen Stobie

Greenland the part of Swatara where all the Irish lived source :Zerbey History of Pottsville etc. p1336 I heard my grandmother speak of this area.

My mother Ann Fox b.1904, always said she was born in Marshfield out side of Tremont, all that I can find is a Marshfield Road on the map. I think there was a village along there someplace I know that other relatives lived in the area.
Submitted by N Heinzen

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