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Meeting Saturday, November 18, 2006 at 10:30 AM Third Floor Conference Room at the Carnegie Library in Oakland  

POINTers in Person  “PIP”

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Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania  



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What is Point?

POINT is an acronym for Pursuing Our Italian Names Together.  POINT is an international network of members who are interested in Italian genealogy.  Thomas E. Militello, M.D., founded POINT in 1987.  The goal of POINT is to put two or more people who are interested in the same Italian surname into contact with one another so that they can share information. If you are interested in learning more about POINT, check out the organization's website.

What is PIP?  WE ARE PIP!

  PIP is an acronym for POINTers In Person, ( i.e., we get together in person rather than just correspond by e-mail).  Our Pittsburgh area group is Chapter 20. The Justice Michael A Musmanno chapter.  We meet on a regular basis to learn more about our “roots in the boot.”  The purpose of PIP is to bring together, in person, face-to-face, people of Italian heritage who wish to share their family research, provide resources to one another and support one another’s search into their family ancestry.  There is a $10 annual individual membership fee to join PIP #20 (or $15 for a family).  You may join either POINT the national organization or PIP the local chapter.  But we recommend joining both organizations for the greatest benefits of Italian research.


At a recent meeting we decided to choose a famous Italian American from Western Pennsylvania to name our chapter after.  After much discussion it was decided by vote that we should name our chapter after Justice Michael A. Musmanno.


When and Where does PIP meet?


We will meet at the Carnegie Library in Oakland.  See the Carnegie Library Web site for directions to this location.


Come join the group to mingle and network with “paesani” that share a common interest in Italy’s culture, traditions, and history as well as in their own Italian family roots.  You are most welcome to bring a friend and/or relative who shares your passion for their “roots in the boot.”

If you would like to join via mail, click on the Application button at the top of the page.





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