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Deaths in Schuylkill County in 1918

January through September
January 11 Colonel Daniel Nagle, Pottsville
January 13 Mrs Mary A. Long, widow of William C. Long, Pottsville
January 15 August Zeller, formerly of Pottsville, died in Philadelphia
January 17 David Tucker, Pottsville
January 24 George Kantner Sr., Gilberton
January 27 John F. Becker, Palo Alto
January 31 Mrs. Sue Schertel Valentine, Pottsville

February 3 Mrs. Ellen Florence Quinn, wife of George M. Keiser, Palo Alto
February 6 Reverend Abram J. Quick, Pottsville
February 8 Joseph Dooley, of New Philadelphia, died in Douglas, Arizona
February 10 William E. Moody, Tremont
February 17 Hiram Parker Jr., Pottsville
February 25 Miss Caroline C. Holt, Pottsville
Private John B. Gill, St. Nicholas, died in France
Charles W. Graeff, Pottsville
February 26 William H. Lewis, Pottsville

March 1 Harry C. Ponter, Pottsville
March 2 Mrs. Bertha Lee, widow of Frank Roseberry, Pottsville
John Woolcock, Pottsville
March 3 Mrs. Elmer Derr, Pottsville
Private Frederick L. Hossler, Saint Clair, died at Fort Bliss, Texas
Mrs. Rebcca Manbeck, widow of F.W. Reber, Pine Grove
March 5 Claude W. Schock, Pottsville, at Camp Hancock
March 8 Corporal Guy W. Mortimer, Palo Alto, died in France
March 12 Benjamin J. Smith, Pottsville
March 13 Reverend Joseph I. Plappert,Saint Clair, died at Philadelphia
March 16 Private Forner Parker, Pottsville
March 22 Kimber C. Wilson, Pottsville
March 24 Private James F. Curry, Frackville, died in France
March 25 Charles Shelly, Pottsville
Mrs. Lavina Fisher, widow of George McBride, Pottsville
March 31 George C. Schlitzer, Pottsville

April 3 Private Allen M. Mowrey, Shenandoah, in France
April 17 George W. Fessler, Palo Alto
Private A. Earl McElwain, Cressona
April 19 A.L. Boehmer, Pottsville
Private Harry E. Meyers, Friedensberg
April 22 J.J. Hornung, Pottsville
April 25 Private John M. Neiswenter, Locust Dale
April 26 Mrs. Catherine Woll, Pottsville
April 28 Joseph H. Clay, Pottsville
April 30 P.J. Martin, Pottsville

May 3 Mrs. Mary Maurice, of New York, at Port Carbon
May 5 George Paxson, Orwigsburg
May 6 Private Walter S. Wood, Pottsville, in France
May 14 William H. Falls, Pottsville
Mrs. C.F. Stoffregen, 81, Pottsville
May 20 John L. Conrad, 69, Port Carbon
May 23 Mrs. A.J. Hannum, 89, Schuylkill Haven
May 26 Mrs. Esther A. Beadle,83, widow of S.H. Daddow, Saint Clair
May 28 Private Anthony DiCello, Pottsville, in France
May 29 Private Carl Fey, Schuylkill Haven, in France

June 1 Private Charles W. Bowen, Pottsville, drowned in France
June 6 Lewis C. Thompson 83, Pottsville
June 8 Private Vincent Elliot, Pottsville, at Camp Meade
June 9 Lieutenant Charles H. Ulmer, Pottsville, in France
June 10 Corporal Anthony J. Kowker, Frackville, in France
June 11 Mrs. Augustine M. Baird, widow of Dr. A.H. Halberstadt, Pottsville
June 16 Charles A. Streigel 80, Pottsville
June 18 James Wilson, Ashland
June 20 Private Malachi McGee, Heckscherville, in France

July 3 Joseph Wadlinger, Pottsville
July 7 John N. Kershner, Tuscarora
William H. Wagner, Orwigsburg
July 12 Nicholas Wellner 59, Saint Clair
July 15 Private Frank C. Brennan, Tremont,in France
Private Daniel V. Coon, Girardville, in France
Private David Gallagher, Girardville, in France
Private Walter E. Geweher, Coaldale, in France
Private Willaim Kedel, Minersville, in France
Private Frank Kutch, Pottsville, in France
Corporal John F. Briggman, Pottsville, in France
Private Andrew S. McCready, Minersville, in France
Private Willard L. Machamer, Pine Grove, in France
Private John H. Miller, Pottsville, in France
Private Joseph H. Bowe, Port Carbon, in France
Private Amos W. Morris, Minersville, in France
Private Norman A. Reed, Tamaqua, in France
Corporal George W. Reese, Mahanoy City, in France
Private Clarence Wenlock, Shenandoah, in France
July 16 Private John W. Crane, Pottsville, in France
July 18 Private Dewey Davis, Pottsville, in France
Private Walter A. Frank, McAdoo, in France
Private Harry A. Koenig, Schuylkill Haven, in France
Private Joseph Stine, Minersville, in France
Corporal William J. Montalto, Saint Clair, in France
Private Frank J. Slovich, Shenandoah, in France
July 19 Corporal Walter Seigal, Shenandoah, in France
Private Joseph Kaiser, Mahanoy City, in France
July 20 Private George Purcell, Duncott
July 21 Private Bernard J. Dolan, Ashland, in France
July 22 Private Edwin Dorst, Mimersville, in France
Private Joseph Kaiser, Mahanoy City, in France
July 24 Sergeant Charles E. Berner, Pottsville
July 25 Private Moses R. Harvey, Tamaqua, in France
July 26 Private Sylvestor J. Hoy, Port Carbon
July 30 Private Michael R. Selesky, Silver Creek, in France
Private John Stankiewicz, Saint Clair, in France

