Guy D Wallace


Guy D. Wallace


Hickory Church Pastor Retires

Dr. Guy D. Wallace, pastor of Mt. Pleasant United Presbyterian church, Hickory, has resigned his charge and will retire from active ministry due to poor health.

He will occupy the pulpit until a successor is called and will be available
for supply work after leaving the Hickory community.

Mr. Wallace's home is near Wilkinsburg.  He was graduated from the
University of Pittsburgh and the Xenia Theological seminary, Pittsburgh.
Prior to going to Hickory he served at Woodville, Buffalo, N.Y. and
Braddock.  The 150th anniversary celebration of the Hickory church, planned for this fall, was cancelled because of the pastor's ill health at that
time, and no new date has been set for the observance.

Oct. 4, 1946 McDonald Record-Outlook
Transcribed by Victoria Hospodar Valentine 

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