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Adams County was created on January 22, 1800 from York County. For records before 1800, you may also want to try York County.

Biographies usually include genealogy data such as birthplace and birthdate, parents, spouse, children and occupation. Many biographies have genealogy info going back many generations and often include the country of origin of the original family immigrant.

Census Records
In addition to general information about a person's birth place, residence, age, gender, and occupation, the U.S. census offer valuable clues about dates of marriage, immigration and naturalization. In addition, the census may contain indications of a person's military service, ownership of property, education and economic data.

Old maps can help locate old cemeteries, schools, churches, county seats, and even old coal mine patches which may help in your decision of where to search for records. Sometimes an old map will show that the nearest church, cemetery, etc. to your ancestor may be in a different county or even a different state. Some old county maps have the names of each homestead owner which may help explain the relationships with the families that lived close by. Maps may also show the old spelling for town names.

Military Records
Civil War pension records typically have birth dates, addresses of next of kin, medical information, proof of marriage, proof of children's births, a summary of military service, and death certificates. Use military records to obtain service and pension records

Societies and Libraries
Genealogy and Historical Societies generally have family genealogies not found elsewhere: research materials, microfilms, audio cassettes, vertical files of family research, church histories, cemetery histories, and locality research. Many will do research for a fee, and there may be meetings and newsletters for members.

Adams County Vital Records

Adams County Birth Records
If you are fortunate enough to locate a copy of a birth certificate, you may find information including the name of the person, the date of birth, the county and township of birth, the hospital or other place of birth, the name of the mother and father, the parents' address, the ages and races of the parents, the name of the attending physician, date of registration, and the volume and page of registration by the county. In addition, you may find information about other children born to this mother, including those stillborn and/or previously born but deceased at the time of this birth.
  • To order a birth certificate:
    After 1906 Mail Print Order Form
    Before 1906 Write to Adams County Courthouse
    111-17 Baltimore St.
    Gettysburg, PA 17325-2313
    Telephone: (717) 334-6781 ext. 225

Adams County Marriage Records
Marriage records may contain the maiden name of the bride and the name of the groom, ages, marriage date and place, county and state in which the marriage is recorded, residency of the bride and/or groom, parents' names, witnesses, and miscellaneous comments.


  • To order a  
    Marriage Certificate for all years Write to Adams County Courthouse
    111-17 Baltimore St.
    Gettysburg, PA 17325-2313
    Telephone: (717) 334-6781 ext. 225

    Adams County Death Records
    Death Records may contain the name of the person, death date and location, residence, birth place, parent's names, military service, spouse's name, and cause of death.


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