Through The Years

~Through the Years~

Topics featured in the newsletter of the Rockwood Area Historical & Genealogical Society are area, town or business histories; marriages, deaths, biographies, obituaries, military, family histories or information; and unusual or interesting articles from the past, late 1800s to early 1900s. Back issues of the newsletter are kept in inventory for sale to the general public.   Email Us.

Full Index to Through the Years Books

Ankeny "Ankeny History" Volume 7, Number 1
Baker "Descendants of Jacob Baker" Volume 9, Number 3
Benford "Descendants of Archibald Benford" Volume 7, Number 1
Cunningham "Descendants of John Cunningham" Volume 6, Number 4
Dwire "The Silas Dwire Family" Volume 10, Number 3
Farling "John Henry Farling" Volume 8, Number 2
Gardner "Walter J. Gardner Family" Volume 14, Number 3
Gary "The Search for Peter Gary III" Volume 9, Number 1
Hennenkamp "Henry Hennenkamp Family" Volume 11, Number 2
Henry :Henry Descendants" Volume 5, Number 2
Hochstetler "Adam Hochstetler Family" Volume 7, Number 3
Marker "Descendants of Henry Marker, Jr." Volume 7, Number 2
Mickey "The Mickey Family" Volume 8, Number 3
Miller "The Edward E. Miller Family" Volume 9, Number 2
Phillippi "John Abraham Phillippi"
"Journey of a Photograph"
Volume 8, Number 1
Volume 11, Number 3
Putman "The Descendants of Peter Putman" Volume 9, Number 2
Schaff "The John Cramer Schaff Family" Volume 14, Number 1
Strong "The Strongs of Rockwood" Volume 8, Number 2
Weimer "Edward J. Weimer" Volume 11, Number 3
Wolf "The Wolf Family" Volume 8, Number 4
Wolfersberger "David H. Wolfersberger"
"The Wolfersberger Family"
Volume 9, Number 4
Volume 12, Number 4