August 1 Lieutenant Douglas B. Green, Pottsville, in France
August 4 Willaim J. Sheldon Jr., Pottsville
August 5 Private Adam Kweder, Shenandoah, in France
August 6 Richard J. McCaffrey 76, Pottsville
Private John Shubick, Coaldale, in France
Corporal John A. Yanoscak, Coaldale, in France
August 9 Corporal Stanley O. Dengler, Cressona, in France
Private Vince A. McConnon, Pottsville, in France
Corporal Peter Polifka, Saint Clair, in France
August 11 Private George D. Maurer, Hegins, in France
August 12 Corporal William M. Keefer, Pine Grove, in France
Private William S. Reed, Suedberg, in France
August 14 Lieutenant Robert B. Woodbury, Pottsville, in France
August 15 Private Robert E. Marsh, Pottsville, in France
Private Vincent D. Higgins, Pottsville, in France
August 17 Mrs. Laura Sherbrooke Carpenter,58, wife of Lucian F. Brigham, Pottsville
August 18 F.B. Fessler, Pottsville, at Atlantic City
Private Edward H. Baldwin, Saint Clair, in France
August 19 Harry L. Keip, Tremont, in France
August 27 Private Thomas J. Best, Pottsville, in France
Private Michael Junior, New Philadelphia, in France
Private Kenneth L. Davis, Saint Clair, in France
August 29 Private Harry Kase, Ringtown, in France

September 1 Dr. B.C. Guldin, Minersville
September 2 Mrs. Mary L. Pershing 90, widow of Judge Cyrus L. Pershing, Pottsville
September 5 Private Bernard R. Drogalis, Minersville, in France
Private William Karasus, Pottsville, in France
Private Reuben R. Reichard, Ashland, in France
September 6 Sergeant Clay W. Donne, Palo Alto, in France
Private David W. Rowlands, Branchdale, in France
Private Ira S. Schaeffer, Orwin, in France
September 9 Private Andrew A. Malson, Pottsville, in France
September 11 Sergeant Lewis Wilkes, Minersville
September 12 Corporal Albert E. Machamer, Pine Grove
Joshua Runkle 96, Landingville
September 14 Private Raymond Ruppert, Pottsville, in France
September 15 Private Edward H. Williams, Minersville, at Metuchen, NJ
Private Simon Yurnick, Shenandoah, in France
September 18 Private John J. McCall, Mahanoy City, in France
September 19 Annie Louise Seltzer, Pottsville
September 20 Clay W. Evans, Saint Clair
G.C. Schrink 63, Pottsville
September 22 Private Isaac Burket, Schuylkill Haven, in France
September 23 Private Joseph W. Stank, Frackville, in France
September 24 Private William Miller, Tower City, at Camp Greenleaf
September 26 Private Guiseppe DeCellis, Saint Clair, in France
Corporal Frank L. Meade, Pottsville, in France
Private Thomas R. Russell, Pottsville, in France
Private John J. Wargo, Mahanoy City, in France
Mrs. Charlotte Seeling 51, wife of C. Frank Seeling Sr., Pottsville
September 27 Sergeant John J. Schneider, Duncott, in France
September 28 Private Charles Showers, Pottsville, in France
Corporal Joseph F. Thompson, Shaft, in France
Corporal Harry Cohen, Pottsville, at Fort Sheridan
September 29 Private Henry Faller, Pottsville, in France
Private Edward T. Kane, Shenandoah, in France
Private Nicholas Tocci, Saint Clair, in France
Private John E. Morgan, Hegins, in France
Seaman Frederick G. Guinther, Pottsville, at Cape Charles Naval Hospital
September 30 Private Joseph Wassel, Buck Mountain, in France
Corporal Hobert S. Wilson, Pottsville, in France
Private Joseph Ginley, Girardville, in France
Private Michael J. Igo, Shenandoah
Private Earl A. Sheeler, Shenandoah

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